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Ubisoft: ‘Wii U Supports One GamePad’

Last month, rumors suggested that Wii U will support more than one controller but it looks like it’ll be supporting only one for the time being.The manager of Ubisoft France, Xavier Poix, has revealed to VentureBeat/GamesBeat that Wii U supports only one Wii U GamePad. Nintendo did not talk about this topic during their pre-e3 Nintendo Direct but they did reveal a new controller, the Wii U Pro controller.

GamesBeat: How many players can you get on the Wii U at once? Is it four or is it two…?

Poix: On the controller it’s just the one. One person. But you can still play with the four Wiimotes if you have four. So it adds up to five players.

70 thoughts on “Ubisoft: ‘Wii U Supports One GamePad’”

  1. One gamepad is plenty. If it supported more, all you’d hear is complaints from people who are suddently “forced” to buy extra gamepads so they can play a game that supports it.

    1. Depends on how it’s implemented. Those with the money to buy a second gamepad should have the option to do so.

      1. Careful. I don’t want to repeat the scenario of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
        Sure, I was one of the privileged who had a first-gen GBA , a GBA Sp, and a GBA Sp2, and a Game Boy Player, and four link cables, meaning that to play four players, only one of the interested players had to have their own GBA OR Gamecube.

        But that didn’t stop people from making the ridiculous complaint about about buying 4 GBAs, and Four link cables so that their friends-who-were-never-interested-in-games-but-suddenly-wanted-to-play-this-one could play. The point is it made bad noise, and that’s what Nintendo is trying to avoid by saying that your Wii U can only support the Wii U Gamepad included.

        There’s the possibility that Nintendo will have some sort of ‘bonus feature’ for people who have a 3DS and Wii U, something akin to having the 3DS mimic one or more of the WUG’s functions so that it can effectively act as a second, third, or fourth WUG, or perhaps allow people to take their WUGs to their friend’s place and temporarily synch it to the friend’s WUG, but I’m not anticipating them saying “We support more WUGs” anytime soon, because of the potential for that bad-noise.

    2. You sound more like you’re trying to find excuses and try to make Nintendo look good even if you do know very well that it pretty much sucks. The main feature of the WiiU is the tablet controller. What sense does it make if only one single person is able to use it ? Imagine playing with friends; the people who are not able to use the GamePad will obviously be in a disadvantage in every single game, since the screen of the GamePad will most likely offer some extra features the others won’t be able to make use of because they’ll be using the regular Controllers. And what the hell do you mean with “people will be forced to buy the GamePad for games that support it” ? I’m supposing that every single WiiU game will support the GamePad. Means, you’re basically afraid that people might complain because they will be “forced” to buy controllers for their gaming system… Seems legit. I mean, it’s not like you have to buy controllers for any other system, no.
      Seriously, you fanboys need to learn accept that Nintendo isn’t doing everything perfectly. The fact that you’ll be able to use only one single GamePad per WiiU is just a damn big fail, and you all do know it.

      1. Either you’re talking out of your ass or you don’t know shit about Nintendo. Shut the hell up and wait for the next 4 hours, Sony dick rider!

        1. Now after reading my first sentence, I noticed that it is misleading indeed. I didn’t mean that Nintendo sucks, not at all. I was referring to the fact that people probably will be able to use only one GamePad.
          Now to your comment… Actually, I’m typing. And no, unfortunately I’m not able to type with my ass. Then, I do know a lot about Nintendo, despite being a huge fan for decades. And no, I won’t shut the hell up but yes, I will wait for the next 4 hours. And again no, I’m not riding Sony’s dick. In fact, I didn’t even mention Sony a single time in my previous comment, so I’m not really sure where you got that idea from.


    Sure it will vary with games. Some will use more than one, others just one.

    1. Nintendo doesn’t just stand for the money. As a business, that is their goal, but they also aim for affordability. If customers are forced to buy two gamepads to play to the fullest extent, they’ll be quite out of pocket.

      1. so why did they reduce the 3ds price so dramatically seems like the ripped of the first few consumers that overbought it at full price. i love nintendo but dont act like thir not greedy

        1. You forget that early 3DS owners, like me, were able to get 20 free NES games and GBA games way ahead of everyone else as compensation for the price drop. The GBA games alone were enough to balance out the full cost. So no, I do not feel “ripped off”. The reason for the price drop was because of lack of sales, when the 3DS became more affordable, the sales went up. Nintendo would only be greedy in this case if they forced the late buyers to pay for use of any of the 3DS’s features. But since they didn’t, you can’t really call them greedy. A drop in price for the sake of affordability does not a greedy company make.

  3. Sad face. Presumably they mean 1 GamePad and up to 4 Wii U Pro controllers. Disappointing, but theres the possibility it could be added in an update.

  4. That’s almost a moot point now with the unveiling of the Wii U pro pad. I think the option for 2 Upads will come in the future. They won’t want to push the hardware too much right out the gate .Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Why wouldn’t they? They need to show a lot of reasons how the Wii U is next gen and what it offers. If it only supports one Wii U Pad, thats disappointing. They better have both a Wii U Pad and Wii U Pro Control included with the purchase of the Wii U itself. :P

      1. We don’t know what hardware is in the Wii U yet and it may be too taxing at this point to have 2 Upads running on one console. Then again this could also just mean that at this point there are no games that use 2 pads in development.

        There are already so many different controller options for the Wii U, Wiimotes and nunchuks, CCP, pro pad and the Upad. There’s no reason to have a game using 2 Upads at this point I guess. We’ll know more after tomorrow’s conference.

