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Nintendo Of America President Says Nintendo Can Never Seem To Satisfy Fans

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was interview by Kotaku after this years E3 event and was asked why Nintendo’s E3 press conference was a disappointment. Reggie replied by saying that the hardcore gamer is an exceptionally hard gamer to please, and that Nintendo showcased the franchises that gamers have wanted to see.

Kotaku: Why do you think your press conference got a negative response among a lot of our readers who felt there wasn’t a lot that was new there, that was that different from what had been shown last year [on Wii U] in demo form?

Fils-Aime: One of the things that, on one hand, I love and, on the other hand, that troubles me tremendously about not only our fanbase but about the gaming community at large is that, whenever you share information, the perspective is, ‘Thank you, but I want more.’ ‘Thank you, but give me more.’ I mean, it is insatiable.

“And so for years this community has been asking, ‘Where’s Pikmin?’ ‘Where’s Pikmin?’ ‘Where’sPikmin?’ We give them Pikmin. And then they say, ‘What else?’

“For years, this community have said, ‘Damnit Reggie, when you launch, you better launch with a Mario game.’ So we launch with a Mario game, and they say, ‘So what’s more?’

“I have heard people say, ‘You know, you’ve got these fantastic franchises, beyond what you’re doing in Smash Bros., isn’t there a way to leverage all these franchises?’ So we create Nintendo Land and they say, ‘Ho-hum, give me more.’ So it’s an interesting challenge.”

217 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America President Says Nintendo Can Never Seem To Satisfy Fans”

      1. yup exactly, thats what fans said. I read this comment in youtube about the NSMB2 on 3DS said * NSMB DS is much better, graphics are the same and nothing is new* WTF !,, thats what you want a new Bro’s game innovative and much better.
        People dont seem to be satisfy, they want what they want theyre stupid and demanding. and the most of the Ninty fans do that. sigh

    1. No way.
      I love Nintendo, and of course gotta love Reggie, but he’s being a bitch and he should know it. Mario game at launch….
      Probably over 75% of the people who said that were talking 3D Mario. Ya know, Sunshine, galaxy.
      Instead we get something that looks like the Wii version (it’s true don’t deny it xD, the backgrounds alone don’t make or break a game)

      As far as Pikmin goes: looks nice, but of course you can’t show of with jusst one game, which people were expecting 5 years ago.
      Nintendo seems to just listen enough to their fans to get away with it, but not enough by a long shot to please them (almost) completely.
      And you may think: you can never please people… YOU CAN! NINTENDO CAN!.

      – Pokemon Snap Wii U
      – Super Mario (3D game)
      – Metroid?
      – F-Zero?
      – Starfox?

      Especially Pokemon Snap U would be apprieciated.
      I gave up my hopes for a full 3D world pokemon game (story like gold silver, graphics like colleseum) and a new Mother game a long time ago, but if they would do either of those, I would buy two Wii U’s.

      1. Pokemon snap is overrated as hell. People need to take off the nastolgia goggles and realize the reason that game didn’t get a sequal is because it was boring and a poor pokemon spinoff game.

          1. True but even then it takes time to make good games. It’s alot easier to make a 2d linear Mario game then it is to make a 3d full exploration game, especially when making it in HD. They can’t just whip these games out whenever a gamer demands it.

            1. The problem with the newest 3D mario’s is that those are lineair too. You always get told where to go, or well, not really ”told”, but there’s only one direction to choose, is what I mean.. And they could do a few more if they did a few less sucky games.

        1. Well, that’s your opinion. I loved it on ’64, and it has the potential to be 100x better on Wii U, with more levels and ALL pokemon. I think it was one of the better spinoffs for Pokémon.

          Of course the Pokemon 3D world game I was talking about is the real deal, but that’s just not going to happen until a long time I think.

      2. you do realise that we aren’t going to see proper rpg pokemon until nintendo go close to failing as a business? its the sure-fire get out of jail free card.

        1. I do, and that’s exactly the reason I want Nintendo to almost hit rckbottom, so they have to turn to their original fans with fantastic games. Nintendo thinks it’s fine like this because they’re making money, which makes perfect sense, but it’s not the reason I become a huge fan.

      3. Right now you sound like one of those many “insatiable people” they can’t give you everything you’re asking for. At least not without TIME you can expect starfix, metroid, f-zero, etc. but give Nintendo the time needed to make them, and when they finish them be grateful they gave it you instead of asking for more and more and more

        1. It’s always weird to say this about yourself [myself], but I think I am being pretty objective here. I am asking for games Nintendo is NOT unfamiliar with. I DON’T ask for all those games I mentioned above, and I understand it takes time. But: the first party line up up until now simply let’s me down, and as a fan, I have every right to compain about that and be a bitch. Pikmin 3 looks like alot of fun, but it has been put forward for YEARS! Then it’s not supposed to be any other way.

          Nintendo is a HUGE company, so stop make it seem as though they deserve pitty, while it’s them who have TONS of money to pump into games.
          Again what I said: ”Nintendo seems to just listen enough to their fans to get away with it, but not enough by a long shot to please them (almost) completely.”

          I don’t expect a full fledged game of every super smash bros character, but more than this.
          ‘uhh, it’s hard work… uhh it takes a long time’
          Dont give me that crap, because when it comes down to business, Nintendo only cares about money, thus I can state what I want to get from that company (who roughly has $ on the bank.

