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Developers Are Not Using Wii U’s Full Potential

Satoru Iwata believes that developers are currently using only half of the Wii U’s full potential. Iwata mentions how existing HD consoles have been on the market for over six years, and developers have been continuously improving their games’ visuals over time. Recent Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles look a lot better than games that were released during or close to the consoles’ launches. Wii U games’ visuals will improve as time goes on.

“While existing platforms have engines that development teams have tuned and optimized for six to seven years after their respective launches, the Wii U is a new platform that has slightly different architecture and, since development teams have only just begun development on software for it, they are only at the halfway point to utilising its full potential.”

“Despite this fact, however, if you look at the game Assassin’s Creed 3, which was recently announced or shown, you can’t see much difference when you compare it with games for other companies’ systems.”

83 thoughts on “Developers Are Not Using Wii U’s Full Potential”

    1. Indeed, the PS3 system is very powerful though some companies don’t make full potential of its hardware either. So if the launch title games for the Wii U has late PS3 like graphics then that is a really good sign

  1. Um.. we SHOULD see a difference, Satoru. It should be in native 1080p and look pristine as all hell. I don’t want an equal…

    1. We SHOULD see a difference and we WILL. Did you read the article at all? When developers make games, they learn more about the consoles they develop for every year. The more these companies learn, the better the games can look. If PS3 level graphics are the starting point of the gen, then imagine what’s going to come later on.

      1. Wrong. We were told 1080p at one point. Now, Nintendo is reporting 720p @ a mere 30 fps for many situations…

        1. Super Wrong, yes We were 1080p at 60fps with no problem. He didn’t say “oh we’ll do 1080p for EVERY SINGLE game starting launch” AND he also didn’t say the launch games are doing 720p at only 30fps. It’s 60fps dumbass, get your facts straight

          1. Why not do 1080p for every game? Where’s the downside? If the console hand easily handle it (and Nintendo’s launch games aren’t super graphics heavy; New Super Mario Bros. U? It’s practically a Wii port), then why not do it?

            Reason: it CAN’T handle 1080p @ 60fps benchmark. That’s the only logical reason. Because its not hard to upgrade a game’s resolution from a programmer standpoint. I should know: I am a C++ developer who has dabbled in games.

            So if it’s not hard to do and the console can handle it, I ask again: why not do it? Put your best foot forward, right?

            1. Because of the same motive that the first and the majority games of xbox 360 are 540p… It’s just the beginning of its life, calm down and relax…

              1. Ridiculous. If the console is capable, do it. Otherwiseit’s laziness.

                The reason 360 games ran lower is because it was never meant to run at higher resolutions, it was meant to UPSCALE to 720p and 1080p. They weren’t holding back just because.

                Don’t be dim.

                1. Don’t your kind (hater) always said that PS360 is a HD console and blablabla WiiU HAS to do 1080p @60 FPS and blablabla? So, now PS360 don’t belong the same power than WiiU? The WiiU is a true next gen, right? I already said and I’ll said it again, if you want to play (native) games at 720p @60FPS with AA or games 1080p @30/60 FPS, you can only on WiiU or a PC…

                  Don’t be a cry baby.

                2. Another thing:

                  “Ridiculous. If the console is capable, do it.”

                  If the PS360 can do upscale in some games to 720/1080p, why all games isn’t if it’s capable?

                  Grow up kid…

                3. Dude your such a dick, everytime I see a comment from you your just being a dick to people, sure some of them deserve it but not all. So stop being a dick to those that dont deserve it.

                4. “The reason 360 games ran lower is because it was never meant to run at higher resolutions, it was meant to UPSCALE”

                  your wii u reason, is ok now?

            2. Simple, so they can be released in time for launch. The console can do it BUT the latest dev kits were sent out just recently and AGAIN they said it’s only for FIRST PARTY launch titles, it doesn’t affect third party titles such as Assassin’s Creed III which is running in 1080p and at 60 FPS. Before you say anything about the dev kits, do you really think a company begins work on a dev kit AS SOON as they get them? Do you think a company can just improve on a game while it’s being mass produced? Besides, did you expect a game like New Super Mario Bros. U or Wii Fit U to be running in 1080p at 60 FPS? Did you expect ports to be running in 1080p at 60 FPS?

              1. They need extra effort and extra money to start developping at 1080p. Nintendo developers feel comfortable making games at 720p (at least for now) and 3rd party developers are not making games at 1080 because can’t invest so much time and money without knowing the profit from a console that is not even out.

                On top of that, time is against them for now dude, they had a year or 2 to develop games for the launch of the console. It’s all about logic.

        2. The only one so far (that I hear) being 30 FPS is Trine 2, but with max of anti-aliasing. It’s 60 FPS for most situations…

        3. Nathan…. you are way off. Assassin Creed 3 is a perfect example of how the Wii U version looks much better (much better draw distance, textures, lighting, etc) than the PS3 version. Plus the glaring difference was achieved without even beginning to tap into the Wii U true GPU power. Plus it is running at 1080P.

    1. unfortunately by then the ps4 may be on the horizon and from what sony have been saying it may be about the same difference between the wii and ps3

      1. um no. think of it this way. there’s no way that sony will be able to produce a console that is significantly more powerful than the wiiu without making it cost $1000+. nice try though.

