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Wii U GamePad Displays High-Quality Images

Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, said that “not only will you see high quality console graphics on the big screen TV, but those images can be displayed on the Wii U GamePad without delay – something no existing handheld game devices can do.”

Iwata reconfirmed that you don’t need the TV screen in order to play Wii U games and said you can move anywhere in the “living room” as you play on the controller. If someone wants to use the TV while you are playing games on it, you can simply switch the video game display to your Wii U GamePad and continue playing.

115 thoughts on “Wii U GamePad Displays High-Quality Images”

      1. haters: WII U controller looks stupid and uncomfortable.
        nintendo: we added a grip, slightly bigger screen, standard analogs, and made analogs closer to buttons and d-pad.
        haters: what if i dont want to use the WII U pad.
        nintendo: use a WII mote and nunchuck.
        haters: i hate motion controls.
        nintendo: use classic controller/pro.
        haters: i think its uncomfortable and bad for shooters.
        nintendo: use WII U CCP
        haters: its a 360 controller rip-off.
        nintendo: we made just about everything in that controller and its optional.
        haters: well, all you will do is focus on casual.
        nintendo: then we will change our business model.
        haters: your online is going to suck, how aim i suppose to connect to my friends.
        nintendo: we will remove all FCs, make communities, make forums so you can ask for help, and allow you to video chat with friends and strangers who play the same games as you, you can even see where your friends are and what they are doing in a game and earn achievements.
        haters: well, u have no 3rd party support.
        nintendo: here are a bunch of developers making WII U games.
        haters: well, none of those games interest me.
        nintendo: -_- (people will always find something to bitch about)

        1. The trolls in here are so angry, they’ve been talking shit non stop… especially that Anonymous NINTENDO3DSHIT loser.

        2. ^^^this thank you Nintendo keeps giving them love but still get hate, it goes to show how much spoiled these people are.

        3. @DigitalGreenTeaV _DGTV: That was a very accurate descrition of the last year of Nintendo’s life. They have no need to worry though. Haters will always find a reason to hate. But there are far more people who love Nintendo than people who hate them. Nintendo is on top right now and very deservingly so.

        4. lmao nice one i copyed your comment to my notes. lol this is me when i hear the haters bitch and cry . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ,.-‘”. . . . . . . . . .“~.,
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          . . . . . . . /__.(. . .“~-,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`. . . .. ./
          . . . . . . /(_. . ”~,_. . . ..“~,_. . . . . . . . . .,:`. . . . _/
          . . . .. .{.._$;_. . .”=,_. . . .“-,_. . . ,.-~-,}, .~”; /. .. .}
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  1. Non-Specific Action Figure

    Ladies and Gentlemen i just gave a message to Nintendo of america to please to release the Non-Specific Action Figure on Super smash bros universe and i’m waiting for them to answer me the question please i want all of you to make a comment of him to be on ssb4.

    Together Wii U.

  2. So a hinted hd resolution on the controller? Screen is small anyway so I don’t mind if it’s around 480

  3. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud

    Iwata was shutting Sony and their Vita down with that comment!!!! remembeer when they said the Wii U is a PS3 and Vita?

    1. that’s what i was thinking! it would be awesome to just sit on my couch and play some borderlands 2 on my controller while watching tv at th e same time. or better yet, watch a lestplay on my computer while i have my controller in my hand right there so i can follow step by step when im lost in a game. love it.

  4. This has me excited. I’m a huge fan of handhelds so I’d probably spend the most time using the GamePad. I’m not expecting much portability but I hope they do give us some room. Maybe go outside? The bathroom?

  5. What do you guys think the U means? I think that it has multiple meanings; Unique(独創), Unite(together Wii U[nite]) and Universe(MiiVerse)

    1. It would be interesting to know for sure. Like when they first thought of the name, what did the U stand for and does it still stand for that now? My guess is that initially it may have stood for something for them to even consider it, though by not actually saying what that was they allowed themselves the freedom to change the meaning at a later date e.g. now, depending on the change in tides since.

