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Crytek Says Wii U Is “Minimum As Powerful As Xbox 360”

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has estimated that Wii U is “minimum as powerful as Xbox 360”. This corresponds to other developers estimations of the console’s horsepower. Nintendo has always declined to reveal the systems graphical capabilities, as they would rather focus on the unique features of the console.

“From my perspective I do not understand the public’s concerns that the Wii U is weaker than PS3 and 360. That I cannot see. From my perspective the Wii U is minimum as powerful as Xbox 360.”

168 thoughts on “Crytek Says Wii U Is “Minimum As Powerful As Xbox 360””

    1. Weak. Maximum won’t be much better, you’ll just get better framerates and perhaps some more modern shaders.

      1. You are the most retarded person I have seen on this site… They said that the Wii U will AT THE VERY LEAST be as powerful as a 360. Putting to sleep those rumors that said that the wii u was going to be LESS powerful. We still don’t know how much exactly the wii u is more powerful.

        1. NOBODY thought it would be less powerfull. The concern was that it might not be too big a difference, so fans worried that it may not get the ps4 x720 games.

          We indeed not know yet, but Nintendo says it’s more about fun than looking at the competition, and while that is GREAT, it might mean that it will be in the same position as the Wii was with ps3 x360 multiplatformgames. THAT IS THE >POTENTIAL< RISK.
          All in all, Aeolus is not an idiot (at least from what I know by this post :P), but not a fanboy. Being a fan is cool, but fanboys ruin the industry.

          1. err wer av u been he is a SONY fanboy he does nothing but spread his hatred and even when the facts are there… he blows them out of proportion… typical sonyfanboy

            he brings shame to Sony fans (me included)

  1. Boom, fried all y’all haters. Seriously, minimum. If you don’t know what that means, it means that at its lowest, the WiiU is as powerful as the 360 at its best.

    1. Yet he didn’t cite the maximum.

      Are you guys really this dense, there is not a single site, rumor or developer on the face of the earth who has stated this system to be significantly more powerful than what’s on the market now.


      Everytime someone says “absolutely next-gen!” they cite how it’s because of the controller and not actually the power of the system.

      You can piece the puzzle together, this is barely over current-gen; just like the Wii.

      1. Yeah, at launch, the 360 wasn’t really a next gen console. Hell Doom 3 looked better than 99.9% of the launch 360 titles.

      2. Bla, bla bla, minimum and maximum have a big difference, that’s why those terms exist. Get your shit together hater.

        1. You couldn’t be farther from the truth.
          minimum and maximum can be VERY close to each other. It just means that there’s NOTHING that goes under the minimum and nothing above the maximum. This fact does not mean anything about the marge between minimum and maximum.

          So hereby, not only your comment, but your username is bullshit too.

          1. Minimum and maximum can be very close to each other.
            But when it comes to game consoles, they’re generally pretty far apart.

      3. I don’t think you understand how graphics work when a new system comes out. Devs get final dev kits. They make games that look kinda good. Then, they get the hang of the system, and the games start looking better.
        Seriously, look at like, every system ever. Launch games look awful compared to games later in a console’s life. Devs don’t immediately know how to get the best out of a system. It takes time.
        Now stop being a troll and go to like a Playstation board or something. Let the Nintendo fans squee amongst themselves.

        1. The Wii looked fine at launch too, until it became clear nothing would get significantly better. The same will happen again, proof is in the pudding.

          1. Wii looked awful at launch. Wii games now look significantly better. The same with 360. And PS3. And Gamecube. And N64. And original Xbox. And PS2.
            Console graphics just get better as they age. Nothing yet has come out to support the belief that the WiiU will do otherwise.

      4. whats funny is ur saying wii u isnt as strong as 360 or ps3 but what about ps2 gamecube and xbox they all pretty much had the same graphics but due to gamecube smaller dada space graphics didnt feature much but it was more powerfull than even the xbox in my eyes cause i owned them both as for the wii u im sure nintendo has learned a lesson about trying to be all soft and all but trust me ps4 and xbox durango wont be all that strong besides microsft already said they want xbox durango to have avitar graphics so there point proven

      5. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  2. Falcon punch!!

