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New Super Mario Bros U Is What Gamers Want Says Nintendo

Veteran Nintendo producer Takashi Tezuka believes New Super Mario Bros U is what gamers want from a Wii U Mario game. Tezuka explained that Nintendo didn’t want to mess with a winning formula that has been perfected by the company over the years. Is New Super Mario Bros U what you want?

“We know that there are all types of Mario games. So for us, with the New Super Mario Bros series, we don’t really need to mess with it. This is what people want. Peach will be kidnapped by Bowser, and Mario will move from left to right. This is what people want.”

145 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U Is What Gamers Want Says Nintendo”

    1. I know they shouldn’t mess with an already good mechanic, but it would be nice if they elaborated on an already good game and made it better. Perhaps a more detailed story of why Peach is kidnapped, how the Mario bros. plan to get to Bowser’s castle, reasons for a specific level’s theme… etc. It wouldn’t really change the game, it would just add more realism and make it better.

        1. Right!!! Honestly, the simple Story “Bowser kidnapps princes, and mario goes to rescue her” is really enough to transport the background idea and make a player go on on a new adventure.
          Mario is al about gameplay mechanics: the level designs, the creative ideas and how the play mechanics come down to one excellent experience. And that is something no one does as good as Nintendo. Sorry, but for Mario there is really no need to get a „more realistic“ story??!?!?

    1. I’ve liked all the New Super Mario Bros. games, and what I’ve seen from NSMBU it looks like improves some of the complaints that I had with NSMBW. I mean did you look at that boo world? It looked so cool!

    2. They call me... Mr. Vain

      you probably never even played nor passed any of the NSMB games, If you did, you would notice each game is different. so shut up

    3. I don’t think so. Two new games in the same year is definitely a bit much after we’ve been getting one mainstream Mario a year, but NSMBU in particular looks to be far different, at least in terms of graphics. I’m of the opinion it looks more inspired by World and Galaxy/Galaxy 2 than anything.

  1. Not really, its a slightly improved rehash. What Gamers really want is a new 3D Mario, but we can make do until that’s ready.

    1. actually the majority of mario fans want a 2-D side scroller, the 3-D platformer mario games tend to be less popular then the 2-D side scrollers

      1. I don’t understand why ppl want the same ol. I think with the past success of those games maybe they think it’ll jphappen again. But I’m a Mario fan and I’m sick of these games. I would love a 3d Mario.

        1. Well, here’s the thing. I, too am rather sick of the 2D Marios (especially the New Super Mario Bros. theme), but these games sell… a lot. Nintendo will undoubtedly make a 3D Mario game, you’re just gonna have to wait a bit though, they take more time to make.

          1. Well..I guess to’s about the money. I think imma stop putting hope in nintendo. Getting heartbroken too much. Specially after their e3 conference.

        1. Where to begin on all the things wrong with Sunshine…

          The game was built around the use of the FLUDD, yet the best parts of Sunshine were the floating block levels that stripped you of the FLUDD. Which basically defeated the whole point of the game being built around it.

          Nintendo realised this and went onto make the Galaxy games, which were lots of floating planetoids tied together into levels…

          1. And still many people liked the game. FLUDD being in the game isn’t what you might call a “flaw”.

            A lot of people liked it, the only people who didn’t like it was the people who liked the older mario games.

              1. A little different is an understatement.

                The spin gives you a tiny boost, the FLUDD allowed you to traverse extremely wide gaps between platforms.

          2. um this is full of bs, same goes with galaxy,
            the whole game was built for using the wii controler.
            mario games are platformed games and no 2 mario games are the same.

      1. You used the wrong gif.

        Super Mario Sunshine wasn’t a bad game, it was actually a really good game but Galaxy 2… that was just Galaxy 1 with yoshi and new levels, big deal -_-

        Sunshine was something different, even though not many of the fans of the series liked it it still sold like hot cakes and is considered a great mario game… at least its not like Phillips CD-i game .__.

