Bomb Monkey Trailer

Bomb Monkey is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game from the developers of Mutant Mudds, Renegade Kid. Bomb Monkey is a puzzle game where the player tries to get rid of blocks in order to progress. The game features a two-player mode, which can be played by using one 3DS console. Bomb Monkey is scheduled to release on the Nintendo eShop this summer.



  1. Most of the comments I read from the comment section is: puzzle game = turd.
    I guess I’m one of the people that is excited for this. The game being created by Renegade Kid automatically makes it a good game.


  2. I’m hesitant on the concept of turning the console sideways. Seems to gimmicky and uncomfortable to hold.

    Oh well, at least someone’s first to try it on the 3DS. Let’s see how this goes.


    1. Several games on the normal DS did it and sold fine. Don’t see how this will be any different. My concern is how 2 player is going to work on one 3DS. But, I do like Renegade Kid. I’m sure they thought out something clever.


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