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SlashGear: “The Wii U Is In Deep, Deep Trouble”

SlashGear’s Don Reisinger believes that the biggest news to come out of Nintendo’s E3 performance was that the Wii U is in deep trouble. He claims that Nintendo’s new console is hardly a technological advancement. Reisinger says Wii U’s “graphics shown off in the trailers were by no means impressive.” He thinks that Wii U will be an initial success but will not be able to keep up with other devices from competitors in the long-run. 

“While watching Microsoft’s E3 keynote, I couldn’t help but think of Nintendo and the fact that the game company showed its hand too early by unveiling the Wii U last year. It gave Microsoft (and Sony) time to set their own plans. And in the process, it might have scuttled any chance for the Wii U to succeed over the long-term.”

137 thoughts on “SlashGear: “The Wii U Is In Deep, Deep Trouble””

        1. It doesn’t even matter if they can’t think of something the others can’t. They’ll just steal the entire original concept anyways. Case and point: the motion controls of the Wii.

          1. Not siding with the haters on this one, but Sony had a motion wand prototype before Nintendo did.
            Nintendo just released theirs first and popularized it.
            It was only after Sony saw that Nintendo made profits off of it that they actually released theirs and gave it a try themselves, though, so I guess you could say that they hopped on the band-wagon because they were too scared to put themselves out there first.

            On another note, a more recent article shows that the third-party developers who showed off their game ports on the Wii-U, DID NOT EVEN USE HALF OF THE CONSOLE’S TRUE GRAPHICAL POWER.
            The games will slowly start looking better and better. Right now, they’re just taking things slow.

      1. Little fags worshipping Sony and MS too much.
        Look at pachter, he doesn’t like the Wii U but thinks SmartGlass will be good. tbh.

        1. uh, wouldn’t you mean smh for this one, friend?

          at any rate, i still don’t understand all the hype behind smartglass. what would it actually come in handy for? and why don’t fans of smartglass see this as a gimmick that’ll quickly run out of steam as other people have?

    1. Bingo. Same old stuff they’ve been saying since the PSP was going to annihilate the DS and yet here we are and the Wii crushed the PS360, the DS crushed the PSP, and the 3DS is crushing the VIta.

      What’s mystifying is that they don’t seem to grasp some key video game, time-tested, truths:

      *The market is very price sensitive–just ask SONY.
      *Graphics are *not* important–see the Wii’s incredibly-dated graphics trouncing the PS360, and the U will suffer no such gap with the nextgen PS4/720.
      *Novelty>hardware arms race. (I say “novelty” in the positive sense, not in the way PS360 users use it as a synonym for the pejorative sense of gimmick.)

      Furthermore, this little dance about how Nintendo and 3rd parties don’t ‘get’ the U is a media construct and is *not* borne out by reality: the U, at its most simple, is a giant DS, and to suggest nobody can ‘get’ this is, well, a lie or staggering ignorance–if the media can’t figure this simple truth out, they are even more irrelevant than they already are.


      1. Well said i completely agree should we just say now that since these losers with no common sense say its gonna fail its going to be the console to develop for and will have the most sales

      2. good sir, i believe you just won mynintendonews and all articles doubting the Wii U in the future. my hat goes off to you

    1. Would have to disagree. I think Nintendo tried to jump out of the gate early because that worked for the Wii. Only the Wii showing was EPIC. This… was not so epic.

  1. Wii U is technically a Dreamcast 2, it’s more powerful than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but won’t be able to compete with the next-gen versions of those

    They’ll try to start selling themselves on better versions of third party games, just like Dreamcast, and when they lose that, it’s GameCube all over again

        1. and for that Nintendo will never take that route again, Don’t doubt it, with a year of start and a less ‘gaming’ culture(i think that one become more vocal but smaller), as a general thing, Nintendo only think the best as a whole, for that, we don’t support the Gamecube as ‘hardcore’ that route is gone forever

    1. Its not in any shape or form a dreamcast 2 as you say . And no its not the gamecube . Nintendo always seems to do better with more advanced technology in terms of creativity and dependibility in the hands of consumers and developers like wii u . The gamecube had the issue where it didnt have the same games as ps2 or xbox but was really similar in hardware so do you think people bought ? The ps 2 mainly but its understandable because the ps2 was easier to develop for and had more games everyone wanted . See the thing here with wii u is not the same case . Wii u is being supporting by third parties everywhere from ea to activision and since epic games has apparently been close to nintendo with wii u and helping them develop the hardware to be able to run thier next gen unreal engine 4 i think its safe to say we pretty much have the opposite of those two consoles dreamcast and NGC . Hardcore and casual pick up experiences ( mainly hardcore) will be there asap and the power to back it up will also be present . Im going by developers quotes here btw

      1. Yes, Nintendo make their competitor to rethink their step always, that happen this generation and happen again

  2. You know, I’m kinda of tired of hearing this. Every one has realised it by this point, one more person telling it isn’t helping any one.

