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Miiverse Will Be (Heavily) Moderated By Nintendo

Nintendo is not completely sure on how they will approach their Miiverse system. Satoru Iwata understands that messages need to be delivered immediately but believes that Nintendo must make Miiverse a safe environment for children. Nintendo has a few techniques, which they think will make Wii U’s online infrastructure secure.

Nintendo plans to add programs to Wii U software that will filter any negative messages, which may not always be accurate because people find alternatives to spelling certain words. Nintendo will allow users to flag any content they deem inappropriate. Nintendo will also moderate gamers’ behaviors in the Miiverse, which may be a problem because messages will not be sent until they are approved by the company.

“The attraction of a social network is the immediacy of the feedback,” Iwata said. On the other hand, it’s absolutely essential that parents need to feel comfortable with Miiverse as a safe place for their children, he added.

That raises the question: What is an acceptable time lag that satisfies both requirements? Is it 30 minutes? Or three hours?

Iwata said that the company will monitor feedback from its users when the service launches to answer that question. “But personally, I think 30 minutes should be acceptable,” he said.

68 thoughts on “Miiverse Will Be (Heavily) Moderated By Nintendo”

  1. Does this affect in game messages? Because you just know someone is going to make a car in the shape of a giant penis in that Scribblenauts game.

  2. So some guy in Japan is going to read every single message I send? No thanks, I’ll just stick to Facebook and use this for gaming.

    1. Exactly, but maybe more detailed, like being able to disable images, or just the drawn ones, or just the sent ones, or only be able to view images from friends. It’s impossible to have a true social network without a single bit of inappropriate/suggestive material appearing on it, but if the parents can disable things they might be worried about, then they won’t have to constantly be watching them closely worrying about their little tidbit seeing an offensive message or image.

      To be honest though, “Tidbit” probably wouldn’t even know what it meant, and thus may just ignore it (a surprising number of preschoolers have actually heard the F word but never used it, or asked their parents what it means).

  3. Implement optional family settings like the PS3 has. Then the parents can restrict what their kids see, while older gamers won’t be bogged down with unnecessary restrictions and limitations.

  4. Nintendo has to understand that social networking/media will always fall victim to inappropriate content and language. Such is the way of the internet. There is no sure-fire way to safeguard content. Though there may easily be ways to control what is seen, if parents are worried about their children being exposed to explicit material, then just have them disable Miiverse messages altogether. Chances are, if they are that young as it is, they aren’t going to be using the Nintendo Network anyways.

    1. Of course there’s no sure-fire way to safeguard content, they know that. It doesn’t mean they should just have no moderation at all, they’re still going to want as much as possible

    2. yo but keep in mind they have to because ever since the snes seizure event that nintendo got sue because they did not warn the parents. at lease there trying to not get sue by telling others that there been warn, there trying that all that matters.

  5. what! I’m not allowed to swear when I’m pissed off at some bullshit fucking game like a retard. fuck this stupid motherfucking piece of shit miiverse, hahaha.

  6. Only natural…Though I’m not sure if it’s better to start with a bad language filter, and reject everything with bad language, or with an acceptable dictionary, where only known words are allowed, anything else and the post is sent to moderation, if the moderator accepts the post then every word is added to the dictionary. That format is used in lots of places although I guess it’s more appropriate for things aimed only at little children because it’d get frustrating… And also better on websites with beta, where they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the number of posts as they would be on the Miiverse

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  8. What does he mean by Time Lag? Does he mean that if I send a message to a friend, it’s gonna take 30min for it to be approved and sent it him?

  9. Why not have something like the parental pin like the 3DS? That way older gamers can be separated from the younger ones if they feel like it. In the younger chatrooms there would be no swearing/bad language ect. and the older chatrooms there would be a bit looser rules, protected by a pin

      1. Some downloadable games on the Eshop require a parental pin (which I set myself cause I’m a big girl xD) to download. As well as the system updates need a pin. I’m sure there’s a way to turn it off, but I am too lazy to find it.

  10. If they want to moderate and don’t want to use parental PIN then they should base it on age. Besides, it seems kids are worst at swearing and all than adults.
    Also this kinda negates that generic zombie game video. “S.O.S stuck on zombie boss” then have to wait at least an hour for a reply(30 mins for my message to be approved, 30 mins for the reply to be approved)?

