Tomb Raider Heading To Wii U?

A leaked Game Informer scan suggests that Lara Croft’s next adventure may be headed to Wii U. Tomb Raider is currently only confirmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Square Enix has yet to reveal whether the impressive game will make an appearance on Wii U.



  1. If that rumor is true, this could be the epic of all gamebreakers in the video game universe. Imagine what Lara Croft looks like on Nintendo’s new console. Sexy!


  2. am i the only one that wasn’t impressed by the gameplay demo they showed at e3? it looked almost completely different than what they showed last year and she got shot in the face like 50 times and nothing happened. oh well, i guess i’ll reserve judgement until it actually comes out


  3. I’ve seen the scan, but it seems more like a mistake. The platforms listed on the scan are PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. However, there’s no mention of PC even though it was announced for it. I’m guessing they meant PC and not Wii U, at least at this moment.


  4. I really hope this is true. Wii U needs to have ALL the thirds party games possible, be they crap or not. They need to drive home the point that the Wii U can do everything the others can do and so much more and so much better. Leave luck to heaven


  5. They already said they won’t be putting it onto Wii U as they were too far into developement of the game when the Wii U was announced and they don’t think a port would do the game justice so there not gonna be putting out on the Wii U…


  6. There not gonna put it on there they already said there too far in developement with the game to do a Wii U version and a port wouldn’t work…


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