  3. Tbh I think they did mess themselves up by showing the wii u too early. It was nice to see some new hardware last year at E3 but I know microsoft would have NEVER come up with the idea of smartglass unless they saw the wii u. Plus they showed tech demos of games that weren’t promised to be coming but every stupid fanboy expects them to come like Zelda Wii U which was only made to show the wii u’s capabilities.

    1. ^ This.

      Reisinger makes a good point.
      But to be honest, I don’t belive the Wii U is in any trouble. If NintendoLand ends up being a prepackaged title like Wii Sports was, and if Nintendo promotes the Wii U over the next coming months in a clear and concise way, they’ll be fine.

      People are a bit too close-minded lately in terms of Wii U games. ZombieU, ACIII, ME3 are all confirmed, as well as tons of others, and yet people still say the Wii U has no good games coming to it. |:

      1. Every third party title that was so called “big” was already or will be ready first for the other consoles that are cheaper at price point, and probably everyone already owns one of either ps3 or xbox 360, and if a wii is all you own… then you sir are a hardcore blinded NINTENDOFANYBOY that will probably buy nintendo land and wiiu for 500 dollars.

        I’m a fan, but not a stupid one, I wont buy wii u unless they actually have games I wan’t, that aren’t on the other consoles, and zombiU is a nice game for me to consider, but when all nintendo had to show to try and excite me for a 300-400 dollar console was Nintendo Land for launch… I seriously got pissed off.
        I guess the bright side I can have more time to play xenoblade, last story and a few other games, and NO New super mario bros U is not enough for me to pay up for new console! I played it on ds and wii, I don’t need or want another one with a console launch so soon.

        1. I’m trying to figure out your point… but then I got lost. So I’ll try to make sense of what you said and respond.
          Firstly, I assure you, I’m not a hardcore Nintendo “fanyboy” as you put it. I do own an Xbox 360 as well as a Wii, but I don’t see why my gaming library is of any importance.
          Secondly, I’m not even going to bother responding to your price-related comment because it has absolutely nothing to do with what I was saying, nor is there any officially-announced price that you can refer to.
          Thirdly, what point are you trying to make by saying you “wont buy wii u unless they actually have games [you] wan’t” (there’s no apostrophe, by the way, unless you’re trying to spell “wa not”)? You mean to say that there’s people out there who buy games that they don’t want? Huh.
          Sarcasm aside, you’re basically saying you want 1st party games for the Wii U? You mean things like Zelda Wii U and SSB4, which clearly won’t be announced/detailed until next E3 (or beginning of next year at the earliest)? Gimme a break. This (while being a bit distant from my earlier point) is what I meant by “close-minded”.

  4. Why are graphics the main sales point, I mean the Wii had amazing visuals in games like Galaxy and Skyward Sword, and it was all 480p maxed (I think). I also find it hard to believe that Sony and Microsoft will be making their next console’s max resolution over 1080p. :P

    1. If the Wii U was ACTUALLY going to offer 1080p graphics… this news article wouldn’t be as accurate. The problem is we aren’t going to get 1080p… we’re getting 720p @ 30fps.

      1. It was 720p at 60fps get it right and Reggie confirmed that the system can natively display 1080p I agree Nintendo was stupid to only do 720 for a launch game. I seriously don’t know wtf is wrong with Nintendo lately I love Iwata but fire his ass Nintendo needs a more aggressive approach!

        1. yo but keep in mind the console is not even a year old in the market so the got to go 720p for now.

          1. No you hype your “next gen console” by showing a game in 1080p so you can shut nay sayers and convince

            1. Games in the future WILL. Be in 1080p 60 fps how many times. Does nintendo have to say it . Btw atm the current console games are barely pushing 540p so this is great . I wouldnt count your chickens before they hatch

          2. No you hype your “next gen console” by showing a game in 1080p so you can shut nay sayers and convince People to buy your console. Right now I see no advantage to a wii vs keeping my ps3

    2. Those were not amazing graphics. Those were Gamecube graphics.

      What is amazing graphics are what I get from playing GTA 4 on max settings with iCEnhancer 1.2 mod with my brand new Dell monitor.

