A NeoGAF member is claiming that he has information about a Wii U version of Diablo III from “someone who seems trustworthy.” The anonymous source claims that Blizzard, the company behind Diablo III, has a couple of games that are not yet publicly shared. The source is certain that at least one of the games is Diablo III for Wii U.

The source also claims that this year’s Blizzcon was cancelled so that the company can focus on the console versions of Diablo III. The game is currently on the PC and its director has shown interest in the past about whether he wants to develop a console version.



  1. Ok off topic, I have a Question, Will the Nintendo Wii U support Flash?? and Will the 3DS Browser be Update to Support Flash so it can play You Tube Videos??


  2. I’m willing to concede that a Wii U version of Diablo III exists, but that doesn’t mean it will ever be released. The developers probably have a working prototype of the port on their Wii U development kit, but are deciding whether or not it’s worth the effort to debug everything to get it running smoothly. Then some low level Blizzard employee sees this happening and blabs about it to NeoGaf, jumping to the conclusion that a Wii U release is inevitable.


  3. I’ve thought about this possibility ever since Wii U was announced, and here’s the reasons it MIGHT be true (maybe).
    1. Touch Screen controls could replace mouse and keyboard function much better then a controller.
    2. Blizzard have been talking about them wanting a console version before.
    3. Activision has confirmed it has dev kits so Blizzard has access to them.
    4. Blizzard actually developed their first few games for SNES so they have developed for nintendo systems before.


  4. This is most likely not true, but it would be really cool if it was. The Upad would be great for MMOs like this. Leave luck to heaven.


  5. Nintendo consoles need more MMOs… and the Wii U would be a perfect choice. 4 more days until they drop the bomb!!!!

    Now you’re playing with power… U power!!!!!!!


  6. Diablo 3 was mediocre the game is really outdated and should have come out 10 years ago. I really regret buying it seeing as the game is meant for endless replaying the first initial play through is far to easy and I am not one to replay games often anymore.


    • Not trying to be an ass or something, but why did you buy it in the first place then ? Diablo II was the same, after being done you had the possibility to start over on a harder mode. If it’s the first Diablo game you’re playing, well then it’s something else I guess. But a person who didn’t play any Diablo version earlier should have at least informed oneself about it before buying the 3rd part of it. I don’t see any reason to blame the game for it, if it’s just not your taste of game it does not mean it’s a bad game. A whole lot of people think it’s a great game, me included. But well, everyone has their own opinion I guess :)


  7. I seem to recall the first Diablo being released on consoles (PSX I think?), so it’s not totally inconceivable that this might happen.


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