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Nintendo Admits Wii U Launch Games Still To Be Decided

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told the The Globe And Mail that Nintendo is still discussing which Wii U games will appear at the console’s launch. Reggie says that the company is studying feedback and assessing the reactions from E3 2012. Which games would you like to see at launch?

“The rationale is this: We want to see what resonates. We want to understand which games and experiences really resonate with consumers, and then use that information to make decisions moving forward. This is something we’ve done every launch year. We did it with DS, we did it with Wii, we did it with 3DS.

“We’ll take all of the information coming from E3 and use it to make final decisions on launch date, launch price, configuration, launch day software, launch window software, and follow up-software. Because now we have the benefit of information.”

49 thoughts on “Nintendo Admits Wii U Launch Games Still To Be Decided”

        1. Dude, buddy, tell me how bad you want zelda majoras mask HD on the Wii U, I WILL BUY THE CONSOLE JUST FOR THAT GAME!!!!! sure is good to have a new zelda game too an original consept, but I’ll be happy with Zelda MM, 5 more dungeons, extra masks and a little altered and longer story, with some new tragedies, to give it some flavor!!!

          1. Don’t ask for remakes in a new console dude xD
            There’s no point in remaking games for a new console that is asking for innovation..I don’t think it’s time for this.

            Maybe they’ll remake the game at some point, but if you’re buying Wii U for this game, I don’t know if you’re doing the right thing. The 3DS seems to be the place where MM will least for now xD

  1. I am very excited about the Wii U, but I am getting tired of hearing what Nintendo are not doing. I want details of what will be happening.

    1. Am getting tired of all the nintendo hate. Don’t like it? Then move on. There are ppl still crying over e3. The world is still moving. Days are passing by. Noone gives a flying shit! Embrace the news that is coming in daily and just take a chill pill. Gamers have become really spoilt in this day and age. I remember the nes days when life was simple. Sigh

      Ps: this wasn’t directed at u but In general to the gaming community.

      1. Can you please explain the part where I ‘hated’ on Nintendo? I said I wanted to know details. I don’t think that’s unfair. This console will be launching within the next 6 months and we still know next to nothing.

        1. DigitalGreenTeaV on the phone

          6 months is still a long time. They will show us details around september, at TGS and with some Nintendo Directs iny eyes.

          My Body is Ready for the Wii U

    1. I kinda think that would be cool but there already was a remake and remakes of a remake can turn out shit. Imagine. A remake of pokemon fire red!

    2. I’d like to see Super Mario 64 DS U. Have the advancements made from the DS version (like the extra areas and stuff), but in HD. It’s possible anyways, you have the extra screen in your hands. :) Then the idiots out there can stop saying “DERP YEAH MARIO 64 SUCKS NOW IT DIDN’T AGE WELL.” Yeah? Well here’s an update to it. Eat a dick.

  2. DigitalGreenTeaV on the phone

    Smart move Nintendo. Listening to what people thought pf the Wii U at E3 and then decide what launch games should be chosen. =)

  3. If they’re REALLY formulating their launch plans based on the E3 reactions, they’ll bundle Nintendo Land with the Wii U. Barely anyone wants to purchase that game as a separate retail game.

  4. Do you know what that means??
    For the first time Nintendo is using business information (collecting info in FB and Twitter) to get the correct feeling about what could be more efficient considering the expection of the fans. They will continually doing this with the Miiverse. Awesome! Now, we (consumers) have more consideration in the whole process. :-)

  5. Well, for me it’s simple: If ZombieU is available at launch then I’ll be picking up the Wii U either on launch day if I have the money or as soon afterwards as I can afford it.

    Well, if Nintendo Land is free bundled software then that will also influence my decision. Possibly not as much, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  6. Wii U Console: $300 (Comes with Nintendo Land, Wii U Game Pad, maybe wii remote plus and nunchuk????)
    Wii U Games: $50
    Wii U Game Pad: $75
    Wii U Pro Controller: $30
    Wii Remote Plus: $20
    Nunchuks: $10

    Launch Games:
    MARIO KART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If they are really paying attention:
    Price- 299.99
    Comes with- Game pad, pro controller, and Nintendoland (nobody wants to buy that)
    Launch games- NSMB U, ZombiU, Pikmin 3, and all the 3rd party games that people can just get on other consoles anyway
    Within a year of launch- Retro’s game!!

      1. And your probably looking at around $400 for the console, if it’s less than that it’s cheap junk those tablets are not cheap. The kindle fire is the cheapest tablet at $200. So if their 720p machine isn’t a cheap hunk of junk with a Chinese knock off tablet, it will most likely be around $400 no “real” game, no pro controller. Just 1 tablet console and mini game collection that will be good for 20 mins or when the adults are drinking

  8. You throw in Mass Effect 3, some free shit, the Non-specific action figure and ZombiU, top that off with a free copy of Nintendo Land and you got yourself a deal my friend… still.. without all that stuff I’d still buy it

  9. Man I need a brand new Naruto game on nintendo’s launch. They haven’t come out with one for three years!

  10. Of the games they showed at E3, Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U need to be there at launch. I also think they could really from having Game & Wario at launch, since it shows off the Wii U’s features very well. Nintendo Land should be bundled with the system, or it just won’t sell well.

  11. If this were true, then my animal crossing house would already be paid for and I’ll have everything in that game down. You know, since they showed it two years ago and all…

  12. NintendoLand needs to be bundled. I think that game could be really popular, but only if it’s bundled.
    Launch games NEED to have New Super Mario Bros U. That is top priority, it is a system seller.

    Other launch games should be: Pikmin 3, ZombiU (more hardcore). Wii Fit U probably wouldn’t hurt either, seems to sell well to casuals.

  13. I hope Nintendo sees hoe much everyone hated their E3 and decides to take Wii U back to the drawing board and wait till next E3 to show us some quality games.

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