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Game & Wario Confirmed For Wii U – Details

Nintendo has confirmed that Game & Wario is in development for Wii U. The game sees Wario and his buddies back in action and contains a collection of games that use only the Wii U GamePad controller. The game retains the original flair and character of the micro-games from the WarioWare series.


To earn medals and various bonus items, players are encouraged to play a variety of games.

  • Arrow – This single-player game transforms the GamePad into a hi-tech bow (shaped like Wario’s mustache, of course) and arrow designed to defeat swarming enemies. Players hold the GamePad vertically with one hand to aim at enemies on the TV screen, while using their other hand to pull the arrow on the GamePad’s touch screen.
  • Ski – In this single-player game, competitors must lead the skier to the finish line by holding the GamePad vertically and tilting it left or right. The TV monitor will show the skier’s flashy moves to entertain the audience.
  • Shutter – In this single-player game, the player must use the GamePad like a telephoto camera lens to take photos of criminals hidden in the town before the time runs out.
  • Fruit – In this game for two to five players, the main player uses the GamePad to anonymously control one of many characters on the TV screen to quietly steal some fruit scattered all over the town. Once the thief completes the mission, the player passes the GamePad to the other players, who then must try to finger the suspect.
  • Additional games will be announced at a later time.

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      1. Excuse me???? no need to be mean about Lady Gaga who is btw a huge inspriation etc…. but this site has nothing to do with Gaga, it’s a Nintendo site, post about Nintendo stuff please..

  1. A lot of people love this series. The warioware games are a lot of fun and very popular. Leave luck to heaven.


    I also like the play on Game & Watch. I think I can see why Nintendo didn’t use WarioWare this time.

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