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Crystal Dynamics Making “Very Big Announcement” After Tomb Raider Trailer

Karl Stewart, Crystal Dynamics global brand manager, has stated that the development studio will be making a very big announcement after the new Tomb Raider trailer is shown exclusively on Spike TV at 10:00pm PT this evening.

“Don’t forget to mention that we have a VERY big announcement off the back of the Tomb Raider trailer reveal,”

– Karl Stewart to Geoff Keighley on Twitter

26 thoughts on “Crystal Dynamics Making “Very Big Announcement” After Tomb Raider Trailer”

    1. Sebastian Mårtensson

      Not gonna happen. They’ve focused on all other three platforms. The only thing I’m hoping for is that they’ll release it on the Wii U at all and that that’s the big announcement. There is a chance…

    1. Soul Reaver 3 was already released…under the name Defiance. If it’s a Legacy of Kain game it better be Dark Prophecy, which was cancelled and series director and head writer Amy Hening left Crytstal Dynamics to joined Naughty Dog.

      1. Maybe Crystal Dynamics is giving the Legacy of Kain rights back to series creator Silicon Knights.

  1. It’ll be great if Tomb Raider is released on Wii U alongside the other confirmed consoles. We can only hope that is what the “very big announcement” is about, although I doubt it.

    1. Sebastian Mårtensson

      Same here. It would be AWESOME if they announced that it’ll be released on the Wii U (I’d buy it day 1) but it sounds very unlikely.

  2. Great!

    Now a new generation of gamers can wank over Lara Croft, like they did in the 1990’s

    PARENTS: That groaning sound coming from your son’s bedroom is not a burst pipe … Well, not the “pipe” you were thinking of anyway! XD

    1. That’s the kind of experience that brings families together. Well, the male members of the family anyway.

  3. Well Im hoping for a Wii U version of the game to be released with the other console versions. But if not then im the few hoping for a new Gex game. Those games where part of my childhood. I know its a fat chance but I can dream right?

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