      At E3 2011, Nintendo gave the impression that the ‘Wii’ was for ‘everybody’ but the Wii ‘U’ was tailored specific to U/you. Now however, I get the impression that ‘U’ does not specifically mean ‘you’ but more-so ‘unique’.

      When the Wii dropped Nintendo copyrighted other similar brand names like ‘Vii’ and so on, so I would not be surprised to see such actions occur with the ‘U’ branding, if they have not done so already.

  6. 100% original and innovated yeah once u get around stealing ipads design,xbox features and control and psp tv streaming yep never been done keep talking u chink we nuke ur country i replay that scene with ur japs crying as they die

    1. Do humanity a favor and SHUT THE HELL UP TROLL! You’re polluting the entire fucking blog!!!!!!

      1. Let’s see….your hate matched DGTV’s hate comment above.He hated for all for you trolls .Sorry we have no interest in you.Have a nice day. :)

        1. First of all, I was talking to that troll. Second, I’m a mutual friend of DGTV. And third, this does not concern you or have I ever offended you. Let’s give peace a chance OK?

    2. And since you’re still a failure, Nintendo have created the Nintendo DS before the iPad. EXPOSED!!!!!

    3. XBOX stole their original (and subsequent) controller design from the GameCube controller.

      Every console out now also has many features first pioneered by Nintendo: analog sticks (pioneered by Nintendo 64), shoulder buttons (pioneered by SNES), trigger buttons (pioneered by Nintendo 64), etc.

      The only thing they “stole” was the shape of the controller. Why? Because it’s incredibly xonfortable. Also, that controllers purpose is to make people who are used to using controllers for “hardcore” games welcome; to make them feel like they are already familiar with the controls of this console. What better way than a similar controller design.

      Let’s talk about how Sony rips off everything from Nintendo, in addition to owing everything to SNES and Nintendo as far as their controller features: how about the Move? Gayest copy attempt ever. And not only that, the Move failed EPICALLY while Nintendo rolled in the cash with the Wii.

      Let’s talk about how Microsoft suddenly. Ones out with Kinect after Wii was so successful. Kinect will NEVER be well used for real games like platformers, FPSs, and RPGs. At least the Wii U’s controller not only works for all those, it enhances them all; imagine playing Diablo III with both the touchscreen AND regular controller buttons; sure beats yelling at Kinect, waving your arms around, or trying to remember keyboard keys and combos.

      And they didn’t steal anything from iPad. They are two INCREDIBLY different devices. And also, Sony didn’t start pushing PS3 and Vita interaction until after Wii U was shown off. And how could Nintendo copy them anyway? Vita and Wii U were revealed at the same time.

      Just shut up, in other words. If you really wanna get on the “X stole Y from Z” wagon, I can kill your stupid little point with one word: NES.

      Have a nice day.

      1. While ms did steal the x,z and possibly the z buttons they also used the a and b buttons also (pun intended)

        1. I’m sorry, what did you mean? Are you suggesting that Microsoft were the first to use the A and B buttons idea?

    4. That wasn’t even funny even if you were joking about nuking the japs. Thats a horrible thing, how could you want such a thing.

  7. You have the wrong image up it should be an image of the revised and final version of the Wii U Gamepad

  8. Its never been done…besides psp and vita. Not to mention xbox will be streaming games and features ala wiiu on ipad stronger than ps3 graphics with kindle and such zomg fail iwata zomg fail btw ur fanboys r so stupid they leave a bad after taste of shit

  9. Never been done lol oh brother 100 % orinal lmfao yeah since 80s they been stealing american innovations from oddysey,atari commadore and such btw kotaku showed atari had first rob like robors lol fail shitendo is fail

    1. try it, fail, because of the name;plus people say he with Nintendo but i tell them that he is not but nobody believe Mii.

  10. Nintendo created ds before ipad lol fail ds and advance sp Aknoweldge by fucking iwata was inspiration…see ripoff of the flip phone cell phones which they also stole touchscreen idea upad u lying fag dont pull that shit on me nintendo is garbage

    1. ‘see ripoff of the flip phone cell phones’
      See Game And Watch.

