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Wii U Will Have An Achievement System?

TECHTROID recently spoke to an anonymous developer who is familiar with the Wii U. The developer revealed that Nintendo will implement an achievement system into their new console. It is said to have a “Nintendo-spin,” which will make it unique and different from Nintendo’s competitors. Nintendo already has challenges within many of their games, which need to be accomplished in order to unlock certain content – do you think the Wii U will benefit from a console-specific achievement system?

115 thoughts on “Wii U Will Have An Achievement System?”

    1. Well I have to agree that replay value shouldn’t have to come from Achievements, however, it is always fun to go though a game and see a little thing in the corner pop up and tell me I got a trophy. However, it still does bring you out of the game a little, but its a mixed bag, I like them, but I understand the negatives.

  1. This is the most hypocritical website ever…

    Microsoft is releasing a tablet: “OMG, stupid xbox always copying nintendo, companies can’t do anything original”

    Nintendo is coming out with achievements and actual online: “Nintendo is so awesome, we love you”

    1. @Jio
      Walk to your bathroom… flip the toilet lid up and firmly place your face in toilet water (used or not… your choice) and stay there till you pass out. We would appreciate that you troll. Thank you.

        1. Well to be fair, Nintendo didn’t want to add Achievements, the fanboys bitched to them about it and Nintendo said fine, we’ll give you it. Also its been over 5 years, so that idea is now fair game BITCH!

          1. …..What? Because 5 years have gone by, you’re allowed to steal people’s ideas. Thats………………the dumbest, most idiotic reasoning I’ve ever heard of in my entire, fucking life.

    2. And how did your comment make any sense?
      If Nintendo reveal a tablet controller and then Microsoft makes one out of the blue, that seems like blatant copying so their comments are justified, but praising Nintendo for making an achievement system and thanking them for implementing it they are in no way saying Nintendo copied Microsoft or Sony they are simply thanking Nintendo for doing so

      1. No, people on this site always complain about how everyone only copies from Nintendo and Nintendo only makes original ideas, yet when Ninty uses an idea the Microsoft created, everyone seems to forget that they stole it from Microsoft.

        1. The difference is that achievements has become a standard and, ntm, Nintendo has already been doing achievements with their games since before the 360, while having a tablet-like controller and/or periferal quickly after the Wii-U’s controller was revealed as the controller and/or periferal is something that only ONE person has done so far for a home console.

            1. Yeah I agree that comment didn’t make sense, however, what there is a difference between announcing something a year after someone showed it off and putting something in the system that has become, indeed, a gaming standard. But seriously, Superfakerbros what are you talking about? Nintendo has never done achievements, unless you count Xenoblade Chronicles or Mega Man 9, and I don’t.

        2. Achievements have always been in games look around before you speak . They have been in game though

      1. Well, Nintendo didn’t create tablets, yet when someone talks about this so called Microsoft game tablet, everyone says they copied the WiiU

        1. That’s not it. Nintendo first implemented it in HOME CONSOLE…….. so they are first in doing that.

          Microsoft and Sony is watching NINTENDO if it is successful and when it is they will also COPY IT!!!

          1. Putting it in a console doesn’t matter, its the fact that they are using a tablet. that’s using the creator of the tablet’s idea and improving it. Nintendo is now using Microsoft’s achievement idea. Hell, even if Microsoft didn’t invent it, they popularized it and Nintendo would still be copying the creator of the achievement system.

            1. I do not dispute that Nintendo is copying the other companies in the achievment thing. But it’s the norm now so I don’t see the problem.

              1. I don’t have a problem with companies using other companies and improving them, its how the industry works. I do have a problem, however, with people complaining that Sony and Microsoft copy things yet when Ninty uses an idea from someone else, they seem to just “forget” that the idea was stolen.

                1. I don’t forget. I applaud. So please stop pinning everyone that are major fans of Nintendo. Please. We are not ALL like this.

                  1. Of course I don’t think everyone is like that. I don’t even think the majority are like that. It just that this site especially seems to have a ton of blind Nintendo fans that can’t find faults in there favorite company when there are.

    3. I fail to see how achievements being added proves your point. Xbox took a whole controle idea from Nintendo. Nintendo is grudgingly accepting a trend in gaming xD huge difference but no duh. Vid game companies borrow ideas all the time. It’s only sad when it’s a blatant copy like the move for ps3. But achievements is a lot smaller than the motion controll trend that Nintendo started.

