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E3 May Leave LA Next Year

Next years Electronic Entertainment Expo may move to a different location if issues aren’t resolved with a proposed renovation to the Los Angeles Convention Centre. ESA head Mike Gallagher told the LA Times that if a set number of issues aren’t resolved, then they will be taking the E3 expo elsewhere next year. Where would you like it to be held?

“We’re still in discussions with the city of Los Angeles, but we have a number of issues that still need to be resolved. If we can’t resolve them, we are preparing to go elsewhere.”


96 thoughts on “E3 May Leave LA Next Year”

      1. not to be racist to my kind (well i was born in the u.s.) but mexico would be a no go as those bastardly cowards will kill everyone so i approve any place except those with drug cartels lol

    1. gotta love duluth as a floridian it’s my fav city but its too small a city for E3 minne. is nice and central to the whole nation though

  1. The Javits Center in NYC or the BCC in Baltimore are both ideal places for E3 due to the size of both buildings.

  2. George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston is the perfect venue. The venue is huge, there are skywalk-connected hotels, there is a large number of adjacent parking lots / garages, there is a beautiful park outside, and Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States with plenty of local infrastructure.

  3. Do you think this will pose a problem for MS and Sony if they are announcing a new system next year? If they move, they will have to build a new design for how companies will get their booths, and then the stage set ups. We’ll have to wait and see.

  4. New York City, it would be more convenient or Washington DC bcuz that’s where the ESA headquarters is at.

    1. Boston has PAX. Also ESA would need way more space then what they have in LA. Only a couple convention centers would work with these new demands. San Fran would be out. But NYC or Chicago would work. But NYC would fit what ESA would want, because of what happened with the convention centers in past years.

  5. ah man what happened? why did ya get too angry with the wiiu gamepad when sickr posted that microsoft new about that tablet?

  6. Don’t they threaten to move or end E3 every year. It usually is some sort of empty threat to keep the convention center and game companies in line.

  7. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    Everyone is obviously going to answer with wherever is closest to them…

    As will I. The Cobo center in Detroit would be nice

  8. Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester NH!!! PLEASE! That would be awesome! only like 20 mins away from my house! NH needs a good “Gaming” related event going for it. New York and California get all the good stuff it isnt fair!…they are too far away :(

  9. DC!! Please for the love of God!! It’s just as important as L.A. and N.Y.C.!! To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a major event like this in DC!!

  10. Bring it to the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia) – it’s about time Australia got a major convention and what better choice than “Australia’s Hollywood”?


    1. I was about to suggest New Orleans, until I saw your comment. New Orleans would gladly welcome E3 because it would be great revenue for the city, in addition to the fact the New Orleans has hotels and facilities to accomodate E3. E3 fans and business persons would be treated to some of the best food in the world, as well as massive tax breaks that big markets like LA & NYC would not offer.

  12. ExCeL London is used for lots of shows, that would be good! Not because I live near to it or anything…Although apart from the obvious fact that it won’t move to England, idk how big the LA convention centre is but ExCeL is probably too small…

  13. I would like to see it come to the UK or it could travel the world like the world cup or olmpics

    1. London’s good because it has the (86!!!!! year old) queen, hamlies and Harrods, not to mention the hotels and the cool english electronic plugs

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