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Square Enix: ‘We Want Tomb Raider To Be The Best Game Of The Generation’

Mike Fischer, president and chief executive of the US division of Square Enix has incredibly high ambitions regarding the Tomb Raider reboot which is due on consoles next year. Fischer has told US publication Venture Beat that the company is determined that Tomb Raider will be the best game of the generation.

“I can look you in the eye and tell you, honest to goodness, we want this to be the best game of the generation. And the time that we’re giving it is going to allow that to happen. Look, you’re going to see the game at E3. Tell me if you think I’m blowing smoke your way. It’s really that good.”

48 thoughts on “Square Enix: ‘We Want Tomb Raider To Be The Best Game Of The Generation’”

    1. It’s been an incredibly slow news day with regards to dedicated Nintendo news. Tomb Raider is an obvious fit for Wii U, so why not report on it?

      1. i love your site.. best site.. i visit it 5 times a day… i like the fact that it is a nintendo site but that it has non nintendo related news

  1. Ultimate Whales Penis

    Hey Square what about Final Fantasy Versus XIII? OHH if forgot your too cool for JRPG’s now. Take your Tomb Raider and go shove it.

  2. thats a bold statement. what with Uncharted 2, Super Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil 6, Mass Effect 2, Skyrim, Skyward Sword, and Gears of War 3. i have LOW expectations for this game.

          1. In the next 7 days, Nintendo will change the system when they unveil the U live on cable and on the web.

        1. i actually have oblivion and skyrim u prick! Oblivion was amazing but skyrim was a downright mess of a game and a joke of a retail game

  3. The game looks good…. looks at Square enix logo…. great another franchise ruined…. in the bin it goes with final fantasy….

  4. This game looks fine, but it’s going to completely ruin Croft for no apparent reason. Tomb Raiders aren’t about… well anything, other than being Lara Croft who raids tombs. Enix is just using a well known name.
    I’m going to be honest, the gameplay looks like it may get extremely obnoxious. A lot of people will still be waiting for the moment you get two pistols and fight something, not slowly crawling and stopping because she touched a spiderweb or something.

    1. Who knows… Nintendo could top this with METROID for the Wii U.

      “…it’s been rumored that Epic Games has taken over duties from Retro Studios to create a Metroid Wii U game.”

      Source: Wii U Daily

      1. whoah. Epic making a metroid game would actually be pretty legit. Also, since they’re the ones who make the unreal engines, I wonder if it would be a stretch to believe metroid wii u to be the first game with unreal 4. that is, of course, if epic is making it, which I doubt.

        1. Either way if it’s a rumor or not, I’d still buy Metroid whether it’s developed by Retro Studios or Epic Games. One way or the other, it’s STILL a must purchase!

  5. They want it to be the best game of this gen. But they wont upscale it and make it even better with a Wii U version?
    Makes total fucking sense.

  6. How about you take that attitude, Square, and put it toward Kingdom Hearts 3. There’s no way on this planet that Tomb Raider is going to the the best game of this generation. It just isn’t going to happen.

    1. Don’t worry, KH3 will be disappointing as well. Squeenix haven’t made a really good game since TWEWY.

  7. Sebastian Mårtensson

    Please be for Wii U! If they announce t hat it is for Wii U it’s my most anticipated game for the system (that is already announced at the moment). Would be really great! I’ve only played like… one Tomb Raider-game ever, but this one’s got me interested.

  8. Can’t wait ’till this comes out for the PlayStation 3… Should be awesome and based on what I’ve seen in the trailer, should do Lara Croft some real justice.

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