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The Next Super Smash Bros. Games Are Being Developed By Namco Bandai

Nintendo is teaming up with Namco Bandai for the next installments of the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai will be in charge of the games, but will be joined by Namco Bandai employees. The director of the upcoming games will be Namco Bandai’s Yoshito Higuchi and Namco Bandai’s Kenya Kobayashi  will be the games’ producer. Kobayashi promises that the forthcoming Super Smash Bros. titles – for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U – will be the most powerful games in the series.

“All the top creators from Namco Bandai are gathered here to create a never-before-seen dream team for this project. We will fully utilise our experience and knowledge in action/fighting game development, technical capability, and organisational strength, and we hereby promise you that we will develop the best and most powerful Super Smash Bros. title ever!”

199 thoughts on “The Next Super Smash Bros. Games Are Being Developed By Namco Bandai”

    1. Nintendo must be getting overwhelmed to where they have so much pressure on a big title like SSB that there reaching out for extra help………….sad if you ask me. Cant Sora Entertainment and Nintendo produce this game on there own in due time? Are they too overwhelmed with the shit Wii-U games and the new zelda game that going to take a lifetime to release on the 3DS? Nintendo is really making bad choices and im sorry to say I see the same fate for them as sega. Which might not be a bad thing. I think if Nintendo where able to focus on there own games and not so much the compitition of making the next best console like they have so so many years, there modern day success’ would be seen by a big audience and nintendo would own the game market not so much the console market. Its all about the games now anyways. We can play them on almost any device nowadays. Nintendo needs to do the same thing playstation is soing with smart phones.

      1. You talk as if Nintendo is the first company to work with other developers on a game. Just stop with the sega crap. Nintendo is not “going the way of sega” because they are working with some very respected game developers. “Nintendo needs to do the same thing playstation is doing with smart phones’ ummmm is SONY really the best role model for financial success in the gaming world?

            1. You must be a fuckin retard who knew exacly what i meant but you had to open you cockmouth and try to be funny.

            1. I was calling the person above that comment a dick you stupid ass. Hope you laughed at yourself while posting this cause you pretty fuckin funny to say the least

      2. I think its the opposite. Nintendo has realized the need to get third parties involved in the development process on the wii, so they are letting the third parties help develop some of their most promising and stable franchises. This way Nintendo can get third parties onto the wii u early, and free up resources for more original ip. I think until now Nintendo had SOOO many ip that are as stable and sell as well as halo that all they couldn’t recruit developers fast enough. So they came up with this idea.

        1. its like sega with f zero, plus we might see some namco and bandai characters in the new ssb like a tales character and maybe a tekken character, that or cameos like assist trophies (if they bring it back) and DarkD is (W)right but also nintendo is taking their sweet time in this new installment to get more into the game and add what they couldn’t in brawl.

      3. If Sora made this alone it would take 5 years to game hit the stores, now i sure that late 2013 we may get the game… i mean its working all ready

        1. Exactly, i mean they sound like theyre working extremely hard, i think we could see a trailer at E3 next year. Thing is this games been in development straight after Kid Icarus, which is already over 1 year, and the console doesnt even have a release date. Suspect an early 2014 release, although will be fine with waiting

    2. this site is notorious for it’s misleading headlines…It makes me feel like I’m just whining about nothing because of the amount of times I’ve pointed them out in the comments…

  1. Hahaha typical hardcore Nintendo fans. You all moan for smash bros. as soon as you get news your like Noooo not Namco…ungrateful spoilt kids nowadays.

    1. Namco hasn’t been doing so well lately and Tekken Tag Tournament II wasn’t the best, also it might be because Namco shit out a lot of bad games in the past year

        1. that’s the way I’m thinking, namco-bandai put their bets ideas and sakurai make the powerfull desicion to make it great.

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          1. seriously, im a long time tekken fan and i played ttt2 at an arcade when i went on vacation and thought it was pretty fun.

            1. TTT2 it’s kick-ass. It’s funny because the Nintendo fanboys there keep moaning, yet when I go to IGN, people are like ” Yay! Great news!”

              1. Because if you know anything about the past, you’ll know that Nintendo and Namco worked together on another franchise, that being Star Fox for Star Fox Assault, which can be directly blamed for Nintendo putting Star Fox on hiatus…

                The people who know this are simply hoping it works out better this time.

                1. I neverfound Star Fox Assault that bad. The onfoot was a bitcrapbut it can bedone right,look at the Battle Miidemo forWiiU, if the next Star Fox had that id beoverjoyed

          2. Not really, I’m not a fanboy of either Super Smash Bros. or Tekken but I just didn’t like TT2, I didn’t mind the other Tekken titles but it was just TT2 that was just not great for me.

