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Wii U Pro Controller Announced

A new controller was announced during today’s Nintendo Direct and it is based on the Classic Controller Pro for Wii. The new controller is called Wii U Pro Controller and it will have clickable analogue sticks like Wii U GamePad. Nintendo designed this controller specifically for multi-platform games.

134 thoughts on “Wii U Pro Controller Announced”

      1. To be fair, the 360 and Gamecube controllers are very similar as well. Sort of a shame this isn’t more similar to the GC controller, it’s a much more comfortable controller IMO.

    1. does it matter though? it’s giving the hardcore what they want if the don’t want the Wii U Gamepad. I mean it seems to me a bit of a mix between 360 and ps3 controller (charger at top looks to be same as ps3 mini usb)

    2. Wii U Pro controller is the birth child of Xbox360 and PS3 controller with a hint of Nintendo touch… nice. What we have is the perfect controller. Did anyone see the few seconds of that zombie game in the promo video… interesting.

      1. yeah very interesting indeed full zombie game full of gore for launch maybe? hopefully would appeal to the mature range

      2. >The perfect controller.
        >Analog stick above face buttons.

        Yeah, how about you wait until it’s released or if you get your hands on it to come to that conclusion

        1. Please stop hating. Nintendo is giving us everything we’ve ever wanted. I applaud Nintendo for all there steps.


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    4. Let’s call it a modernized N^$ controller without the middle prong and call it a day. It’s what non-Nintendo fans have been asking for, it’ll bring a lot of support for the system.

      1. Hey We know it won’t be included. But it’s not third party Nintendo Made it!!!!! Yea you gotta purchase it separately. We all knew that.

        1. Yep, Wii U trademark, certainly it has Nintendo all over it. Nintendo never made the wireless nunchuck… but they made this.
          Why the hell else would Iwata introduce it? Why would the Pres plug someone else’s controller in the Wii U introductory video?

    1. Hopefully they offer that as a prize on Club Nintendo, even if it’s only a Platinum-level prize.

    1. I don’t think they will, at least for Wii U games. The new controller has clickable analogue sticks and motion sensors. The current C.C.P doesn’t.

  1. It’s being compared to 360 controller, but it’s slao similar to the Classic Controller Pro except with the sticks moved.
    But as was said, this is to appeal to those who don’t like the Gamepad for whatever reason. Options are always good to appeal to more people

    1. I don’t know but now that this controller exists I care less about 2 gamepad functionality. I just didn’t want to have multiplayer games where 3 out of 4 players are stuck with a Wii remote and the other one has an elite, masterful controller (knowing my friends I would NEVER get to use the gamepad)

    2. I guess this is a question to be answered on Tuesday. I imagine when the games are introduced, along with multiplayer on and offline, somebody will have to explain.

    1. Yes, this is exactly the answer to that problem. The gamepad may be helpful for online (stats, Nintendo Network, etc.) but basic offline should do fine with these

    1. I’m very sure everyone will get used to it, possibly even like the name, in a couple months.

      I like it already. C:

    1. hopefully there will be a turn off function especially the demo of the super Mario game with people posting level comments as you play great idea but?!?! hmm id hate for a major spoiler to happen in something like Metroid or Zelda some twist that got spoilt because someone posted it :/

    2. It ought to have options for what appears on the screen- just say “don’t post from later levels” or “don’t allow any posts”.

  2. They did not confirm if the screen was upgraded to multi-touch (since we can use it to input text for the Wii U’s messaging system), whether or not we can add a second Wii U controller. Love the TV remote option but I hope the Wii U’s messaging system is customizable because that checkered yellow look is piss poor.

      1. Exactly. It has so many methods of control already, multitouch would drive up the price and probably slow down streaming/control overall.

      1. Sorry kiddo the 360 controller is a slight evolution of the original xbox controller in fact parts are interchangeable and that came out in 2001

        1. The shape of the original xbox controller is nothing like the 360’s, and in fact if that would be then the original concept of this type of controller would be the wavebird of the gamecube. Also, Does Nintendo sue Microsoft for abyx buttons,rumble,joysticks, crosspads, and many other features known today as standard to controller? Nintendo invented the controller as it is today. Besides, the controller layout is not the same.

          1. Slow down I wasn’t talking about the duke controller I was talking about the original xbox s controller which is where the 360 controller evolved from and that came out before 2004.

  3. Perfect layout for shooters. The PS# analog sticks are inconveniently placed in a part of the controller that isn’t naturally where your thumbs go, and the XBOX is asymmetrical. if only the sticks were concave like the XBOX though…

    1. I have to say I prefer this, having used the nunchuck a lot. I think it helps you grip the controller ( that’s a little hard to explain)

  4. Seriously they don’t go with a layout that fits your hand while at rest, they go with one where you must hook your thumbs to avoid button mashing.

    Made for multiplatform gaming lol.

    1. Hey, it has Wii U, Nintendo, and doesn’t have a big X. It’s all good.
      People usually say Xbox shape makes it ideal for a large variety of games

  5. I think it’s an evolution of the control of the Nintendo GameCube and knowing Nintendo all these years, surely has a much better construction than the Xbox360.

  6. This is for the people who were going to miss the GC controller on the next Super Smash Bros. Nintendo is covering all of their bases with the Wii U. I love everything I’ve seen so far and this is just the icing on the cake. Tuesday will be EPIC! Leave luck to heaven.

  7. You have to remember the early Console wars with the Controllers. Everyone has copied the Nintendo way back from the NES with the D-Pad back in the 8 bit wars. The 16 bit wars everyone copied the shoulder buttons from the SNES. Which everyone adopted into the 32bit Wars and still to this day the layout of the SNES main controller buttons. Everyone is using it. The 64bit wars Nintendo had the analog stick now everyone has it. Oh I forgot the rumble pak!