      1. Well, I don’t think Microsoft or Sony made achievements to begin with. I’d have to do research on that, though.

    4. At least Nintendo didn’t reveal exactly one year after wii u was announced, besides, it’s a norm for every console to have some type of achievement system, so it should be given ( actually now it makes sense, why are you all making so much noise on this)

    5. That’s because Nintendo has always innovated, so if they do something similar to that of Microsoft it’s not a bad thing, there just going with the essentials in the industry. Just be happy that there not like apple and refuse to implement essential features that Windows based computers have had for a long time. And BTW I own an XBOX 360 but I prefer Nintendo.

    6. Ok, you’re right but it’s not just this site…it’s most Nintendo fan sites. If the achievement system comes and has some connectivity to maybe Club Nintendo or something else then that’d be a millions times better than useless 360/PS3 achievements/trophies.

    7. As right as you are about this site being hypocritical, think about your comment for a while.

      Achievements and online are gaming standard now, and every console should have them. Of course nintendo will put them in, it’s COMMON SENSE.

      The problem is that nintendo tries to make something new, and microsoft does it clearly copies it. Come on. That doesn’t make you mad? Even a little? Do you really think microsoft would’ve come up with this thing on their own?

  2. I really don’t give a damn if it has one or not. virtual achievements are purposeless, unless it’s in-game and a requirement.

    1. Wouldn’t it be great if the achievements get you free Virtual console points or something… That makes it more of a purpose :D

    2. Well obviously you just don’t like them, they are purposeless to YOU. Most ppl like them though.

  3. Achievements are important now, i know a lot of people who wouldn’t play a 360 if it didn’t have any.

      1. couldn’t agree more on this topic. achievements only seem to exist for the sake of giving games pseudo-longevity and i hate that some people just eat it up.

        if a game is going to make you do random stuff, it might as well do something useful like most of the checklist stuff in kirby air ride and kid icarus uprising!

  4. Nintendo doesn’t like achievements, but to get the full experience of a multi-platform, it needs to be virtually the same, or enhanced. They won’t settle for less.

  5. I cant wait for E3.
    I dont care if it has awesome or poor graphics, i only care for innovation and gameplay, anyways the best games were for N64 and SNES, whose graphics were bad, i know that is because of its time, but at that time, developers cared to make a fun game, not an interactive movie.

        1. You dismissed them. It was a low shot. It’s ok to have an opinion but just be ready to get hate for it.

        2. No you said the graphics were bad, implying they were bad back then. Read and understand what you write first, eh, cupcake?

  6. Well if it is a Nintendo spin to it I definitely want it cause the achievement system on xbox is pretty boring.

    1. You realize Nintendo is only following a trend right? Once something becomes the non then it can’t be labeled as stealing, that’s like saying that the wii u controller has dual analog therefore it’s stealing from sony.

    2. Smash Bros Melee had trophies you unlocked for achieving certain goals….Exactly the same thing really aside it doesn’t have the ability to show that you managed to Platinum/1000 point Hannah Montanah for bragging purposes

  7. I hope the Achievements do something. It is kind of neat to get a trophy when I play a PS3 game and it helps track what I’ve done in a game as well as let me see what my friends are playing (which I like) but at the same time I don’t always care to get all the trophies and some are face palm-ingly stupid. I’m at level 7 on PSN but it doesn’t do anything to my knowledge

  8. I had been saying they needed something like this. I’m hoping for something like Coins or Ribbons, instead of actual achievements. They are the same thing as achievements, they just look different and you can actually use them. This makes me want the Wii U even more. Even though I’n not a fan of the name still…

    1. I always pictured mushrooms. Regular mushroom are like bronze trophies, then fire flowers for silver trophies, stars for gold trophies and 1 ups for platinum trophies or something like that

    2. Let’s just get used to the name. You don’t have to be a fan of the sticker tag, just the actual product (This case, the Wii U unit), to like the system.

    3. It’ll be Accomplishments. They implemented them into the StreetPass Plaza recently and fully expect the ‘brand’ to continue…

      1. The only problem with the accomplishments in the mii plaza is that you can’t see what accomplishments your friends have got. Hopefully that will change with the introduction of the Nintendo Network

  9. It doesn’t really seem like a big deal. You have a choice whether or not to partake in it. Personally, I would enjoy it as to have a reason to, let’s say, have a reason to get through level 1-7 in a Mario game without getting a propeller suit or something like that.

    Plus, that Achievement Hunter team from Rooster Teeth might make videos about Wii U games. Thus ~ FREE ADVERTISEMENT!

