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Pokemon Black & White 2 Four-Disc Soundtrack Announced

The Pokemon Company has announced that it plans to release a Pokemon Black & White 2 four-disc soundtrack in Japan on July 25th. The soundtrack will feature a staggering 173 tracks and will encompass all the music found throughout the game. Gamers who pick up the soundtrack will also be treated to new, unreleased tracks from Pokemon Black & White, Emerald, and Platinum, along with a 24 page color booklet which details the development of Pokemon Black & White 2.

11 thoughts on “Pokemon Black & White 2 Four-Disc Soundtrack Announced”

  1. I find it intriguing how Emerald music is included! Could this be the first nod towards Hoen being involved with BW2?

    1. GF have already said no hoenn in these games.

      Hope the soundtrack comes to UK, although I bet it would cost a lot.

  2. They’ve released soundtracks for damn near every Pokemon game. Not once have they ever been released in America.

    Sorry guys.

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