Mario Tennis Open Review Roundup

Mario Tennis Open was released in Europe today. So far, the game has received mixed reviews and holds a score of 70/100 on Metacritic. IGN has criticized the game for “never allowing itself to break out of a more typical tennis mold to be something unique” and gave it a 6.5/10.

GameTrailers praised the game’s multiplayer and online functionality and awarded it with an 8.1/10. Mario Tennis Open is now available to purchase in all regions. Although most reviews were above average, do you think Mario’s new game will be on the list of the best-selling software, as his games were last week?



    1. same here dude i dont care about reviews i just wanna know wat flaws there are and if i can get over them…i usually can if its a good game :)


    1. Its been proven that IGN hates Nintendo due to some issues in the past.

      I think Nintendo was short on cash and IGN had to pay for the dinner bill. Ever since then, their relationship went downhill.


  1. The gameplay is fun, but the roster was rather disappointing. Seriously, when will Nintendo stop creating a time paradox with Baby Mario, Baby Peach, and Dry Bowser. Plus the QR code unlockables are nothing but Yoshi recolors.


  2. Personally I was happy for the game when it was released because I was hoping for an RPG story mode like Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advanced. But when I read the reviews and saw videos, I saw that it did not have that story mode that I really enjoyed. This game would have been so much better in my opinion if that story mode was there as well with the other modes it has, but it seems like a decently fun game regardless. I might pick it up eventually, but I won’t right now.


  3. Looks like one of those games that are fun for a couple days and then get boring and you never play again ever. I wanted to buy this but when I saw it has no story mode that just broke the deal right there. Maybe next time lol


  4. Its a great pick up and play game. The items and online play really make it ineresting. Id give it an 8 out of 10. And IGN is run by flock a geese. And we all know geese dont know anything about video games.


  5. Bought it yesterday and really liking it. I’ve never played a Mario tennis game before, so there was no high standard to live up to whatsoever. It’s just plain old arcade style fun, not too complex but with enough variation to keep your attention (played it for 9 hours yesterday and had to force me to go to sleep). I really don’t know where the ‘too easy’ comments are coming from, while it is not extremely hard I thought the first few cups gave a decent challenge (maybe this is because i’ve never played one before). It seems like a perfect game to play during a short break while studying or working. Only ‘flaw’ I see at the moment is you have to play to same 4 mini games to be able to buy your unlockables.


  6. Wait! Stop the press! On the japanese website, it shows 3 icons on the qr code section in the MTO website , 1 is the yoshi costume, 2 is the yoshi colours and it just has a question mark on the third, so there is a chance for more characters! Woo.
    This+E3 Hype= *Swoon*


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