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“Anything Wii U Can Do, PS Vita Can Do Better”

Josh Garibay from JumpPushStart believes that the Wii U is not innovative. He claims that the PlayStation Vita, which has been on the market for a few months, is a better alternative to gaming on Wii U. Garibay says that the PlayStation Vita – when connected to a PlayStation 3 – can do any thing the Wii U does, but better.

Garibay also thinks that the PlayStation Vita has a major advantage over Wii U because it is a portable device – it can be taken with anyone on the go or can be used to connect to Sony’s home console. If Nintendo revealed Wii U at this year’s E3, (instead of 2011) would it receive this amount of blatant criticism?

Nintendo has been very adamant about how they are “revolutionizing the living room” by allowing players to continue their game on the controller’s screen while someone else watches something else on the TV. Anyone who has taken part in Remote Play on the Vita knows that the exact same option exists and produces the same “revolutionary” result.

It’s hard to put much weight on all of the “innovation” talk Nintendo is throwing around because everything they claim they’ll give us in the future, we don’t have to wait for thanks to Sony.

254 thoughts on ““Anything Wii U Can Do, PS Vita Can Do Better””

              1. PS3 is already 250.
                Vita can be gotten as low as 250 (or more if you try third party sellers)

                65 million PS3 owners with an established console.
                All that’s left is to buy a Vita, and you can bet your bottom dollar that PS4 will do remote play more better (and probably by default) thanks to newer hardware.

                Seriously, why buy a Wii U. It has virtually nothing meaningful going for it whatsoever. And even some current ports like Arkham City actually look WORSE than the PS3/360 versions, LOL.

                  1. Thats what I think of the fanboys, Nintendo Fanboys seem to think its just Nintendo that s**** out innovation, Sony fanboys seem to deny that Nintendo has anything going for it (or that PS3 rapes Xbox just because the cell has a little more power than the Xenon) Microsoft fanboys… Well I havent really seen much of that lately so I cant say. But point is, the Vita has greater potential on the PS4 and only time will tell how good it’ll get, the Wii U looks promising for a start to the 8th generation of home console gaming, but Im concerned that the casual audience wont be aware of the Wii U or that they wont want it because they may see the Wii as Adequate even though Wii U has BC

          1. I had to laugh when I read this.
            Remote play fucking doesn’t work to play games.
            The wiiU can play games on two tablet controllers without an GPU in it.
            So how the fuck is ps3+psV better if it doesn’t even work.

            1. I suspect the same thing, and honestly with SmartGlass too (if you use WiFi, I assure you it’s going to have annoying lag)

            2. I didn’t laugh, I was more or less insulted. Remote play was a key feature I bought the Vita to have, and still no announcement about it working…I’m concerned they are holding out because they fear it will hurt software sales. Remote play is by far and away the thing I want most on the Vita. I can hear them over at Sony “But if we give them remote play they won’t buy exclusive Vita titles…why buy AC: liberation when i can run AC:3 remotely” Of course many of us would want both…but ultimately whoever this Sony exec is, is full of it.

            3. Custom firmware to enable it on all games. Now it works, so shut the fuck up.

              Oh, and I can be miles from my home and it’ll still work due to wi-fi. Can the Wii U do that? lolnope, you’re confined to your basement or house. Such a fail.

              1. The reason why the Wii-U can’t do that is because it’s not a handheld, the Wii-U GamePad is only used for the Wii-U, it’s a controller, why are you expecting a controller to be on the same tier as a handheld? A handheld SHOULD do more than a controller otherwise that’d be pretty pathetic.

              2. hi there no your information wrong see you can be up to 26.2 feet away or store 23 vertual console games on the game pads internal flash storage

        1. Have you seen the Vita’s library? Where are the games? That’s one thing WiiU already promises to do better

          1. Where are the Wii U games? Oh right all it has is Pikmin 3, Nintendoland and a metric fuckton of ports or potential ports.

            And the Vita’s library is fine by the way, looking forward to ACIIIL, Need For Speed, Blacks Ops: Declassified, Persona 4: Golden, Street Fighter X Tekken, list goes on and on…

            Along with my current and growing lineup of titles the 3DS can’t handle.

      1. Psvita cannot do it as GOOD as WiiU can cuz Psvita does it over Wifi ONLY and WiiU does it requiring no internet connection. Psvita is smaller than wiiu the sticks are not clickable and there are no triggers also wiiu spread the game world around you and have you peer into it from any angle and as far as i know vita can only be a secondary screen to the game the part of the game expeirence like wiiu can.

        1. A Wi-Fi hotspot is not mandatory for PS Vita / PS3 remote play. They can connect over an ad-hoc connection, so it can still be considered a secondary screen. I watched a whole movie, and currently enjoy my PSOne games over ad hoc streamed from my PS3, with no video / audio lags

      1. thats righ becuse nintendo have more years that sony and why sony need too waith the nintendo 3DS to launch and then get he’s console after nintendo 3DS? is a copy of nintendo and is more cost a ps3 than a wii o a wii U in the future

  1. It was critized so harshly because people expected to see a lot more and believe this should be a purely next generation console. The current decision is a sound one, but its going to put a lot of pressure on them. The games need to be really creative for the the controller or need to utilize the controller to make them easier and funner. And there needs to be a lot of games ready for release.
    Pressure if mounting for nintendo to price this console right and have good games supporting its launch.
    The comparison between the vita and wii u is interesting, but I don’t think its so cut as Garibay makes it out to be.

    1. Also remote play isn’t officially out yet from research. It doesn’t currently allow AAA titles to be played and has to be hacked in order to stream full AAA titles.
      Possibly being held back to when the WiiU is about to launch to impact on Nintendo’s sales.

      1. Yeah, the update for the Vita to play PS3 games remotely is coming during the summer. Still, at launch only a few PS3 titles will be supported like God of War and the ICO Collection.

        1. How do you know its coming this summer? They’ve made no mention of this…crossplay is coming, PS1 titles are coming, but I’ve seen 0 as for remote play. I think this Sony exec is full of it. I want remote play more than any software for my Vita…it was advertised at launch and still absent.

