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Wii U GamePad Renders Faster Than The TV

Eurogamer recently went hands-on with Wii U. During their trial, the Wii U GamePad’s image did not lag behind the television screen and, as a matter of fact, Wii U’s controller rendered faster than the TV. Eurogamer claims that the Wii U GamePad’s connectivity with the TV is significantly better than the PlayStation Portable’s “heavily buffered Remote Play feature.”

“Latency also factors into the equation when using any wireless device, and memories of the PSP’s heavily buffered Remote Play feature have us hoping for a significantly reduced delay between the higher and lower screens. Fortunately, we’re pleased to find that latency here is impossible to pick out without some exacting method of measure. In testing the difference, we find results that completely subvert our expectations here; in instances where gameplay is mirrored between the two, the GamePad screen actually renders the image 116ms before the 50-inch LG screen does.”

164 thoughts on “Wii U GamePad Renders Faster Than The TV”

      1. Just saying that a controller is somehow more powerful than a home console running a TV. Though that was stupid.

        1. Impossible, it’s just that there is less of a image delay between the controller and the console. Although I’ve found nothing to complain about when playing on a TV so this really isn’t the most noticeable difference to me. But it is great that they have it close to the TV’s latency.

        2. the controller is only a regular controller and a screen, the WiiU sends the image with less delay to the controller than it does to the tv.

        3. they’re not saying the controller is more powerful, they’re saying the controller screen has a much quicker refresh rate than the tv which is astonishing considering that the console is wirelessly streaming the video to the controller.

          1. That’s because the TV is very likely incredibly cheap. 116ms delay? HAHAHAHA.

            This entire article is full of fail, lmfao.

            1. Why so much denial? Did you really come onto a Wii U site just to show your blind hate of Nintendo?

              Explain to me, why would a rich company test their hardware on cheap T.V. to produce results like this?

              1. Are you stupid or incredibly out of the zone?

                That’s not a 116 ms HDTV delay (which is absurd to game on anyway), that’s a 116 ms difference between the Wii U pad and the HDTV. That means the delay of the HDTV sits around 140ms or higher. If there was that much delay, you could feel the lack of responsiveness.

                Do you people seriously believe this shit? A pad with a freaking streaming chip has a faster refresh rate than an HDTV? Like I said before; maybe a crappy HDTV whose display panels are manufactured in China on the cheap alongside Vizio, LG, Toshiba, and all the other half-assed brands. My Samsung Plasma would smoke that cheap pad easily.

                  1. You don’t need proof if every single bit of what I said is a universal fact and you’d have to be blithering idiot tier to believe otherwise.

                      1. Dont you guys know? Aeolus has every single new technology, even the ones that havent been released yet, even the Wii U. Nintendo chose him to test it out because he is the ultimate gamer. (super sarcasm)

                      2. Wii U isn’t new technology, though. Stop fooling yourself. That shit is off the shelf parts and the whole controller is relatively cheap components.

                        480p screen with no multitouch? LOL.

                        1. When was it confirmed that it was a 480p screen? NEVER. As I said before stop pulling fanboy facts out of nowhere.

                        2. “480p screen with no multitouch?”

                          480p on a 6 inch screen will practically look HD as it is. Not much of an argument. And who cares about multitouch that much really? My 3DS isn’t multitouch, and I perfer it that way actually. At this point, you are really trying hard to find reasons to complain.

          1. I think the TV framerate drops with 2 Pads connected, because 2 Pads drain the power of the console more than just one pad.

            1. I think what Iwata meant with the drop of fps is that instad of 60 fps on the controller it’s 30. Dont think he was talking about the console.
              I think it’s a bandwidth problem. say the image is ~1megabyte. You need a bandwidth of 60mb/s for the controller to display 60 fps. If two controllers are on they have to share that connection simple as that.

        1. I think nintendo confirmed that using 2 at a time will cause framerate to drop on at least one if not both controllers

          1. that it would halve both controllers. supposedly from 60fps to 30 fps. I didn’t see anything stated about what happens to the TV fps. Nintendo being vague again.

            1. Have patience, Jebediah. Nintendo doesn’t want to add more leaks to the rival company and copying Nintendo’s innovation and ideas. Remember… SmartGlass (Wii U Game Pad) and PSVita to PS3 (Game Boy Advance to GameCube).

            2. when using multiple displays, when the frame rate drops, it’ll drop for all of the displays. since one machine is generating all of the images, the framerate will be constant on every display that it outputs to. if it was able to have multiple framerate on multiple displays, that would be insane. there is litterally no way that can happen.

