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Microsoft: SmartGlass Is Better Than Wii U GamePad

Obviously Microsoft is going to prefer their product over a competitor’s product but are their reasons sufficient? Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing officer for Microsoft’s game business, thinks that SmartGlass is better than Wii U because you can use a wide variety of devices to connect with the Xbox 360, while Wii U is limited to its controller. Mehdi also thinks that the Wii U GamePad will not work well because you have to look at its screen and the TV screen in order to play games.

“In other cases, when you do want to have cross-screen sharing, that’s where I believe this approach [SmartGlass] is actually better, because what we’re doing is embracing it as truly a supporting screen,” said Mehdi.

“Not as the thing you should be looking at. Therefore, it needs to light up, it needs to notify you, it needs to actually provide content that’s relevant in that example. So I feel pretty good about that. I certainly don’t think there are any latency issues there. You can use any device for control, for tabbing, for browsing, for watching movies. It’s got a richer platform for things.”

148 thoughts on “Microsoft: SmartGlass Is Better Than Wii U GamePad”

    1. Exactly. Its trying to be another tablet and since its going to be of non android and iOS i dont think it’ll catch up there. Also itll be too expensive to causal audience while im sure the gamepad will be much more affordable. I bet ultimately most of the features will be the same for both.

        1. Wii U gamepad = Probably around $25-$40(considering how Nintendo prices things.)
          Tablets = At least $200 plus service fees.
          I’m not going to buy a tablet just to play very few games on the Xbox with it.

          1. There is no way it’ll be under $80. $100 is most likely right now. Nintendo is hoping that the games that require multiple pads will be released a couple years down the line so that production costs on the tablets can come down.

      1. Not that I think SmartGlass is that great or anything, but you guys do realize that it is just an app for any smart device, it’s not actual hardware…. the app itself is most likely going to be free. (Many people already have smart devices, (phones, tablets…). Just sayin.

        1. how the hell is it better when it has no buttons and with smart glass you still need your basic controller so that mean you have to keep switching from one controller to another how is that better than the wii-u gamepad. smart glass sucks balls nothing but a cheap knockoff

  1. Nintendo proved with the 3ds that people can in fact focus on two screens at once. Clearly Microsoft never has seen boobs.

  2. Uhh isn’t it the same thing with smart glass that you have to constantly look down at your tablet and your console inorder to play xbox 360 games?

    Fail Microsoft.

    I’m no longer buying Microsoft shit anymore

      1. You can’t play using smart phones with either one. The basic functions of Smart Glass go to different mobile devices and just give info on games, movies and shows and lets you watch movies on different devices without restarting the movie. That’s not really new technology though. And with smart glass you still have to switch to your controller to actually play. Wii U is already confirmed to have the ability to access the Miiverse through different mobile devices and computers. And let’s not forget the other compatible wii controllers and wii u pro controllers. With the Wii U controller you don’t have to keep switching between tablet and controller. Microsoft clearly doesn’t quite get it.

    1. i have no idea if M$ knows wii can play wii controlers, classic control, pro, and wii u pro pad, M$ needs to do more research.

    2. Yup. Reggie stated they’d be doing smartphones etc. They just didn’t waste half of the conference on it.

    3. your right all phones tablets can work as a controler smart glass is a xbox 360 app free download tomarow release

  3. when are these people going to learn not to underestimate nintendo’s consoles. how many times did fools say the wii’s wiimote wouldn’t work and now sony has the move and microsoft has kinect. shut the fuck up and continue to play follow the leader like you have been for years, bitches.

    1. amen brother.

      nintendo has always been on top despite being somewhat “special” if you know what i mean.

      nintendo has never been about the hardcore, it’s all about the overall selling of the franchise.

      nothing beats nintendo’s excellent marketing strategies and nothing ever will.

      @microsoft fantoddlers

      smartglass misses essential analog sticks.
      and don’t say you can use the controller for that cause thats not nearly better than wii U.

    2. And the complaints about the Kinect… oh the complaints and troubles people are having. You think Microsoft would want to fix that first… but no!!!! Stupid they are, leaned nothing they have.

  4. Smartglass can use more devices, but considering what they showed, the smartglass is not for gaming at all, while the WiiU is focusing on gaming, even Patcher, the guy we all hate thinks that (he said it during Spike’s E3 coverage at one point).

  5. “Mehdi also thinks that the Wii U GamePad will not work well because you have to look at its screen and the TV screen in order to play games.”

    Really now?
    So what he is saying is that you will not need to look at the smarglass screen to play Xbox games or what?
    That defeats the purpose of it completely.
    Smartglass looks only useful for other entertainment apart from games (movies, music etc.)

    The Wii U GamePad IS better, and it WILL work.
    Microsoft is full of itself.