  11. Like the 1984 book said
    “big brother is watching you”
    in nintendo is
    “Big N is watching U” (picture of Reggie)
    how (im scared now)

  12. Why are the majority being punished for the idiocy of the few? I’m fed up already of not
    having a basic instant messaging feature on the 3DS and now when Nintendo entices us with its own Social Network, I thought that at least with Wii U this problem would be corrected.

    Parental Controls exist Nintendo, it’s not your job to Police what Children see. Just stick some parental controls in there, put in a filter for swear words if you must and allow users to flag for abusive content. That way you only have to deal with the stuff that gets flagged, much easier than handicapping the potential of the service and increasing your own workload with this bullsh*t delay talk.

    So annoyed right now. God damn Child Worship crap has gone far enough.


  13. SweetScience&HotSauce

    psssh to be perfectly honest……i’ve all ready solve this problem nintendo might have.

  14. So this one company is going to take all the messages written by millions upon millions of people, and read and approve every single one of them? Just add parental controls!

  15. Well this is a bad sign, this promotes nothing but a bit of control against people as a customer.

    Man its like the new inventions are being used by censorship people to promote future inventions but gets a bad censorship and moderating catch when back then, it was better I think. Like how old computers was more open back then but now some future computers usually gets a restrictions type of thing I think. (And that might try to ruin the future of innovation right there…)

    But yeah like others has said, try the parenting control thing instead of doing it like this Nintendo, otherwise, this is just another bad sign to me. :/

    Just some thoughts maybe.

  16. Sorry, but if people really think swearing and saying inappropriate messages is alright, something is not right. It may be a freedom of speech, but would you say inappropriate talk to your boss, teacher, family member, etc? I am glad Nintendo will be moderating this. I do not want to go to a place where a whole page of messages is full of unnecessary swearing. You can say, “Well, do not go there, then.” However, let’s use Youtube for example. I go to a video that’s aimed for a younger audience or everyone, like a cartoon or something and the comments are full of swearing, sex-talk, and other immature comments. How is that alright if I just want to discuss things about the show or whatever is playing. Besides, trying to avoid inappropriate material is hard nowadays because the material can get easily in things where you do not see it coming. Like there was language in Halo Reach, yet, it was not mentioned on the ESRB rating. Now if there are warnings, then yes, I can easily avoid them.

    I know I will be flamed for this, the world is changing each day, but I have to say this to get it off my chest. I could care less about someone going against this.

    1. You have a great point my friend. The gaming community has a tendency to lash out each other with hateful comments and slurs. when I’m in the Miiverse, I don’t want an environment full of slander and people being dicks. I just want to talk about games. Now, I’m vulgar guy, that’s just me. But I know my manners, and I give respectful, and positive comments and feed back. I’m ok with Nintendo doing this.

    2. You have mistaken the reasoning behind the outcry of many people. No one in their right mind likes seeing profanity and/or racism in an innocuous game. The reason for the outcry by many is the fact that it will take so long to show messages. They could implement better ways to filter out profanity. The system could have come with parental controls on by default where messages won’t show up on those systems before moderaters(bots or humans) approve them. For those people who don’t think profanity will be a hinderance, turning off parental controls could allow them to get messages immediately. The system can also come with a flagging system, where you flag people for Nintendo to review if their behaviour is inappropriate. Maybe these people can be banned if their behaviour gets out of control. Like I said, I would hate to see a bunch of swearing and other crap on the system, but at the same time, I don’t want to have to wait 30mins for a message to show up. I’m not hiding anything, I don’t care if messages are moderated, as long as we don’t have to wait so long.

  17. Anything that takes away people’s right to be irresponsible and retarded is okay with me. Not like Wii U is the only place you have to do it anyway.

  18. I for one don’t mind having a mod to curb some of the annoying traits social media has created. If not get ready to see no women online like in the Playstation lobby…I’m a straight guy but i shudder at what some of the girls have to endure there. Another reason why i tell all my female relatives and friends careful in the sony lobby since is always full of pervs and pedo bears :(

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