  2. Yeah the Wii U isn’t innovative at all. Pretty much just a PS Vita controller upside down, really.

    1. Wii U isn’t a controller, it’s a system.

      None of these alternatives hold a candle to what Wii U can do.

  3. i wish i could bitch slap the guy who said that. another failed attempt at ruining the wiiU atleast try to sound credible when your trying to ruin someone. atleast try, i mean compare the tech specs or something instead of talking out your ass. give me some damn evidence of your claims

    1. $250 “add on”

      More like a OLED, quad core GPU/CPU beast which Sony didn’t forget to add the second analog stick on unlike a certain other company.

      Oh and it isn’t confined to my house either, whoops.

      1. It’s a handheld, so it SHOULDN’T be confined to my house. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? You’re expecting a controller to be on the same level as a handheld! If the Wii-U GamePad was, than the VITA would look pretty pathetic.

    1. so…. ur willing 2 pay over 300 for just a tablet controller good luck trying to buy any games
      when will these other people learn

  4. I have a vita and a ps3 and they do NOT work together like the wiiu controller and the wiiU work together. Remote play on the vita sucks and it’s blurry. I swear people who write this shit must not actually try these things.

    1. Yeah, remote play does suck for now. Hopefully the update coming this summer that allows you to play PS3 games via remote play and enable other cross-platform functions fixes that.

    2. Your connection probably sucks, or your PS3 is old and running slow. My games were nearly lagless, especially Sonic Generations, which runs at a blistering 60 fps.

      excuses excuses excuses, lol.

    1. Diego Lozada Lafosse

      oh! I forgot about that lol! Nintendo had the Gamecube – Advance kick ass combo back in early 2000. interersting… I’m actually kinda excited about the Wii U but… I need to see some more.

      1. Diego I am excited for the Wii U. I ignored the not so good conference because at the end of the day. I am getting 4 games both third and first party and I will have fun|! Not to mention playing all my VC and Wii games :) Vita cant even support psp games ROFL

        1. Which Wii U games will you be getting?

          I was hoping they would announce an Animal Crossing. I would have been ALL over that. I <3 that franchise.

          1. Animal Crossing was announced last year for the 3DS. I doubt a new on will be coming for the Wii U any time soon.

            1. Which is one reason I have a 3DS. But they have been making Animal Crossings for a lot of Nintendo systems anyway. GC, Wii, DS, 3DS, I don’t see why not Wii U.

    2. To be fair, though, GBA-GCN connectivity didn’t have the most idea setup thanks to the link cables.

  5. Is it just me or Sony and Microsoft sees the threat that Wii U is better than their consoles and they want to do anything in their power to stop Nintendo’s rain?

      1. it’s sony and micrisoft because sony an microsoft know that all the time nintendo sells million of copy of theyr console and games and sony and microsoft are doing anyting to stop the sell of the new console of nintendo that is my opinion :)

        1. Also Nintendo get all their cash from selling games Sony has Electronics while Microsoft got computers so i bet they cash from those areas…

      2. precisely. just like the bitchy girls in school, when they aren’t center of attention they pretend they don’t care, but really why are they bitchy? cos they do care.

    1. Have to agree with you there & I think it doesn’t help that the conference was reacted to the way it was, because in a way it seems like they’re both taking advantage of the situation (even though Sony’s & Microsoft’s conferences weren’t anything to brag about) – like they’re both verbally trying to sabotage Nintendo or something.

  6. So buying a home console and expensive handheld console with some connectivity to their gaming libraries is better than a home console with a massive controller.
    ‘Cause that’s what I’m getting for this.

  7. The key thing here is… Not everybody has a PS3 AND a Vita. How can Sony be sure all of their customers will (or even bother to) experience this on their consoles given the high adoption price? The WiiU is an innovation because it will be the first console to make this option its standard control. And, the Vita came out after WiiU was announced, so who is copying who? I have to admit, however, that the PS3/Vita combo does make this possible.

    1. However the functions for the Vita (NGP at the time) were showcased before the Wii U was announced.

      Either way, can’t say one or the other was copying. Technology flows like a river with fish swimming in it. Just because they are all going the same direction doesn’t mean they are all copying each other.

        1. But there was no info revealed on it before last year’s E3. So Sony showcased the functions of the Vita before Nintendo revealed the WiiU. Nintendo was the slower one to reveal it.

  8. Nintendo always has always taken into consideration what matters most: the family. Sony will never make the PS3 and Vita speak to that market like Nintendo does. Vita can do remote play. Vita can do nice graphics. Vita cannot appeal to older people like Wii has. That is something Nintendo alone has been able to do.

    1. On the contrary, the Vita’s mass appeal is to older gamers. Not necessarily senior citizens, but teenagers and adults, yes.

      I think you may have meant casuals, which Nintendo has captured that market appeal which ranges from children to even senior citizens.

  9. Being able to play games on the Gamepad while someone else watches TV isn’t Nintendo’s only selling point. There are obviously a lot of features and benefits to introducing this type of device. The Vita IS a portable device but you can’t run off with whatever PS3 game you were playing and continue it on the Vita. Also, a HUGE selling for gamers is money. Buy the WiiU and it comes with a Gamepad. Want the same thing from Sony? Guess what, you have to buy a PS3 AND a PSVita. Have fun with that, Richie Rich.

  10. is that so? How is the Vita doing? Last time I Heard it was doing badly and no price cut at all.? Man it sucks to be a vita gamer with hardly any games apart from a spin off. I will laugh when I enjoy my NEW HD console with 5 games I want to buy at launch. O wait I forgot to mention the Wii U an ACTUAL CONSOLE will probably cost the same as a Vita if not a bit more!

    1. Exactly, GAMES SELL CONSOLES. The Playstation Vita has even matched the Neo Geo Pocket in sales (units sold). That’s pathetic! Sony and MS also think they can just load up on high def graphics and fans will come running. We are starting to get to a point where graphics aren’t going to get much better, so the graphics race is quickly coming to an end, you’ll see. They just feel threatened so they have to bad-mouth Nintendo. I’m so glad Nintendo isn’t participating in all of this high school bull crap. They let their fans and products speak for themselves and let their competitors suck it.

