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Football Manager Director Claims Sega Europe Closure Rumours Are False

Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at Sports Interactive who develop the Football Manager franchise, has stated via Twitter that the rumour circulating the web which suggests that Sega Europe is closing down is completely fabricated.

Interweb rumours of SEGA Europe closing are false. Rumours of Dirk Kuyt signing for Fenerbache? Much more likely.

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16 thoughts on “Football Manager Director Claims Sega Europe Closure Rumours Are False”

  1. I don’t understand his analogy, but I take it this is good news. I wish the best for Sega. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Dirk Kuyt signing for Fenerbache isn’t a rumour but a fact. Sad to see him go, always loved seeing his face. Reminds me of a bucketful of kneecaps.

    1. What about the rumor that they will only distribute software digitally?
      Anyways this is still dissapointing news. I thought we were witnessing the death of SEGA. But hey, they will eventually fall. They can’t survive on Sonic’s medicore-barely good games forever. Leave luck to heaven!

      1. I don’t wish for Sega to disappear. I want Nintendo to buy them. Nintendo will take good care of their franchises.

  2. This is especially good news. I can’t believe people on here were actually hoping the worst for them, considering Sega is one of the biggest backers of the Wii U right now. Oh wait, you mean to tell me Sega is supporting Nintendo? Now who should go die?

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