  6. It may be “better” in some ways but it also requires you to already own (or purchase separately) a tablet or smart phone. The fact that the Wii U will ship with the GamePad gives it somewhat of an advantage, I think.

    I wrote this comment from my smart phone. :P

  7. In that case nobody is going to feel the need of smartglass, Wii U adds fun to the experience. And I’m sure most games will have an option for the Pro Controller.

  8. “Mehdi also thinks that the Wii U GamePad will not work well because you have to look at its screen and the TV screen in order to play games.”

    Just like we had to look at two different screens for the DS and 3DS? I admit, it’ll be a bit different with a full sized TV and the WiiU tablet, but I’m really not seeing an issue with it :/

  9. I don’t think people understand that these are two different product intended for very different purposes…

  10. Oh yeah, having to work with both an iPad and a x-box 360 controller at the same time is WAY better than having it all on one controller.

    I’m sorry Microsoft, Smartglass is not better than the WiiU Game Pad. It just makes Kinect less stupid.

    1. Uh, there are at least 4 controllers you can use for the WiiU as well… So you’re basically bashing Nintendo with this post also.

      1. You’re for the most part never going to have to use multiple controllers at the same time, though. You can use the wiimote, the Pro Controller, or the Gamepad, but one person won’t need to use more than one of those at a time.

  11. Of course it doesn’t have latency issues, it merely displays a menu compared to what the Wii U controller has been doing.

  12. Can you play Xbox games in the bathroom using SmartGlass? Didn’t think so. You can most certainly play your Wii U on the throne with console to tablet game streaming (distance pending).

    1. thats the power of wiiu im going to play mario bros u on the bathroom with no proble stoping…. thank you nintendo.

    2. I doubt that you’ll be able to use the GamePad in your bathroom, unless your bathroom right next to your living room. Nintendo said that you’ll be able to stream games on your GamePad to any position in your living room, that’s why I’m guessing the distance for streaming is really limited.

  13. I don’t see how smart glass could be compared to the Wii U Game Pad. You have to already have a 360 and most likely XBox live, then you have to have all the other devices that would uses it laptops, smartphones close to your 360. Smart glass requires you to have all these different pieces of hardware to make it work. The only thing I saw that was cool was the ability to watch a movie on a laptop, pause it and pick it up on another device.

    Meanwhile the Upad is one device that does most of those things and is integral to your gaming experience. It has Netflix and Hulu and it’s own browser so you don’t need an extra piece of hardware to browse the net for info. Also it’s for GAMES. That’s the most imprtant thing. I don’t see this increasing their audience much because the only ones who can take advantage of it are the ones who already have a 360 and all the other things required. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. True. And consider parents when buying a gift. Wii u is in one box, done. This requires way too much

      1. It’s all about games. Microsoft forgot that. True they had Haloid 4. (I call it that because Master Cheif now has visors just like Samus and is fighting enemies that look suspiciously like space pirates), but not much other exclusives.

        1. So it is about games huh? So since you are obviously a nintendo fanboy…are you saying that the wii was all about games? Cause I recall on my xbox 360 I played skyrim, mass effect, gears of war, halo, dark souls, forza, castle crashers, the witcher, ac brotherehood. Now if I recall…you couldn’t play thos games on a nintendo console. Matter of fact this whole generation, microsoft and sony held the slack when it came to games. And the games coming up for both machines and beyond will do the same. So please nintendo fanboy, shut the fuck up and realize that the majority of the great games this generation came from microsoft and sony. So please suck my dick :)…..well…nintendo did have conduit…..and a ton of mario games lol.

          1. its all about the games not the hardware, nobody is going to but this smartglass with no games to support it.

          2. Wow. where to begin. That is an impressive list of games you got there. I guess those were the only games released this generation. I have a list for you. Super Smash Bros Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy 1 &2, Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Xenoblade Chronicles, The last Story and those are just games EXCLUSIVE to the Wii. Shit, even games like Wii Sports sold 76 million copies. Nintendo tapped a gold mine with Wii.

            I like how certain “hardcore” gamers think that every single game made must involve you driving a fancy car, shooting somone in the face or slaying dragons on gorgeously rendered mountaintops. Get over yourself. You and people like you are not the only people who exist in the gaming world.

            There are millions of people who love to play the games offered on the Wii, as evidence by the fact that it has outsold both competitors by 30 million units and counting. So please if you like those games, by all means enjoy those games, but just because your games have an M rating, doesn’t make you better than a gamer who liked and purchased to Wii games. Where does this attitude come from? I’ve been playing games for 20 years. Not once have insulted someboby because of the games they chose to play. Have fun, dude..