      1. exactly. Nintendo always remain classy like when Miyamoto offered advice on the PS Vita. Love that man. What a guy. Nintendo always get hate.

        My dad told me something once. “When you are at the top, everyone wants to bring you down” this too implies in a company where they want to cut bosses to save the company money. The same is happening with all this fanboy bullshit and immature companies

        1. This…… Yeah not like jack Trenton that loves to pick fight with others man stupid Sony drones

    2. I liked hot shots golf and rayman origins looked amazing on the vita’s oled screen. there’s not much anything else on the system. wanted to get some psp classics downloaded but only a handful of the psp’s library is on the vita’s store. it was very frustrating man

  11. Diego Lozada Lafosse

    I know that, Sony is kinda right and at the same time not… Nintendo now is even with Microsoft and Sony… it’s not the beginning of the 8th generation era… Nintendo has just joined the heavy duty war of the 7th generation… all three consoles have now same horsepower (7th generation graphics), motion controls (Wiimote plus, PSmove and Kienct), and a tablet (Wii U gamepad, PlayStation Vita and the Smartglass)… I like to call this the 7.5th generation era… now it’s all about the games (first party and third party support) and how good use they make of the new hardware and addons. May the gaming begin!

    1. wrong. Wii u is NEXT GEN. Since it is a NEW console that can display up to 1080p (games at launch will be 720p for now until developers fully exploit the hardware)

      1. Diego Lozada Lafosse

        I know the Wii U is considered the first 8th generation home system since it’s a new console but technically speaking… Wii U is right now at the same level as the PS3 – Move – Vita and the Xbox 360 – Kinect – Smartglass… it’s like the second period of the 7th generation era… we’re stuck in this generation since the ”NEW” console is just even with the competition… I’m sure the Wii U wil be superior but… Id like to see the Wii U holding on against the PS4 or the Xbox 720… I’m a Nintendo fan since I was 3 years old but… I’m afraidwe can’t say which one is better right now… we’ll have to wait and see…

        1. how do you know its on the same level? there is no mention of ram or clockspeeds yet for the GPU etc etc etc…only that wii U graphics card will be in the AMD series.

          1. it will be AMD but it wont hold too mutch games from next generation.But if i see the wiiU that it can hold games from next gen then nintendo is OK

    2. If the WiiU was only as powerful as an NES it would still be 8th Generation. It is not the power that determines ‘generations’ it’s the era/life-cycle of the companies offerings.

  12. I sold my vita a couple days ago because I’m that disappointed in the system. I gotten raped a little bit when I traded it in at gamestop. the 3G system, 32GB memory card and a couple retail games only gotten me $215 in credit. I used it towards a purple 3ds and it came with steel diver for a promotion. also gotten tekken 3D…but I got it for the novelty of having a game and a movie, and it was marked down to $20.
    I already had a 3ds, did a system transfer and gave it to a buddy that’s been dying to get one :D

    1. wise decision my friend :) 3ds is getting ALOT of third party support and amazing first party games. Heck dragon quest monsters terry wonderland in Japan sold 500k units in a week!!!!! and around 100k 3ds (not sure just guessing) Look it up. It was part of last weeks sales figures in JAP

    2. Ouch, you’re going to miss out on a bunch of great games for the PS Vita. Why didn’t you just keep the Vita if you already had a 3DS?

      The system is still technically in its launch phase. NO system has ever put out a lot of games at launch. The Vita has the most and is getting more.

      But I guess, if you didn’t like it, then there’s no reason to keep it either.

      1. I just think the vita is the psp all over again. decent games came out eventually but only few good ones came out every year with empty spaces in between.

        1. I have to disagree. The PSP was held back due to the UMD format which was not supported by developers, especially in the West, which was ultimately its biggest fault.

          The Vita on the other hand has been hailed by devs and publishers (with hundreds on board) as being a great medium to develop for.

          So, I think it’s just going to be a matter of time before really great games start being pushed out for the system. Already over 60 more games have been announced for the system and you can be sure even more will come as the year goes on.

          I think it’s a very exciting time for both systems, the 3DS and Vita. I look forward to continue gaming on both of them. (I have both =p)

      2. The biggest software at launch and launch window is a close tie between Snes and Ps2 which had about 30 games. Wii U will have about 40 with more titles being announced at TGS. Vita had a poorer launch then 3ds which was one for the history books.

        Several months later, they still haven’t sold very many Vita’s. While 3ds is out performing the NDS sales back during its first yr. Come the end of the yr 3ds will have sold about 15 million or more ww.

        I’m curious how that one guy managed to move all his data to a new 3ds. My Wife has not been very careful with her 3ds. Id love to buy her a new one though.

        1. The Vita currently has 39 games available in North America. This is still considered the launch period (albeit just about the end). Next week will push it over the 40 mark with the release of Gravity Rush, MGS HD Collection, and a few others.

          Also, to move the data from the 3DS to a new one, you have to have both 3DS’ at the same time. There is an option in the 3DS settings that allows you to transfer from one system to another. It’s not that hard. It’s just a matter of physically having both systems in your possession at the same time.

  13. Well not many people own a Vita (the things bombing terribly). Sony are the best copycats I’m the world when it comes to system making.

  14. Yeah we should all buy a PS3 + a PSVita.
    It would only be natural that a system set costing twice the price of a WiiU could do better than it, even though it’s still not true: we’ll talk about it when Sony releases a better game than any forthcoming WiiU Zelda, for example.

  15. The extra screen comes with the the Wii U, You would have to buy an additional Vita which is an extra 250 plus a 100$ memory card. Playing games on the go is what my 3DS is for. And if it is on PS3 in the first place the odds are it’s not meant for playing a couple of minutes while traveling. With Wii U you can play your home console games without hogging the TV or playing them in your bed at HOME.