        1. It most definitely did not sell like hot cakes. Compared to all other Mario platformers, Sunshine is a sales failure at just over 6million sold, making it the least successful Mario platformer ever seen on a Nintendo home console.

          Even the black sheep that is Super Mario Bros 2 outsold it.

          1. Right, it’s funny how that works. The Mario games where they actually do something different (Yeah, SMB 2 was a different game altogether), people criticize them at first and give them all this crap. Then they have Nintendo go back to making Mario games like Galaxy which just bring a lot of the 2D formula over into the 3D games, and now people are complaining that “BLAH ALL THE GAMES ARE THE SAME.” This is probably the worst fan base ever.

            1. I’ve already explained part of the reason why I think Sunshine is just awful, that being that the FLUDD is rendered irrelevant in the games best sections, but here’s another reason.

              The voice acting. It was Sonic levels of cheesy awfulness. Why do you think they ditched voice acting in Mario Galaxy when the GC discs could only hold 1.5GB of content and the Wii’s discs can hold around 8-9GB of content? Space wasn’t an issue, it was just a terrible mistake that they didn’t wish to repeat.

          2. thats why nintendo knows that 2d mario games sell well because it sell like crazy, its because it lead to nsmbu
            and if people expect 3d mario, then dont be surprice that it will sell less.
            also 6million is not bad and keep in mind of how many gamecube where sold at that time.

        2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was bad? Ah, don’t think so. I don’t know why everyone was so peeved about SMG2 being similar to SMG1 it has freaking 2 in the name! When Nintendo usually makes a number based sequel they usually just a change a few things and improve on what needs to be improved on. That would be like hating Mega Man 3 and SMB Lost Levels.

      1. Why do you wanna change her character now and not when the series started? Oh wait, that’s because you thought she was a robot without emotions.
        Why don’t you think about it more. Her parent’s were killed by Ridly when she was a child, it’s only natural she’d be scared of him. She’s human. Other M is the best Metroid since super Metroid, only now their is a story.

        1. She didn’t need all those things to be a “better character”. All of those things were implied through her character in the series, so of course it would take a dumbass like you to not notice them and thus have an atrocity like Other M to exist. Besides, you’re evaluating her reaction to Ridley by a standard not applicable to her. Samus is NOT like other people, so she WOULDN’T cower like a weakling in front of Ridley just to show us players how Ridley is traumatizing to her. It ruins the integrity of her character when she is not allowed to express her reaction to Ridley in the way she normally would…which is by kicking ass and overcoming the odds. Just like she’s always done.

          1. Lmao funny how a Mario game discussion turned into a Metroid Other M bashing. (I liked it, it was a fun game loved the play style, but still waiting for a 2D metroid game like Super, and Fusion.)

  2. Francisco Hernandez

    “Peach will be kidnapped by Bowser, Mario will move from left to right” hahaa, the perfect description of the perfect game!!!

  3. I like Mario but I want something unique and different. We have already seen what you can do with a sidescroller… How about reinventing Mario like you did with Galaxy? Or how about Super Mario Galaxy for Wii U? Perhaps called Super Mario Universe?

    1. Well the people were demanding a Mario game at launch and here it is. if they started immediately after working on Super Mario Galaxy 2, then yes, but i don’t know HD 3D Mario might need more time.

    2. Galaxy didn’t really “reinvent” anything though…they just brought a lot of the 2D stuff over from the old Mario and added gravity gimmicks. And the whole concept was still the same from Mario 64. If anything, Mario Sunshine felt more “new” than that game. I’m kind of done with the Galaxy formula, they need either a Sunshine sequel, or at least another free-roaming Mario game LIKE Sunshine or Mario 64. No more linear 3D Marios.

  4. 2D Mario sells in the 20-30million range. 3D Mario games sell in the 5-10million range.