            1. Wow, where to begin with what you said? No one said anything about the type of games you like. Matter of fact all those games you listed are fantastic. But the fact that you nintendo fan boys think nintendo shits gold while sony and microsoft just follow is outrageous and idiotic. This generation nintendo wii sold the most units, but that doesn’t mean it was transcendant. People like you need to realize that sony and microsoft do not just pump out m rated games. They create unique experiences for for every gamer. You fans need to give credit to the games that have been made by those companies and get off of nintendos dick. Bioshock 1, mass effect 1 were both microsoft exclusives. Both those games have atmosphere and depth that would wipe the floor with whatever the wii had. Those slick graphics are not just for show, they help provide a believable world that only enhances the experience for the user. So do not talk shit about sony and microsofts console because both of those companies have provided games with narratice that are far more complex than save the princess and jump through hoops.

              1. When did I insult Sony or Microsoft? I may prefer Nintendo, but I have never insulted their competitors. Show me where I insulted them.

  14. SmartAss is a piece of shit ripoff of the Wii U. I have a 360 (with Kinect but idk.. meh, I don’t play that much on it) but this is just dumb. They aren’t focusing that much on gaming now they are just bullshitting around with the Xbox making it an entertainment device, maybe it won’t be a gaming console… soon, tbh.. Watch the GamePad be better than this shit.

    1. I gotta admit, I’m literally laughing out loud reading everyone’s comments. I love the witty and sarcastic remarks. Thanks for making my day better. We’ve got nothing to worry about as Nintendo fans. Nintendo knows what they’re doing. Keep your heads up.

  15. Lying through their teeth. Wii U looks a lot more interesting than Smart Glass. Smart Glass is kinda cool but I feel it’s gonna be just like Kinect. It has that wow factor at first but it’s crap and the games suck

  16. “Mehdi also thinks that the Wii U GamePad will not work well because you have to look at its screen and the TV screen in order to play games.”

    Though I do agree that SmartGlass is copying Nintendo and is a a piece of crap, the quote above do have its truth in it.

    It’s the draw distance. Both screens on the 3DS is relatively equal distance to the eyes. GamePad and TV screen will be at different distance, and constantly switching back and forth will put a lot of stress on the eyes. With that said, SmartGlass has the exact same problem, so I still fail to see how SmartGlass > GamePad…

  17. If anything you’d be looking at the tablet more than the Wii U Gamepad. Since with Wii U you have buttons that you can feel. With a tablet or smart phone you’d need to keep looking down to make sure you’re pressing the right place.

    Also I have neither a 360 or tablet/smartphone so think Wii U’s better value. :-)

  18. Smartglass is more towards software while the wii u tablet is gaming. You cant compare the two, they have different roles

  19. I disagree. As a bias Nintendo fan of course this guy is a douche. As a non-bias consumer, I’d prefer to get a WiiU over having to worry about using multiple devices for something I could just literally Google. Its a smart idea, but for people who can actually afford it,

    1. And it’s like they’re saying you should BUY (if ever you don’t have one) a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet computer, etc., just so you could use this SmartGlass thing… ooohh boy….

      Fail Microsoft…..FAIL!!


        Oh I get it know, microsoft is trying to build up on their sales, you know because they have much control on software like microsoft word. This does not only help “boost” sales on microsoft related software but makes them preferable over other companies like apple, their ever growing schemes to get richer has now made lose all respect of bill gates.

  20. “You have to look down at the controller” well with smart glass you have to.hold a controller in one hand and a phone or tablet in another for the same effect. Lol

  21. The wiiu gampad actually change the way a game can be played(though motion controls physical bottons and camera us as shown in zombie U), where as what we saw from smartglass(as far as gaming) was an offscreen menu………….that means that while playing the game you have to put down your controller pick up your tablet just to press something, where as with the gamepad its all just there. plus we have seen nothing from smartglass that the gamepad cant do, but we have seen things from the gamepad that the smartglass cant do. So all this puts the gamepad far above smartglass which just seems like a fancy mouse.

  22. Alba, please. This isn’t Nintendo news. This is a Microsoft employee preferring a Microsoft product. Just stop

  23. I knew it!!!! . I should had listen to Microsoft a few year back and invested on a new set of arms so I could carry my table in one set and in the other my xbox controller. Damn it Microsoft I hate it when you make so much sense. For now I must hire a nimble girl to hold my second screen without having her blocking my view of the game and table. Damn it Microsoft .


    LMAO Those fools at Microsoft would do anything to get a quick buck without using common sense.Got to hand it to then they really know how to fool so call journalist and fanbois alike. I mean seriously the whole reason why the Gamepad is better is because you have the control and the screen integrated into one and not gimmicky adding your phone/table to a game that still uses standard control schemes.Which would be impossible unless you have 4 arms hence my sarcastic opening. Also even if you use kinect it will be awkward to use hand gestures while holding a tablet. Trust me I tried that experiment with my kinect and it won’t recognize 89% of my gestures since my ipad acts as a block to its sensor.