  5. I believe he’s saying that you can’t put two persons playing in the same controller, not that you can’t use two (remember, it has a touch screen so theoretically it would be possible for divide the screen for two players, but it’d be mighty akward).

    Wait for the real deal and check at the Nintendo conference.

    1. Obviously he means that you cant use two gamepads at the same time dumbass. God how stupid can people get?

      1. Really? It read more to me as “We couldn’t get two gamepads working”, not “Two people can’t use the same controller” or “The WiiU will not support two controllers at once”. I wish people would quit making headlines say something that possibly wasn’t said at all. :/

        1. “We couldn’t get two gamepads working”
          I was agreeing with you until you said that. That makes no sense at all, if a big company like Ubisoft could not get such a feature to work there is something seriously wrong with the WiiU.

          1. I believe it has something to do with the dev kit before the entire system was finalizes… only the Wii U Game Pad was finalized during the presentation.

              1. or maybe they meant that the game would only support one controller and they made it that way, I dont think that ubisoft would give away such infomation just like that. Nintendo was really strict with it..

  6. I’m kind of relieved to be honest. I don’t think I could be able to afford another Gamepad. Also, two Gamepads would really complicate things.

  7. WiiU NEEDS to support 2 gamepads if not then FAIL. you wanna play a game by yourself. or wait for a turn? or Not be able to play fun multiplayer with 2 gamepads? FUCK No! this shit is not legit. and it says It can support One Controller for the time being. Meaning No games are not designed for 2 yet perhaps. But This will All be cleared at E3. 2 things for NIntendo to succeed Dual Gamepad Support and Unreal Engine 4. if not then NIntendo has FUCKED UP!

    1. Dude, 1 touchscreen controller at a time. They already confirmed that Rayman has 5 player simultaneous co-op.

  8. Aw come on tho. I mean Microsoft smart glass is dumb but at least multiple people can use it….

    1. Can they? I don’t even know if they said that. I thought it was an account-based thing, where it works with only one player profile.

  9. That’s good because to get 4 wiiu gamepad would probalby cost out the wazoo, so for multiplayers u use either the pro controlled of the wii remote so the cost isnt insane, nice move.

  10. As long as it supports multiple Wii U Pro Controllers I’m okay. But I will NOT play with a sideways wiimote ever again…

  11. One GamePad is plenty. Think about it, One person can play on the Gamepad while the other uses a pro controller on the big screen, eliminating split screen multiplayer. It’s gonna be alright.

  12. I wouldn’t take this as fact just yet. Most likely Nintendo only gave them one Wii U Game Pad with the dev kit so they couldn’t even attempt it. Nintendo most likely wants to try getting it working first.

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  14. “On the controller it’s just the one. One person” I don’t think this really confirms anything just yet. He’s talking about the number of people on one controller. They might also be talking about their games.

    1. In context in which he is speaking, I concluded that he is just taking about that one game. It does not say that the Wii U cannot support more than one GamePad.

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  16. I’d imagine the possibilities to be much better having 4 split screen on 4 Gamepads and just using the TV as a radar or score tracker. Think no more “cheating” looking at other screens. This makes multiplayer that much more fun.

    But seeing as though I will never run into this scenario, it doesn’t bother me that much.

  17. Anyone on here saying they don’t care either about having only one tablet never plays with other people locally, or they’re so hopelessly enamored with Nintendo that they refuse to ever admit when the company does something detrimental to it’s success. If Xbox’s new feature supports multiple tablets and smartphones, Nintendo is in for a rude awakening, and if they don’t believe it then part of me wants to see the company fall on its face just for that reason alone.

    I am a Nintendo fan, but if this is true it’s so ridiculous. One year ago fans clamored for at least two tablets. If they can’t do it then what’s the point?

    And of course Microsoft will support multiple devices, because they can apply common sense. The Madden demo proves the support of multiple devices

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  21. now wat subject were they on before?? cuz they coulda been just talking about rayman legends and that was a question brought up for that game.. sometimes journalist will leave things out to make it sound like something else.. just saying.. post the whole interview..

  22. Didn’t Nintendo say before that you could take you g-pad to someone else’s house? I think Nintendo just doesn’t to make the player feel like they HAVE to have at least 2 g-pads.

  23. He is pretty obviously speaking about Rayman, or their games in general. Rayman Legends only has 1 character that makes use of the touchscreen, so to program and allow support for 2 GamePad tablet controllers would be pointless and a waste of the console’s GPU power.

    Also, I doubt Nintendo would allow him to give away such info if he was speaking in general, and not about Rayman/Ubisoft’s games. Nintendo has been careful not to let any developers release info prematurely (meaning before Nintendo’s conference).

  24. how about before everyone starts bitching about how much it sucks to only use one game pad at a time, you actually fucking try out the system and see if it’s even necessary.

  25. If this should be true… This is pretty much fked up.
    And I don’t really understand how you all get the idea that he’s talking about Rayman Legends only. He didn’t even mention the game once. Plus, GameBeats asked “How many players can you get on the Wii U at once?”, which sounds like a pretty general question to me.
    Anyway, if it’s true then people won’t hold back at all when calling the WiiU “just an updated Wii”. I don’t see any meaning behind this. The GamePad is THE thing that makes the WiiU special and they decide to use just a single one per WiiU. To be honest, I don’t think I’d have fun playing with friends if only one person is allowed to use the GamePad and so will be the only person to use it’s advantages. Imagine playing Super Smash Bros. with your friends and there is only one person who is able to use all the extras the GamePad has… That’s just retarded, seriously.
    I guess like that it is possible for Microsoft to be in an advantage with their Smart Glass, since it makes using multiple devices possible. I’m a die-hard Nintendo fan, but this move was simply wrong. Really wrong.

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