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Miyamoto Says Nintendo Is Working On 3DS Successor, And Not A 3DS Revision

Shigeru Miyamoto has told IGN that Nintendo is extremely happy with the Nintendo 3DS’ form factor, and that we shouldn’t expect a revision anytime soon. Miyamoto went on to say that Nintendo isn’t developing a revised console as The Nikkei reported, but they are looking to the future and their next handheld games console.

“I really feel like I’m satisfied with the 3DS hardware as it is. I feel like it’s the best for this generation. What we’re thinking about right now is probably going to be for a future generation of handheld.”

125 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Nintendo Is Working On 3DS Successor, And Not A 3DS Revision”

    1. Don’t about you but this is saying that 3DS succesor should be expected at least to be unveiled next year.

      1. What?, lol no it won’t, the 3DS successor started development not that long ago, and they released the 3DS last year, the 3DS 2 will most likely get announced in 2017, the Wii U started development in February 2007.

          1. it did! let mii tell U something, back in 2008 nintendo is looking at 3rd party complain that the console was limited and not hd + not alot of memory, few yeas later the team is working of a new controller that shows a mini screen, later made it bigger.
            plus the next handheld will be 2017-2018

        1. it was actually 2009 for Wii U then we heard rumors 2010 then it was revealed 2011 and release 2012.
          3DS successor rumors well revision rumor 2011 but successor announce 2012 but won’t be release until 3DS momentum die out.

  1. Is there much reason to be considering a new handheld? The 3ds hasn’t been out that long. Right now it seems like a waste of energy and time

    1. At least it means they’ll be prepared and ready for the launch of the new handheld in like 4-6 years

    2. That’s the case for most console manufactueres. The Wii U will be out later this year but who knows…in a few months/years after the launch of Wii U Nintendo might already be thinking about a successor. Same goes for Sony and MS.

    3. The 3DS was in development soon after the DSi. Long console development cycles aren’t unusual. And without revisions to add to the 3DS’ life, a successor is likely to come sooner than it has previously.

    1. Fair enough but I don’t see why, it says they are working an a successor to the 3DS instead of a remake of the 3DS, therefore working on the next gen handheld console instead of a remake of the 3DS, like the lite was a remake of the original DS

          1. This sounds perfect!!! WOW you made it! ja ja ja, yep, this is the best name of the new handheld Nintendo HDS and I hope now it till get and flash plug in to play videos on youtube, that´ll be great. Nintendo HDS :D yeah!

        1. Why? Its true, one day Nintendo will make a better handheld.. sorry they’ve already done that but are going to make an even BETTER handheld than both the 3DS and PSVita.

          Oh and how are the Vita sales?

          1. Lol, the 3DS is barely more better in graphics than the PSP, and what Nintendo will launch Sony will counter with something more powerful. So your argument is more moot than the the actual 4chan owner.

            It’s like saying YAY, MY NEW SYSTEM, IS BARELY MORE POWERFUL THAN A 5 YEAR OLD DEVICE!!! ohwait, the fanboys already do that with Wii U.

            1. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

              big whoop. who cares if the vita has better graphics? Nintendo seems to put more effort in where it counts: the games

              1. I’ll admite sony and nintendo are still really good and microsoft sucks(in my opinion so dont take it as a fact) and i have both a wii and a ps3 but my heart still relies to my childhood with the GameCube so NINTENDO FTW

    1. That actually sounds like a great idea XD. The DS franchise is a great one that Nintendo shouldn’t abandon anytime soon. And a DS that could play games with 1080p graphics would be awesome. Plus if it were to be backwards compatible with DS and 3DS games it would have some kind of 3D function as well. Sweet! And a C stick (or rather 2nd circle pad) would be a great addition as well.

      1. Well they did say the circle pad was built for a portable system so I don’t see why not. They are better than the PSVita’s analogs which are good just not as confortable as the circle pads

            1. Except they aren’t, there should have been a ridge on the circle pad to prevent this, since they work differently from conventional sticks.

              It is a design flaw I see spoken of very often on non-fanboy sites.