    Take that haters. Nintendo be barrel rolling and loling at you graphic whores !!!

    Show me yaaaaa mooooves!

  3. I’m fine with *minimum* power being level with the 360, and I’m glad that is didn’t say maximum as I first thought.

    1. Oh and does this mean that Crytek is also working on something for the Wii U? Especially since I believe that they already said they were not planning to release anything on the Wii U…

    1. some ppl say wii u is not as powerful as xbox or ps3…

      he said, wii u is not weaker, but at least on par or stronger than xbox and ps3… disagreeing with the haters…

      its that easy

        1. Also, he said Minimum, meaning the 360’s Max. Capability is The Wii U’s Min. Capability, Therefore the Wii U’s max will probably even Surpass the PS3.

        2. Lol. We’ve had months of the 360 and PS3 being lumped together to determine Wii U capabilities. Funny how now that’s an issue.

  4. I am so going to be one of the first people to buy the Wii U, well if my mom helps a little,ha,not saying that it will be expensive , i’m 13 so my mom pays for me,ha

    1. So practically, what you’re saying is just that you’re a spoiled brat that has never accomplished anything by himself. That’s so sad.

      1. Why has he never accomplished anything? Do you know him personally? No? Then stop acting like an idiot. It makes it look like you’re the one who haven’t accomplished anything.

        1. dude, he is 13 do you expect him to save the world as a 13 year old? atleast he is being honest and thats a big accomplishment.

            1. There, that’s what I mean.

              Also, Luis and NintendoMasterG, haters gonna hate, it’s a way of life.

      1. …Seriously? He said that, at minimum power, the Wii U is equal to the 360 at it’s BEST. Let that sink in for a moment.

        1. He said nothing of the sort. You’re pulling that one completely out of thin air. In fact, his statement could mean any number of things, from your statement: -‘at minimum power, the Wii U is equal to the 360 at it’s BEST’ – all the way down to the Wii Us maximum power being at least as good as the Xbox 360s average performance. We don’t know, and Yerlis statement is vague enough that it doesn’t really clarify anything at all.

          1. seriously how dumb can you guys be? , he means the 360 power is wii u’s minimum power meaning , the lowest setting on the wii u is 360’s highest meaning the wii u is
            way more powerful

          2. What the hell do you mean he said nothing of the sort? It’s right there in the article.

            “From my perspective the Wii U is minimum as powerful as Xbox 360”

            How on Earth would you get Wii U maximum = 360 average from that?

            1. Because maximum may not actually be all that significantly better, the big picture none of you seem to be getting.

              1. Go die in a hole.. Ps4/720 is not going to be like it whas whit ps2 to ps3.. If u so badly like grapice go and buy a pc and it will last 2-3 years and the consol will last1-6 years.. And consol is holding back pc.. Go and suck a dick u troll.

              2. Which is kind of irrelevant to the point.

                If its minimum level is 360, then its maximum level is above 360. How much above the maximum is doesn’t invalidate the original statement.

        2. i was being ironic, but nevermind. No offense, u shall understand that im not stupid and usually answer ironically if you watch my comments now and then. ;P

    1. its not coming cause its already developed for 360 and ps3 , for it to work with wii u would require a direct port hampering the real power of the wii u quality that can be offered if it was created stand alone

      1. I read on a nintendo site (nGamer i think) that the triggers are analogue, but the L and R at the very top are digital :)

      2. Wii U triggers just clicks, IGN showed it to us. Digital triggers are going to be annoying for racing games.

  5. It’s minimum as powerful as a 7 years old console. WOW!
    Come on guys….
    Please Nintendo tell us the specs!

    1. MINIMUM is the key word. So how far up can it go? Is the 3 times stronger rumour true? Only time will tell

      Oh and aeolous…suck it!!! Trolololo

      1. Those are not full specifications. Take a look at what it says about the CPU and GPU. Yep, it’s vague and completely non-specific. As such, those specs mean nothing.

