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Nintendo Developers Wii U Discusion Video (Wii U Gameplay)

Nintendo of America has uploaded an edited version of the Wii U developers conference which took place at E3 last night. The video shows plenty of Wii U gameplay footage from upcoming games such as New Super Mario Bros U and some of the mini-games which feature in Nintendo Land – including an F-Zero stage.

31 thoughts on “Nintendo Developers Wii U Discusion Video (Wii U Gameplay)”

  1. -_- so in this video the PROPERLY show off Nintendo Land and how awesome it is. While in the main conference they bore us with that 10 min Luigis Mansion mini game. R U SERIOUS NINTENDO. I still love Nintendo though. This video has made me want to buy Nintendo Land ^_^

  2. The game looks really cool, but it seems you can only get the most of it through a multiplayer experience. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. I was more thinking about NSMBU. I was wondering if you can get a rewarding experience from the game with just the single player experience.

  3. After watching this, I think they should have presented the game like this in their conference. I can understand why they were explaining it, it being a new game and all, but they explained more about the game here, in about 6mins then they did in 15mins (it felt like that anyway) during the conference. Then again, I think that Nintendo kind of structured their conference wrong anyway. The conference was okay, don’t get me wrong, but they shouldn’t have done it more like they did the developer discussion when it came to presenting / explaining the games.

    1. not just nintendo, if you see the footage there is a lot of titles that sony, ms and nintendo didnt show.

      1. I agree, each conference wasn’t scheduled very well, I was able to watch each of them in their entirety and basically felt the same way about each of them when it cam to presentation. But I was just referencing Nintendo’s conference compared with this one.

  4. i think i was wrong.wiiU is a beast.look at the new super mario bros U holy graphics.(a 3d animated game and its graphics are different than the wii)

  5. The ppl who live blogged this did terrible. This videi is way more informative. I’m excited for these games. Hopefully my M.S. Living bf will be pulled in by these changes.

  6. wow,i have heard from 1 person that nintendo consoles/games are for babies because of it’s bad graphics?are they crazy?

  7. This was cool and all, but if they were going to show us this at a different event, why the hell did they waste time talking about it at the main conference? WTF was the point of it?

  8. If Nintendo showed off all the games at E3 like this, with actual depth, then it may have been less of a letdown. I actually enjoyed watching it.

  9. Nintendo land smh way to steal disneylands concept ps stop stealing u little dick japs. Btw microsoft beat that ass up with usher in da house

  10. I wont lie the wii u tablet has potential even though its 5 hrs long i did luv the wii u panorama view but microsoft has me covered with smart glass using ipad 3 so….microsoft ftw and usher was banging word up

    1. That’s basically my sentiment. Nintendo has utterly failed. What they’ve proven at this E3 is that they have completely lost touch with their audience.

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