  24. I would “consider” if some PS guy said that the PSVITA/PS3 connect its better… but this ? smartglass may be the worst thing in the E3 (yeah, wonderbook, while bad, was better than this crap)…

    yeah, because playing with a tablet AND a controller isnt akward enough… this will be interesting for 5 minutes, and thats about it


    That’s a good one…

  26. To use SmartGlass fully you need:

    A tablet with window 8.
    a Xbox 360
    Some games
    a Gold live account.
    a hard drive to save the game data.
    A proper controller with battery

    To fully use the Wii U you need.

    The gamepad
    The Wii U system.

  27. “Not as the thing you should be looking at. Therefore, it needs to light up, it needs to notify you, it needs to actually provide content that’s relevant in that example.”
    —So you won’t to look at it, but the thing will annoy you with notification sounds? Cool. Not exactly sure how this rip-off is better than the Game-pad.
    Sony, it’s your turn…

  28. Obviously this B*tch has never played dual-screen games.

    If dual screen was really a complaint, the DS would’ve failed
    If dual screen was really a complaint, then Genius game that is The World Ends With You would’ve failed.

    My point; F outta here M$ tool, stay in your tool-shed.

  29. People say the same thing when the DS was going to be launch and it was a succes! now it is just matter of time to see if that repeats again :)

    1. They say it about every Nintendo system because they’re so weird but then everyone buys them for the awesome 1st party titles.

  30. They said DS wouldn’t work too. Look at it now, look at it now, look at it now. It’s makin’ pa-per!

  31. Completions on these two but I prefer Wii-U becuase im going to have a blast with friends and family.

  32. I dint agree with this, but if Microsoft really backed it and Nintendo had a slow start (they will after that terrible E3), Nintendo could be in some serious trouble.

  33. He didn’t list any real reasons. It’s tantamount to “ours is better, because I don’t have any reasons so… I’ll just lost features that ours can do, even though the Wii U tablet can do everything I mention. We good here?”

  34. I’m not sure why people on both sides are still comparing the two. Last I checked isn’t the WiiU gamepad mandatory whereas the Mircrosoft Smartglass more of an optional add-on for different services? They both sound great and all, but more importantly, they both seem pretty different.

    1. …Is this some common sense? Get that shit outta here, bro. You’re not even whining about who sucks or anything! You don’t belong here.

  35. We already know 2 screens already work by the ds but changing from a controler to another screen is hard as hell, and also what if I don’t have any smart glass capable device? I can’t use it, instead Nintendo already offers the second standard screen and available for everyone who buys wii u

  36. Uhh… it was confirmed by Nintendo that many of the better aspects of the Wii U, although not right at launch, will be compatible with any internet-enabled device.

    But seriously, what’s the point of being able to use SmartGlass with other devices when it only has a few of the simplest, least unique, non-exciting Wii U features, plus a few other cheap ones like… movies…wow….so…..awesome……….woot…………

  37. OH REALLY? Your so apreciated Smartglass app is going to kill the Wii U Gamepad, like the Kinect did with the Wii?
    somebody kill this asshole ¬¬

  38. I think Microsoft let Goro, Kintaro and Sheeva come up with the design for smart glass. Too bad us humans don’t have 4 arms to use it. (2 hands hold the tablet and the other 2 hold the controller) I guess Microsofts fanboys are gonna try to grow two extra arms or something.

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  40. Let’s look at the benefits of SmartGlass. You won’t need to get a new controller if you have a smartphone or tablet. Multi-touch…. Is there anything else? Not really. The negatives are that not all games will support it. It’ll like be rather limited. It won’t add too much to games.

    Really. Wow. Honestly, it won’t be that fantastic. Matt Stone and Trey Parker mocked it, and honestly, they’re right. Nobody really will care about it.

    The Wii U, while only being single-touch (a fault, but passable) will allow you to play a full Wii U title on it if your TV is otherwise occupied. And if you have the Wii U, you’ll have the controller. It’s packaged together, so I don’t know why having a dedicated controller is a bad thing, systems have always had a dedicated controller. The SmartGlass idea really is pointless, will be poorly implemented, and just won’t catch on.

  41. Do you know why he thinks the SmartGlass is better?

    Because, he works for Microsoft.

    If you ask Reggie ‘SmartGlass or Wii U GamePad’ It’s going to be obvious Reggie says Wii U gamePad because he works for Nintendo.

  42. Just wait and see for Metroid or Starfox to show up on Wii U … you will poop your pants Microcock 360 lover

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  45. hi there i have ipad and iphone no widows 8 my xbox 360 has flash drive not hard drive no kinnect soo my configeration wont work soo i will buy the wii u with wii u game pad tablet

  46. From that description it sounds like… a Phone…If its a “supporting screen” and “not something you should be looking at”

    … how is this even kinda like the Wii U… it sounds like the opposite…

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