              1. Also, Nintendo filed a patent for such a ridge recently, seems they officially acknowledge it, so my point stands tall.

    2. Genesis does what Nintendon't

      That would be great, so great, I would buy it at launch day to see wonderful 1080p greatness.

      1. Why are people so retarded, 1080p resolution graphics on a small screen will make very little difference to visuals, because the screen is so SMALL. Jesus. All it will do is add to battery drain.

  2. I would like another version of the 3ds in a couple of years but for now I’m perfectly happy with the original version.

  3. Makes sense, it’s a nice piece of hardware. All those people waiting for 3DS Lite are wasting their time.

            1. If the 4th Dimension doesn’t exist then we wouldn’t be alive, because 4D is time and space really but what cinemas mean by 4D is that you can feel what happens in the film like snow would come out from the screen and even smells

        1. actually, yes, it exist, in movie theaters, it´s the combination of 3d and some kind of real events of nature, like wind, snow, earthquakes, etc. and also exist in pictures, but in scientific ones, google it… :D

  4. Wow, thats pretty kwl and pretty soon but its good to hear. Means I won’t have to pay a load for a new 3DS in 2 years or so, and just save up for the next model in 4-6 years :D

  5. Sorry to say this but i honestly think handhelds has ran out of it’s fuel. I’m sure the PlayStation Vita is Sony’s last handheld system.

    1. Nintendo will always create handhelds. And until Pokemon dies, Nintendo Handhelds will be around forever.

      Personally, I see Nintendo making a handheld so strong, it could come with a device, allowing the top screen of the handheld to be streamed to your TV, so it’s a Handheld and Console in ONE!!

      1. So basically, you’re saying all handhelds need are Pokemon.

        Keep fooling yourself, lol. Pokemon’s going to head straight to smartphones in the future. And Ninty will suck it up, since they don’t actually own the Pokemon Company.

          1. Uhm, no they don’t. In fact they don’t even own 50% of the company, more like 32%. Don’t know about you, but a 32% stake isn’t “ownership”. Pokemon is second party.

            Which certainly doesn’t mean they’re entitled to keep it that way. :P

              1. ha ha yeah buddy, you put him, her in his/her place! and sorry Aeolus, but your comments are like somewhat offensive, so just take it easy, it´s only a comment, not a fight, are we all ok? :D

            1. well, pokemon in psp, xbox? what? oh I didn´t heard, NO? Of course it´s only for Nintendo, and yet still true that Nintendo desn´t own Pokemon at all but, still they own the most, so it´s another way to own pokemon, because it´s only for them, not to other consoles.

              Good luck honey ;)

    1. what i meant to say was its coming out but without a revision as in no second circle pad or features but just bigger screens and longer battery life

  6. Good. I love my 3DS, don’t get me wrong. I am just glad they are looking to advance instead of make multiple iterations of the same system. Good news, good news.

  7. Yeah I’m surprised he’s even saying that…I kind of thought this generation was the last generation of handhelds…I don’t see how they could make yet ANOTHER handheld system once smartphones become even MORE popular.

    1. Dedicated handheld game systems won’t lose to the likes of smartphones and tablets. Even some developer’s are saying so. But for analysts it’s the opposite. But I trust developers more :D

  8. sweet. I bet the next one will keep the 3d effect and introduce a new innovation. knowing nintendo it’s going to be mind bogglingly awesome.

    1. I’m pretty sure I heard Nintendo say they didn’t want to continue using 3D. It was a one time thing for the 3DS. Which is why Wii U doesn’t support it.

      1. Um…the Wii U DOES support the use of 3DTVs actually, they just aren’t focusing on it with Wii U, most likely because they require glasses!

  9. I mean, I sure don’t want 3 other versions like the DS had but I would like at least one upgrade. Slightly bigger screens would be nice but the thing I would want most improved upon would be the camera. The 3DS needs a MUCH better camera build into it. That was my only disappointment (though the system obviously was built for gaming NOT photography). And I’m curious if futures handhelds will continue to be in 3D?

