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Chasing Aurora Announced For Wii U

Chasing Aurora was recently announced for Wii U’s digital store. The game is made by Broken Rules who are the developers behind the WiiWare game And Yet It Moves. Broken Rules released a teaser trailer a couple months ago (shown above ) and confirmed that the game will be available for download on Wii U in late 2012.

20 thoughts on “Chasing Aurora Announced For Wii U”

    1. Indeed, it looks very ”artsy fartsy”
      Also, I don’t see the objective in this game, therefor it reminds me of heroine hero.

  1. Less than 24 hours left!!! Let’s get a count going of who’s missing work or school to watch Nintendo’s E3 Conference! ONE!

    1. Video games are always a mix of different kinds of art, whether it’s good or bad art. But if you’re talking about visual appeal, my votes are still on Dear Esther(the Steam version) and Castlevania: LoS. Still, this game really has an original style that’s actually really good, it’s kind of sad that we don’t have many 2D games like this all that much.

      1. Art is always open for each person’s own interpretation and can therefor not be marked as good, nor bad. :)

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