          1. It does everything…but play DVDs, Blu Ray, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, Store info to a BUILT IN Hard Drive, attract core gamers, third parties, HD on the controller, multitouch, differentiate itself from Wii U, list goes on and on…forever and ever.

            1. Nintendo doesn’t need DVD or Blu-Ray because most of the people already have at least one DVD or Blu-Ray player. With the Wii U, it only does affordability, online multiplayer, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, internet, SD Card, external hard drive compatibility, better graphics, Unreal Engine 3.9 and 4, Anvil Plus, Frostbite, NFC technology, Havok physics engine, Wii games and accessories, Free-to-Play, revolutionary, innovation, quality. In other words– EVERYTHING!

              1. In other words, what the PS3 and 360 can already do.

                And no mention of UE4 was said on the Wii U, nor can anyone proof it can run it, so stop mentioning UE4 as a fact when it is in fact. not a fact.

                  1. Actually, I know it might be very disappointing but Unreal Engine 4 will not be running on the Wii U. Epic clearly stated this themselves. The Wii U will be a very powerful console, but not powerful enough to run engines built for the PC. I am not a troll, I seriously love Nintendo’s work, but I am just stating facts.

                    1. Nice try your royal FAILness. The Wii U can run Unreal Engine 4 as well as other devices outside of PC. It’s just YOUR OPINION… not facts. The true fact is the Wii U can run Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine 3 and Frostbite 2.0 .

            2. DVD, Blu-Ray, HD touch-screen, and multitouch are all not needed. The Wii-U has already attracted third parties so i don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Why have a built in expensive ass low storage hard drive when you can buy a cheap 500 GB hard-drive for less than what Nintendo would’ve charged? We don’t even know about ethernet and time will tell if it’ll attract core gamers.

              1. There is no such thing as not-needed. This is next gen, speak for yourselves, not for the gamers. People are still using their BD drives, still relying on Hard Drives and all of that jazz. Being FORCED to buy a bigger HDD is completely counter-intuitive and only serves to actually increase the price you’ll be spending on this consoles.

                Full fledged video-game consoles are dead. These are now DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS. Look all around you; why do you think MS invests so much on non-gaming features being included in a complete XBL package? BECAUSE PEOPLE USE THEM, IDIOTS. Netflix, ESPN, alll of that stuff DO have a userbase. DVD further helps this and prevents collections of them from being useless because the device doesn’t play them.

                Fact: The majority of casual Wii owners are using it for Netflix of all things.

                Fact 2: Saying shit like “doesn’t need” is stupid. It’s called CONVENIENCE. People are NOT going to be buying multiple devices to do X when another devices comes with all of that built in. Multiple devices also = CLUTTER. Do you think it’s fun to jump from product or product just to do something that another SHOULD be capable of doing? The PS2 sold like hotcakes for a reason, DVD was a heavy contribution to that in it’s early life.

                I can come up with a “heap” of “doesn’t need” nonsense, because you think oh, gaming is all that matters for it. Uhm, don’t know about you, but I’m not spending $300 on a pure gaming device anymore. Those days are gone.

                Fact: Nintendo is being totally cheap. Blu Ray royalties are 9 FUCKING DOLLARS. and DVD is 4 of such. Guess what? Wii U uses unlicensed Blu-Ray discs. A soft mod, just like what you can do to Wii to enable DVD playback will undoubtedly enable BD playback too.

                HDDs with HUNDREDS of gigabytes in space can be found for like $50.

                This thing doesn’t even have goddamn ethernet, so it once again runs off the assumption that people love to buy silly adapters for something that should be mandatory. The entire planet does not have wireless internet. Hell, some people still prefer wired.

                No excuses.

                1. Hey genius, it costs less to buy an external HD WITH more space than it is to buy an internal HD WITH less space and, ntm, most people already have external HD’s. Hell, I have a 500 GB HD that I got for $30 just sitting around waiting to be used. Wake me up when Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo can include THAT in their system W/O bumping up the price by god knows how much. “HDDs with HUNDREDS of gigabytes in space can be found for like $50”, thanks you just helped prove one of my points.

                  Of course Nintendo is cheap, their cheap so the products they sell can be cheap.

                  Conveniency? EVERYONE already has a DVD player and can afford a Blu-Ray player, ntm most people who watch movies tend to watch it in the living room or the entertainment room. Why pay more for things you already have? It’s like having consoles play music? Why? If I’m going to be busy playing games, than why the fuck do I need music running in the background? I have a computer and an iTouch for that shit.

