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Reggie: “Wii U Launch Window Is Launch Plus The Following Three Or Four Months”

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has explained that the Wii U launch window is launch, plus the following three or four months. Reggie wouldn’t confirm whether or not Pikmin 3 will be on the system at launch, but it is within the launch window.

IGN: Actually, regarding Pikmin, is that launch, launch window, is that some time off in the future…?

Fils-Aime: So we’ve said that that’s launch window. Everything that we’ve shown from a first-party perspective is definitely launch window.

IGN: And launch window is the first couple months? Something like that?

Fils-Aime: Eh… More than that. It’s launch plus the following three to four months.

31 thoughts on “Reggie: “Wii U Launch Window Is Launch Plus The Following Three Or Four Months””

    1. Hmmm, they’ve had YEARS to make it, I actually do want it as a launchgame. No pikmin 3, no day 1 purchase.

  1. come on, guys i need pikmin at launch! especially if the Wii U is going to be released for the holidays. we still don’t have a set launch date right?

  2. Without Pikmin 3 at launch would be a HUGE mistake. But if it takes a month or two to perfect the game, then go ahead and do it!

  3. Launch window is not a word, dumb dumb, that’s a lame excuse for for missing their launch schedule.

  4. So what am i going to play while a wait for pikmin? I dont want a wii u with no games. Unless nintendo land…..

  5. Hey, we are nintendo fans. We buy consoles for the exclusive games. Buy the console on the launch of one of the games you are buying it for!

      1. Yeah well I currently at Uni with 2 years left to go by that time I will be finished and free to buy and play on the Wii U to my hear content

  6. Okay, but I’ve come to the final decision that i’m getting the WiiU when it comes out in black, unless it does that at launch. I need the money to buy a car first and foremost.

    And did anyone else notice the flying pink Pikmin in the E3 video?

    1. Unless they do the same thing as the Wii, it is announced in white with various colors to come soon, it sells out for months, and only start releasing colors after a few years.

    1. No it means that all of these games that were announced are supposed to be released in the “launch window”. By “launch window”, they mean at launch or up to four months after launch. Meaning that they probably didn’t learn anything from their last few launches that had no real games.

  7. Ok so as a huge nintendo fan, I will pass and I don’t give a shit anymore… Nintendo is not gonna pull a 3DS on me, and make me wait for the good games this time.

    1. This ^
      Fool me once! I waited forever to fully use my 3DS! (and I bought it at midnight launch all excited)

  8. No, it’s cool. 3 – 4 months… About how long I had to wait before I stopped playing 2D games on my 3DS due to slow software development.

    I’m good. I’m not mad bro. I don’t mind waiting for great games, and buying a console for games that don’t even launch with the system.
    … … …
    MOTHER-FU*KERS!!!!! AaaRrrrrGggg

  9. 4 months ain’t bad, just for a us a release date and time. I noticed developers are hesitant to release games when they don’t know when the Wii-U will be released.

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