    Nintendo are right on this one.

    1. Mario Man-DK Freak-Beater Link

      i think the 2D mario is better they have longer levels and more tricks so im proud to be a NSMB purchaser

    2. its true especially if they want the wii u to be a success.
      i bet in 1 year of wii u it will be 10+ million consoles sold because of mario.

  5. What I want? New 3D Mario game (a Mario Sunshine follow up would be awesome), a new Zelda (a Wind Waker follow up would be awesome), a new Metroid, a new Donkey Kong adventure, but most of all – I want some new IP (ZombieU doesn’t count, it’s Ubisoft’s IP). Sequels are cool because I’m so invested in all these characters, but give me a new Nintendo hero for me to get to know and appreciate and love as much as Mario, Link, Samus and Donkey Kong.

    Also give me a hint for what Retro Studios is working on. Just a hint. Just some concept artwork. Just something gah.

  6. Yes it is right but I want something along the lines of super mario 2 it was new. New villian yeah it wasnt that good but the peach kidnapped is getting old and boring.

  7. And if by “gamers” you mean retro fanboys and ignorant people like Sean Malstrom then yes, Nintendo. This is exactly what they want.

  8. I want it. I definitely want it. Look how copies the last one sold. So to have this game at launch is a very smart move from Nintendo. It’s guaranteed to be a hit. Btw, I love side scolling Mario, 3D Mario, Mario as a refferee in Punch Out, I’ll take my Mario anyway I can get it. No other character is so versatile and so universally known to all gamers. He can do no wrong. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Leave luck to heaven.

  9. I never asked for this; nor do I want it.

    Proof yet again that Nintendo TELLS gamers what they want. Pathetic.

    1. in case you didn’t catch the above comment, 2D mario sells pretty darn well, so their statement is valid. it is a game that people want. did they say it was something that ALL people want? no. stop acting as if you’re the voice of all “real gamers” (as you’ve called them so many times) and that because you don’t want a mario game, no other gamers do.

      1. He said it’s what “Gamers” want. I don’t want it, therefore he’s wrong. Stop trying to damage control.

        1. you are not every gamer ever. if it’s said that gamers want it and it’s been shown that gamers want it (NOT ALL GAMERS, as you failed to pick up on earlier), it is a valid statement. it is not an incorrect statement just because one gamer doesn’t want it. there isn’t a single video game series which is liked/wanted by each and every gamer in the world, yet there are many games that gamers want. strange, isn’t it? who would’ve thought that the world is a diverse place full of people with different tastes?

        2. peteriusss evil twin

          lol he didn’t say it’s what gamers want. he said it’s what people want. sickr’s title is the only place where it says it’s what gamers want. LRN2READ FAIL TROLL

          1. Technically if they own a video game console and play games, they are “Gamers”, even if they are Casual but they still are.

    2. Of course you didn’t ask for this. You despise Nintendo. You curse the day they opened business. You curse the very products that provide people entertainment everywhere.

      1. If you like spending $50 on your NSMBWii expansion packs and try to justify it with a total assumption, go right ahead and fool yourself. Because that is what this is. $50 DLC upscaled in HD.

    3. Ohh I love this show ,*whispers*,it’s about a troll who thinks his opinion counts more than any other person.

      1. Explains why none of the core gamers on other consoles gave a shit about this game’s reveal. Look all on those comment pages and you will see similar stuff like I said. Nintendo is completely out of touch with their consumers. Face it, your precious company sucks. No need to limit yourself and jump into their sinking ship. They have next to nothing going for them anymore and will ultimately be a forgotten memory yet again in the next gen.

        1. All those good graphics have damaged your brain and fellow graphic whores’ brain, which Has made all of you extremely closed minded and extremely ignorant gamers, and besides watch that they announce a 1080p. You guys are the ones truly destroying gaming, Because you fanboys/ drones are loyal to a single company, when it should be all about having Fun on all platforms no mater who has made it That is the true definition of a hardcore ).