    1. Wish they had this tech 6 years ago, my marriage would be better. Happy Wife makes for a happy life.

  16. Here’s the difference. Developers aren’t going to waste their time making PS3 games with PS Vita connectivity. Why? Most people won’t have both the PS3 and the Vita!
    The same thing happened with the Wii and the Wii Motion Plus Accessory.

    1. Actually, there are loads of devs (both first and third party) making games with PS3 and PSV connectivity.

      It’s an added option for those who do have both.

      1. Perhaps in the sense they can directly port the PS3 version over to make a quick buck BUT, I doubt we will see wii u level components, such as an inventory/hud option for the vita from anything bar sony in house Ip’s.

      2. This may be true, but i see it as a little extra whereas with the wii u devs will build games completley with tge gamepad in mind. The ps vita is just that mice extra option to have, but it will mever be big. The wii u gamepad on the other hand will reach it’s full potential as time goes by.

  17. Ok.. all of this bashing on Nintendo with the Wii U and E3 and such is getting really aggravating….i love Nintendo. they make great games for fun and not completely worried about competition as far as consoles and such…u got two companies…well mostly Sony..that seems to envy Nintendo for there successes and just talks down on them like trash….as if Nintendo cares of what the other companies says as far as negatives… Nintendo is gonna continue to do what they do and not back talk these companies trying to get some war on cause that’s all Sony is doing…i dont know bout Microsoft…but its mostly all i hear is Sony patchers developers rages hates Nintendo in trouble, Nintendo not good at e3, there Wii U is gonna fail, trolling on and on and on…these companies and people are just mad cause some cant seem to step up at Nintendo…yeah Sony and Microsoft makes great games, got top the line graphics, and such. But Nintendo doesn’t give a crap at all… they’re more focused on having the people enjoy there games and systems without competition..its the enjoyment that matters to them…these companies will never understand the logic of Nintendo and why they do the things they do. All of this hate on Nintendo is completely childish, unprofessional, and immature.

    1. This brought a tear to my eye. Beautifully put together… like a top class Nintendo game and not a buggy rushed mess! (cough skyrim)

    2. You ask very good questions, very good. In the industry, companies and people see Nintendo as lesser because they appeal to everyone. Also that they censor content. For this day and age those 2 factors are used aganist Big N a lot. You’d be surprised by how many articles slam Nintendo for being kid friendly for no reason.

      The HD console fans aren’t very tolerant towards Nintendo. Mainly cause they are new gen, jock gamers and tournament gamers. Which in short are bullies. Now these same online players, jock gamers etc are in positions in the industry today. Either as Press, Developers, Pr agencies etc etc. So that bias carries over from when they played Xbox or Pc games. Ps2 gamers weren’t intolerant till ps3. So when these gamers look at Nintendo and other game genres and types of gamers, its very easy for them to mock or troll other system fans.

      The Nintendo crowd are more polite and considerate towards all types of gamers. Majority of us anyway. This has to do with the games Nintendo offered when were growing up, lots of variety. For me I kept my eyes open and tried other systems like Sega, Ps1 because of being introduced to the different genres on Nes, Gameboy and Snes. To this day I play on Ps3, 3ds and Wii. The other systems gamers don’t really play for fun, they play to humiliate and win no matter what. From a psychological stand point bullying people in these games makes them feel better about themselves.

      The Nintendo gamer, now dubbed casual by the above group, game for the sake of gaming and really enjoy it. They also migrate to other types of games like Metroid Prime, Pikmin, Smash Bros and even some party games. For the last decade the other devs have lost that Funfactor. Which has been replaced with greed and pride. Then again what do I know, I’ve only been working in this Indusrty for a decade now.

      Still I’ll end with this. Check out IGN and check out how the Nintendo Team is treated by the other console teams. Also how the Nintendo team actually respects the other systems games and sony/360 teams always laugh at them. So be very proud of being a Nintendo gamer and don’t worry about what bullies say. Play what you want and have fun.

  18. in the video game store where I work, we have about 20 titles of the psvita, and we have not sold a single one for 2 months… thats sad for sony :) hahahaha

    1. I work at one here in Australia, we didn’t sell a vita until about start of April, can’t speak for the rest of the stores but where I am, very bleak. The first one we sold wasn’t even sold with a game or memory card. We get a few 3ds sales almost every week though

    2. I live in the US and at a GameStop close to my university somebody already traded in the vita, well more like returned it, since it stopped charging. In Japan the vita had all sorts of problems at launch. I will buy the wii u. I have a vita but there aren’t many good games on it. The only one worth owning is uncharted. I saw reviews for the launch games and I think overall they were lower then the 3DS launch games. Besides vita is too expensive. The wii u can use SD cards which are pretty cheap. The vitas memory cards are too expensive. $100 for 32GB? No thanks Sony. I don’t care what all these companies and journalists say I’m getting one on launch day

  19. Let me tell you about an electronics company that gets rejected by a video game company for another electronics company (Phillips) to do a certain project the video game company was testing out. Well it turns out that electronics company didn’t like that idea so they decide to make a video game console (PlayStation) to compete with the video game company’s consoles. Till this day that electronics company struggles to keep up and has no other choice but to take ideas from said video game company and make them terrible to try and keep a brand alive.

      1. I wonder how the gaming scene would be now if Sony and Nintendo had actually gone through with that deal and come out with a system together. o.o

        1. Funny thing, pop open a sens sometime, a lot of components are Sony based. If they had stuck together we would of had generation after generation of Snes like consoles. A true golden age.

          1. Oh, I know. Sony even had games on SNES. I have been gaming for ages. But once the new formats were introduced, a new era of gaming began. It’s hard to imagine one without the other at this point though. That’s just me personally.

            I can’t say for sure if the gaming would be better now or worse if they were together. Competition breeds ingenuity and innovation. Still, they are two powerhouse companies – they probably would have produced something magnificent.

