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NBA 2K13 Announced For Wii U

Take-Two Interactive has announced that a Wii U version of NBA 2K13 will release in the console’s launch window. The game will be available to purchase on October 5th for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, PC and Wii. Nintendo already confirmed that Wii U’s release date won’t be revealed at this year’s E3 so we probably won’t get specific release dates of any software during the expo.

27 thoughts on “NBA 2K13 Announced For Wii U”

  1. Wii U needs more hardcore sports games, and NBA 2K13 is one of the best examples. Last game I have had was NBA 2K11 on PS3 and it was the BEST!!!! Let’s hope the first NBA game for the U is the best as well.

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