    2. “Can Never Seem To Satisfy Fans”?!

      It’s called E3 2010 Nintendo. I’m not saying the conference was bad, just disappointing. Saying that it wasn’t flawed is a bit naive…

  1. You can never please them all. What matters is that you please as many of them as you can while pleasing yourself.

    1. +1

      we asked for our IPs back, and they gave us……. this :l it looks like a half ass attempt at giving us what we (the core gamer wanted) but stupidly simplified to cater the casual gamer. Make up your mind nintendo, either you please the core gamer, or the fickle casual crowed. That is, if you dont like mixed reactions.

            1. Just stop asking for Mother 3

              It legally CAN NEVER HAPPEN as much as I would love for it to be released

              The sooner you accept this cold-hard fact, the better (That’s what she said lol)

              1. A new part without copyrightinfringement would be technically possible, if Itoi would be in for it. I still hold hope.

              2. It legally CAN HAPPEN. Your talking about EarthBound on the Virtual Console. Ninty just doesn’t want to release it

                1. They legally can’trerelease such a game without fear of a lawsuit

                  And after Mother 2 TANKED in the states, the likelihoodof a new entryis so unlikely

                  1. Lawsuit because of what exactly. I already I
                    know they can’t release EarthBound without altering it, but what does Mother 3 have in
                    it? I’m not saying they should release it, I’m just wondering why its “Legally impossible” because I’m pretty sure its not (Still talking about Mother 3 here, not EarthBound)

                    1. well after what happen with earthbound did not sell well here then its best not to put it on the west.

                    2. I get that, however people are saying Mother 3 can’t legally be localized, and I don’t think that’s true

    1. I wasnt at first, but when i looked into it, i think it looks fun as hell, will probably give me a good few weeks online and with my friemds and family

    2. Yah me too . Its not just the typicsl minigame collection either . Theres gonna be online elements in there with some other things too.
      People are so harse on the game but it looks amazing

  2. To be honest, we’re all a little greedy, but its only because Nintendo is so good. I like waiting for the surprises, and most of my WiiU laumch games are third party, i’ll only have Pikmin 3, Mario and NintendoLand, so im happy with Nintendo at the moment :) hopefully they’ll come back on top again, especially with the xbox 720’s ridiculous designs.

    1. Are you thick as shit? Those aren’t designs, they’re concepts. As Wii U should have been. It’s a great idea but it isn’t a viable product. Nintendo have just fragmented things so much that they can’t sell it, or anything else.

      1. WiiU looks fantastic, its simple yet innovative. Its not connecting to everything else in your house, its just a console, games, and online.
        And that 720 “concept” was a 56 page document, full of pointless shite, basically doing what all the fanboys hated on the Wii for. I hope microsoft just get out of the game market, they werent welcome in the first place

        1. Wow. This is fanboyism to a new level. How can the company with the majority of the market be unwelcome? And the Wii copying thing is wrong. It’s Sony you’re thinking of there. And just being a games console isn’t enough now. Most Wiis, Xbox 360s and in some respects PS3s are now sold as media devices. And am I the only one who just wants people like you to die in a hole? Just get used to the fact that no-one these days is perfect. And in my opinion, Nintendo have recently been less perfect than most.

          1. No, Nintendo had the majority of the market?
            Microsoft are just a greedy company. A least Sony give a damn about their gamers

          2. But its not like Nintendo arent doing the media stuff with the WiiU. The only thing they arent doing is facebook connection but who even wants that? For a company and its ridiculous fanboys who prized themselves on calling their console a hardcore console while calling the Wii a childs console and only for casual gamers, its funny to see how with nextgen the role are completely reversed.

      2. Fragmented things? How so? Casual and hardcore, is that what you’re referring to?

        If they produce quality software for both types of players, what’s wrong with that?

      3. How is it not a viable product?

        It’s an Hd home console version of the DS + some other things. That’s actually a great sounding product.

  3. the problem isn’t that they are giving us what we want, it’s that they are half-assing what we want.

    1. what have the half assed exactly? even the games that they’ve made that weren’t as good as previous installments were still solid games. nintendo is one of the few developers out that that really makes sure that what theyre putting out there is actually fun. rather than worrying about flashy effects and quick time events.

      1. True, they still make games that do new things. Of course Zelda SS isn’t as good as OoC and Super Mario 3D Land isn’t as good as Super Mario World but we really can’t call these games bad just because they didn’t match up to our expectations.

        1. i personally adored SS and mario 3d land. they were both up to my expectations, a great zelda game, and a great mario game. i think a lot of “hate” has nostalgia factored in.

          1. The last two games I played before SS were Xenoblade and Twillight princess, Xenoblade was seriously awesome and Twillight Princess proved to be my favourite Zelda game. After that, Skyward Sword was a bitter dissapointment for me it just seemed so restrictive and I wasn’t too much a fan of the art direction :/

            1. how was it restrictive? seriously you are literally given full control over every item, thats the opposite of estrictive

                1. it was the longest zelda game, and just geographically, if you put all three land areas together, the world is bigger than ocarina of time.

