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“Pokemon Conquest Is The Best Pokemon Spinoff Ever Made”

Pokemon Conquest released today in North America. So far, the game is well-received by critics with favorable reviews. The game has a score of an 88/100 on Metacritic based on five reviews. IGN gave the game a 9/10, and said that Pokemon Conquest “easily stands alongside the similarly well-executed likes of Pokemon Snap as one of the greatest, most fully realized Pokémon spinoffs in existence.”

Destructoid gave the game an ‘impressive’ 8/10 (its lowest score yet) and said that “as far as Pokemon spinoff games go, Pokemon Conquest is definitely one of the best offerings on the market.” Pokemon Conquest is a Nintendo DS game that can be played on any Nintendo 3DS console.

55 thoughts on ““Pokemon Conquest Is The Best Pokemon Spinoff Ever Made””

          1. Actually it is region lock since it’s DSi enhancement meaning DSi and 3DS users are out of luck.

            Beside I am sure that it will get release in European just that it’s taking longer since it has to be translated in the other funny non English languages that people in Europe speak.

            1. you sure can make a foolof yourself. Before you call something funny again, make sure you have a sense of humor…

    1. Ign gives good Nintendo games good reviews….they just gave resistance for vita a 5 and gravity rush a low score as well.. I think ign is pretty fair way better than gamespot or g4.

      1. As far as their teams go, the Nintendo one has historically been the fairest to their respective company, even in the last iteration with Craig Harris (now works at Sega, oddly enough) and Scott Bromley.

        The current line-up, however, can get unnecessarily critical. Jack Devries was always that way, and Sam who was the leveling voice in a conversation is now just another supplier of negative statements on top of others. Though I liked the fact that Rich seemed to be the only reviewer who isn’t afraid to use the whole number score spectrum, giving me reason to put weight in his 10 for Skyward Sword, he can be too frequently critical for his own good. Audrey Drake is the only member who is quite obviously a fan of the company, though her editorials constantly have sensationalist headlines (like MNN is also known to do).

        As for G4 (specifically Morgan Webb), try listening to an episode of Gamescoop or Girlfight and compare how poorly these 3 treat Nintendo (Onyett is the major problem on GS).

        1. Dude, if you want to see some negative reviews, go watch Yahtzee. He is incredibly negative, but his points are usually valid. He can tear into some of your favorite game series but you still love him :D

  1. I like how all the dudes have legendary Pokemonb at their side and the girl has a Jigglypuff. LOL! Good luck with that one.

      1. That’s the Australian version not the European version.

        We don’t know the European release date, although if the game doesn’t have a DSi features then you can just import the US version.

        And if it does you can just import the Australian version.

  2. Glad to finally see a GOOD Pokemon spin-off at long last.

    I haven’t enjoyed a spin-off since Pokemon Colloseum and Pokemon XD. Mystery Dungeon and Ranger are absolute crud when I played them.

  3. Glad it doesn’t come out til tomorrow. Gives me time to reserve it today so i can get all of those pre-order bonus codes!!!

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