      ‘stole touchscreen idea’
      Correction: Popularised touchscreen idea.

  11. Also faggot those small ds cartridge were stolen from neo geo i can go on i study them and ill be happy to destroy them in ur face bitch they are overated through lies bitch

  12. Aww ip banish cuz im right smh ur pathtic btw first motion control was from lestick and powerglove wasnt even made by nintendo it was by 3rd parth bitch nintendos to cheap and poor to innovate shit u ass

  13. 100 dollars but the rightful innovators lol also packing consoles with keyboards,instruments and light guns was old news oddyess and atari have done it and like i said kotaku showed atari had first console robots …suck it punk

    1. Suck deez nuts, hater. U mad because Nintendo innovates games, systems and accessories. Other companies come and go and the two rivals want to be like Nintendo…

        1. I’ll take your word for it. No matter how many times, that troll continues to expose himself.

  14. Heck sega started the trend of giving consumers a game with the console bundle at a cheap price,atari 1st to sell system redisgn, commodore 1st to have game on music cassates and sega cd was 1st bitch

  15. The only thing nintendo innovated that i cant seem to counter was rumble back,online with famicom 3d gameplay mechanics and abilliy to jump which are impressive but come on somebody would have figured it out like microsoft eventully

    1. REALITY CHECK– The Nintendo Rumble Pak made it’s debut on the Nintendo 64. Microsoft has nothing to do with it except as a computer company using Windows applications and Internet Explorer.

  16. The Gamepad is basically a second TV that the other controllers can interact with. The implications of such a thing, especially in accordance with what Iwata said about how Nintendo aims to change the relationship between the TV and the game device, are monstrous.

    Seriously, think about it. The Gamepad isn’t just a controller — it’s another TV screen. A portable TV screen. It’s not literally a TV, but it pretty much functions like one. Can you imagine the insanity that arises from that role definition? I bet some of the games we’ll play on the Wii U will have the Gamepad perched right underneath the main TV screen the whole time while we use the other controllers like the Wii Remote to play with two screens. The Wii U will definitely change the way we play games. Because the controller…isn’t even a controller. It is, quite literally, a way that compels us to interact with our games in different ways beyond the traditional. Don’t just take my word for it. Think about it for yourselves.

    1. I’m not saying it’s 100% possible, but I’m fairly certain that you can also use the new Pro controller to play games on the Gamepad’s screen, if the Gamepad-being-a-second-TV-screen theory holds any ground.

  17. As for 3d it was first utilize on the a couple of atari 2600 games like most of the shit nintendo ”barrowed” from them lol heck mario started on on the atari you know..pwned

    1. Fuck gay ass stupid ur lame shit piss derp Blarg this how u talk dum dum fag go home stupid slut fagbox ps3 sux bawlz.

      See how stupid that sounds? I mean I know you’re doing it for a laugh but come on… at least put sentences together that people can read.

  18. Btw upadwatcher xbox 8 for casuls u know those are rumors right..right? Most of the new ones from ‘developers’ actually hint at durango being more powerful than ps3 with an andriod power tablet .

    1. And you have to pay $80 to play games online via Xbox Live. And the Dingo can’t play used games or play rented games. I’ll pass troll.

      1. 1: Xbl is $50 per year. If you can’t afford that, you’re probably a jobless and broke virgin still in your mom’s basement.

        2: The majority of users are subscribed to it and aren’t complaining about the fee. Free isn’t always better when your service offers nothing particularly special over the competition. There’s a reason XBL is the best online console service you stupid Nintendo fanshit.

  19. The troll doesn’t even know how to put together a sentence. I think he just randomly picks words he sees around him. It’s honestly as if he’s just copying random words from other places than pasting them into the comment window. Like:

    “u suck fag through lies bitch Nintendo faggot ps3 Xbox I’m a fanboy fuck stupid bit I’ll destroying in your face cuz fuck ass!”