                  1. *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* Hooray Skyward Sword is bigger than a game that’s over 10 years old. Yippe. He means the game is overly linear. Your always told where to go and what to do. Like take WW, that game gives you and entire ocean to explore with various stuff mant many islands for you to go find and it was fucking awesome!

                    1. skyward sword gave you that too, you were able to do a lot of side quests just flying around on your loftwing. it was actually done a lot better than in windwaker.

                    2. But there was vey little to do on the loftwing. There were like, 3 islands that you could actually explore and the rest were just floating rocks. WindWakers was much bigger and more expansive. Every single square had something interesting to do there with the occasional tower or sub to provide more treasure. You really felt like you were a pirate exploring the high seas

            2. I felt the same with SS. I loved the gameplay changes, in terms of the combat, that alone makes the game incredibly fun, but its waaaaay linear, and there wasnt really anything to explore, and the whole sky traversal was terrible. I was also not a fan of the fact i had to fight that Forbidden or whatever is was called FOUR TIMES!!! It took the piss.

  4. I wasn’t gone on the conference either but after I just realised they had content, just was badly presented. Like out of all the games they showed, there were about 8 exclusives that I would be interested in trying. That’s more than enough launch titles for me since I’d be lucky to get through a game every 2 weeks

    1. that’s basically what i was thinking after i calmed down about nintendo’s conference. the Wii U is starting out with more launch games (or games in the launch window i guess) that i want than the 3DS, Wii, DS, or gamecube! despite how bad the presentation was, the Wii U is still going to have a solid launch

    2. im all honesty, i dont think the even had a bad conference. it was the fact that they ended with nintendo land that put a bad taste in everyones mouth. seriously if they would have ended with retros new game, which they were planning on according to reggie, than it would have been proclaimed the best show of e3 this year.

      1. Not only ending on Nintendoland, but they seemed to just touch on all the other games, then dragged out the Nintendoland presentation. Could’ve been worse. They could’ve had James Cameron explain it. Now that was an overlong rambling presentation. :-)

      2. Agreed. And keeping on the launch games theme, no game other than ZombiU made me think “I must get this console!”, but when you pile it up with Lego City, Rayman Legends, Project P-100, Game & Wario and (hopefully) the proper version of Ninja Gaiden 3, it’s good enough a start for me. If Assassin’s Creed III proves to be at least as beautiful as the other versions with interesting uses of the Wii U GamePad, I’m all set.

        1. AC3 is even better on wiiu, 1080p and 60fps.
          Im hoping next gen reverts back to a graphics stalemate, so pretty will actually step back and look at their consoles, and the gameplay

  5. That’s describes 90 percent of ppl on mynintendonews. Reggie should’ve been more rough and said ” Fans always cry for more like babies whose eyes are bigger than their stomaches”

  6. zax is on bath salts

    I am easy to please .>>>> but REGGIE when you squash a rumor by saying it was a rumor ( 3DSXL ) then come out 2 weeks latter and say it wasn’t…then I am unhappy…when you released the 3DS you had to have a price drop…WE WERE THE CRUTCH THAT GOT THE 3DS ON IT’s FEET….so YES there answer is that I am upset with the company..

    .called Nin America and told how the people that got the 3DS TO WHERE IT IS TODAY were used as a buisness prop…a crutch to get them better, the said they could help me out but not everyone..i was confused with the question so I answered– Why don’t you come up with a plan that allows 3ds owners to trade in for the 3dXL and scrap em for parts… she was blown away by answer because it didn’t involve me… MORAL OF THE STORY– Nintendo was never a greedy company and had the same in their investors/clients ..but now days have change and there more pocket hungry than SONY/MICROSOFT—–…..MY TRADE MY 3DS page join for the fight

    1. It’s hard to take you seriously when your grammar is like that…
      I really can’t understand what you are bitching about, I’m sorry…

          1. I love Earthbound, but anyone who thinks a new entry would sell to “everyone” in the West seriously needs to leave the basement and remember there’s a real world outside. Even more recognized JRPGs brands such as Final Fantasy don’t sell as well anymore, and the better games of that genre this generation didn’t break the 1 million sales mark either, so why the heck something so… quirky, to say the least, as Earthbound would sell?

            1. I’m saying that it could be put on the 3DS VC. That way they don’t have to worry about manufacturing cartridges and stuff. But NoA is just being stupid.

              1. There’s a lot more than just money concerns when it comes to art, you know. Some artists DON’T want their art to be endlessly perpetuated over time. You liked it a lot? That’s awesome. Don’t pervert that feeling by re-releasing that art over and over again. That’s almost necrophilia.

                1. True comment, but Earthbound was only released ONCE and had bad sales.

                  It deserves a re-release, if it were possible. (But it isn’t.)

  7. very true words, reggie. nintendo can’t do it all at once, so people should stop acting like spoiled children or making ridiculous claims like “nintendo tells fans what they want” when something happens that’s not to their liking

  8. That’s why I say you have to own multiple platforms and play games from multiple publishers because not one company is going to satisfy you.

  9. Reggie probably has just read this:

    In gaming, everything’s amazing but no one is happy

    Or this:

    Gamers, the spoiled children of society

    Or this:

    We the spoiled gamers

    Yeah, I have a DEDICATED FOLDER for that stuff in my bookmarks. Because it’s true, and the few articles/sites/journos/bloggers who have the intelligence to notice it and, more importantly, the BALLS to say it need to be cherished and nurtured – BECAUSE IT’S TRUE.

