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Wii U Superior To Other Touchscreen-To-TV Devices

There has already been touchscreen-to-TV gaming before Wii U but, according to Pocket Gamer, Nintendo’s upcoming console will solidify that experience. The Wii U GamePad is very responsive with a television display and, unlike other touchscreen-to-TV gaming devices on the market, its image does not lag behind the TV. Two Wii U “tablets” can be used on a single TV and up to five players can play simultaneously on a Wii U. According to Pocket Gamer, “The multiplayer possibilities instantly elevate the Wii U’s tablet gameplay above anything else out there.”

“What Nintendo has managed with Wii U works on several levels. Firstly, assuming the lag has been conquered (I say ‘assuming’, because the Wii U’s tablet was actually tethered to the device), the general responsiveness thrashes Apple’s implementation.”

“Secondly, two tablets can work on the same console, and several of the minigames I tried involved five player multiplayer, with one person in charge of the Wii U tablet, while the remaining players viewed the TV and controlled their characters via Wiimotes.”

“The multiplayer possibilities – even from brief tech demos – instantly elevate the Wii U’s tablet gameplay above anything else out there.”

61 thoughts on “Wii U Superior To Other Touchscreen-To-TV Devices”

    1. white 3ds > black 3ds
      white wii u > black wii u
      white wii > black wii
      white dsi > black dsi
      white iphone > black iphone
      i just think black sucks

        1. Whether it’s black or white, the inside is the same. Let’s stop the console racism! We need a color changeable controller.

          1. I like black people, black women because they’re all soul-sister oh-no-you-di’en’, and black men because they’re generally well-endowed. ^_^

      1. Yeah, that’s why most of the used peripherals for the Wii at gamestop look great! lol, that’s one thing I don’t buy stuff for, because white looks great when its new, but used white Consoles/peripherals turn yellow, snd just look shitty. Plus having if you have kids, white is a bad option.

      2. Hmmmm…I agree that White is the best color for all the Nintendo systems,but Black is still pretty sick!

  1. zax is on bath salts

    Is that a picture of Link to the past?? the town village?? looks like it is–but enhanced graphics

        1. To clarify what J-Dizzle saif a bit more, that would be a Nintendo Land attraction called Animal Crossing Sweet Day. You try to collect candy while avoiding the one controlling the Wolf and Dog. Whoever wins is decided by if the 4 players collect enough candy, or if the one with the Wii U gamepad manages to tag 3 people.

            1. I haven’t played Animal Crossing in ages, so you are probably right. That and i am totally not a dog person whatsoever. lol I do remember their names though, I just didn’t think of the names at the time.

  2. zax is on bath salts

    Does anybody think that the power button on the wiiU PRO controller is in a bad place?? My opinion is that the power button on the 3ds is in a bad place..Im always hitting the button on accident.. The pro reminds of the xbox power button, my friends always hit that button while button mashing

  3. siegfried von schroder

    Told you the wiiU will be successful! Nintendo setting the bar once again! I am not a fanboy as I game on both Nintendo and PC but I must say Nintendo always deliver when it comes to consoles and handhelds. Lets hope 3rd party support the wiiU. If not… no threat for me. WiiU will have great first party games. I can get the rest on PC or emulation :)

    game on!

    1. Nintendo is definitely pushing the envelope when making a video gaming console and raising the bar when it comes to overall gameplay– Wii U Game Pad plus 4 Wii Controllers or Wii U Game Pad plus 4 Wii U Pro Controllers… and especially 2 Wii U Game Pads (let’s hope they fix the fps).

      siegfried von schroder… you have made a great point! The Wii U will indeed have great (if not excellent) first and second party titles having full support for third party publishers and developers.

      “Come on, it’s Nintendo… it does everything!”

      1. siegfried von schroder

        “lets hope they fix the fps”

        Well 30 fps is still damn good. Atleast the speed is playable but yeah 60 fps would be fantastic!

        I am very glad that I lived in an era where Nintendo exists. I love their games which are a breathe of fresh air compared to violent games which I had to endure on the PC. Thank god I am an RPG MAN. I own every Nntendo console and they all fill me with joy and my wife and my two daughters who also love to play the games Ninty bring out. They dont like shooters as you can imagine ;)

        The fact u can play all ur wii games and VC games shows that wiiU is the ultimate Ninty Console with 25 years of Creativity, Innovation and FUN experiences.

        Btw i preordered my wiiU here in the UK. Only wiiU and my PC will satisfy my gaming apetite.

        GAME ON!

  4. Nintendo is revolutionizing the game again with the Wii U. We are living in the time of the Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Revolutionizing nothing with a feature that was done on the PSP and even other past devices.

      There excuse is “hurr durr you can stream it to the controller when somebody is using the TV”

      This is such stupidity, who the fuck doesn’t have multiple TVs in their houses?

      This system has no vision and no direction. It’s a heavily watered down tablet into a controller. Nothing more.

  5. imagine the amount of new minigames for mario party?
    or while playing shooter like battlefield or ghost recon you can have two different classes while you play multiplayer. like for example, the assault using the wiimote and recon or engieneer using the gamepad for mortar strikes or such.

    1. what would be good for battlefield is if there was a leader for each team that would use the wiiu pad to manage waypoints for objectives and airstrikes, dropping care packages etc. so, in essence, with the wiiu, you could turn bf3 into an rts, a completely different game, and a fps at the same time. awesome.

  6. I think that people are going to be really into asymmetrical gaming or whatever they called it. I think it will be a big factor in Wii U’s success.

  7. Smartglass can go suck a big… toe. You know what I mean.. hope nobody forgot the drill~ WII U WII U WII U WII U WII U WII U WII U!!!

  8. you know why it’s called the “wiiu” its the sounds the sirens make from the ambulance rushing to come scoop up the remains of your mind being blown.

  9. Wii will, Wii will, rock U!

    I can’t wait for this lovely machine anymore!

    Wii U leave luck to heaven?

  10. Well, if it’s going to last six or so years then there has to be some top-notch quality and effort driven into it, or it would die.

  11. They shouldn’t have expected any less. The Wii U controller was built specifically for its connectivity to whatever’s on the TV screen. All other touchscreen devices, on the other hand, adapted such functionality afterwards. It’s natural, therefore, that the Wii U would have vastly superior connectivity. The controller is not a separate device that happens to interact with a console (I’m looking at you, Vita), the controller is PART of the console. It’s symbiotic with the console. People think whatever’s on the controller and whatever’s on the TV are two different things. They’re not. They both depend on the other.

      1. But the VITA is a fucking handheld while the Wii-U GamePad is a controller. Every Wii-U owner is going to have a Wii-U GamePad but not ever PS3 owner will have a VITA. That’s the difference.

      2. Oh, and you think every fucking Ps3 & Ps4 game Will Support Features Similar to the Wii U with The Vita? other Than Just Transferring Your Game to The Handheld?

        Fuck No.

        BTW, What’s a Vita? LULZ

      3. Jesus dude you just dont stop do you? You try to act like every one on this site is an idiot because you know how to form a sentence. But honestly if you were half as smart as you try to make yourself look then you wouldnt be on this site at all. You make yourself look worse with every comment, but maybe instead of talking shit about something you dont know, why not go and try to make some goddamn friends?

  12. I absolutely agree. Unless the controller is directly linked to the system, it’ll never work as well. Smatpad could only work because they talked about wired connection- but even then it’s not like smartphones and the Xbox talk to each other too well. It’ll be like the smartphone is always trying to keep up with your game

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