    1. One part of that story that often gets ignored is the period in which Nintendo, Sony and Phillips agreed on a single CD format and worked together on the SNES Disc Drive. By the time Nintendo scraps that and begins work on the Nintendo “Ultra” 64, Sony makes the final version of the Playstation less out of its original spite and more as a sign of their near half-decade of experience.
      Starts at about 5:14

      1. Think about it, if you into a console that got the plug for no good reason wouldn’t you want to to make money back? Just sayin.

        1. And they did with the first Playstation. Definitely forgot to mention that motive, thanks for doing so.

  20. Who knows maybe he’s right…or not.

    I’ll trust the consumers judgement for now, and when that happens I’ll enjoy hearing “why are people blindly buying that weaker system”

    But seriously I really do agree that nintendo is severely lacking in the first party game department

    1. The current count of titles they’re both producing and developing (what you seem to be referring to) is 5. As far as games they’re only producing, they are Ninja Gaiden III (Tecmo Koei)*, Lego City: Undercover (Traveler’s Tails), and Project P-100 (Platinum Games). These are not on par with Xenoblade, mind you, but these are no mere Carnival Games either.

      They’re also producing SiNG, but we’re all free to forget that one exists.

      * They’re also working directly with Tecmo Koei to improve the core game before applying any console-specific features.

  21. Well, thank goodness I won’t be paying $500 for a PS3 and Vita! Based on the roumors, I may be paying a max of $300 for the whole set! All this, and it’s all next gen. Now I know what you all may say; you pay for the mobility of the Vita! Could you bring the Wii U gamepad on the go? No good sir, but this might be a problem if I didn’t have a phone and iPod touch from before. I don’t need another mobile device.

  22. Isn’t it ironic? The Vita supposedly can do what the Wii U does but better, yet it has been out for a good while now and has not shown how exactly it’s better than Wii U, not to mention it is not native like Wii U. People are shooting random fires at Nintendo for not showing what they wanted. If anything happened at this is E3 is that the media takes every chance they get to eat each other up. And then they wonder why E3 is getting less important for companies.

    I predict Nintendo will just hold their own conferences or their Nintendo Direct and completely stay out of E3 the way Rockstar is doing. It’s a big waste of money for companies to go there to be criticized. With the Internet, Nintendo Direct, Ustream, tweeter, and facebook, they can send out their announcements to a lot of people, and I think this year was a test of that. Look how fast their facebook page grew, and it’s likely to get bigger. Konami is doing the same, and it looks like some companies are starting to follow suit with the lack of “surprises” of these past E3 conferences. And at the end of the day, the media makes fun of these companies for showing what they show regardless of content. Companies don’t like that, and spending million of dollars just to be made fun of is not what they want in this economy.

    1. You are correct, my colleagues always post material that makes fun of Nintendo. Idk why it is popular but media used to have ethics and gut instincts…not anymore. It’s just pure sensationalism to grow followers and get views. The good reporter you never hear about, take that Knightwing01 guy on YouTube for example.

  23. Diego Lozada Lafosse

    I don’t even care anymore… I have an Xbox 360, a Wii and a PS3… I also had a Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS2 and Xbox… and I’ll get the Wii U, PS4 and Xbox 720 too so… I just love good games… I love Nintendo because of Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Super Smash, Mario Kart, etc… I love Microsoft because of Halo and Gears of War… and I love Sony because of… uhm…. bluray! yea bluray! XD I actually don’t like my PS3 man… only good games are God of War (played it and sold it), Killzone 2 and 3 (played them for a while and sold’em), Infamous (played it and sold it) and right now I’m into Twisted Metal but, it’s the ONLY killing exclusive game on Sony’s system… all I use my PS3 for is watching movies. The Wii feels like a real GAMING console… the PS3 feels like a soul less multimedia entertainment machine…. and the Xbox 360 it’s like in the middle, it’s just fun and has some good addictive games… sincerely if it wasn’t for Halo… (which is a GREAT franchice, hands down) the Xbox 360 wouldn’t be here. so yeah…. Nintendo’s systems are like mandatory to have a great fun time with close friends and family. multiplatform games like CoD, Battlefield, Crysis and PES, etc are meant to be played on PC because they look and play better on PC… it doesn’t matter if the Wii U is not THAAAT powerful… Having a Zelda game with HD graphics WILL BE EPIC!

  24. Well, the Wii U is undoubtedly better!, why if u ask?, A simple reason, the PS Vita just streams what the PS3 is showing on TV, there’s no feature on the vita like in the Wii U gamepad which features addition controls like inventory, etc like we saw in the Batman Arkham City Gameplay of the Wii U edition!, … and this is coming from an owner of both the nintendo consoles and teh playstation consoles!, but here, i clearly support the Wii U, Nintendo, Hats off to u guys for this ! :)

      1. Well yea, but its Very less!, actually, it almost nothing!,
        Available titles:
        Hustle Kings, MotorStorm RC , WipEout 2048!, these are the only games with that feature!, and i’v played the wipeout cross play!, it doesnt make sense because its a racing game where you have to concetrate more on the racing rather than the inventory (-.-), so i still support the Wii U in this matter!, The Wii u gamepad is made for that pupose and its been utilised real good! :) and besides, it will be really a big expense for the developers to make games for crossplay b/n the ps3 and the vita and they probably wudnt because the vita isnt meant for that!, its jus a portable which has an additional feature if u own a ps3! :)

  25. Despite the fact that Sony can use Vita to achieve inter-system play and Microsoft can use smartphone and tablet screens via Smartglass, Nintendo is the only company with an additional screen already packed in. This gives Nintendo that 1:1 advantage neither of those other companies will have, and the same controller provides buttons and analog that would have to be used separately for Smartglass.

    One argument can be made that such a ratio is irrelevant given the growing ownership of other mobile devices, but while that may be the case for smartphone users (a much smaller screen that Miiverse can use for social functions shortly after launch, just FYI), tablets are a different story, and this is a big problem considering tablets are the optimum way to enjoy Smartglass (think the Halo 4 encyclopedia). A recent survey showed around 19% of US adults own a tablet, and it’s also been said that nearly 17% of smartphone owners own one. I don’t have the number for 360 ownership, but in 2009 it was over half of US consumers, and even with the gap closing between it and PS3 the number isn’t much different, so there’s a huge discrepancy between 360 owners and those who have a tablet.

