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Rayman Legends May Not Be A Wii U Exclusive

Although Ubisoft’s Xavier Poix said that Rayman Legends will be exclusive to Wii U, Michael Micholic, the senior game manager at Ubisoft, says otherwise. Micholic confirmed that Rayman Legends will be a launch title for Wii U, but claims that Ubisoft is “not really saying it’s a Wii U exclusive.”

“We’re not really saying [Rayman Legends] is a Wii U exclusive although all right now we’re showing is the Wii U. We’re looking at a lot of different launch options. We’ll keep you guys updated once we know for sure, but right now we’re just talking about the Wii U.”

76 thoughts on “Rayman Legends May Not Be A Wii U Exclusive”

      1. Rayman is gay anyway, We need more Zelda!! All the best games coming out by nintendo are on the 3DS and we have to wait til the fall and holiday season. I getting sick of waiting for games and being so bored with Nintendo :( Rather wait for good nintendo games here and there then setlle for gayman

        1. Zelda game takes time to be made.

          We didn’t get Phantom Hourglass until 3 years after the DS was released.

          What would you rather have a rushed Zelda game that will be horrible to play or a good Zelda that was carefully crafted?

          Zelda games are work of art, something that can’t be rushed.

          1. Zelda is not the only franchise they have you know? Metroid, StarFox, F-Zero, Fire Emblem… And they just focus on Mario. Thankfully Pikmin 3 is coming, but if they can spend a lot of time making MarioGames why they can’t use that time making new IPs or reviving other franchises? Mario Obsession is getting annoying by time.
            I really hate that those MarioGames are so damn genius and fun! That means Nintendo can do great games whenever they want, but sincerely Mario NEEDS A REST.

    1. They’re not a first or second party developer, and they’ve profited from being a multi-plat developer this gen. It’s a buisiness, they make games mainly to make money. Is it really that surprising that one of their main titles are multi-plat?

    1. ^ This
      Anyone remember Rayman 2? It’s on almost every console since the N64 days
      Ubisoft is king of the ported game!

    1. You think the fact they are providing for other consoles is money grabbing? It’s more that releasing for one untested platform that has generally, so far been seen as a disappointment by the general public is not the best idea. Releasing for other platforms gives them something to fall back on if the Wii U version fails to sell. Which, unless Nintendo actually tells people the facts, it may well do.

      1. well everyone who went to E3 seemed to love the wiiU. The conference was poor but the showcase was really good… espec zombiU

        1. In theory it’s great but having a poor conference isn’t something you can come back from in weeks. And even if they manage that, several game journalists don’t know what it is, therefore, Nintendo will have a tough job explaining it to the public.

          1. Nintendo will be fine just like with the 3ds. It goes to show its about careful pricing and good games (sales pickedup when mario 3d land and kart were launched)

            one week ago dragonquest monsters terrys wonderland or watever u call it sold 500k copies alone in a week and shipped around 100k 3ds. It’s all about the games ;)

          2. I still do not understand why people do not understand that the wii U is a new home console?!?

            How stupid can someone be? Sorry, but this is the truth!!!

            1. Cause some people don’t understand business or technology.

              I came home from school once to see my mother try to put my 3DS game card into the SD card slot of the Wii (she had guests over, and their kids were just laughing like crazy). Another time I turned on my 360 to find Smash Bros inside…

      2. despite the conference. I am very excited for wiiU. People expected too much at this conference like a zelda after SS and smash bros after Icarus for 3ds was made.

        1. Well only MicroDick sonys not bad but microdick… u remember BANJO KAZOOIE NUTS AND BOLTS? I still have nightmares

  1. Sounds like it really will just be a timed-exclusive at most. Not really surprised though–this was pretty much what I thought was going to happen, especially considering the only reason Origins was remotely successful was that it came out on practically everything. No way is Ubisoft going to let this stay locked-up on the Wii U.

    1. I doubt this highly. People are bound to say this after the slightly poor reception Nintendo received. They just want to have some insurance as such.

      1. I’m just saying based on what we’ve seen on the perceived exclusives that early on they just dwindle. I really hope Lego City Undercover stays Wii U exclusive.

              1. That is where you are wrong, my dear friend! While I have to agree with most of you that the 360 lacks exclusives. It does have…

                -Fable 2
                – Halo 3, ODST, Reach, and 4
                -Gears of War 2, 3, and Judgement

                …and that’s it for full-fledged games. Wow.

    2. Once the system launches than , 3rd parties will get a better idea of how well games sell on Wii U. Amanda; don’t worry, in time we will see more exclusives on the console.

  2. Rayman Origins was on a plethora of systems, so this doesn’t strike me as odd or a surprise. I hope they release Legends on the Vita seeing as how I got Origins on Vita! As much as I want the Wii U, platform are much more exiliharting on portables! :)

    Origins was amazing, so I want the sequel on as many platforms as possible! :)

      1. Trolling this, trolling that! The man has an opinion, he isn’t commiting some sort of heinous crime, is he? People seriously need to look up the definition of ‘troll’ because it’s being thrown around everywhere without the slightest clue of what it means!