        1. I’m looking forward to the Wii U, but the best rumor was it was getting a max gpu of 6770. That would equal a high end PC back in 2009

          Consoles will always be 4 years behind PC capabilities.

      1. Oh Aeolus, I felt the need to comment, just so you can get your trolling hit.

        Also let’s look at a fact: the meshes, textures and effects used in Wii I games such as assassins creed are a direct port from the same versions on ps3 and Xbox. They might have had some updating and such, either way: You just stated, with your opinion that both the ps3 and 360 have Game Cube graphics.

        Bravo, really. Try trolling less and using facts more.

  5. Since when did graphics matter in selling consoles? If the wiiu is cheaper than both xbox720/ps4 (and it obviously will be) then it will sell more. This has been shown in almost every gen…

  6. yeah i remember them saying the same thing about the wii… and also what people dont think about is that the wiiu will be A LOT cheaper. think about it. what if someone doesn’t already own a smartphone/ tablet or an xbox 360. then they’re going to have to shell out at least $200 (kindle fire) for a tablet and another $250 for the xbox itself and then for what? to be able to look at stats on your tablet? it’s not like it would be remoetly possible to actually play games of the like of halo or mass effect with just a tablet. you need the extra buttons and analog sticks that the wiiu provides. and with sony it’s even more expensive with there $300 ps3 and then there $250 vita that you HAVE to buy at least a $20 8gb sd card for. and then, knowing sony, they wont even support the new tech.

    1. Precisely!! The anti nintendo people don’t realise that people go for cheap and the wii u gives them just that. The graphics on it are perfectly fine 2.
      PS3 adn Xbox dev’s are not going to invest in making games compatible with psvita/glass when they have no idea how many gamers actually have those options. In my opinion xbox and sony make gimmicks. Gimmicks like move and kinect which havent achieved a single thing.

  7. you’re doing a horrible job sickr, im probably going to stop coming here if you keep posting people’s opinions here as if they were news. this is extremely unproffessional

      1. So u would stop watching the real news just because it’s sad? All of this is relevant because just because you love Nintendo doesn’t mean devs love it or that it will be successful. These articles offer insight to the world outside of Nintendo

        1. They also offer “insight” from anonymous developers, who are dealing with consoles nobody has even seen yet. A LOT of next-gen games will initially be developed on Wii U then ported to the other consoles in the future. I honestly think Nintendo and Microsoft will be close, and team up with games this next generation in terms of compatibility, much like it was with PS3 and 360 this gen. If PS4 doesn’t follow suit it will have to contend with PC. HD and processing isn’t going to be a differentiator this time around; it’s about functionality and compatibility: Smart Glass, anyone?

  8. GameCube wasn’t deemed to be successful. It sold millions and made some of Nintendo’s best games. The Wii managed 6 years, and people were really sceptical about it, and has sold more than the Xbox 360 and PS3 by far. Wii U should just follow in these tracks.

    1. Xbox 360 is the most sold console in the world (according to microsoft at their e3 conference).

      Yeah it will sell well for a year or so but in the LONG run its not gonna do well at all to the rest of the next gen consoles.

      1. Xbox 360 is the most sold 16 month, but in total the Wii sold the most
        Worldwide sales figures
        Wii – 95.85 million as of 31 March 2012
        Xbox 360 – 65.8 million as of 12 January 2012
        PlayStation 3 – 63.9 million as of 31 March 2012

    1. lol i remember that. how everyone was saying “oh the 3ds is gonna get murdered by the vita in terms of sale, no one is even gonna buy a 3ds!” and it turned out to be the exact opposite.

      1. Yea, I’m not worried about Wii U, comon we all know is going to be a succes; just wait, even if microsoft/sony anounce their next consoles, are going to hard compete with Wii U and if they don’t act carefully they can rush their consoles and fail even more.

  9. jesus. people just love bashing on nintendo so much it’s getting rediculous. do they honestly think they’re stopping anybody from getting a wiiu, maybe clueless retards. the same shit happened with the 3ds, so much negativity before the system came out but look at it now. these motherfuckers need to take their useless petty hatred of nintendo and shove it up their bunghole.