  10. and this time,i want my new 3ds to support youtube and good graphics.i have been playing games with gamecube graphics for 9 FUCKING YEARS or 10

  11. I think this article is misleading. Instead of revising the 3DS, they’ll work on the next gen. Ok, but it doesn’t mean they started to develop it yet. Buy a 3DS now. Don’t expect a next gen DS so soon.

  12. Thats because the past year all nintendo has been doing was releasing a new ds every single year. The 3DS is a great system.

  13. Ok, people, don’t start to think about a unveil next year, or the next 2 years. He just said that they are starting to think about a successor, and it’s understandable, the 3DS got released 2 years ago, they started to think about the Wii U 2 years after the Wii was released.

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  15. i hope they make a ds with android os on it im sure it wont happen but it would be freaken awsome

  16. Glad to hear this. :)
    Do any of you guys have any ideas of what Nintendo should on their next portable?
    I for one, hope that they keep the 3D and add HD to it. Also unlike the 3DS, make some adjustments so that when you tilt your 3DS you don’t loose the 3D effect.

  17. Personally, I’d love to see the DS Brick. All the fun of blunt force trauma and dual screen games in one!

  18. I think what the article means is that the DS is over which means the design such as present 3ds and ds will be gone. A new handheld design will be born but not sure what other design they could make besides the dual screen, hopefully its not an ipad look alike lol.

  19. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    please, take as much time as possible. we want the 3DS to live long, then get blown away by the next Nintendo handheld

  20. Slightly misleading title, it only says they’re thinking about a successor, not that they’re working on one. It’s pretty much the same thing I guess but it suggests that they’re saying “no we’re not going to release a 3DS revision soon, but we will release the 3DS’s successor soon”. Idk it’s probably me being petty as always but…

  21. 1080p touch screen and 1080p 3D screen, with as much ram as the Wii U, dual clickable circle pads, tight and think d-pad, L/R trigger, R bumper that doesn’t brake.

    I just described paradise!

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  23. Here’s my thoughts.

    Right now, Nintendo is not going to announce a 3DS revision until they are damn near ready to release it, because it would cannibalize sales of the current version. If they do release a new version, expect a special presentation or conference followed by a release within a month (2 months tops!).

    Considering we did not hear an announcement at E3 and the fact that Nintendo will have their hands full with the Wii U release, I do not expect we will hear of any revision within the next 18 months. Once the Wii U has been on the market for a year, then I could foresee a potential 3DS revision.

    Now in terms of what the 3DS revision might include, I believe it will be four key elements:
    1) Camera’s with a higher resolution capability
    2) A second circle pad
    3) Larger screens
    4) More 3D “depth”

    In 18 months, Nintendo will be able to produce a revision with these enhancements at a price comparable, or possibly cheaper, then it would be today, so it would be able to come in at the $200 mark. Combined with a large 3DS backlog of games – it would be a very big holiday hit. And early 3DS owners won’t feel too burned because they will have had their 3DS’s for over 2 years.

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  26. This doesn’t say they’re working on a successor. They’re looking at the next gen of handhelds, but we shouldn’t expect that anytime soon.

  27. 3DS successor. Let the predictions begin. Anyone else expecting it to have mobile capabilities. Of course sony’s will, but this would be good for Nintendo too, I think. It could access the Nintendo Network using satellites. You flip the 3DS around, or slide it to be similar in style to an iphone. Of course it’ll be reverse compatible with previous gen games. Something new will be needed for the games though. How about…. dual touch screen and 3D capabilities. Maybe. Or some cool tech that hasn’t been invented yet. That’d work too. Clickable double circle pads. I heard nintendo was working on making clickable circle pads somewhere. I don’t know if it could have double triggers though. Maybe have it so that a second set of triggers could fold out or something, so as to not make it uncomfortable in your pocket. I’ll leave it at that for now. What do you think will be in it?

  28. I’m okay with this. Sure, there are a few flaws in the system, but at least I don’t have to shell out money for a new 3DS. (If only there would be a way to fix that battery life…)

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