                  1. “Hey genius, it costs less to buy an external HD WITH more space than it is to buy an internal HD WITH less space”

                    Total bullshit, and PS3 disagrees.

                    “most people already have external HD’s.”

                    LOL, I’d love to see the statistics that prove this. Because I can guaranfuckingtee that’s totally wrong.

                    “Wake me up when Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo can include THAT in their system W/O bumping up the price by god knows how much.”

                    A PS3 with a very sufficient 320GB HDD WITH Uncharted 3 can be had for $300. So much for that “increasing the price” horseshit when it used to cost the same thing as the slim models. And don’t even get me started on 360 slim.

                    Of course Nintendo is cheap, their cheap so the products they sell can be cheap.

                    They’re cheap? Lol, nope. They always want to make profit on $150 hardware. Unlike Sony/MS who are more than willing to take hardware losses and compensate with software sales. Nintendo is the most greedy of any of the big 3. Wii games almost NEVER deteriorate in price, PS3/360 games do fairly quick. Digital titles on Wii are overpriced to hell and back even on the older games. $8 for a SNES/Genesis title? LOL, I can buy a collection of 45 Sega Genesis games DIGITALLY on PSN/XBL for $15 dollars. And the bullshit won’t stop there, but that’s irrelevant to this.

                    “Conveniency? EVERYONE already has a DVD player and can afford a Blu-Ray player, ntm most people who watch movies tend to watch it in the living room or the entertainment room.”

                    I’d love to see where you get this everyone from, you seem to like false statistics. Like I said before, that excuse is old and tired as fuck. If everything is built into a console, then people will have a reason to get rid of the excess clutter devices rather than keep them. You don’t have any sort of a case or point to say otherwise. It’s a stupid business practice on Nintendo’s part and once again my stacks of DVDs will be rendered useless if I bought one of their consoles. Therefore, I’ll just stick to devices worth the money and not ripping the consumers off for a Wii with 360 internals.

                    “Why pay more for things you already have”

                    Why pay more for things that don’t even have it? Because you WILL be paying more for this device over current gen products that can do basically the same graphics and have established franchises.

                    “It’s like having consoles play music?”

                    Considering the users on Music Unlimited, then I’d have to say people do indeed do that, dumbshit.

                    “Why? If I’m going to be busy playing games, than why the fuck do I need music running in the background? I have a computer and an iTouch for that shit.”

                    Where the fuck has this been implied or insinuated. Or are you just so very stupid and out of the zone of everything said up to this point.

                    Your argument is lost entirely, even more so when you tried to speak for the masses very well using these absent features.

                    You like being Nintendo’s little sucker who will settle for mediocrity?

                    I suppose you missed the 56 page manifesto that leaked the next Xbox that Microsoft lawyers have taken down at the speed of light (they wouldn’t have bothered if it was fake)…which details and incredibly powerful and all in one device for $300…including Kinect 2, Native 3D, and AR glasses. The document is also old, and before Epic were lobbying them for more power *just like they did and SUCCEEDED with the 360*.

                    They’re fucking finished, Microsoft will outright eliminate Nintendo in the 8th gen. Kinect sold 18 million units and nobody could doubt that product has indeed had an impact on the market if it sold so well as a peripheral since 2010.

                    Microsoft knows how to market, they can afford to take losses on hardware, because they have numerous ways to make it back through software and XBL. Nintendo sucks at marketing, that’s why heaps of people still think it’s a peripheral.

                2. Vita forces you to buy overly expensive SD memeory cards, even though it uses cartridges, And Some Xbox 360 bundles do not include a hard drive with it. I do agree with you on the point of DVD and Blu-Ray players, especially with the reason where it helped sell PS2 consoles.

                  1. That’s funny. I sure wasn’t “forced” to buy a memory card for my $254 3G Vita with the 8GB card included. Also, not every game requires one, since some save directly to the card itself. Nice try though, you’re still clueless.

                    1. Not all retail systems come with one and not every one can get a 3G with an 8 GB card for that cheap, also when you run out of memory your going to need to buy a new memory card which are still outragously priced, and finally I did not know that some save on the cartridge itself, but so far I only know of 16 games that do not require a memory card so eventually you will need another memory card.
                      P.S stop acting like such a fucking prick, I guess you have never heard of treating others how you want to be treated.

              2. >We don’t even know about ethernet.

                So…you don’t know about the wired standard to get a PC/console access to the internet?

                …That even the freaking Dreamcast had???

                  1. Except it should support it with no question. The casing has no Ethernet adapter whatsoever, so you’ll ONCE AGAIN probably need to buy it, or pray a Wii one will work with it *and it should*.