    Addressing Cross-Play, the Wii U Gamepad sports a bigger screen that can fit more on it and produce equal or greater visuals, and unlike the Vita it interacts directly with the larger screen. Sony do have the advantage of their second screen being able to function out of the PS3’s reach and produce the same visuals as the home console, but their main pitch is where the Vita really starts to falter in this comparison. Their aim is to please the core gamer, so the pitch is that Vita plays “full console games” outside, but then the question is which of those games are actually suitable for mobile play. Most people will want to play mobile games in shorter bursts, and the action-adventure titles PS3 is known for would demand too much time and attention for their own good.

    Note: I don’t wish the Vita or PS3 ill. I’m for competition in the dedicated handheld space. We certainly need it to ward off those who say they’re dead at the hand of smartphones and tablets.

    1. I agree with everything you just said. On top of that, Wii U also adds multiple ways of playing, not just with the Wii U Gamepad. It is truly a core + causal system.

      The Ps Vita also has a bit of problem; you have to buy both games. And unless sony are willing to make package deals for all their games, your looking at spending between 70 and 90 dollars for both versions.

  26. So what? I mean the PS3 is almost dead, after two years there will be no new games made for it while the Wii U still has a lot of years left, besides it will be releasing when 1 year is left of the PS3’s life, the Wii U will be getting awesome creative games until the PS4 is released in 2014 , so then it would be, PS4 + PSVita VS The WiiU.

    1. Almost dead ? Lol.
      Even if it was to die in 2 years, that would still make 8 years of existence. And I doubt it will stop selling after the PS4 is released. I’m guessing it will be like it is with PS2 & PS3. Even though it has been 6 years since the PS3 was released, the PS2 is STILL selling. And the fact that you’re comparing the WiiU with PS3, which is supposed to be “last gen”, you’re actually don’t even see the WiiU as next gen. Interesting.

  27. both systems have to be connected to wifi also, it checks with Nintendo’s servers to see if you can do a transfer. you can only transfer an account 5 times. its under system settings, on the last page. when you do it, Nintendo makes it entertaining by having pikmin move all your data for ya :P

  28. When the Wii U launches, every game will use that functionality. 7 months after the Vita became available in Japan and those Wii U like features are finally going to be implemented with an update. On about half a dozen games.

    There is something to be said for ubiquity over sparseness.

  29. Ironically the legion of nintendrones defending nintendos wii honor is exactly the same demograph that nintendo abandon for casuals

  30. Why doesnt nintendo release the internal specs huh HUH ? What is there barely a leap in specs come on cowards smh lying faggs

  31. ^this shitendo r known liars. Back in 2006 reggie promised free online with no hidden fees than in 2008 they introduced pay to play smh fuck u fagtendo ur barely next gen u liars r scared relese specs so wii may laugh at huh weak it is u liars

    1. and they keep their promises, the Internet is always free, those are Third Parties who want to milk their ‘customers’ with Online Pass… tell me a Nintendo game with pay Online?

  32. I wasnt going to jump in until they bad mouth microsoft fucking assholes at least they have longer battery life than 3 hrs at low settings wii u fail with shitty framerate issues. How much will the controller cost when it easily breaks huh fags

  33. Wtf? I’ve used remote play on my vita and its crap…aside from being able to stream videos stored on the hdd or play my music I can’t do anything else. The wii u allows you to actually play games on the tablet screen OR on the TV

    These people making all these stupid comments about wii u need to actually think before they open their mouths

  34. Funny especially after nintendo recently copied microsofts controller design oh the irony right fags. Oh well nintendo might win since its low tech junk with 3 hrs battery they can afford price cuts lol u cheap bastards lowerd nintendo quality

    1. I’m not really sure why I’m replying to a troll, but oh well. Nintendo didn’t copy the Xbox controller. It’s just a Wii U Gamepad without the screen if you look at it. Microsoft is the one who actually copied Nintendo. You know that Xbox controller you love so much? Well thank Nintendo and it’s Gamecube for that. The Xbox 360 controller was a direct copy of the Gamecubes controller. Now I know you will say in your troll language ” HURR GAMECUBE IS SHIT THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE HURR”, When in fact, they look very alike. The button and stick layout is a direct copy of The Gamecube controller. Now I wait for you to troll me some more so I have something to do :P

  35. even sony did not understand the nintendo conference good for them because Wii U is based on the concept of nintendo ds and it’s the best friend of psp

  36. Thats RICH especially since wii motion was waggle fest garbage and they needed motion + to fix it or 3ds scratch screen design flaw real rich also 3hr life at lowsettings with 2.5 hr wait charge wtf also how much is wii u controller hmm $200 lol fail

    1. battery life for both the wii U tablet and 3ds is 3-5 hours. I been able to squeeze 6hrs out of the 3ds. starting with the zelda 3ds’s they been adding a new screen that gets about 40mins extra battery life. and they also fixed the screen scratching issue. I still put a microfiber cloth in mine to just be on the safe side. the wifi model ps vita gets 3-5hrs but the 3G model’s suffer. with 3G on, the system can get only about 3hrs of battery life.

  37. Mario 2 sux ass damn getting coin gimmick will make the game brain dead retarted easy to beat just like the ds one ppl complain about. Srsly nintendo u cant provide a challange anymore mario 2 coin rage=fail. Damn stop making ganes stupidly easy for kids

    1. Mr. I Own The World

      Oh my god, lol, you fags are so funny, Why are you arguing over here when you can be seeking news for your beloved games from Sony and Microsoft, I know you’re mad because Mario is more popular than all other games, but it’s because Mario is better, I wish I can help you calm done, lol.

  38. How much is that wii mote gunna cost huh even the cheapest itouch is more than a hundred. Sure 1 will be package but when it easly breaks than what smh hope it clmes with straps.