    4. Pathetic is how I describe you, because you come on a Nintendo news site just to start shit. Lowlife troll

  10. At the close of the day, Super Mario Bros. in it’s original form will always be fun, and an HD new game with a tun of new features and power-ups will be fun. Yes, I would freakin’ LOVE an HD 3D Mario, but this’ll do for now.

  11. NSMBWii is one of my favourite Wii games. I play it over and over trying to improve my speed-runs. For the new U offering…. some unique environments/backgrounds wouldn’t hurt.

    But, what I really would like from Nintendo: JRPGs. Instantly made available globally for download as soon as translated. No hesitation as to whether it should be localised or not.

    1. new super mario bros wii was constantly bashed, but i loved it
      another fun 2d mario game what more can i ask
      it was a decent challenge too
      and the multiplayer mode is fantastic

    1. Mario Man-DK Freak-Beater Link

      somehow i highly dought that they made left to right mario twice and still survived

  12. Wrong, Nintendo. I’m tired of Peach being kidnapped by Bowser. I want another entry to the series like Super Mario Bros. 2 that allows me to play AS Princess Peach, or as Mario, Luigi, or Toad. Bowser is fine as a villain although it would be nice to try a different final villain out like in Super Mario Bros. 2.

    Believe it or not, Mario gamers do want fresh stories too. And believe it or not, Mario gamers do want to play as Princess Peach sometimes rather than rescuing her.

    1. Right, I think they tend to cater to the masses, sadly. The Mario games where they really tried something new (like Super Mario Sunshine), those are the least well received. Then games where Nintendo just goes back to older formulas like Galaxy 1 and 2 (and relies heavily on nostalgia), those games are praised as the greatest games ever. The 2D Marios which really are just rehashes now? Those are praised even more. Sadly, there are people out there who still want more of the same.

    2. well super mario bros 2 was an entirely different game that got mario, luigi, peach, and toad put in instead of the original player characters. that’s all that happened. maybe if nintendo makes another game that’s not supposed to be a mario game that they decide later to add mario into, we may get another super mario bros 2.

      i don’t doubt it could happen again in this day and age since it happened with kirby. epic yarn was supposed to be about prince fluff at first and they later decided to add kirby characters into the mix. i also think kid icarus uprising wasn’t supposed to be a kid icarus game at first either

  13. You guys do know its the same game from the Wii…only now on the WiiU? They did this so many games on the Wii where they ported games from the Gamecube…but the Wii was able to play Gamecube games so it made no sence. This is a bad move…hell they just about the same game coming out on the 3DS…

    1. No, it’s not the same game…did you even look at the trailer? I wouldn’t say it’s “completely different,” as it’s not, but there are new levels, new music, better graphics, etc.

      1. …I know you love the WiiU and yet you have yet to try it but come on now. How is it fanboys will always back Nintendo for everything do…not everything the do is gold. It isn’t, ie a system in todays day and age and the damn thing doesn’t have an internal hard drive. Are you kidding me. Really? And I know, “it will be cheeper”. But reports are saying it will be $300-$400. If the XBox 720 or PS4 come out at the same price with an internal hard drives did Nintendo still do alright by you? History will repeat and only the 1st party games will sell. No one is getting Batman or Mass Effect or even AC on the WiiU. Oh by the way the biggest game Ninteno showed at E3…might go to xbox and ps3…so yeah.

        1. I’m not blindly defending Wii U, I’m just stating that what you’re saying is objectively false, as this is a new game, not a remake to NSMB Wii. I didn’t mention anything about the system…

          But did they not already say it will have internal flash storage? Yeah, flash storage (supposedly 8GB), not a hard drive, but, solid-state drives are the future…hard drives are not.