  10. You can’t please everyone, even if you made every single game to please every single crowd (in this case, core gamers and casual gamers). It is best to do what the majority wants and please yourself as well. If you are not happy with what you do, then it won’t succeed well. So it best to just keep going and let the negativity die off on its own. It is not worth getting stressed about because of different opinions. I have no control of what Nintendo does, they are their own business. If they make something I do not want, I simply do not get it.

    Just keep going, Nintendo.

  11. fans are just like a stomach. it always askes for more, and the more you feed it what it wants, the more it expands

    1. but if you feed it too much of what it wants, it will get sick or the body will become fat and shiftless. nintendo is trying to keep its body healthy and well-managed despite the ridiculous cravings of the stomach. they may satiate the stomach’s cravings on fairly regular occasions, but the stomach just asks for more. if you ask me, the stomach has an unhealthy appetite that needs to be diminished

  12. Hmm Let’s See…

    Star Fox
    Kid Icarus
    Animal Crossing

    …This is my personal list of Nintendo series’ that I care for. If Nintendo continues to provide new installments atleast to the bulk of this list over the years, then I’m satisfied. Games like Pikmin 3 and Fire Emblem: Awakening will be like new IPs for me that can potentially be added to the list when I check them out. So I’m satisfied, but I know I can’t speak for others so…

    1. I think they do need a new IP. Something stricly hardcore to go with Star Fox, Zelda and Metroid, with more adult themes (not guns)

        1. If you read his comment, he said something strictly hardcore to go with Star Fox, Zelda, and Metroid

          1. NintendoLand is the opposite of a new IP, its all the current IP’s, although not Star Fox, Kirby or Pokemon, hmm

                1. Yeah I know what you are talking about and I’m not defending Ninty Land, but its technically a new IP

            1. I mean a BIG IP, from Nintendo, a new mascot to stand along side Link, Mario, Samus, Fox, you know. Like how Pikmin was for Gamecube.
              And my mature, i dont mean blood and guts, i mean real characters amd emotions, and a good serious story

  13. ive saw ps4 trailer and i lol!
    sony will fail i can just see them losing billions and there is a fanmade trailer with they think that sony developers are intellegent! they are intellegent to copy and make them worse.


    *sigh* …But seriously though… You guy’s are demanding too much out of Nintendo, and they can only produce so much to your liking to satisfy you! –– It’s like that with ANY gaming industry developers, they thrive of trying to impress their gamers to like their games, some make it to top 10, some don’t, it’s hard to impress anybody these days.

    Pick a normal standard for your games and let the Game Devs set it to that level to satisfy more people, and let them adapt and change to make it better for their gamers to play these games. If you can’t even do that, then they’re not going to get anywhere near satisfying people who play their games because you people are asking too much. They might as well stop making games all-together if people can’t ask for something of standard to be given to them.

  15. I wish they’d pushed a Wii U wishlist kind of poll, everywhere they could, and gotten all the fans feedback om what games theyd lile to see on wii u, how theyd lile to see them represented maybe. Ask the people what they want nintendo

    1. Yes and then nintendo does this and the fans realize that their ideas were crap and they are poorly implemented into the game. The game gets poor reviews the fans are angry and nintendo gets screwed over. Nintendo needs to do what nintendo wants, and stop listening to all these “fans” with all these “great ideas” about how to make a game. Leave game development Of million dollar ips to the professionals.

  16. I clicked on this headline expecting to finally read some sensible comments, like, ‘yeah, you know, he is right…we are all just fat hungry fanboys with insatiable appetites’, but instead I come on and just read comment after comment of ‘I loved the cupcakes you baked at E3, which were of individual size so everyone had the same amount of cake, but I really wished you would have just baked a really big cake, then I could’ve had like 10 pieces!”

    Greedy little whiners…nothing will satiate such a community…give ’em Smash Bros., and they whine about who is making it, or about level design, or why isn’t this character included, or it would’ve been so much better if you would’ve used XYZ’s strategy…Give them Mario and someone will bitch its not open world, or that its not challenging, or that’s its 2d…Show Rare’s title, and people would’ve been like, ‘Oh, it’s not Star Fox’, or ‘Oh, it’s Star Fox’, or ‘Why isn’t it Metroid, or DKCR 2’?

    For the sake of Pete(whoever he is), STFU…its launch software…we will get our fixes of open world Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and probably dozens of other games…or maybe you would prefer them all at launch? I don’t know about anyone else, but I can affort to buy 2, maybe 3 games at launch with the system and a pro controller…that leaves me with nothing less than at least 2 games just at launch I want that I will not be getting…

    Sissy pansy whiners…bunch of mental midgets…deal with what Nintendo gives you, plead for what you want, but if all you can do is whine, ‘I didn’t get this or that, boo freakin’ hoo’, then go be a MicroSonyBot…You want innovation? Wii U. You want new IP’s? Nintendoland, Project P-100, and ZombiU. You want your underwear pressed, a dirty sanchez, a turkish snowcone, and a blow-dry? Nintendo probably isn’t your company, try a vacation in Vegas. And like they say…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except Herpes, that shit will come back with you.

  17. i agree with everything he said but am still not satisfy… and i want the wii u but wtf am not excited about that….