  39. It’s certainly better! And anyone who disagree is a foooooool!!
    Think about it: Everyone with a PS3 owns a Vita, and if you don’t have one… well it’s just 250$! And the lack of 4 Buttons is obviously also an advantage! You just can’t see it!

  40. Nintendo also stole disneylands concept smh damn just cuz they make epicmickey doesnt give u the right to plagirize. Also where3rd party smh i want great games no mario garbage that retards can beat easily. Nintendo ips r garbage

    1. Unless the Vita is a living, organic compound, not a single person on the planet is a Vita.

      But yeah, it’s worse than the 3DS was at launch, and doesn’t seem to show signs of picking up the pace anytime soon.

  41. Wii u 3 hr low setting with 2.5 hr battery charge is an advantage u just cant see it. Mario 2 and u are retartadly easy especially since getting coins will be easy its advantage for handicap little gay white losers u just have to see it

  42. Nes and snes were great because of 3rd party support wii u needs 3rd party support and stop relying on their garbage. Their games now have assistance,help,clus,save stops everywhere and now coins glory smh wheres the challange smh kirby epic fail

  43. @purebaster wrong bitch xbox controller was inspired by dreamcast little queer as aknowledge by icons lol nice try lier. Nintendo stole odyssey light gun design and more lol defeand the bastards tbat turn their back on u and it shovelware bitch

      1. Ha ha ha I remember this…. and I quote:
        “Haters gotta hate,
        Lovers wanna love,
        I don’t even want,
        None of the above,
        I want to piss on you.”
        So guys, wait a see enjoys link and laugh now worry later…

  44. Let’s look at it from the standpoint of someone of who doesn’t already own a PS3 or a Wii. You have 2 choices: Buy a PS3 and PS Vita to enjoy this 2 screen experience (which will most likely set you back $500+ and only a few games support) or you can buy the Wii U (which is priced at $300-$350 for purposes of this discussion) and have that dual screen experience in EVERY game. Choice seems obvious if your looking for the 2 screen gameplay.

    Also I think he’s talking about 2 different things. The Vita is its own standalone device that can be taken with you when you leave the house. The Upad is a controller and is obviously tethered to its console. They can’t be compared in that way. This guy is talking out of his ass. Leave luck to heaven.

  45. Microsoft smart glass atleast last longer thanwii pads.funny atari lynx failed cuz of battery but ln nintendo 3dshit and wii sUck its an advantage lol wtf atari lynx was better tech while shitendo has underpower garbage

    1. a guy talking about power who praises the 360, yeah this world is doomed, get a PC girl, if you play for graphics (wich i think you do) get a PC, be a real man…

  46. @donzaloog ur talking out the ass faggot. How much is a wii pad replcement cheap trash. Wii u is 2 expensive ill just buy an xbox its not bout graphics its bout gameplay lol. Also what would happen if sony priced lower than shitendo oh lose like ps1-2 era

  47. Heck pc can do more than shitendo ill just follow easy instructions to mod tablet or their controller instead of buying shitty wii 2 console. Stealing xbox glass panorame smh disgrace. Nintendoland lol that screams hardcore

  48. 1. In order to do (some of) the (minor) features of Wii U, it has to be connected to PS3. This means it is no longer portable.

    2. and the Vita + 3 costs a LOT more than the Wii U will.

    3. The claim that it can do everything is clearly false.

    4. The Wii U tablet is portable, so the “major advantage” is totally bogus.

    5. According to the sales, no one is interested in the Vita.

  49. Wii U graphics > PS3 or Xbox graphics.

    WiiU wins, end of discussion, lol.

    Whoever replies to this comment is a Sony/Microsoft fanboy.

    1. I have all three main consoles, so… no.

      Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how you have NO idea what the Wii’s graphics are like. You haven’t seen them in person, most likely. That’s one thing. Another is that all the games that have been shown are either unimpressive first part titles (seriously, New Super Mario Bros. U is supposed to out class the other consoles in graphics? Or NintendoLand? Or Pikimin?), or multi-platform titles that look nearly 100% identical to their counterparts on the other consoles.

      So, you’re a Nintendo fanboy idiot. And what’s worse, you pretend like anyone who doesn’t blindly act as idiotic as you is a “Sony/Microsoft fanboy”? And since when is that a bad thing anyway? I mean, I don’t understand being a fanboy of ANY console; just respect them all for what they are. But to say “Sony fanboy” or “Microsoft fanboy” as if it’s a bad thing, or that it’s better than being a Nintendo fanboy like yourself, just because YOU personally don’t like anything else?

      You are the epitome of what is wrong with gamer culture today. You and the 10 year old miscreants that cuss and talk shit all day whilst playing online multiplayer, of any game on any platform.

      P.S. Anyone who replies to this is a child raping transvestite.

      (See how stupid that is?)

  50. Lol, this guy is clearly trolling. If he actually thinks that… he has no idea what the Wii U or the Vita can do. The Wii U is a console with that has its main controller as the screen, therefore almost every game will take advantage of it. Vita can’t do that. There’s also a ton of other things Vita can do that the Wii U can.

    Unless he thinks the only feature of the Wii U is remote play… he’s trolling.

    1. Sales=\= quality/better.If it did wii fit would be considered a better game that legend of Zelda.

  51. Well I agree that ps3/vita is better game wise, that doesn’t mean it’s better overall.

    Sure games like MvC3, LBP, Playstation all stars, dust 514 and such are better with the ps3/vita set up than wii u (due to being great AAA games you can play at home THEN hit a few buttons and take them on the go)

    The problem is the cost. 500$ for the ps3/vita set up (but if your like me I’ve had a ps3 for almost 4 years and a vita since feb so the sting isn’t that bad) but also the games. You need BOTH versions of the game for it to work. That’s 100$ in games. Luckily Sony has started to do combo packs and give a discount on both games. But there is no denying. It’s expensive. (well except dust 514 that’s 100% free to play)

    But to get the better experience costs more I guess.

    And for the whole remote play thing, why are you playing a 1080p on a 5 inch 544p screen? That’s like saying “why does the wii u need to be HD when we could just play in SD?

