Shigeru Miyamoto was spotted popping into the Watch Dogs booth at E3 and appeared afterwards giving the game a solid thumbs up. Ubisoft says there’s a probability that the game could come to Wii U, but it they’re concentrating their efforts on delivering the best experience they can for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.



    • I’m not sure but I have a distinct feeling that maybe, 1. He was answering with that thumbs up to another question, or 2. That was just a universal response as he seemed to not be paying much attention and/or did not hear or understand the question properly. I don’t think he answered the guy at all xD. But I do hope Watch_Dogs makes it to Wii U by the time of its release.


    • Good point.
      And I doubt the next great Nintendo/Miyamoto IP will be real life, but maybe he thinks of something different. Maybe a city-based game, rather than nature.


  1. Good…

    Si Miyamoto le dio el pulgar al juego, espero que Wii U pueda tener Watch Dogs!!!

    Sino, lo compraré en Ps3, jajjaa…


  2. This seems to be Miyamoto’s seal of approval and Ubisoft must be jumping for joy that one of Nintendo’s biggest name in the company likes Watch_Dogs =3

    Please, Ubisoft make a port of this game to the Wii U but with the same graphics you had in the PC demoing of the game =3


    • The PS3/360 versions won’t look that good either but I’m sure if they port it to WiiU it’ll be on tge same par as the other consoles. Plus they could utilize the WiiU gamepad as maybe the guys smart phone and keep the hud all on that screen instead of on the tv.


  3. That game looks amazing! And Wii-U could amazingly increase the overall experience. Using the pad to cause hack-disruption from a different screen then watching it unfold on the big screen would be effiecient and enviable!


  4. This is pretty awesome i would get this for wii u. This game could be an example of how developers make thier ideas come to life on wii u


  5. Aka port :/

    I mean fanboyism aside everyone should be able to enjoy quality games such as this no matter what platform they choose.


  6. I really like the concept of it. Mixes great games like Deus Ex and adds some great elements to it. However, I wish instead of using guns for combat, the main character was more like a ‘cyber criminal’ and had more influence on security based technology for his own self defense.


    • My feelings exaclty. I mean, what else could he have said infront of all those people and after a surprise question? I swear people are reading too much into it…


  7. I watched the Interview between Ubisoft President Yves Guillemot and Geoff Keighley directly after Nintendo’s conference. He said what we saw in the Watch Dogs demo was running on PC; and that it would be coming to PS3, 360, and “we’ll see…” He added the last part without even being asked about a Wii U version. Ubisoft claimed they may be busy with other games for Wii U; but considering how far out this game release is, and the functionality seems like a good fit, I wouldn’t doubt if this game debuted on Wii U next E3. That is unless “we’ll see…” turns out to be the next Xbox, but even then, a port still seems likely.


  8. Given that he was being watched by a wave of reporters and cameras, I honestly don’t think he could have done anything OTHER than give a thumbs up. I mean, what’s he going to do, no comment? That could be seen as a negative sign. And it’s not like he’d give a thumbs down. He didn’t have time to give any opinion on the game whatsoever, so he simply gave a thumbs up as he was walking away. It’s funny how so many people are making this bigger than it actually is.


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