            1. Psn got hacked along with players credit cards. And microsofts with its shooting games and kinect cr#p. LOL YOU JUST PROVEN YOU ARE WRONG TROLOLOLOL

  6. For people who cant read that, he is saying that Xbox 360 at it’s best is Wii U’s minium power. It’s only going to get better from here.

    1. No he isn’t. He made a vague offhand estimation that could be interpreted in a number of ways. Wishful thinking based on what can only really be described as a complete non-statement doesn’t change that. How about we wait and see what the actual spec is before we get too excited, mmkay?

      1. because I fear that wii U won’t sell as much as wii did if it is just barely more powerful than an xbox 360.
        And if it doesn’t sell, there won’t be too many games for it.

    1. because it is, the earliest games are always the ugliest for a console and the wiiu’s are minimally on par if not a bit better than what’s on 360/ps3

    2. Thats what i thought. Cuz i think that everyone SHOULD already know that Wii U is much more powerfull than PS360.

      1. We all know it’s more powerful than the PS360 but how much? The Wii was powerful than the original Xbox, but still was behind, the same thing could happen to the Wii U.

        1. The power gap is much closer now if u ask me. Eventually things will grind to a halt and gameplay will draw the line in the sand. Nintendo will easily dominate with their heavy hitters. Especially smash bros and marios which sell whether u lov him or not

          1. Power gap based on…?

            Because PCs are blisteringly and glaringly better than any graphics you’ll be seeing on consoles. Ever. It’s not as close as fanboys want to think.

  7. When it comes to graphics I don’t care if it’s only slightly better than 360 or PS3.
    What I want to know is how powerfull the rest is.
    Like for example.
    If you create a Zelda game, can it support having atleast 100-150 citizens in one big town each?
    Can you battle legions or armies of your enemy?
    Will the lands of Hyrule or where ever it plays out have real forests and bigger places?

    That’s what I want from next gen consoles…

  8. Quit worrying about the specs. If the games are fun it doesn’t matter. What happened? I don’t remember back in the 6th or 5th or 4th gen worrying about a system’s power, all I did was play the games no matter what the system. People are really too picky nowadays.

    1. Seems everyone has forgotten about ‘BLAST PROCESSING’. Graphics have always mattered when it comes to video games, so much that some consoles would tell you the amount of bits a console had. Sega 32X, Nintendo 64, Turbographix 16. Graphics have always been an important part of gaming and its no different now

        1. You’re about 16 years late if you’re just knowing that.

          The 64 in itself was Nintendo bragging about specs.

            1. ………..Did he say it wasn’t revolutionary? no, he didn’t. The fact is, he’s right. Nintendo 64’s title was bragging about how they had the most bits compared to the rest of the competition. Yes its revolutionary, but its still bragging

  9. It would be impossible for Nintendo to make their console weaker than the 360. Not impossible, but it would actually cost them more to get the older parts that would make it weaker than the 360 (because that tech is no longer available) than to use available tech.

    People are way too willing to believe the worst about Nintendo. Price of being the best, I guess. Haters gonna hate. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. On the other hand, newer tech is almost just as rare as old tech, therefore making them comparatively expensive.

    2. ‘People are way too willing to believe the worst about Nintendo. Price of being the best, I guess. Haters gonna hate.’

      True, but there are plenty of people around here who are way too willing to blindly believe the best about Nintendo too. There are always two extremes, and believing in either is a poor choice.

  10. Yes I did play SS atleast 3 times.
    I just meant like will it be easier to include multiple times that occurs without taking too much space.

    Like can they include a world much bigger than you can possibly do on 360 or PS3?

    I’m sure you can but I would like to know for sure…;p

    But nome the less I love Nintendo and I’ll buy the Wii U no doubt.