                    1. Juding by the fact that you’re complaining about it’s lack of wired internet capabilities, you must not have wireless internet. Thank god, because I would hate to have to listen to your winey ass with the online anyways.

                      1. Wired internet is faster than wireless and won’t suffer from interference or latency. I have wireless. I’m complaining about a feature to this day, many people are still using for a definitive gaming experience you retarded cunt.

                        Also, if you step on the mic with me, or real life, you’ll wish you never met me, so don’t try to talk shit with me, buddy. You’ll get chewed up and spit right back out where you belong. Sit the fuck down.

                        1. @Aeolus You’re going to try and call him out? Hey asshole you’re also using a username because you’re to much of a pussy to put your name on here, you’re just a stupid bitch troll who is either some fat nasty loser who spends all day trolling, or some pussified teenager who acts all big and bad behind a computer screen. I bet you get your ass handed to you on a daily basis.

            3. Cloud for storage. I have like 6 CD players, Not including My Blue Ray, and Regular, DVD players. So I guess Nintendo not paying Sony a freaking dime for Blue Ray Playback is fine with me. The Controller is HD as was stated two days ago if you kkknwhatknew what

        1. Madden would be nice with two pads. I admit I always look to the screen what play the other guy is running. But please don’t make disproportional players with giant hands!!

        1. hey if it can be done with some Wii U games, i don’t see why it can’t be done with VC, WW, and some Wii games!

        2. Do you think it maybe has the power to multitask with two pads? One could be playing a new gen game and the other an in pendant classic on a second pad. Something like sm3 couldn’t use up to much of the CPU or ram

      2. Of course it is, the “Remote Play Feature” is what Sony slapped onto the Vita with haste when the Wii U was announced.

        1. Remote play has been available since the PS3 launched.

          Once again, Nintendo fanboys prove just how ignorant they truly are.

          1. Have fun with Sony all stars which in no way is a rip off of Nintendo. Oh and have fun with PS4 in 2 years when it comes out and pay $500 or more for it :P

      3. yet another reason to get a Wii U! and i very highly doubt that smartglass or the vita+PS3 will be able to pull this off so nintendo definitely has a good thing going for them here

        1. Yea I agree, not that i don’t believe it but still. Although I still think the Wii-U would be faster, but just to be safe.

          1. Mii too, for the same reason as Anon. Those two games plus Dragon Quest X, Castlevania: LoS2 and LEGO City Undercover are my top 5 I’m currently most interested in.

        1. I’d love to attend a midnight launch event for this system and then go home and play into the wee morning hours.

        2. As soon as Nintendo announces a release date, I’m requesting a week off work so I can wait in line and have nearly a whole week to bask in the glory that is Wii U.

        1. this is a great read

          “I’m sick of Nintendo being held accountable for the timid, undecisive nature of other game companies. Let them RUN THEIR OWN AFFAIRS.”

          especially this part

        2. @Sanders: ^This times infinty! That article sums it up perfectly. According to the crybabies Nintendo should stop being Nintendo and become a clone of Sony/MS. It will never happen. Nintendo is the only thing keeping the industry intersting and fresh. The other two companies are interchangable. Nintendo is irreplacable.

      4. Great stuff.

        Just few things are stoping Wiiu from being perfect:

        1) Wiiu should run any game at 1080p 60fps.

        2) The Upad should have a HD screen( the 2012 gamepad looked better than the 2011 version, i think the 2012 gamepad resolution is 1024x 600, but come on, 720p would be gorgeous.

        3) Selling the Wiiu for $400 would allow Nintendo to do the previews 2 itens, so yeah, i think $400 would be the right price. People pay $500 for an Ipad, so $400 isn’t expensive as some people think.

        1. We can have as much tech as we like, so long as we are willing to pay for it. Nintendo surely has read the mass array of comments stating that “WiiU SHOULD cost less then $300” and so may have made the WiiU WORTH $300.

        2. 1. Wont happen at launch. Devs JUST got the final dev kits for Wii-U like 3 weeks before e3. Nintendo even said dont expect them to be able to work the system inside out so soon. If it took 7 years for PS/360 games to look as spectacular as they do now do you really expect Wii-U to do everything in 1080p and 60fps right off the bat do you? Remember Wii-U wont be allowing upscaled games so its either 1080x720p or 1920x1080p <- I don't think devs are ready to dedicate such time to graphics at launch..

          2. The resolution is fine- pixels don't mean crap, screen size does. At 6 inches the Wii-U gamepad screen is as clear and crisp as an ipad2. You really don't need anything more HD than that…come on man.

