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E3: 30 Minutes Of Epic’s Next-Gen Unreal Engine 4 On Spike

Spike TV host Geoff Keighley has announced via a Reddit AMA E3 special that they will be
unveiling Epic Games next generation Unreal Engine 4 during E3 week on Spike. Keighley promises a full half-hour of spectacular next generation visuals.

Q: Are we going to see a full reveal of Unreal Engine 4?

Geoff: Yes, we will be unveiling Unreal Engine 4 during E3 week on Spike. I went down to Epic and filmed with Cliff, Tim Sweeney and the whole crew. Full half-hour special on the engine and tech.

Q: F-yes. Hopefully it will be a treat for people more into the development side and the gritty details, not just the “Those graphics are so graphic!”. But I guess all that info will come out sooner rather than later anyway. :)

Geoff: For sure, we are showing off the editor and a lot of the tech. Very in depth, glad to hear you are excited!



      1. If it’s not, then it’ll just be shown on PC. But considering E3, I’m expecting it to be on Wii U.


      1. Sorry, I don’t think I made myself clear.

        I think it’s likely that it won’t run on PS3 or 360, since those are “current-gen” and the engine is labeled “next-gen”. Wii U, however, is “next-gen”, so there’s a high possibility of it running the engine.


  1. Let’s all hope that Epic Games will use the Unreal Engine 4 on games for the Wii U. If it’s true, Nintendo will become the first next generation console to have have powered by Unreal 4. Let’s all hope for both Nintendo and Epic Games.


    1. Typo error– If it’s true, Nintendo will become the first next generation console to have games powered by Unreal 4.


  2. The Engine is meant to run on most systems even the Ipad so yes it’ll run on WII U. Just cause it s a graphics engine doesn’t mean it has all to do with more power.


  3. I’m still on the fence about the wii u, i have had all nintendo consoles since snes. I’m just not sure yet.


  4. What would be cool to see is the editor running on the wiiu with full editor functions on the game disk with USB hardrive writes and saves!

    First console editor bring it!


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