    1. The thing is, the size of the world in a Zelda game has less to do with hardware power and more to do with the design of the game. After all, the Wii is more powerful than the original Xbox yet the original xbox had Morrowind, which technically had a larger world than either Oblivion or Skyrim. The only reason why Zelda games seem small-scale compared to large open-world games is because Nintendo don’t try to make them as vast and epic as that. Sadly, I see it as a lack of ambition and a failure to grasp what it is that makes any fantasy game great – the sense of wonder and exploration. There’s only so many times that we can explore variations on the same relatively limited world before it becomes all a bit monotonous and boring, and I feel that Nintendo don’t grasp that.

      1. First, Twilight Princess was huge. Ocarina also had plenty of space to explore. Zelda isn’t really about open-world exploration. That And not every title is the same size in scope.

  11. People are retarded I swear. He said wii u is at least as good as the 360.

    He didn’t say “the 360 at its BEST (which it hasn’t even reached yet) is the same as the wii u on minimal settings.

    1. He said the Wii U at minimum is at least as powerful as the 360.

      You conveniently left out a word or two there.

      1. It’s relevant for any one who STILL doubts the Wii U’s power. I’m not saying it’s gonna be a power house, but I’m not sure why it’s still a discussion.

  12. So Crytek said this yet they said Cryengine 3 is actually better looking on the Wii U… Make up your mines Crytek! Is it weaker, is it stronger, is it on par with the current gen?

    1. Both the articles are saying the Wii U is more powerful than current gen. This is saying that the minimum power of the Wii U is the same as the power of the 360. Whether that means 360 at its best or not, we don’t know. But if that’s its minimum, its maximum will be a lot more powerful than current gen.

  13. the minimum probably refers to it being at least as powerful as the 360 which is all that really matters. Considering the ps3 is considered more powerful than the 360, but rarely do we ever see that difference in the games themselves. Also, its a very rough estimation on their part considering they arent developing on the system, instead some other company using their engine is. Basically what he’s saying is that it can do anything the 360 can.

    this idea that at the wii’s minimum is as powerful as the 360 and that at its max its more powerful makes absolutely no sense. I Love this site. But i swear it has the worst nintendo fans commenting on the news. WAY too many people here who have no clue what they are talking about and make the rest of us “fanboys” look like fools.

    an example of how little that way of thinking makes sense…look at Nintendoland, or new super mario bros wiiu. Those are probably some of the lowest in terms of graphics the wiiu has shown off. Games like gears of wars push the 360 pretty hard; so lets assume its the best the system can offer. Gears, graphically looks better than nintendoland or super mario bros wiiu. Basically, there is no such thing as the minimum power. That depends on the game.

    im guessing wiiu will come in at 50% to twice as strong as the current systems. So it should be more powerful…but definitely not a full leap in the graphics department.

    1. In all honesty, it was a loose comment that could be interpreted in a number of different ways. Stop being so arrogant.

      1. your right about one thing…it was a loose comment…an extremely loose comment regarding the wiiu’s capabilities.

        all the more reason to not analyze it to the extent it has been analyzed. They merely meant that it can at least do whatever the 360 can.

        why am i arrogant? because im speaking out against people who take a simple comment and distort it. And not so surprising that those same people make comments that more or less use the comment to hold over fans of the other consoles. It makes us look like hypocrites. Like graphic whores when it benefits us and being all about gameplay over graphics when that benefits us.

        and it doesnt matter how much more powerful the wiiu is; especially shouldnt matter cause a yearnor so from now the next gen will be a lot more powerful than the wiiu

        my comments dont come from arrogance….but come up against the arrogance of some here. Im just callling my fellow fans out when they need to be

  14. Nonetheless I think it’s more of a curiosity than another thing for most of us.

    I Love ofcourse Nintendo because of their games, Metroid being my best series ever.

        1. No, it’s not. It’s just a real-time tech demo made on an early system. I’m pretty sure the Wii U has improved since then.

            1. I’ve already seen the Tokyo Street demo thing. I thought this was about the bird tech demo, which last I heard, was an actual demo, not a recorded video.

