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Epic Mickey 2 To ‘Feel Like A Disney Film’

Epic Mickey producer Warren Spector claims that one of his main ambitions with Epic Mickey: The Power of Two is to make it feel like an actual Disney film. Spector also says that he feels as though he’s only just getting started on the Epic Mickey franchise, hinting that other Epic Mickey related titles are on their way.

“One of our goals has always been to make a game that’s worthy of the Disney name. We wanted this game to feel like a Disney film. There are plenty of stories to tell in Wasteland. We’ve just scratched the surface.”

16 thoughts on “Epic Mickey 2 To ‘Feel Like A Disney Film’”

  1. im kindof puzzled as to how they wouldn’t be able to put this on the wiiu. all the would have to do is port the 360 version and then put the map on the screen. it kindof bums me out.

    1. I do think it will be on the wii u. But cause of the silence order he can’t say anything. Lets just wait and see. :D

  2. “To play like a Disney film” ?

    So that means the game will be slow, predictable, childish, boring and overpriced.

      1. But he’s right Disney films are slow, predictable, childish, boring and overpriced.

        They where great to watch when we were kids but as we grow older the magic is long gone.

          1. Why so eager to play this thing upadwatcher?

            This game will be gathering dust on your shelf after 24 hours.

            1. Just because Epic Mickey is a great and challenging game doesn’t mean it’s gonna gather dust in 24 hours. Trust me… that game is like playing a Mario game. Graphics doesn’t matter… only the fun in playing that game.

  3. no, please no. Remember when Epic Mickey was supposed to be this dark, twisted version of Disney and how Mickey Mouse was supposed to change depending on actions? Well apparently the developers forgot and are now going to make some lame happy subpar Kids movie. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the old Disney movies but…somethings telling me if its anything like the first one, we’re getting something incredibly lame

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