    1. he has to understand that every gamer is different…theres the casual,hardcore,softcore,baby core, etc…and if he wants to satisfy every1 then give us something fore every1 when it comes to their first party titles… wheres metroid for wiiu and 3ds….

  18. Dear Reggie,
    the problems we have are:
    1. Everyone expected Pikmin 3, naturally people were pleased to see info about it, but we still wanted an actual surprise for the show.
    2. The Mario game that will launch the Wii U is basically a copy-paste of the one on the Wii, and therefore underwhelming and unsatisfying.
    3.Nobody asked for Nintendoland, absolutely no one. Super Smash Bros is pretty much the maximum we can get when we’re talking about ”Nintendo Crossover”, so anything else feels forced and dramatically inferior. Especially a collection of like 7-8 mini-games.

      1. Its good that you clarified that…apparently most people fail to see the point to the game in the fact that it showcases the new play mechanics of the Wii U…

      2. I knew about that, and it definitely makes sense, however dedicating 10 minutes on it during E3 and talking about it as if it’s supposed to blow people away is very frustrating to witness.

  19. I hate fan boys of video games and comic books. They are the rudest, hard to please audience. If any of you have the Clerks tenth anniversary addition, watch the special features. They had a screening with the original cast and opened questions to the audience. The audience, who are comic book fan boys, were so rude that it was uncomfortable to watch. Even the cast members were calling them out for it. This is pretty typical fan boy behavior. The hardcore video game press is ruthless on Nintendo, and so are the fan boys. I hate you all.

  20. I felt this was rather offensive. The fact is, people get excited about something, and then they get bored. It’s not hard to please gamers, really. Just give them what they want, AND give them something they didn’t know they wanted. Like a totally new IP from Miyamoto that no one was expecting. New Super Mario Bros. U looks too similar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii. In fact, we were spammed with 2.5D Mario games at E3. Pikmin 3 looks awesome and I’m excited. Well honestly, I was excited for it 5 years ago. Seriously, is there anything else coming from Nintendo that’s on a grand scale? Nintendo Land looks cool and all, but they could have waited to unveil it later, after they hyped up the hardcore. I don’t understand why they aren’t grasping any of this. I’m not even sure they’re truly listening to fans.

  21. I agree with his message, but not his logic. He must not have been listening to the large masses of people who’ve wanted a Metroid game that didn’t suck.

      1. Yes there was, very much so. The story sucked so much, voice acting was even worse, the game was horribly linear for a metroid game, controls sucked with using a D-pad in a 3D plane, it was annoying switching from 3rd to 1st person, they over sexualized what was originally the most badass female game character, there was absolutely nothing original about it. It was a shit, shit game

    1. That is the worst excuse in the entire fucking world. You’re right, I can’t make a better video game than Nintendo. I don’t make video games for a living, I don’t have a team of people that are there to create the game, I don’t have the funding to create a game, I’m not paid to make games. The idea that one person is supposed to make a better game than a fucking corporation that is payed to make games is just fucking stupid. It is by far the flimsiest excuse for why people like Nintendo are able to lazily make games like NSMB

        1. The only reason people do that is cause they’re lazy and don’t want to make their comment so they claim others.

      1. Ha ha ha what the hell are you talking about. it may be an excuse but its right. Miyamoto say every time he foes to make a new game that he loves be he has to please so many diverse people with different opinions. I didn’t say you had to be pour. You could have all the resources you need and you might barley please half the audience. And there is no stupid ideas, just ones that won’t work and this isn’t one of them. If I recall a single person worked on a certain sandbox game were you can build your imagination with friend even over seas. And look how well it did, so its can be possible. (I’m aware people join him later be he owns it all). And NSMB is a hella fun and i would guess millions of people who have played it agree. It wasn’t lazy, it was a way to bring some older gamers back to the company… and I’m pretty sure it work. So you can just be quiet and take that tampon out of your vagina cause I know it’s making you a little moody.

    2. I haven’t payed thousands of dollars over my lifetime to Nintendo only for them to end up giving me games I don’t want. I don’t pay them to try hard! I pay them to DO!

      1. Thats not my fault, they can hear you if all you do is complain on a website they probably don’t even know of. And your little…. Thing at end, whatever it is, its stupid.

    3. Lol, sophism.

      After the promises that were made by Nintendo, the fans have every right to want more than just Pikmin 3, which people expected to see on the Wii years ago. It looks like great fun, but it looks like one of the only games that I want to play. Personally, I don’t like NSMW, but let’s say I do: then NSMBU still does not (yet?) look any different than the Wii game, so why buy a new version? So I can touch a game that for the rest looks the same? No thanks. Oh, and Nintendo doesn’t try all that hard, they of course try do make most money with least effort, like all companies. Just because Nin. gives you a nostalgiaboner, doesn’t mean they stand above all other companies.

      1. Exactly what promises were made? Thats your fault for expecting Pikmin 3 on the Wii. NSMBU looks completely different (Just cause he still runs an jumps left to right doesn’t mean its the same game, thats what Mario does, get over it). Nintendo doesn’t do games for the money, they do it cause they love video games. But they have ways of getting quick money (NSMBU) so they can continue doing what they love, and I’m ok with that cause they are fun. I remember in the good gaming days when people just played games and loved doing it, and if they didn’t like a game, they just didn’t play it and left it at that. These days, people criticize over the stupidest things cause its not how they would of made it. (I know there are some broke games out there but damn people!)