            Don’t jump to conclusions the next time



  2. The Only Pokemon Champ

    I think because of the early announcement, Sakurai has been pressured to release the game is a closer time frame then previously planned
    My only worry is that I hope they dont rush it and miss out on making what could be the greatest game of this generation

    1. Yeah, a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is bad forever.
      As I keep saying, it was a dumb move to announce the game last year when production hasn’t even started. Made people too impatient and expected more info at this year’s E3


    1. or you could just wait for info to be released about this game before writing it off entirely. you know, whatever makes more sense really

    2. Why is that Sakurai is still in charge. Nintendo simply does not have the man power to create 2 epic games so they are out sourcing the workload. This is good
      A. Because in case pikmin wasn’t an example enough Nintendo isn’t familiar with hd namco is. This means Nintendo can focus on core game play namco can take care of pretty things
      B. less pressure on Sakurai and his team to actually code means they can focus on core gameplay and mechanics.
      C. Let’s face it Sakurai is not perfect (tripping) this allows him more input from people who know how to do online!!! And fighting mechanics. Not saying they are the best but hey they know how to make a solid game that’s all I’m saying. Just trust the man he hasn’t let us down yet. In Nintendo we trust leave luck to heaven.

    3. dude, tekken and soul caliber are both amazing fighting games, i think it’s a good thing that they are receiving some input from those developers.

        1. Talented developers are talented developers. Smash bros has a formual, and sakurai will get help from some good talent. it is not a moot point for him/her to show the titles that this team has worked on.

          1. Oh really?

            I guess that means SquareEnix is still making good Final Fantasy games these days. Because “talented developers are talented developers” and they never fuck anything up ever, right?

            Again… moot.

        2. no the point is very valid. one problem they’ve been having with smash bros is balancing the characters, and who better to help out with balancing the characters than people who specialize in competitive fighting games.

  3. not sure how to feel about this. i can only hope these people know what they’re doing. hopefully they can build a game with a lot of good characters and gameplay similar to melee, especially when it comes to unlockables. brawl’s story mode was pretty nice, but it unlocked every character for me without me having to put in effort. that plus the slow, floaty fights really just made the game disappointing to me. i want your A-game, sakurai. i don’t want tripping and i don’t want an intentionally dumbed-down and overall nerfed experience just because you thought people found melee too hard. i want target tests custom-made for each character. i want them to accept that clone characters with subtle differences exist (AKA i DON’T want falco to kick his reflector or doctor mario to be excluded). i want sonic to be gone or slower so that the other characters don’t have to be slower to make him seem faster. i want a game that lives up to the standards of one of the best-selling gamecube games in existence


      1. I actuay think All-Stars looks good. Obviously Smash Bros is going to be better, but i’ll enjoy it nether the less. Plus the gameplay is actually different, its not the “knock them out the screen” mechanic

        1. Imo, all-stars looks even more cluster-fucked than ssbb with smash balls. It can get pretty hard to determin what the hell is going on sometimes. Still, it looks like it could turn out to fill the same spot that brawl did: a fun fighting game to play with your friends with recognizable characters (sort of).

          1. Smash Balls are awesome xD
            Sony has alot of great mascots and exclusives like nintendo. I never really understood the nintendo fan hate towards them, they have great games, great online service with ps plus.

  4. Mr sakurai,
    I trust that you know what you are doing by letting outsiders develop this game.

    Please don’t let them screw it up.

    Thank you

  5. Nintendo simply does not have the man power to create 2 epic games so they are out sourcing the workload. This is good
    A. Because in case pikmin wasn’t an example enough Nintendo isn’t familiar with hd namco is. This means Nintendo can focus on core game play namco can take care of pretty things
    B. less pressure on Sakurai and his team to actually code means they can focus on core gameplay and mechanics.
    C. Let’s face it Sakurai is not perfect (tripping) this allows him more input from people who know how to do online!!! And fighting mechanics. Not saying they are the best but hey they know how to make a solid game that’s all I’m saying. Just trust the man he hasn’t let us down yet. In Nintendo we trust leave luck to heaven.