  10. Who the heck cares about freaking GRAPHICS?!? Holy hell! I’m sorry. Graphics are just not that important to me. I like them, but I don’t need superb graphics to enjoy a game. It seems like every effing company just complains about GRAPHICS! Who cares about gameplay, story, or originality anymore, right?!? Graphics graphics graphics! Only graphics! More graphics! What’s going to happen when graphics get so real they can’t get better? Is the industry going under? As long as you keeps going graphics up my arsehole I’ll be totally fine! Ugh… I apologize. That’s been on my chest for years.

      1. ETTO by casuals you mean the Call of Duty crow? if that is true, maybe. if is the ‘marketing perception’ they never care about it, they only care about Fads, that is now the marketing works

        1. No, im talking about the “my first console” casuals.

          If you know what FPS means, you are too advanced to be a casual.


    Amazing how it’s little websites that people have never heard of that say the Wii U is doomed, isn’t it? Like they want angry Nintendo fans to flock to their website to increase their advertising price…

    1. Yes, but they should NOT have shown their hand a year and a half early, that poor fucking marketing.

      THEN, they don’t even release something that rings of a new piece of hardware! We’ve been waiting God-knows how long, for another Wii?

      Even if they just changed the shell, made it a square, called it something totally new, But sold the exact same system (With a different look and name, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED AS AMAZING!

      Nintendo is a noble, family-oriented business, in a world of greedy companies with no real values.

      They are out of place, but as long as enough of us stay loyal, they will survive.

    2. wii u will be fine is that these companies are trying to get nintendo fans mad so they can come to there website to increase advertise.

  12. These guys really makes me laugh. Nintendo shouldn’t have shown off the Wii U so early last year? Really? That’s ridiculous, period. The system didn’t come out, and yet you want to diss on it because of some irrelevant facts that will actually prove a good point on why, or why not a system will be successful? Don needs to go back to his PS3 and dwell in the past while Nintendo is moving on. I bet he didn’t complain about systems being released early when Sony and Microsoft unveiled their systems before Nintendo did at the beginning of the last console war.

  13. I’m not one for thinking that graphics make a game, sure it’s great to play a game that looks & plays awesome on top of a brilliant story, but honestly, nowadays, I can’t see how graphics can get any better than they are now, yes developers can try to get the best graphics engine possible, that’s a plus, but it shouldn’t be the main focus. But unfortunately I think that’s how a majority of analysts and journalists think now.

  14. Alba, we’ve heard this story a thousand times. Sure, different people say it; but it essentially is reposting the same new over and over again. People think Nintendo is in trouble. That’s it

  15. Well, I think the WiiU will be awesome and will sell more than it’s competitors… there you go, some more news…

      1. C’MON!!! probably he is not a native english speaker….By the way, i’m afraid the wii u wil be a fail. I MEAN, just as the way gamecube was.. However, i’ll buy it, why? I’m a fucking nintendo fanboy….

  16. Ninendo DID fuck up by showing the Wii U last E3. I totally agree.

    Die hard nintendo fan telling it like it is.

    Still, I think WiiU will succeed, with less staying power. It will need replaced in 4 years. :( sorry, but true.

    Nintendo needs to create A BADASS, Hardware powerhouse (Like N64 w/expansion pack) That will blow the fucking socks off the competition. THEN, after displaying sheer hardware and software authority, go back to non-graphics upgrades.

    1. who cares about hardware? as long as nintendo puts out great games that make sensible use of the controller, nothing else should matter. but at the same time, nothing is going to keep idiots from complaining that the Wii U doesn’t natively run 1080p and 60fps with every single game for the system (and for the REALLY stupid people, the fact that it doesn’t play DVDs) despite that it’ll keep nintendo from having its own “FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY-NINE US DOLLARS” fiasco.

      the Wii U is a legitimate next-gen console with limitless potential that we got a small taste of at E3. if nintendo can use a system as weak as the Wii with an incredibly simple controller along with a very mediocre online system and still manage to put out great software, there’s nothing stopping the Wii U. people shouldn’t let the mostly-underwhelming E3 conference get them down because there are actually some gems within that pile of enhanced ports and outstandingly casual games. and knowing nintendo’s stable of first-party franchises, they’re sure to come out to shine in the coming years

      1. “Who cares about hardware?” …?
        The whole gaming industry does. What do you think 3rd-party-producers will prefer? A system with great specs, fantastic power and graphics or a system with “average” specs, “average” power and “average” graphics? And you know, the more 3rd-party-games a system offers, the better chances it has to become successful.