        Anyways, I agree with the link you provided, it does show a different side to Nintendo and how ignorant they can be sometimes. Nintendo loves being the innovaters in the show, but they used to be so much more…

        Still getting the Wii U though. I have some faith!

  3. Well of course
    if you stick with nintendo you lose
    why you think crytec left theor sorry asses

    only on xbox

  4. Figured as much. I actually didn’t know this was even restricted to the Wii U until I read that on this site (or maybe it was Nintendo World Report, I forget).

  5. That’s to be expected. If they feel the need to release on other platforms, that’s up to them. But I don’t think the audience is there for a Rayman game on the other consoles. This game seems to be heavily tailored around the Upad too. So it may just stay on the Wii U after all. Leave luck to heaven.

  6. Excellent. I was hoping this would be the case. Why are all you fan boys getting mad and acting like they’ve betrayed you? You are still getting the game for the Wii U.

  7. Look…While its’ a little disappointing that legends along with ZombiU may no longer be exclusive, I can’t blame Ubisoft for wanting to make as much money as possible. I just dislike the fact that they say these games are exclusive, then they change their tune. I really believe that Ubisoft got a lot of buzz about these titles during E3, and decided that possibly releasing these titles on all systems would be a better option. This is why Nintendo need to come out with more of their titles, and lock up these exclusives, if possible. Still, getting a Wii U though. Also, just watched Nintendo conference for a 2nd time, and I enjoyed it a lot better. Most of the conference was good, however, the nintendo land segment went too long, and they shouldn’t have concluded with that. The 1st time I watched it, I was somewhat disappointed because I bought into all the speculation going around the web, such as, a new star fox and/or metroid. This, in addition to the nintendo land presentation, is what took steam out of Nintendo’s conference. If u felt like I felt when I first saw their conference, I would encourage u too watch it again. Much more enjoyable…

    1. without Nintendo, Microsoft and sony wolud never be there becouse
      they Stell every inovation from nintendo. the one more the other less, but this is the truth!!!

      1. I don’t share siegfried’s opinion, but man, get better reasons to like a company. “It did it first” is a terrible reason to like a company, it holds no water these days since everyone moreorless shares and develops the same tech. The only guys who still call it copying are the ones who don’t understand how this buisiness works. You’re living in the past.

    2. Oh, was I supposed to give a fuck? Sorry, I don’t have any. You seem to have quite a lot, since you even give a fuck about the things you hate.

  8. wtf ubisoft make up your minds lol. there have been SO many things related to the wiiu that they have flipp flopped one it’s starting to get ridiculous.

    1. eh, all they’d said they would do is support the WiiU. And they are doing that, moreso than many other developers atleast.

      1. i dont mind them supporting it, it’s just that they keep saying things and then retracting it a week later. like how they said the wiiu could on ly support one controller, zombiu and rayman legends “exclusiveness”, it’s getting kindof stupid at this point. can’t really trust anything they say about the wiiu.

    2. Maybe Ubisoft is taking cues from politics. This is just degrading the trust of Ubisoft by the few who look at news in gaming, and if they keep this act up, Origins will probably never make it to the 3DS(imagines an announcement in 2014, thanks for you guys who’ve still have had faith in Rayman Origins, but we’re moving the release date back six more months to polish the game a little bit more.)

  9. I am not surprised to be honest.

    Anyway Rayman is a shit game and I wasn’t planing in buying it.

    In fact none of Ubisoft’s game interest me at all.

  10. If it is not a Wii U exclusive, then I will not buy it. I hate cross platform games ’cause developers don’t focus on the strength of the machine…I was a bit excited. Oh wellz…

    1. Most exclusives don’t focus on the strength of the machine either, despite what you are led to believe in press releases and stuff. Do yourself a favour and just support games you like.

    2. I hope you are aware that the Wii U version IS getting special Wii U related features. Don’t be such a pleb.

  11. WTF, Ubisoft? Why are you betraying Nintendo so much lately? Seems like the old DRM Ubisoft is showing again.

  12. One less reason to buy a Nintendo console for me. They usually have the best platformers but Rayman Origins was miles ahead of all the other 2D platformers this gen, Legends looks like it might be the same. Zelda releases are few and far between, we won’t be getting one any time soon. Pikmin 3 looks cool but not enough a reason to warrant a purchase by itself, I guess I won’t be buying a WiiU at launch then.

  13. i own rayman origins on ps3. one of the best games around. im trophy hunting in the game right now. very fun, challenging, and great to look @…i really cant complain…funny thing is somehow RL looks even better..rayman on wii u will be epic definite selling point for many

  14. Well, Ubisoft is getting stupid!
    First, they said that ZombiU could go multiplatform and now that Rayman Legends won’t be an exclusive for WiiU? What the hell is happening to this people ¬¬

    1. Well, I’m glad Rayman Legends isn’t a Wii U exclusive! More people need to enjoy this masterpiece, because Rayman Origins was AMAZING! Plus, Nintendo will make due for these ‘exclsuives’ that Ubisoft promised. Knowing them, they are going to be miles ahead from these games! :)

      Rayman Origins was on a plethora of systems, so I’m guessing you didn’t know that? Most people are just complaining just to complain without knowing the fate of the first game. This was expected, honestly.

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