          3. 400 is too much $349 is the perfect price. They can keep it at that for a good 2-3 years.

          1. 2: Pixels don’t mean crap? You’ve never used a SAMOLED+ smartphone device, and you’re a fucking RETARD if you think that’s just as crisp as an ipad 2 display, telling you now that it isn’t. And the viewing angles are absolutely horrible on the GamePad.

            The 5 inch Vita OLED also smokes it, and I don’t even think Vita is using the better kinds of OLED displays, so that says something.

            3: The ironic thing is even $350 is a bad asking price compared to cheaper current gen systems offering more bang for the buck out of the box.

      5. PEOPLE

        THIS is pixel input lag, it has nothing to do with frame rate or refresh rate

        cheap HDTVs are crap for gaming especially those without gamemode and even the better ones dont go below 40 ms… which is still a ton lot in pro gaming standards

        Most of gamer kids play their x360 games on hdtv and think it looks great … hdtvs picture is many times crappier than any PC monitor

        HDTVs just dont focus on that … its mainstream mass market and the firmware just sucks

        1. Sony’s copy? Remote play has been a feature on the PS3 since its launch.

          SHOCKER! Uneducated Nintendo Fanboy makes an incredibly ignorant fanboy comment!

          More at 12!

                1. Right, where are your facts asshole? Did Sony come up with remote play first or not? Or did they add a feature to the PS3 Once Wii U was announced?

                  Try again asswhipe. You’re the one who has ZERO facts but a whole of of bullshit.

              1. @Aeolus There are many trolls on this site, but right now for the few months that you will continue to post on this site, critical of all who dont bash Nintendo, until you find a new site where you can spread your fanboyism while pulling fanboy facts out of your ass.Congrats you have earned the new title of Biggest Trolling Douchbag Fanboy. That is what you will be called from now on.

      6. i know, but people couldn’t complain if the wiiu runs any game at 1080p 60fps+ hd upad for just $400, like i said, it would be perfect and the price fair.

        1. It’s the DreamCast with a Beiber haircut and skinny jeans which talks sarcastically in slogan and slang form will high-5’n everything in site. Kill it dead, NOW!!!

      7. In the future, Nintendo will have evolved to Japan’s firs tline of defense with Meta-Ridleys as Generals and Mario as the Emperor and Tabuu as their new massive weapon and lot’s of tornado sucking luigis all over the place lol…:D

        Nintendo ftw!

        1. Epic Battle.

          Lord Iwata has sent forth his Commander of the West – Reginald – to boost the morale of the local townsfolk. “We have awakened the forgotten elemental Pikmin army, led my the High Priest Miyamoto. Victory is nigh!”

      8. That’s awesome. I know they said they spent a lot of time on this latency issue. I’m glad they got it right. Never had a doubt that they would. Leave luck to heaven.

      9. maybe its because of the refresh rate of the TV, it may be lower than the controler.
        all the computation made should be done in the graphics card (assuming there’s not asecond one) and sent to the controler and tv.
        i think the delay is from the TV not the system

          1. “Stealing an idea” that happens to have existed and was used years before their console ever launched. Nintendo copied Sony.

            You are so incredibly fucking stupid. Maybe your parents should have aborted you.

            1. You really are one cowardly troll Aeorta. How the fuck is Nintendo stealing Sony? Obvious, troll, is obvious. YOU are the one who’s fucking stupid and denying Nintendo’s originality and innovation.

              1. How did Sony steal and idea from Nintendo that they hadn’t even thought of yet? Once again, remote play has been available on the PS3 and PSP since 2006 you dumb fuck!

                News flash! Inception was just a movie! It’s not real you fucking twat!

            2. >”Your Parents should have aborted you”

              where have i heard that before? hmmm… AMIR? is that you? i noticed you’re now trolling the Website…. i wonder why… OH YEAH, because your pathetic sack of shit self got banned from the Mynintendo facebook page for being a fucking ignorant bias No Life idiot Spamming “YOU WERE PROB A ABORTION HEERRR SONY RULZ!!” To everyone you Lost a argument to. Keep Kissing A corporation’s ass you pathetic sack of shit.

              because acting childish on the internet is SOOOO COOOL.

                  1. You don’t have a case, you’re a fatass hiding behind anonymity with a nude statue of Mario on your desk.

                    1. What the hell is a homosex because if your going to try and post shit, make sure you spell it correctly you jerkoff, only pussies come on here and try to rag on somebody while posting as anonymous.

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