        1. the Wii U is and will be receiving third-party support so i don’t understand your statements. and even if it didn’t, the Wii was pretty much known for having virtually no good third-party support, yet was a rousing success in sales. why can’t people see the Wii U pulling that off?

      2. The second gamepad drops the framerate to 30fps, even at 720p.

        There will be no more than two gamepads, the hardware secures that fact.

    2. yeah because the last 2 times nintendo end up with the upper hand in terms of graphics (N64 and GC) they all turned up to be the worst selling consoles of nintendo… mind that

  17. I think people are getting a little thrown off by the constant negativity of the press. Just because they’re giving this feedback does note an they’re bashing Nintendo in a bad way. I would assume most of the journalists like Nintendo and wants them to succeed. Ask yourselves this question: do you want buy, metaphorically speaking, another wii in the next gen? Do you want devs to abandon it and have Nintendo miss out on the good AAA titles again?

  18. I think that he was right about the unveiling too soon part. But I hate that everyone is so cynical about everything Nintendo-related nowadays and are optimisic only about Microsoft’s and Apple’s products. I swear it’s like Nintendo vs The World. Power is NOT EVERYTHING, but
    I guess that doesn’t matter to the masses.

  19. All you Nintendo fans are retarded!
    I hate how many of you look many stuff as if though you worked for Nintendo!
    Looking what’s best for the company, let them spend all the money needed to create a good damn system already! From what things are looking like, the Wii U will be in the same posittion the original Wii is in right now.

    1. can you elaborate on that last statement, please?

      by “same position the original Wii is in right now” do you mean it won’t be selling that much on a weekly basis as the Wii is at the moment, or do you mean that it’s going to rack up about 96 million total worldwide sales?

    2. I quietly agree. I think it’s just this blog though. Whenever someone gives even the slightest remark that Nintendo might be doing something wrong, they’re called idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about. All I want is Nintendo to come on top. By the sound of it, most people aren’t really looking forward to Wii U, or don’t care.

      1. yeah these articles about people’s negative or uncaring reactions to the Wii U on a nintendo blog are quite depressing. but it’s not going to keep me from getting it day 1 and i doubt it’ll dissuade many other people so why are they here?

  20. HAHAHAHAHA, if graphics defined what makes a game great or not..the industry is in a lot of trouble. Nintendo will be fine..there is and will always be more to gaming and making great games than just measly graphics. I own a 360 & a 3DS & have an iPhone 4. Guess which is played on the most? The 3DS…why because of all of them it is the most phone to play with by far, even with all the flaws..its fun factor is amazing. People..( developer specifically need to take there head out of there asses an get back to what works, not what looks good.) I know I want great games, original, thought provoking, and fun games. Proof is in the pudding as monopoly board is still one of the top selling board games /games in general of all times. Most households have one, and it never gets old. Take that with your stupid graphics talk.

  21. As long as i can play 1st party titles and Assassin’s creed on the wii u i have no use for the other 2, oh and castlevania

  22. Oo graphics that’s all these douches care about. not the gaming experience. if you want to get into graphics gaming pcs will forever beat consoles… its about not being a copycat.

  23. Yeah, yeah, Nintendo is “doomed”, again. They said the same thing about the Wii. Guess what happened? It won the console war by almost 30 million units.

  24. 1. The wii u can run 1080p at 60fps
    2. My guess is that no developer will port a year or few months released game with an upgraded engine i also think its because they got final dev kit late regardless they wont do it
    3. I dont think nintendo will use 1080p on non AAA Titles so early in the systems life.
    4. For when the ps4 720 come out 1080p should be there standard.
    5.last watch dogs in coming to wii u so is ghost recon online(that should have been at the confereces damn you nintendo)

  25. its me or am i the only one that see that nintendo competition ITS NOT Playstation/Microsoft ? i dont know if its actually the Smartphones/Tablet market that nintendo its fighting with, but imo nintendo its leaving the “big guns” (and by big guns im meaning that graphically battle between the next xbox and playstation, even thou my current PC would be more powerfull than those 2 i pressume lol)

    so no, just like the Wii, most of the guys that will own a X720 and a PS4, will own a WiiU because theres something you cant do with those, i know ill do (its a guess so that may change)