  22. I’m looking forward to Nintendo Land. Nintendo just needs to keep doing what it’s doing and stop trying to appease greedy fans. What he said is completely true. They asked for Pikmin for years, and now that they have it all I hear is crickets. Same with the Mario game. “I want a 3D Mario. I don’t care if you haven’t had enough time to make it, or haven’t had an idea that stuck yet. Give me the unfinished 3D Mario, NOW!

    People need to stop their bitcjing and realise that there are more than enought games coming at launch to keep you busy into the start of next year. Then you get Aliens and so much more. People just expect Nintendo to show their whole hand, give the competition time to copy and counter it and go the same way as Sega. Will never happen. Because their not stupid. They know how to run their business.

    You’re doing great, Nintendo. Much better than anyone else in the business right now. Keep it up and do what you think is right. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. the real problem is that this is a lot of people’s first generation of gaming that they actually keep current on

      these people don’t realize exactly how drastically better the WiiU’s launch line-up is than previous generations (and that launch titles =/= the the entirety of games that will be released for a console)

      they expect a company to make 50 different games at once because not every single one of the games they’re making interests them

      it’s a problem that has happened and will keep happening forever because it is not a requirement to “lurk moar” before stating your thoughts on the internet

      video games

      1. I think 64 had pilotwings and Mario64 at launch later came star wars,Ki gold, MK trilogy, and others I think it had 10 games the first 6 months.

    2. And we can thanks video game analysts like Pachter for fueling this mindset. Though I’ve seen a few who have remained sensible, most of them are genuine scum of the earth.

  23. Btw, Nintendo never promised Retro’s new title, or Monolith’s and all the others people were anticpating at launch. They promised NSMU and Pikmin. Guess what you got? Exactly that and a whole lot more. Stop being greedy, this is only the begining.

  24. I agree with Reggie…people (gamers) ask for all of these specific things (Pikmin, Mario, etc.) and so Nintendo responds in kind. Then you turn around and ask ‘ok…now what else?’ Just as Reggie is saying. On top of all that THE CONSOLE HAS NOT EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET!!! Can y’all give it some time before you start saying ‘Uh…it has no content…whine whine whine…’? Now if the Wii U was out for 1+ years and there was still a lack of games or whatever then I can understand complaints (I said complaints, not whining, there is a difference) but until then can y’all give Nintendo a little room to breath…

  25. I like the fact that he called it “An interesting challenge” instead of being blunt and calling the whiners what they really are.
    Reggie certainly has a lot more tact than I expected, after all the frustration he must be feeling.



  27. Reggie, Reggie, Reggie…..
    We wouldn’t be saying “give me more” if you just gave us what we asked for in the first place.
    Pikmin 3, yeah we wanted it…but we wanted it like a bazillion years ago. There is absolutely no reason 1 game should take so long. And what about those who don’t even like the Pikmin games? For those that wanted Mario…we didn’t mean another boring 2D platformer. Seriously, when I saw that I was thinking:
    ‘Don’t I already own this game? And like 10 times over?’
    Other than that, the only thing we got coming from you is Nintendo Land. I don’t even need to explain why this is unsatisfying.
    Honestly, there is a very easy solution to this problem. Only produce your best games. I don’t remember anything like Nintendo Land on the Super Nintendo, or the Gamecube. We’re hardcore gamers Reggie. We will figure out how the Wii U works just fine.

    1. For the record, I don’t hate 2D mario platformers. I hate the NSMB series. A series that does absolutely nothing new and can get away with it. If Ninty were to release a 2D Mario game under the same style and creativity that games like Origins and Legends got, I wouldn’t be so angry

  28. Lol Reggie knows hes wrong. I do t think there was a soul complaining after Wii’s software unviel in 06 at E3. Why? Cause they showed Off Mario Galaxy, Zelda TP, Smash Bros. Brawl, and many others that looked amazing. If Wii would have shown the games Wii U shown, or would have gotten a negative reception as well. When people asked for a Mario launch title (like the guy somewhere up there said,) they were talking about a 3D title such as Sunshine or Galaxy. Count me out for the Wii U NSMB. If you played one NSMB, you played em all. They all feel the same, unlike Mario 3D titles and the older original Bros series, World, and Lands (even 3D which I adored). Pikmin looked okay I suppose. If you wanna be like that, then wheres Mother 3? People been asking for that before the Pikmin series even existed.

  29. Under the scope of the game industry as a whole, I agree with Reggie. Can’t we look at something awesome for once and simply say, “Hey, look, this thing is awesome”?

    As for E3 specifically, though… It was a disappointment, no other way of looking at it. Had its good moments, but none of the new stuff was all that appealing.