          1. Aeolus is a faggot trolol

            Aelous your the most dumb troll in the world, hope you die.. its a possibility thats its called CGI DUMB GIRL TROLOLOL

            1. i hate trolls as much as the next guy but this is just extreme… need to wish death on anyone…but yeah..its not gameplay…not cgi….its an actual video..its real life

  15. This means that the lowest performance the Wii U could deliver, is the what the 360 could deliver at it’s best. So, basically, the Wii U is powerful, and it’ll potentially even get 720/PS4 multiplat ports, or Wii U ports, if the system becomes the 360 of the next gen.

    1. Keep believing that, but that’s not actually what he meant. That’s a completely dodgy thing to say, if anything.

      1. do me a favor and eviscerate yourself. or better yet dump yourself in a wood chipper before somebody does. you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

  16. if at minimum is on par with the 360 than at maximum is more powerful than ps3 since ps3 isn’t really all that much powerful than the 360. nintendo wouldn’t make a machine that is weaker than current gen when they know the successor to the ps360 will definitely surpass the ps360.

  17. Seriously, everywhere this is stated you have moronic fanboys saying, “mhhhh, only took you 6 years”. Shut the fuck up and READ. The WiiU is basically taking a shit on the current gen in its sleep. Take a game like AC3 for example. Its probably one of the best looking and capable games on a 360, so we’ll use that as a reference point. On 360/ps3, it runs at 720p and 30fps. Thats standard. WiiU? 1080p and 60fps. Those BOTH together is fucking inpressive, and if thats just over the MINIMUM, then its gona be awesome. We’ll probably never really have evident proof till Retro Studios shows Star Fox (its THE perfect game to showcase what the WiiU can do, speed/lighting/ect)

  18. Obviously Nintendo wont release a system that is weaker than the PS3 and Xbox – that shouldn’t even be a discussion. However, without naming names, there is still someone who want to still come across as ignorant and hate without reason on Nintendo and their products. Why? Who knows.

    Cevat Yerli is probably right, there’s no need to worry concerning Wii U’s power. Its a powerful machine worthy for next-gen. And at the end of the day, its about the great games that we want to play, over the raw spec numbers.

    1. Said like true N fan, even if the WiiU was inly as powerful as 360, id still love it, i mean look at the controller, just awesome. But realisticly, Nintendo fucked u with the Wii, it missed out on 1. The current graphics, 2. Good online service, and 3. BIG third party support. We’ve already got online and third party (all of which have only just been briefly touched upon) so of course itll have great graphics

      1. look on youtube call of duty wii vs ps3 not even a 60 dollar difference 360 and ps3 robbed a lot of people and motion murders dual analog

    1. Keeping it plain and simple? :p to be honest, when Crytek gets excited and praises your console, you know its good

  19. Just…wow at PS3/360 fanboys above me…

    Have people forgotten that taking full advantage of a console’s power doesn’t happen on day one or doesn’t overnight? This stuff takes time. People can’t easily judge a newer console’s graphics & say that, “LOL, the graphics only came out to be just the same as so & so!”, or, “LOL, it’s weaker (or not much better) than the current gen consoles!”, etc. based off of 3rd party ports or off of launch titles. Only idiots do that.

    Heck, it happened to PS3 back in E3 2006 when people just easily went, “What the fudge? The graphics aren’t that much better than 360’s!”, etc. Take Uncharted 1, for example, a game that was released back in November, 2007. Didn’t look bad at all & that game looked good, but that game didn’t exactly take full advantage of the system’s power. It wasn’t until Naughty Dog with Uncharted 2 in which they started taking advantage of it, & the result, the game turned out to be more spectacular looking than even Uncharted 1.

    While it’s true that the Wii U’s graphics of launch titles are the same as PS3’s/360’s right now, & that developers are only taking advantage of half of the Wii U’s power (from what I heard), give them about a few more years from it’s launch, & you’ll start to see the graphics of future games that will really shine in which it’ll put launch titles & early gen ports to shame. Nintendo usually does this, too, as well as Sony (not sure about Microsoft, though), so they’ll be doing that automatically as the years go by & that they get used to the hardware inside of the consoles & will start taking full advantage of them.

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