    Nintendo will be fine imo, its the industry i fear the most, with these new techs the PS4 and the X720 will sky rocket the cost of productions, so most of the devs will have to play it safe, and by safe i mean something that its bound to sell… so bye bye new IPs and weird stuff, and hello copies and copies of Call Of Duty and Battlefield 3…

  26. It seems no one but nintendo cares about the price. If Sony or Xbox release a new console with insane specs over 2 years for 700 €, who will buy it? No family can afford that for the children if they have to buy 70-80 € games for it (it’s going to be that much by then if you see how much they cost now already <.<. Only the 'real hardcore' gamers will buy those consoles and I don't think they're the majority of the console sales of any company (but not sure about that). Plus how much more can games costs to developers, if the graphics get better every year the development costs become bigger, there is a maximum to what a game can cost and by that a maximum to the graphics.

    By the time the price for these new consoles is reasonable another 2-3 years will have passed and the wii u will have been out for 4-5 years. By then Nintendo can start making a new console for all I care.

  27. Wow can we get another so call journalist/tech geek/investor/know it all tell us the “buyers” why should we believe then. When years ago they call the wii a supreme gimmick that nobody will enjoy it. That 3D was another gimmick lets just say “screw you and i will take a spin at the WiiU before i listen to you”

  28. I gotta agree that the Wii U graphics shown in the e3 trailers are nothing special. In fact I thought they were regular Wii games.

    1. Sorry but i dont think pikmin3 and mario U’s intensive in depth 3d multilayered backrounds can be done on wii . Oh yeah and pikmin 3 has tessalation in it

  29. ……honestly… The wii u is early for next gen…. It’s only 2012!!! Plus Nintendo is rushing to much… The other companies all ready said that they are going to take their time… Nintendo might have the only next gen for like 2 years till ps4 and Xbox 720 come out….. I say, delay wii u so they can input better software to do 1080p at 60 fps WITH 2 tablets…. 30 fps with 2? Seriously Nintendo, stop rushing!

    1. That would require making their system EXTREMELY powerful and would make it cost something around 599 US DOLLARS. As for starting the next-gen early, the 360 did it and the PS2 did it and they’re the most successful between consoles of similar power, (The Wii doesn’t count).

      1. Difference being the 360 was graphically and technologically impressive compared to anything else out there.

        The Wii U is basically an XBOX360 with a small tablet squished into the controller. Concept is very cool, but not impressive considering the XBOX360 is nearly 7 years old. Definitely not a concept worth $300 or more. Especially when the Mario game they release isn’t even a technologically impressive game like Mario 64 was for the Nintendo 64. This Mario game is just a Wii port with a few new tablet features. Woo… hoo?

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  32. Its not in any form or kind a dreamcast a pair of as you say . And no its not the gamecube . Nintendo invariably looks to try and do higher with a lot of advanced technology in terms of creativity and dependibility within the hands of shoppers and developers like wii u . The gamecube had the difficulty where it didnt have an equivalent games as ps2 or xbox however was very similar in hardware thus does one suppose folks bought ?Sarcasm aside, you’re essentially saying you would like first party games for the Wii U? You mean things like Zelda Wii U and SSB4, that clearly won’t be announced/detailed till next E3 (or starting of next year at the earliest)? Gimme a prospect. This (while being somewhat distant from my earlier point) is what I meant by “close-minded”.

    Thank you.

  33. He has a point. Hate him all you want for talking bad about Nintendo, but at least he is not blinded by fanboyism.

    I agree, Nintendo showed it’s hand too early. They also don’t have ANY impressive looking games. Impressive compared to the original Wii? Sure. But that’s a console who’s graphics are a standard of about 10+ years ago.

    Impressive compared to XBOX360 and PS3? Not even a little. Especially if that report about the launch games running at 720p is correct. Same graphics as 7 year old consoles, same resolution, but with an extra screen? Hardly my idea of a good $300+ (more than likely) investment.

  34. in the end Sony and Microsoft will be more expensive than Nintendos. as well as these companies start developing there console years before. the Wii U started development in 2008 and I would not ne surprised it the others did not start around this time. to me it just shows how stupid this reporter is they would have working models right now on a test bed and to mess around too much with it now would cost them. in the end most Xbox users will buy Xbox and Sony as a company is just recovering after a massive financial crisis. so no Nintendo has been selling game for just over 100 years and has been making electronic games for about 26 years so i think they know how to please third customers.

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