  30. Stop encouraging this kind of rubbish from Nintendo! The real reason Nintendo released NintendoLand (which is probably a pack-in in America) and NSMBWiiU is due to profit margins. Why on earth would you pay $249-349 for a system that is 2.5-4x the power of Xbox 360 to play games that can be reproduced on the Wii effortlessly? Nintendo knows that NSMBWiiU will sell 10 million copies so they get lazy about it (2D Mario games sell far better than 3D Mario games despite the fact that none of these 2D games even approach the greatness Yoshi’s Island or the original Mario World). Where are the “wow” games? ( You only really need one “wow” game at launch)—this launch while solid (definitely not a “Fantavision”-launch) overall due in part to plenty of varied third party titles has nothing, in itself, that would make me want to “show-off” my system ( perhaps, ZombiU?) to my buddies . In a sense, it is like the GC launch. Why should I care about Pikmin 3. I played Pikmin 1 on GC and got bored really fast. Nintendo will continue to keep dumbing donwn the games as long they sell. Look at the amazing DKCR by Retro (the polygon graphics do not seem to have the “wow” factor of Rare’s DKC1-DKC3 or Yoshi’s Story, for that matter). I fully expect Nintendo’s next-next generation system to launch in 2017 with intentionally dumbed down graphics, despite having a wicked processor (it will be Pilotwings starring Mii characters). To be honest, this laziness is not only characteristic of the gaming industry but includes cartoons as well. Cartoons these days have horrendous animations—Amazing looking cartoons such as 2011’s Thundercats reboot flopped. You can thank the public for encouraging this. However, having said this, it is possible that Nintendo is holding on to its cards, 2013 E3 might include a number of graphically intense 2nd generation Wii U games that may be on par with 1rst generation Next-box and PS4 titles.

    1. totally agree. Why do they make the same game over and over? Because they know it will sell. Don’t encourage it

  31. Reggie is in denial, he know why we were disappointed. I’m 33 years old and Nintendoland (might be good) isn’t the game I’m looking for, New Super Mario bro U isn’t the game I’m looking for at E3, I’m not look for FPS or Blood either, I’m looking for a 3D Mario or a new Metriod or something brand new with a challenge that I can drive deep into and push my gaming skills!! Nintendo acts like they don’t understand the American/Western gamer…..not all of us are about blood, guts and guns yet that don’t mean Nintendoland is where it is neither. Give me games like u did in the 64era the Wave Race’s, Starfox, Zelda or Mario 64 that’s what we want….they went so casual that they lost in some ways who they are, But they will be back soon!!


    @anonymous yup I agree I will buy wii u to play a 2d mario where the last boss u have to fight bowser than big version of bowser yet again wii me like playing repetitive crap me moron :D minimal cilche gimmick efforts ftw

  33. Ok reggie !!!! u have got this all wrong … yes we r glad to get pikmin and mario at launch and they r good games, but, they did not scream out yes this game alone justifies getting the system on day 1 … I got my nin bc of mario n duck hunt, super mario world made me got snes on day 1, super mario 64 made me want to get a n64 day 1… I never got a gamecube day 1 bc I did’nt like the launch games, but I got wii day 1 bc of zelda with wii controls … what nintendo needed to realize was it needed a killer app to launch with wii u … 2D mario game which is good (also pikmin) does not seem to use the new gamepad in interesting ways enough to make me say I wanna try dat like say rayman legends … ninty needed to launch this system with an obvious heavy hitter dat the gamepad would’ve been perfect for, like star fox or F zero. instead what they did was over explain what the wii u was about and showed games to pander to the casual market … don’t get me wrong I like nintendo land, and hopin for a duck hunt game somewhere in there, but to show it last when ppl was expecting something major, was a huge let down … where was the hardcore games u promised the nintendo faithful? I played batman n mass effect 3 already n so on …. in all I will buy this system to get rid of my dusty wii n play rayman legends n AC 3. Ninty is playin gun shy for some reason, but next yr they got to bring it … they have too many talented game developers under their wings … and I mean hardcore…

  34. Why cant Nintendo constantly make their big branded titles? Thats what Call of Duty does, and Halo, the Xbox comes out with one every 2 years!!!! Nintendo should just constantly bust out Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, Mother, Mario, Pokemon and Super Smash Bros games!!! Than we(fans!) wont be screaming at them to make them!!!! Nintendo shouldnt even waste their time with crappy games like Nintendogs and Nintendo Land and Mario Party….they dont satisfy our Nintendo cravings long enough. Just the Big Titles PLease! :)

  35. Go get’em Reggie! Seriously though, I was absolutely thrilled to see a Mario game at launch. New Super Mario Bros. U looks to be a great game and will improve on New Super Mario Bros. Wii in every way (which is one of my all time favorite games). The Wii U is going to be a huge hit with my family. I can see my brother and I fighting over who gets to play Pikmin 3. Nintendo has satisfied my games craving this year. Hopefully next year it will do the same with Zelda, Metroid, and Star Fox.

  36. While I think Reggie has some valid points, he’s missing the point. Judging from his comments, he doesn’t appear to be very informed on his consumers. For example, I’ve been paying attention to what our community (gamers) has been saying for years, give us Earthbound 1-3, a new Earthbound, Starfox, and F-zero just to name a few. In fact, I wrote Nintendo and asked them if they would release Earthbound 1-3, and they wrote back saying that right now it wasn’t in the works. If its a legal reason, I wish they would just say that. Also, when people inquire about their different franchises, I sure as hell don’t believe anyone was thinking of a mini game collection. At least, I wasn’t. I’m a fan, but sometimes I just feel like their clueless. Let me say this as a core gamer. I plan to get the Wii U, but many other core gamers may think twice if Nintendo push too many Nintendo land experiences.