  52. ms; you stole all the ideas
    sony; yup and they are mind i got them from nintendo and put them on my game

  53. The never ending name that likes a cup of tea with his morning cereal while gazing at a lovely fire on a hd tv when he knows he'll bebroke if he doesn't turn it off but he doesn't because his name

    Wii U will definitely be cheaper than when next gen consoles of xbox and ps in fact its cheaper than these gen when they came out, and the other companies were so threatened (even if they don’t use that word) by wii u that they rip it off in a “new” way, they did it wii’s motion controls cos wii got better sales, seriously now that wii u is upped a lvl it can play hardcore games so it might even be cheaper than it cost on current gen consoles so any haters hear your wallets cryyyyy

  54. This is silly. Aren’t only certain games able to preform remote play on the PS3? And isn’t the Vita not capable of having different experiences on the both the console and TV?

  55. OH NOW Nintendo Fans are defending Wii U when just put it down to waste when Nintendo didn’t announce for us another Zelda instead being happy for Pikmin.
    Well anyway
    Vita sold only 2 Million since launch
    PS3 sold only 63 Million since launch

    Wii U launch windows sales will be 2 million at min and 8 million at max.

    Wii U price to be $250 – $350.
    PS3 $250 plus Vita $250 or 300 that would be above $500 or $550. Plus BOTH VERSION OF THE GAMES and MEMORY CARD. That is just another

    599 US DOLLARS

  56. Ok Now I officially Hate Sony. How in the Hell can you claim that yours is better and Nintendo is not innovative when WiiU announced the tablet streaming first. Then they wanna try to imitate it for the vita and bring it out before WiiU and then claim it’s already been done and slander the company who original brought the idea. I lost all respect, That’s the lowest any company can go

    1. Let me correct myself, Josh garibay from Jumpushstart. I think I might pay him a visit on the net

  57. Here’s the thing they can’t do: Nintendo games.
    Here’s what I want my systems to be able to do: Nintendo games.

  58. I think sony is just mad for having the least console sales (out of wii xbox and ps3)and is now just spewing random things out of their ass for attention

  59. Except the Vita is failing as terribly as the Lynx and NG Pocket Color. Sony didn’t use glasses-free 3D, and it’s lifespan sucks (the 3DS doesn’t matter). Right now, it’s like Sony wants the Vita to fail. 2 million VS 17 million! 3DS sold almost 8 to 9 times of the Vita! So this will NOT work. There is no good 3rd party, 2nd party, or 1st party titles for the Vita. So, this will NOT work, and the Wii U is better.

  60. i have one word for you sony…LAG. it doesn’t matter if you CAN stream games to it, it depends on how FAST you can do it. and besides, it’s not like any developer is going to make any games for the ps3/vita with asymmetric gaming because NOONE is buying the damn vita to begin with!

  61. so if “the vita can do anything the Wii U can do but better”, what’s garibay going to say when the Wii U sells like it’s actually worth something?

  62. First, the Wii U gamepad can be used as a tv remote. Secondly, the Wii U gamepad allows the user to interact with or manipulate the environment of a game. For example, on ZombiU, gamepad acts as a scanner; and you can draw on characters, such as, Tekken. Plus, Wii U is creating a new form of game play called asymmetric. Now, I dont’t believe Vita can do any of those things, and that’s just a few. However, if Vita could do those things and more, they missed their chance to show those things during E3, especially with their stock dropping so low prior to E3. Also, it would’ve been great if they could’ve had this remote play set up on at least one of their titles at launch. Modnation racer comes too mind. Just like Super Mario 3d land, showed the reason to own a 3ds, we’re still waiting on that game that shows the reason to own a Vita.

  63. “produces the same ‘revolutionary’ result”!?!! This man is the SINGLE STUPIDEST FANBOY on the face of the EARTH!!! I bet he’s never even played the Wii U!

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  66. Too bad Vita can’t sell millions like the 3ds. If Nintendo sells the Wii U for $300 or less Sony can kiss Vita goodbye. I know I’d rather spend that money on a next Gen system with tons of power aswesome graphics than a dumbed down version of the PS3.

    1. Im pretty sure nintendo had to severely cut the price of the 3ds and had a holiday season to rebound from it’s abysmal launch. Im also pretty sure a new system with a tablet controller will probably retail for about $399. almost guarantee that one. and as far as graphics. rumor has it that is on the same spec level as ps3 and 360 as the wii was to ps2 and xbox. it takes time for a dedicated gaming handheld to gain momentum in todays market as did the 3ds.

      1. That wouldnt make sense the Gamecube was more powerful than than Xbox and PS2 and everybody use to say that “all a Wii is, is 2 gamecubes put together”.

  67. Except more people will buy a single games console with the touch screen controller included than buy a completely seperate home console and handheld to do roughly the same thing worse.

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  71. Okay so I know I’m not the only one that sees this: how can the Vita’s remote play EVER work properly? Playing a ps3 game with a Vita wouldn’t work. The vita has only one shoulder button on each side and no clickable sticks….how does that work for a Ps3 game?

    And the Wii U is always going to have better functionality than the Ps3 Vita duo. Why? Because the Wii U games were designed specifically to utilize the touch screen and gyro controls. Vita does not interact with Ps3 games that way and will not.
    I know you people can’t be that stupid…

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  73. hi there i found on youtube that there was information bon wii u its powered buy a quad core 3 ghz gpu 1 gb d ram 32 mb cache 8 gb internal flash storage and the tablet controler for $299.99 thatts for wii u home consoke and a tablet console there are 2 pices too wii u

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  75. First off, this is a dumbass article, i support all systems but to say that the vita does better than the wii u and the wii u isnt even out yet is just retarded. Secondly, yes the vita can let u use the system with the ps3, but nintendo did it first, im sure u r all gonna ask how. Lets see, legend of zelda four swords, gba and gamecube, also, wii u does more than just play on the controller, it uses the controllers screen along with the screen on the tv thus giving u a whole new world into gaming opportunities. Josh Garibay is a fucking retard

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