  20. People complained about the feeling of the controller. Now, Nintendo redesigns it to have grips for the fans. That’s why I’ve always loved Nintendo. They know what the fans want.

  21. I love the new version of the Upad. Nintendo stole the show before it even began. 1 year ago. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. That show called E3, you know, the one Nintendo is pretty kickass in. Oh yeah….that one! And if it’s not impressive, why are you giving enough of a crap commenting on it! And you know, that whole show kinda didn’t focus on JUST the controller’s looks!

  22. I like the idea of Wii U.
    I do think they could have done just a little more with it though. I’ve been thinking about this ever since the first E3 mention of the Wii U. It’s been simmering around my brain for a while. Even before that, since the eshop’s been available (although it’s starting to really bug me that they didn’t think about it these past few months)

    I really like that you can keep playing while watching tv or while others watch tv, but
    you know what would be extra cool?!? If the Wii U could be used to take Wii games on the go. Not (just) to the bathroom, but say, insert Wii game disk of your choice (even the older set of Wii games) and take it in the car for long rides, take it to a family member or friend’s house so you can play there. Take your fave Wii games on vacation without having to bring your Wii, your tv, your Wii remotes, etc: just take the game disk(s) and the Wii U. Now that would be awesome!

    Hint hint Nintendo, I’d love to see it happen, say… as an upgrade later on at the very least?

    and I KNOW I’m not the only one who would really want this :)

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  29. These days nintendo is doing really stupid and useless stuff. I don’t think gamers like to play monkey in front of the tv or f*ck with the touch screens everywhere they can. In fact this touch screen and screen as itself on the controller is the most ridiculous thing from nintendo i’ve ever seen, even more stupid than this useless “3D” vision in handheld.

    It’s not like i hate nintendo, i really like their (exclusive) games. But let’s face it, they should make normal, regular console to compete, not this bizarre “revolutions”. I mean there won’t be better controllers for regular games than pads with phisical buttons, which works like a spring. Touch screens are flat and cameras and sensors have limited usage as you move and jump (like idiot if alone). Only controlling with thougts or voice could be faster than classic pads, and that are impossible (for now) and inadequate for regular games.

    And it’s not about possibility of using reagular pads, it’s about design and marketing. Everything (games) will be concetrated on this “gadgets” and regular gaming will be only addition. Not everyone would like to play with this stupid wii motes or controllers with screen, but everybody who buys wii u will have to.

    1. U mad or U in denial? If you don’t like Nintendo, would you care to explain why the fuck are you writing your comment on a fucking Nintendo blog? You should know the fact that touch screen gaming is the way of the future. The Wii U GamePad is the most revolutionary controller ever made. Nintendo wants to create something new and innovative… and at the same time innovative. You have no fucking rights to bash Nintendo 3DS just because it’s the first video game handheld presented in 3D– no glasses required.

      Second of all (since you are a NIntendo hater), there’s an option to play some of the Wii U games using either the Wii Motion Plus or (for fps or fighting games) the Wii U Pro controller. U mad because the Wii U GamePad is the only controller that has asymmetric gameplay. Can your PS3 or Xbox 360 do asymmetric gameplay? Final answer: NO! “‘phisical’ buttons” ? You, young kid, need to work on your grammer and stay in school. The Wii U GamePad is a better controller. No need to pause your game and check inventories or ammos that you have left. The touchscreen reliable and very useful… not just for gaming. You should know better than that.

      Finally, if you read previous news about the Wii U pre-orders being sold out (in less than 48 hours after the preview presentation), you should know the fact that the Wii U is gonna be the best selling console for a new generation. Nintendo is a video game company. They make games for everyone. They want to create a new system suitable for casuals, hardcore, family, and passionate gamers. Not only that, the Wii U will be the system that uses social gaming using Miiverse, and enhancing your cable/digital satellite viewing pleasure by using Nintendo TVii. I’m getting the Wii U as well as the millions who want Nintendo’s newest innovative console worldwide whether you accept it or not. Don’t be a fucking hypocrite just because Nintendo is the #1 video game company in the world. Just accept it.

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