    1. Patience? Patience?!?! I’ve been waiting since Melee for Nintendo to get their act together. Patience is running thin my friend…

  37. don’t worry nintendo baby. as soon as the next console zelda game is announced and the next ssb is all ready to roll, people will be shitting their pants again.

    1. SSB is not even in full development yet. Have fun waiting at least 2 years.

      Between now and then, Wii U could easily go the way of Virtual Boy and Dreamcast/Saturn.

      They fucked up the launch. BIG TIME.

      1. They fucked up the launch? I didnt realise i was buying 7 titles at launch, as well as unannounced games.

  38. The reason I didn’t like E3 is because I don’t like the NSMB series – it’s as innovative as DLC for mario bros 3
    Nintendo Land actually looks pretty cool, they just didn’t do it justice.

    And also, there’s been some mob-mindset forming that they out to have shown off a new Zelda. We would have been lucky to see a new portable Zelda. This mindset has been allowed to flourish because nobody was really impressed by the E3, so nobody can come up with a comeback “hey, there wasn’t a Zelda, but doesn’t X look amazing?”.


    Dont worry reggie I wont complain ill just switch to a company that will listen and actually fix problems like microsift smh srsly your customer service is complete GARBAGE and I see why….EX NINTY FAN . XBOX FAN NOW :)

  40. Uhm, you never satisfy us because you give us shit like Nintendo Land.

    I have NEVER heard anyone talk about wanting to “leverage all the great Nintendo franchises”. Those are things that Nintendo THEMSELVES say/think about.

    You know what fans wanted, soon as they heard about a dual-screen HD console?

    – 1080p.
    – Zelda.
    – Metroid.
    – F-Zero.
    – Super Smash Bros.
    – A Mario 64 type of game but in gorgeous HD with better visuals.
    – Account system NOT based on friend codes…. in any way, but rather GamerTag-type accounts.

    Nintendo did NONE of that. Not even one.

    They gave us a Wii game with slightly updated visuals and new levels (Mario Wii U), and a franchise only a niche group of people cared about (Pikimin), and a bunch of Wii-Sports mini games that just happen to have Nintendo characters fucking slapped in them.

    Yeah. Good try Nintendo. Keep bitching about how you can’t please anyone when you don’t actually LISTEN to them.

    1. Nintendo have an account system for online now… They word for word daid that scrapped the friend code system.

      Zelda’s just gone into development, Smash Bros is at least a year down the line, Retro is probably less than a year from finishing their game, because thats what theyre like, Metoid could be in development, and so could Mario.
      We need to wait. I dont want all my titles at once, i want one or two first party titles ever year, which we got with the Wii, pretty much, rather than all at once then having to wait 3 years for another

  41. Though this is true to an extent, I think Nintendo tends to listen to their fans at a minimum level, just enough so that they can say they are listening to their fans.

    Sure, I’m glad they FINALLY made Pikmin 3, but how ’bout a Metroid or Star Fox game? I can understand the lack of a Zelda title since Skyward Sword came out only half a year ago, but Pikmin 3 (and the generic Mario game) wont be enough to satisfy our hunger for good games.

    1. yeah… you just described the perfect Nintendo fanboy. A spoiled brat.
      Even if Nintendo listen to their fans, do not forget that they too get pressured by constant game and hardware development everyday while keeping up with time pressure of all the above. We can’t expect them to release a bunch of hot Mario or Zelda or Smash Bros. games or get the 3rd party hardcore titles to their platforms like every year for crying out loud. So the least we should do is to be grateful with what they can give us.

  42. Yes, Nintendo fans are VERY picky and usually unrealistic in their expectation, but they simply said there was nothing new; not that they wanted more specifically. What Reggie doesn’t seem to understand is that they showed almost nothing new at E3 and the things they did were either already at another E3 (ZombiU) or just a word on it (Nintendo Land.) What fans want from an E3 is either an extended look at games announced last year with a new game or two or just epic announcements if that’s even possible. I’m sure everyone was wanting A LOT more information about WiiU as well, 1 hour was just not enough and the time was poorly spent :/

  43. Nintendo Land is not leverage and I doubt any serious fan of the F-Zero and Starfox franchises will be ‘satisfied’ with a mini-game at a fictional amusement park.

  44. I’m still surprised that there were people disappointed with no Wii U Zelda. It would just be Skyward Sword again or a remake if they had one on deck for E3.

  45. yeahh we do say what else because those are nintendo’s franchises. those should be a given not something we should have to ask for. the creators of mario should always have a mario game ALWAYS, it shouldn’t be a surprise smh, no wonder why the UK president stepped down…

  46. yeah, Nintendo fanboys are like that… spoiled brats. -_-‘
    And that’s coming from me, an actual Nintendo fanboy.

  47. I think Reggie is engaged in a misunderstanding of the statistics. Whether deliberate or inadvertent – who knows.

    The issue is that Nintendo is only producing one usually-only-passable title every 2 quarters at best. Combined with excessively leveraging IP instead of creating compelling gameplay elements and you end up with a very formulaic lineup.

    All that said, I still think out of all the untapped potential amongst consoles, Nintendo stands clear above the rest. If only they would engage themselves enough to tap into it.

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