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Nintendo Talks Paid DLC For New Super Mario Bros 2

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that New Super Mario Bros 2 will introduce paid downloadable content. Iwata says the content will include additional stages for the game’s Coin Rush mode. The DLC will be worked on by the main development team behind New Super Mario Bros 2 following completion of the game. Nintendo will announce pricing and a release date for the content at a later date.

60 thoughts on “Nintendo Talks Paid DLC For New Super Mario Bros 2”

    1. “following completion of the game” That’s probably the biggest thing for me. No on-cartridge DLC for me :)

      1. Exactly, Im happy for that unlike some other companies that adds its $20+ dlc already on the disc but you need to pay that after paying the $60 for the disc… >_>

        1. Right. In this case, they can keep adding level packs for as long as people keep buying them. It’s a way of giving players more content, for a small fee, if they’d like it. This is what DLC should have been from the start; instead big companies saw it as an opportunity to exploit players by monetizing everything and sometimes playing off the compulsion to collect.

      2. Look forward to them doing the same thing with Nintendo Land.. That game could have loads of DLC. Make new attractions etc.

  1. Darn… still, I want to believe that Nintendo will go in a different direction here… that we won’t have to panic about everything going freemium.. My first thought was, “Oh, no… I didn’t think they would ever go for this…” but then, there are those that enjoy it, and I’m sure this won’t be a sign of things to come everywhere. Could be cool. Not my thing. But could be cool.

    1. It’s not freemium. Freemium is when games are free of charge, but then you pay money to unlock stuff. But they’re usually really crap and boring if you never pay because you can’t really do much. paid downloadable content like this is different to that. All it means is that after Nintendo have released a full game with the same number of levels and everything you’d expect, they’ll start to make new levels which you can download for an extra price. That’s not freemium and there’s nothing wrong with it in my opinion…

      1. Makes sense. I hadn’t immediately thought about the initial game being outright worth the initial cost, versus the games out there that as you said lack content for the sake of people paying up to get it later. Cool cool cool. Could be legit

  2. This game will be great, maybe even better than 3d land. Besides this and Luigi’s Mansion, Nintendo is really failing. Nintendo needs to rethink there business ethics. Wait until there are more games on the 3DS (give it another year at least) and then………release this XL. Think of all the regular models that are only %0 bucks cheaper that will be sent back to Japan because people rather spend a little more than settle for less. I dont know…..then this whole eshop sale thing. America only gets one game on sale? ONE?…………

      1. Another disappointment from Nintendo :( DLC is cool when it was promised to be free. False advertising anyone? Reggie my body is ready to punch a hole through my wall. :)

        1. Disappointment? Employees who make DLC after release intend to be paid and Nintendo needs to charge to make up for that.

        2. Nintendo said they don’t believe in DLC that is made to cut stuff out of the main game. They said they would do paid DLC if it is optional and has meaning. The Fire Emblem DLC was optional, and it was extra stuff. This DLC for Mario is optional and it adds extra challenge for people who want it. They never said they would not get into DLC.

    1. No they said something about not believing in purposely withdrawing content in order to charge for it as DLC. E.g. They’re okay with the developer making extra content after the game is released, and then selling this as DLC, but they don’t like the idea of the developer making the game, but then taking some of the content out so they can charge for it as DLC. Although tbh they’ll probably do the same, and they probably need to if they want to compete with mobile platforms

  3. Shitendo can never do wrong! Thnx to ninty lying to customers is Good

    So this means pokemon black 2 is a dlc within a dlc


    Good dlc yeah like after the 3ds gets replaced with 4ds and battery dies you wont be able to access them again because of drop support…well ya suckers pay for ill be pirating them for me and anyone at my school fuck $hitendo

    1. Do you eve have a life? I mean, really? Why are you even wasting your time on this site if you don’t like Nintendo?

      1. Agreed, someone really has too much spare time on his hands or a strong and probably baseless vendetta against Nintendo, based purely on massive generalizations and no actual background knowledge of his subject matter.

  5. As long as its additional content for a game to increase its replayability AFTER release, it’s fine…I just don’t want to see them charging for levels or items that should have been in the game in the first place…

  6. Well hey, at least this DLC won’t be locked on the cartridge.It will add replay value for the game, and that’s good. However, that is if it is correctly priced. Eight levels for five bucks sounds around even (maybe six bucks.)


    Following completion of game lol yeah just like capcom u idiot smuck. Oh so they finish it than install it lol bitch please if its dlc after the games complete than it will have issues worse than mk7 online trick=laggy as hell. Smh die cracker -_- idiot

    1. Only an idiot schmuck spells that word as “smuck.” And what Nintendo game have you played lately that had issues? Remember that this is a game being published by Nintendo, not a third-party title. If you honestly think it’ll have “issues” (very specific!) you’re obviously quite ignorant. As if that weren’t already apparent.


    @Air says the faithful lapdog who sametendo disgarded for casual,insulted with 3dxl to those who purchased and lied lied lied ya your a duchbag tool ho play with your ebay ninty toy colldction u mindless consumer idiot lol u must give great head lol

      1. Wow, and I thought I was a great proofreader…serious kudos to the man who can decipher that garbledy-gook…

  9. Nintendo remind me of the good old days of DLC. Remember the Fallout 3 dlc’s, those were incredible. Not this, £10 for 3 maps bullshit

    1. Very true. What I was wondering about was how we won’t just get a ton of lives with great ease. Did they up the extra-life coin count to 10,000? xD Well, as you can see in the trailer, they didn’t. I wonder if any measure is taken against that, or if they just said “screw it, lives hardly matter these days anyway.” :P

  10. Damn this looked to me like an iPhone app and
    There is dlc???? Idk how well this is going to go
    And If it’s going in the right direction….

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