  8. Ironic how it looks like a 360 controller. I just hope this might be a photoshopped picture and the real prototype is lying in wait to be revealed.

  9. Let’s review:

    Wii U Pro controller similar to 360 controller
    360 controller similar to gamecube and Dreamcast controller
    All of those controllers attained some ideas from the Dualshock controller. Namely the dual analog.


    All controllers listed here have been or will be awesome, therefore even if one is very similar to the other, that’s supposed to be a good thing.

  10. Oh God, ppl are already talking about it’s ripping off 360’s controller. It’s amazing because when Nintendo was ripped off those same ppl were singing joy to the world. Bravo ppl Bravo

  11. It’s like the complete opposite of a dualshock controller. Ergonomic and with everything in least somewhat intelligent positioning :D It should work just fine.

  12. Hands are hands. They are all the same. Why do we have to be so childish when saying the Wii U Pro Controller looks similar to other controllers? Um, of course it does. Its a controller. A controller is designed for our human hands.

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  14. No-one’s mentioned the obvious thing here, the face, D-pad & analogue sticks are based on the design of the Wii U Game Pad. It looks fine to me & if you think about it, as many have said, the placement works. Sure it holds some similarities to other controllers, but as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke. Besides, everyone borrows ideas from everyone else when it comes to the gaming industry nowadays, it’s been happening for years and will continue to happen in the future. I think it’s a great move for Nintendo to offer the alternative with the Wii U, I think they learnt they’re lessons with the Wii, when it came to game play though, I noticed that in the beginning of the Wii’s shelf-life the motion controls where kinda forced upon you when it came to the 3rd party games that came to the console, but later in life the motion control became slightly irrelevant (not complete though, of course). At least they won’t have a reason not to bring their games over…unless they still don’t trust that they’ll sell, but that’s a different story.

    1. Great comment! I agree with everything you said and would like to add that Nintendo has now opened the door for other gamers with this controller (which is the GamePad minus the touch screen) rather than being forced to only use the GamePad or Wii Remotes. As far as those who talk about rip-offs, when PlayStation and XBOX systems came out, there as NO originality with their controllers. They borrowed manly ideas from Nintendo (and some from Sega) and continue to do so (PlayStation Move and XBOX Kinect). While Nintendo has continued to invent new and original concepts, they have also had to copy such things from Sony and others to improve their online eco-system because that is the one thing Nintendo has really sucked at.

  15. This is a controller I’ll be using for shooters and fighting games. I can’t really see myself using the tablet for those types of games.

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  17. I for one will try out both controllers. They both look really sweet. I’ll probably use the Wii U Controller Pro for shooting and action games and use the Wii U Gamepad for RPGs and platformers.

  18. As long as they make games playable without it, I see no reason why this wouldn’t appeal to people. The A/B/X/Y buttons seem oddly placed though, I can’t imagine that’d be all that comfortable like that. But who knows, I love that it has the mini USB charger, that’s a DEFINITE plus. It’s probably safe to assume the Wii U Gamepad will charge like that as well. Hopefully they’ll release Wii Remotes that recharge like that!

  19. I’m glad that it happens to have a similar case as the 360 controller (which is the only real similarity), now 360 owners will feel comfortable buying a Wiiu to play the best version of multi-console games when their 360s break next.

    Aside from the controllers shape, the configuration is ‘unique’ with a different layout to that of the 360s and PS3s. Like a commenter mentioned above, the Pro layout is like that of the GamePad – great to transition new Pro players over to the GamePad to try it out with more ‘unique’ games offered on Wiiu which are controlled more interestingly with the GamePad – once these players have had that experience there will be no going back.

    As a 360 player myself (only because I am still on my initial console, luckily), I am glad that the Pro has that case shape. I find the 360 controller to be the most comfortable controller this gen, apart from the right analogue which I prefer to be above the buttons and the d-pad is not as good for me. The Wii Classic Controller Pro with the 360 shape is the best of both worlds IMO and I couldn’t have asked for a better move in this regard from Nintendo. Thanks N. Day 1.

  20. Awesome! This has honestly improved my opinion of the WiiU because now games don’t have to be developed specifically for the WiiU’s controller and features which means more games can be compatible. My only complaint is the very odd placing of the ABYX buttons, I mean seriously -_- I REALLY hope this is changed though I doubt it will be…

    1. After reading other people’s comments, I now understand that it does indeed follow the design of the regular Wii controller. Though it may be a bit odd on a more condensed set-up.

  21. Now I will get Wii u, didn’t wanna be playing multiple player games with friends using those old Wii motes.

  22. Happy! Finally a native wavebird controller for Wii. With a nice thick Xbox shape rather than the wussy Playstation midget hand shape.

    Nintendo is covering all the bases!!! Innovate on the Nintendo side, play all the 3rd party games on the multi-platform side!

    I won’t have to buy a second system again!

  23. This looks great, but I hope that Nintendo also make a Gamecube-style version, or a third party does it. I freaking love the Gamecube controller…

  24. Wath…? The console isn’t for sale yet and they are preparing a new periferic? Meh. Anyway, I supose that it’s good, they Wii U controller looks much more comfortable than the Wii one, but this one looks just the same without touch screen… well, it will be more useful with Third Parties like MH and others.

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  26. This thing is amazing- I’m glad the Wii U will have a regular controller too. Here’s to this bringing even more games over from PS3 and XBOX.

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  34. Idiots. It was the playstation that copied off the Nintendo controller. They first stole the controller it self. then they stole the N64’s analog stick. And then Xbox stole from both playstation and nintendo.

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