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Epic Mickey 2 Delayed

Disney Interactive Studios has confirmed that Epic Mickey: The Power of Two has been delayed until November 22nd on Wii, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Epic Mickey 2 was originally scheduled to be released on September 26th.

48 thoughts on “Epic Mickey 2 Delayed”

  1. That’s unfortunate. That’s the same week as Resident Evil 6, isn’t it? I’m sure a fair share of Epic Mickey fans are also RE fans, despite the clear difference in genre. I’m going to have to think about which one I want to spend my money on that week. Hm…

    1. Not really.

      Resident Evil 6 is for older people who don’t know any better while Epic Mickey is for young children who don’t know any better.

      Resident Evil 6 will be crap because Capcom will fuck it up and Epic Mickey will be crap because the first one was crap.

          1. Aw that isn’t nice.

            I didn’t say anything mean to you did I?

            Damn it you made be depressed. :'(

            I think that I might just end it all and kill myself.

        1. Not sure how biting my tongue will stop me from typing.

          Resident Evil 6 is shit and has lost what made it made it good in the first place.

          It is not a survival horror game but instead a gear of zombie game just so Capcom can target the call of duty fan boys, though how that works I have no idea I am not stupid like Capcom.

          Resident Evil 6 will be a fucking crap game and I bet you that Capcom will find some way just to make it worse.

          1. bite your tongue is an expression you idiot. and how in the hell does it look geared toward call of duty fans? it’s nothing like call of duty in anyway. and they actually made leons part in the game survival horror, so your argument is invalid. and just because a developer wants to take there franchise in a different direction, doesnt make is suck. in fact, its a very good thing. it’s something that not very many developers do now a days.

      1. I’d let RE hit the shelves before its assumed to be crap. Granted I don’t think it WILL be good, but it could still end up like 4 and be great. I don’t really know about Mickey. I didn’t like the first one because it promised us some strange interpretation of Disney, but instead we got some happy Disney adventure. Not to mention control issues and a awful, awful camera

        1. This pretty much.

          Warren Spector promised us that we would be playing a dark bizarre Disney game which got me interested, he also promised that the game would change if we chose to be good or bad with Mickey slowly changing his looks

          But because the test audience didn’t like it, or most likely one of the Disney higher up, Warren Spector was force to scrap the whole thing thus making the game bland and boring.

          I also can not forgive the clunky camera control with Warren Spector making a weak excused that it was fine.

          Warren Spector can not make a good game to save his life.

    1. i seriously see no reason not to. i mean it even supports the conrtolls of the wii anyway, so all they’d need to do is upscale the resolution and polish the graphics a bit

    2. That is a possibility. Or they might release it for the Wii and Wii U like how Ubisoft is releasing Just Dance 4 for Wii and Wii U with the Wii U version having better graphics and more options. Who knows. But hopefully the game being delayed means they want to make some improvements before they launch it. Because rushed games tend to feel rushed. That’s hope I hope Nintendo really takes their time with the next Smash Bros.

  2. Replace the word Delayed with Cancelled and that would be awesome.

    But seriously Epic Mickey was a crap boring game with horrible camera control. Epic Mickey 2 won’t be any better.

    And the 3DS game of Epic Mickey is crap as well.

    1. epic mickey was pretty fun, and the 3ds game is based off of castle of illusion which was awesome….you sir need to rethink your outlook on life.

      1. Epic Mickey was boring as hell, there was nothing special about the game what so ever.

        The camera was broken and the Good and bad mechanic was pointless since it had no baring on the game what so ever.

        It was not the game that Warren Spector said it would be.

        And the 3DS version looks slow as hell, I would be better off playing castle of illusion.

          1. Trolling?

            Huh hardly I am just expressing my opinion, while trying force them on to other people.

            If it looks like I am trolling then it just shows just how easy it is to troll here, since there is no control in the comment what so ever.

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