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List Of New Functions Available In Latest Wii U Dev Kits?

We’ve already heard that Wii U developers have received their final development kits for the console, but what do surprises do they contain? Well according to a source over at Neogaf the latest dev kits allow for voice chat, multitasking and facial recognition. Here’s a supposed list of the latest features:

  • Video Chat is available, but must be from the main menu of the system (not while playing a game).
  • Voice Commands are available (similar to this rumor we heard about the 3DS maybe?)
  • Facial Recognition (similar to features of the Xbox Kinect)
  • Ability to suspend games, similar to 3DS.
  • Ability to share achievements with friends by sending videos or screenshots with drawings on them.
  • Watch a friend play online
  • Multitasking (example: keep a text or video walkthrough open from the site while playing the game, swap back and forth as needed)

85 thoughts on “List Of New Functions Available In Latest Wii U Dev Kits?”

    1. watch a friend online ?? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKK !! ,, Im gunna totally buy this and mock at my friend while playing FPS games , LOLLOL

    2. Dude, that feature sounds so cool!! Why did I not think of that before? Even if you’re not playing online, it would be awesome to stream game content between systems in single/multi player mode so you can play a game with someone even if they don’t have the game. Then that would make them want to buy the game too. And I could play Zelda while a friend watches and show him how fun it is, cause he’s never played Zelda… -_-

    1. I use it to switch from playing Zelda to reading a bookmarked walkthrough on the internet browser. ^-^ Or using Gamenotes to note the levels and required intensity for the Intensity gates in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Or just to see what the time is, or how many steps/playcoins I have.

    1. Why not? Achievements can be rather engaging if done right. For example, for TF2 most of the achievements are things that motivate you to try out new ways of playing the game.

    2. I’m not against achievements, but I certainly prefer games like Timesplitters and Super Smash Brothers that let you unlock extras. I do alright with Xbox achievements, but I’ve never cared about them.
      @Air, yes, that’s fine. And I might guess that we’ll see other games that offer something like that- however, I’m also fine with challenge modes

      1. I say we stop copying from other rumor sites and start making our own rumors!


        Post that and I bet the site traffic will triple.

      1. Cool! I feel better now, I would love to see and hear my noob friends expressions while I pawn their butt, hehe.

          1. Why can’t you be very patient? Just because it’s a rumor doesn’t mean the Wii U isn’t for core gamers. You should know that there’s a possibility that you can chat with friends while playing online. Case in point– Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Online.

            1. Never mind, my mind must have skipped over the word “game”. But I don’t see the point in in-game video chat, your voice should be enough, but that’s just me.

          2. In game chat has already been confirmed… what is being speculated is if they will have in game video chat.

        1. Why would you ever pawn your friends butt? Unless you’re their pimp, in which case you shouldnt be friends! Never mix business with pleasure!

          1. You know what I think of your smart ass comment Al………………ah nevermind! You’re right my friend, well said. :)

    1. It seems to me like an “application”, some Nintendo voice chat. I’m almost certain they’ll do a video chat channel (may not let you browse while you chat, we’ll see) but they ought to do either chat channels, parties (please!) or maybe just game chats. Of course, the Nintendo Network is completely unknown at this point- most developers probably don’t know it, They’d just know if there’s a party system


  2. Could you develop the information: Voice Commands are available (similar to this rumor we heard about the 3DS maybe?)

    I really would like to know more about this! :D
    Keep up with the good work

    1. I have to admit, the voice command, which is like the Kinect, seems almost unlikely just because of cost. I know Nintendo will tend to the fans’ needs, but adding this service just because of how awesome the controller is is farfetched.

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  4. I hope it’s true except the no video chat while playing a game. Everything is shaping up nicely. Can’t wait for next Tuesday. My body is ready! Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Anonymoussssssssssssss

      But wouldnt video chat be distracting during a game, if at all possible? Voice chat is good enough

      1. It’s strange that it suggests voice chat won’t happen in-game either. They need something, and can’t repeat the Wii chat disasters

  5. One thing I am.really hoping Wii U has is an achievement system. Maybe have a system kinda like the old Nsider forums, where have a ranking system (the first would be loops then work your way up to ones such as Pokemon Trainer and whatnot. What go you guys think? This system is shaping up to be awesome.

  6. has anyone notica japan gamers isnt really looking at the wii u like they did with 3ds. i sorta figured it all out 3ds has mostly games from japan on it to where as the wii u is seeing more games from the western development so japan is is not really look at it. i find this rather more of a good thing cause that mean that there will not be any jap bullshit games and Jrpg on wii u which im sure it will but i hope not like the 3ds cause it dosent have any shooters on it yet

    1. With the rising popularity of “Lets Plays” and video game streaming, this sounds like an interesting idea to incorporate into their online platform, assuming it’s true.

  7. Wow now am crapping in my pants…. am sooo excited. I hope these NOOO I KNOW these rumors are true. nintendo gonna kick some ass next gen!!!!

    Get N or get OUT!!!!!

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  10. I have to say I think that had they allowed voice chat during gameplay, it would really attract more core gamers (online play would’ve been so much better). Shame that they aren’t….

    1. It doesn’t say anything about voice chat. It only says video chat is only accessible from the home menu.

  11. I’m ashamed to admit that “Watch a friend play online” is actually the thing I’m most interested in on that list. Multitasking might be cool depending on what kind of stuff you can normally do with the WiiU.

  12. I hope there is integration with the 3DS. A unified friends lists between the two systems, a more advanced version of swap note or a messaging system that will work between the two.

    I also hope it has a way better browser than the Wii and 3DS. The Wii barely has video support and has trouble with graphic intensive pages (due to lack of memory) while the 3DS browser has no video support whatsoever. If it has multitasking, give me something to multitask with!

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    1. Too bad they didn’t call it the Ultra NES… but I’m straight with the official name Wii U.

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