  10. This should definitely happen. Would love to be able to get one for getting all stars in Mario or something.
    Achievements make good replay value for people who care about them, and if you don’t then you can pretty much ignore them. It’s win-win. You need to easily see what achievements your friends have got for the same game though. It adds a nice bit of competition to all games.

  11. I dread the day of an “Achievement” popping up on the Wii U controller saying I’ve unlocked the “Super Swinger” for The Legend of Zelda:_?_?_?_?_?__. Would be QUITE annoying! Takes away from a wholesome experience of the game.

  12. My body is ready. Hopefully the achievements will be so diverse that people won’t claim that Nintendo is copying other companies.

  13. I could imagine that most of the achievements on the Wii U will be named some Nintendo references, like “You’re princess is in the other castle” or ” I am Error”.

  14. Genesis does what Nintendon't

    Hopefully achivements are optional for game developers, because that way, there won’t be meaninglesss achivements. Also, this is nice. Turns out Wii U will appear to core gamers.

  15. If they are adopting the “Achievements” system, I hope it does more than add to the gamer score or whatever the Wii U might have. There has to be an (Real) incentive.

  16. Would be cool if you could turn off achievements (or leave them on) for the Wii U for those who don’t like achievements. I’d love to have them to compete with your Wii U friends, and it gives you another reason to play/complete the games.

  17. I hope not, achievements in the form or the way that the Xbox and PS3 uses them is a waste of time and makes developers lazy. I miss when all the games had achievements but you would get something in the game. Hell even though i hated nintendo for their god damned photo when you got all the stars in mario galaxy, I rather have that pathetic photo than only a god damn stupid text telling me i did something come on they even give you one for passing a level thats just stupid and the fake points that are worth nothing and have no use at all, I am not a a effing hamster that needs useless positive reinforcement. But i do agree it would be okay if they make it something that is up to to player to use them.

  18. On the one hand having an overall Gamerscore is a bit of a waste, though having individual game points is a good idea as it lets you compare your progress with your friends (this is mostly what i use the Xbox achievements for). As for getting something physical and useful for achievements, they could do worse than follow the box idea of giving you props and changes of clothes for your mii with some of the achievements. theyve done this to an extent with the hats in the Find Mii quests on the 3DS. They just need to expand on that. Let my Mii wear those hats (and whatever else they have cooked up) not just in the plaza but any other time my Mii is in use,
    I’m sorry to say that there is simply no way they will give you Stars/Coins for Club Nintendo. Since those can be used to get real world items this would boil down to them essentially paying you to play their games (and 3rd party games)
    They could have a different system that lets you spend them in a virtual store for things for your Mii, or other in-game items. rather depends on what the WiU operating system is like. I do think it’s time to let the Mii’s develop a bit more. They’re a little too simple at the moment.

  19. When Micro/sony copy nintendo, the micorsony fanboys claim that they did it before nintendo
    When nintendo copies, everyone bitches about nintendo copying.

    I say who gives a fuck! everyone copies everyone now a days, so I say let nintendo start to take the ideas from their competition, it’s only fair after all thoes companies have done by copying four player split screen on tv, rumble built into a console controller, analog stick for 3D virtual movement, waving of the arms with controllers, Dpads, SNES like layouts for Top shoulder buttons, *cough*Smash bros*cough*

    So it’s about damn time nintendo grew some balls and started to piss on their competitors!

    Wii are about kicking ass, taking ideas, and creating them.

  20. People “copy” each other all the time. Rather, they go with the trend set by the company who thought it up first. It’s good for them to utilize each others’ ideas to make overall better systems. I enjoy all three consoles for different reasons.

    Achievements and Trophies don’t appeal to everyone. In fact, I know a few who really just don’t care. But I know a lot of people who do. The good thing about them is they really aren’t important to enjoy they game, but for those who do enjoy them it can enhance the experience and make you play more than you might to begin with. It’s a benefit for those who enjoy hunting down those trophies and grinding towards that gamerscore. I think it’ll appeal to gamers.

    I just don’t like the “Nintendo spin” bit. They need to keep in mind that if they want to sell the system to hardcore gamers who may not play Mario titles, they can’t be having achievements based off their franchises. Yes, their games are fantastic, but they don’t appeal to everyone.

    I really do hope this happens though, as I love collecting trophies on my PS3/Vita, and achievements on my XBOX 360. I was hoping they’d implement some sort of achievement system on the 3DS (maybe via update) but I lost hope for that, but definitely am hoping for the Wii U to have it! I tend to play my games longer because of them.

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