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Miyamoto’s New Game Might Not Be Shown Until E3 2013

Shigeru Miyamoto has told Joystiq that the new and original game that he’s been working on may not be shown until next years E3 event. Miyamoto revealed that he was working on something fresh earlier this year, but he wouldn’t disclose what it involved.

“People like to ask me if I want to do a small project with a small team. I do like working with a small team, and I’m working with a number of small teams on a lot of different ideas, but the problem is because of all these different roles that I have to fulfill, it takes me a long time to write the design document.”

He added: “maybe this time next year I’ll have something ready to show you that perhaps will illustrate that idea.”



  1. :/ is it too late to hope that Nintendo has one more trick left up their sleeve, like a new Star Fox or Metroid for Wii U


    1. In this day and age, it’s never too late. There’s always time and patience. Hopefully when next year comes, patience will soon pay off in a very huge way.


      1. Well, they can always announce one next year, but this guy meant for E3 as a Wii U Launch title. But if you recall the presentation, they said “Every game we showed will be available in the launch window.” That means they will have tons of tricks up their sleeve next year, they just wanted to show off the launch window games to entice you to buy one…even with only Pikmin 3, it worked for me!


    2. They said that what they’ve shown at E3 is only a small fraction of what they are planning to show in the next few months, so it’s nowhere near too late yet.


  2. They just keep announcing games but not releasing it until 3 years wtf??! We don’t have that fucking time to wait!


  3. Next year my ass. They already had this whole year from last year’s E3 to come up with anything amazing, and the best they came up with was Nintendo Land. I’m not saying Nintendo has nothing new to give, I’m saying that whatever new stuff they’ve got better be announced a whole lot sooner than “next year”. It is mindboggling to consider the possibility that Nintendo purposely gutted this year’s conference just so that they can have good games to announce when Sony and Microsoft announce THEIR own new consoles next year. Unacceptable. Do they honestly think the state of everything will remain the same YEAR AFTER YEAR? Times change and people grow. To be locked into the same damn moment just because some douchebags simply refuse to grow and change YEAR AFTER YEAR is not my cup of tea.

    Well, whatever. The Wii U is coming out near the end of this year, and by then there definitely will be some new stuff announced in the coming months. Will I appreciate that new stuff as a stalling mechanism until next year? Let’s hope so. In the meantime, I’ll save money for that Fire Emblem game and a 3DS. Oh, and some money for the Wii U too, I guess.


  4. Nintendo needs more studios and developers. Right now they Only have Miyamoto, the SSB guy and retro studios. They really need to expand and get more devs like platinum games!


    1. I agree with you. What Nintendo really needs to do is bring back 2nd party devs like Silicon Knights and N-Space to make games on the U. I truly missed one-hit wonder games like Eternal Darkness and Geist.


  5. Hey guys, look at the IGN E3 main page- at the side on the live stream schedule it says “Nintendo game!!! (TBA) ” for 5pm Thursday 7th June !!! Could it be a new game?? I’ll be angry if it’s just Nintendo land >_>


  6. I’d love to see a new Nintendo franchise take up in the gaming world today. :3 – Nintendo doesn’t have to stick to it’s current franchises like Mario or Zelda, Pokemon or Star Fox. Look at Animal Crossing for example, that franchise picked up really well and people enjoy it.

    If there’s to be a new Nintendo franchise lets hope it’s something like Animal Crossing or better.


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