        1. Yes there is. It’ll be a year later, tech will cost less, and they won’t hold back on GPU and CPU price because of an expensive controller. They could make a console more than twice as powerful for the same or marginally more expensive price point. Easily.

          1. Yeah because a one year difference made the 360 look like crap compared to the PS3, right? Oh and remember how the GameCube kicked the hell out of the PS2 in terms of graphics or the original Xbox?

          1. there is a new that says that wii u is a potential risk for PS3 and for the PS3 succesor that means that PS4 might not be so much potencial comparated to wii u
            WII U UNTIL DEAD
            I HOPE WII U WILL COST $300 OR LESS

  2. I certainly hope so, I wouldn’t want what happened with the Wii to happen to the Wii U where it hits fast but gets a little lost to history in it’s last 2-3 years because it simply can’t keep up on a hardware level with the 360 and PS3. I’m not expecting it to be as powerful as a high-end PC or PS4, but at least more so than the Wii was with it’s contemporaries.

  3. Some Wii U launch games look as good as high end PC games imo. Trine 2 and Assassin’s Creed 3 look amzing on Wii U. I think AC3 is running at 60 fps and 1080p. I’m not sure about that though. It looks awesome either way. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Despite the fact that Trine 2 will run at 30 FPS (and there is no problem for that), Trine 2 will use the max of anti-aliasing that WiiU can do, this game looks amazing on WiiU.

  4. whatever. I’m fine with the graphics of the late ps360 titles as a start for wiiu games. just shows how beast the wiiu is.

  5. Sounds reasonable, same thing happened when the PS3 came out, developers (sans Sony’s in house ones) didn’t use the system to it’s full potential, as soon as developers figure out the system entirely (or have had more time to study it) I’m sure we’ll see a huge improvement in due time.

    1. It’s for those who think it doesn’t apply to the Wii U, because they think the Wii U is like a mentally retarded child. Too much projection, I’d say.

  6. Wii U graphics already look better than late PS3 graphics so… imagine what it look like in late 2013 and 2014. :)

  7. hopefully it’ll be used to its full potential by the time the serious first-party flow starts. 3D mario, zelda, metroid, super smash bros, kirby, maybe some star fox or f-zero. they’re all going to be amazing

  8. I can’t wait to pick up this beautiful thing day one. Imagine the exclusives later or other possibilities

  9. It was the same with the Wii. Apart from Nintendo themselves, no one could fully utilise the console’s power for the first few years.

        1. Wow! That’s actually a lot better than I expected! The Wii U looks better than PS3 at launch, and it’s only going up from there!

  10. I’ts Simple for me: If Wii U is better than PS3 and Xbox 360, also if there are good games, I will buy it. If it is very similar to the quality of both I have mentioned I won’t bother into buying another 360 with the Nintendo Logo.
    I hope they won’t dissapoint us… I already have the DSi, 3DS, etc…

  11. A thought for you all. The Wii U is already exhibiting graphics better than PS360 games so we know it’s next gen. Some of you may think that it’s only a slight improvement and that PS4/720 will blow it out of the water graphics-wise the same way the PS360 did with the Wii.

    It was said months ago that Sony isn’t going to put as much money into the making of the PS4 as they did with the PS3, right? Unless their strategy has changed and I’m simply unaware of it, Sony’s next-gen console won’t be much of a jump from their current-gen console.

    Theoretically, if Microsoft makes about the same jump as Sony instead of pouring money into the 720 in an attempt to overshadow them, the Big 3 next generation should end up about equal in graphics at the fullest potential of each console. One can only hope that this would bring a swift end to fanboys insulting other consoles on the basis of graphics.

    1. Mm, not exactly, a year can change production costs drastically, if they wait two years like Microsoft seem to be doing than they could afford Wii U parts a third less, if not more. Upgrading to a chipset a step above Wii U’s at that point wouldn’t break their budget,

      There won’t be a massive difference in visuals other than framerates and resolutions mostly, in a point in console gaming where hyper realism is becoming easier to achieve we’re reaching a plateau which just might level the playing field for the Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

      At that point Nintendo would hopefully have a foot hold in the market and be able to make strategic price drops to the console.

      1. Were Reaching a plateau? NOOO, try pc gaming dude…. and look at the avatar movie. Im not a graphics hog, but that is soo dang ignorant , saying that graphics is reaching its plateau.

        1. I said Console graphics, I never mentioned PC gaming. Each generation has to set a standard for power for the next 5+ years, that number is growing as the need for console graphics is becoming less and less important.

          You’re ignorant for thinking I meant otherwise, we’re a decade from having cinema quality graphics on consoles, if not more.

          1. Yes, your right. Graphics can’t just keep going up. They have stopping and starting points in each gen.

    2. if you go by launch prices the wii blows the hd twins out for proof youtube call of duty wii vs 360 not even a 50 dollar difference imo

    3. She is beautiful! I’ve been chnikceg every day to see if you’ve posted anything and this is so worth the wait. Jacob and Callie’s wedding is next weekend and we will be missing your special touch. Little Ms. June should have some beautiful pics during her life.

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  13. Just like Wii Nintendo was the only one that wanted to make games well now these third parties better step up there games

  14. Wii U will have the same quality graphics as the 720 and PS4. By the time they’re here, the graphics will be so close no dev will want to upscale there game to fit each console.

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