          Reports are saying it will most likely be $300. But, let’s just think about that. If the next Xbox and PS4 come out with far better specs and that same price, then you’re gonna have to wait a good 3+ years for those systems because that would be IMPOSSIBLE today. The technology is there, but it’s not financially viable for a home console to have WAY better specs than what’s currently out now. If you want the competitors to come out with consoles at the same price, they’re not gonna be much better than Wii U as far as specs go. That’s just how it is. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

      2. lol “better graphics”? If I run NSMWii on my dolphin emulator right now in full HD, the game is IDENTICAL in graphics. They literally only upscaled the same game and added “new” levels. The music sounds like every NSMB ever, with that obnoxious “BAW BAWW” blasting in the background as if it sounds good or anything.

        Try for yourself, you’ll be surprised when you see it.

  14. I love most Mario titles. So I know I’d enjoy it. I just think with Mario 3D Land they made the levels terribly short and far too easy.

    But honestly, I wish that for this title, they’d ditch the blue and yellow Toads, have THE Toad, the red one, and Peach. I don’t know what they should be aiming to do, but I’d much prefer having Peach as a playable character, with the option for player 1 to be a different character. I hated being stuck as Mario.

  15. he’s not wrong but i’d like a new style for the 2d mario games, yoshi’s island for example was just gorgeous. it’d be great to have another game in that style!

  16. Imo, I think I would like a 2d Mario game that dares to be a bit different for a change. The main formula is good, but some new things would probably be welcome and keep the franchise fresh. Just look at SMG1/2 for example. And a different storyline cant be that bad either, or at least, a slightly different storyline than the usual save peach thing.
    On a slightly unrelated topic, who here would like to see daisy get her own game? I know I would! :D

    1. i think it was said that galaxy 3 probably isn’t going to happen, but there’s more than likely going to be some kind of 3D mario game on the Wii U

  17. I definitely want this – day one game for me! I don’t understand the complaints about repeat formula, look at every sports game – soccer, basketball, etc – they have it every year and it’s always exactly the same – maybe better graphics or additional players/comments, but gameplay is essentially the same. Score a goal, put the ball in the hoop. That’ isn’t going to change, but people don’t complain. I see Mario the same way – why change the “sport”? Mario 2D games are formulaic (princess kidnapped, Mario moves L to R), but they always offer something unique, whether it’s a new powerup (giant mushroom, helicopter hat, penguin suit) or new concept. The 3DS version in August definitely has a new spin on the franchise with the competitive coin-collecting edge. I can’t wait to go online with my high scores!

  18. What I want, Nintendo? Super Mario World 2. Not Yoshi’s Island, a real Mario World 2. It’s the same game, on the SNES, but with a different world. I know there are probably Rom hacks that do that for me, but it want a real Nintendo licenced Mario World 2!

  19. I’ve only played (regarding the “NEW” super mario games) New Super Mario Bros Wii. It wasn’t deep enough to keep my interest. But for WiiU this kind of mario game at launch is (groan)… a good idea.

    1. That game will come eventually Icy. It’s almost a guarantee. Those kinds of games just take longer to make.

    1. I’m with him too. Aeolus doesn’t belong in My Nintendo News blog. All he does is bullying Nintendo supporters and bashing everything related to Nintendo and proving everyone that he’s a bigot and a cowardly Sony fanboy.

      1. I agree ban Aeolus, I’m sick and tired of arguing with him, it gets boring real fast when all he does is bash on Nintendo, until you prove his rant wrong then he starts calling everybody stuff like faggots, etc. It has happened on many posts.

  20. I expected a marvelous 3D adventure to show off the new powerhouse of a console. But no, they release a game that would have been at home on the DS.

    1. 3D Mario games take TIME to make. You can’t simply “expect” them to put out another 3D Mario after just releasing Galaxy 2 on Wii 2 years ago. This will undoubtedly be a brand new 3D Mario with a brand new engine to take advantage of the Wii U….and that takes well more than three years to make. Be patient!!!

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