  6. Here comes digimon,Naruto,Afro Samurai,Tekken,soul cal,pacman,a car from ridge racer, and a Gundamn to the roster

    1. Retro has their own amazing games to make, plus they are based in America, whilst Smash is developed in Japan.

      1. So many signs point to the workig on Star Fox, like the fact its missing from NintendoLand, similar to how Pokemon and Kirby are.
        Retro’s WiiU game will be the middle finger to 360 and ps3 fanboys

  7. This is possibly the greatest team up possible from Super Smash Bros. Namco really know what they’re doing when it comes to fighting games, with their own famous games, Tekken and Soul Calibur, and teamed up with Sakurai, this game is just going to be incredible.

  8. So if it’s being developed by Namco does that probably means we might see a Namco character in it, maybe Pacman


    Yes Namco will make this game better unlike shitrndo who added tripping. Srsky shitendo fucking sucks at making games. Look at all the 3rd party who help their lazy ass like capcom minish cap it was better


    Yup 3rd party do better job than shitendo like capcom minish cap. Myamoto is garbage all nintendo is garbage unimaginative,boring,predictable gameplay. Thank GOD their letting third party make thr game as usual smh lazy asses no wonder kirby yarn sucked



  12. I see this as potentially bad news, getting more employees into the game’s developemnt is obviously an attempt in speeding up the game development process, which may decrease the quality of the game. I don’t it rushed, I want it perfect.

    But on a lighter note, Pacman will almost definitely be in the game!


    WELL IF shitendo aint making I guess it will be balanced,more mature and no tribbing unlike ghe crap shitendo makes. Srsly skyword sword should have been made by konomi nobody likds that shitendo feeling ingames they suck as developers

  14. 3rd party > Shitendo

    NOBODY EVEN CARES ABOUT THAT SHITENDO FEELING THEY CLAIM ABOUT THE GAMES LOOK AT CAPCOMS MINISH CAP FOR EXAMPLE. IM GLAX 3rd party prove my case Nobody actually like shitendo styld of repetitive garbage trash games hope konomi fixes the metriod series

    1. Trolls now a days seem to be losing originality, now you are copying fanboys now? Don’t strain yourself next time, because you might just shit your diaper

    2. I found Minish Cap to be fairly easy and it’s far from my favourite handheld Zelda which is Link’s Awakening.

      1. Minish Cap was actually my first so holds a place in my heart.
        I still want a Four Swords sequel for WiiU, One of the first games i thought of when i saw the pad and heard about 3DS cross play

  15. I’m 50/50 on this one, I’m sure Namco Bandia and Sakuria know what they want to do for the game and even Sakuria himself said older characters will be returning in this new SSB. But, to me it might be a bad thing, though I’m not a big fan of Tekken (Which was made by Namco and not Namco Bandia who published the game) but I do like playing the Tekken games apart from TT2 which to me wasn’t the greatest game in the series and what Namco Bandia did with the Pac-Man series was just… ugh.

    So I don’t know whether I should be happy or deeply depressed. We’ll soon find out soon.

  16. I don’t mind this. It opens the doors for more Namco characters in the game. Namco has an amazing stable of franchises. Soul Calibur, Tales Of, Klonoa. Even characters from the DBZ universe may be an option. They did an excellent job bringing Link to Soul Calibur 2.

    It also shows that the partnership between Namco and Nintendo is strong which leads me to believe that Nintendo could be getting access to all of their franchises in the future. Maybe even exculsively on Nintendo’s platforms. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Yeah, I don’t see why people seem to be complaining. I do admit, the title did seem misleading, but Sakurai is obviously still in charge.
      Just look at it as his: now, Sakurai has a bigger team to work with (with experienced members at that). We won’t have to wait as long, and I’m sure our friend Sakurai isn’t going to let the quality be affected. Plus, you can’t complain about more characters. :)

    2. Did you see how sexy they made SCV look? I litterally orgasmed everywhere. Imagine those graphics on the new SSB Game

      1. SCV did look amazing. But I don’t think that graphic style lends itself to a SSB game. Nintendo will probably stick to a more cartoony graphic style.

        1. Either way, if they let Namco take a shot at it then it will be some serious eye-candy to even the Nintendo Haters

          1. Nintendo haters don’t exist to me. They will never be satisfied no matter what Nintendo does. This partnership is very promising.

            I would love to see a Golden Sun for the Wii U. Also a Golden Sun character in the next SSB.

                1. I’m prayin. Either way I’m seriously lookin sorward to this New SSB game. Fuck those Whiney bitches. Lets see them make an awesome game

                  1. I have no idea why people like to waste their time complaining about games they haven’t even played yet and probably never will. I’d rather do nothing at all than complain about something I didn’t do and know nothing about.

                    1. That’s why I never really respond to the posts. Either nothin good to say or someone said it for me

    1. I would just like someone to tell me where the beef is…

      What franchise do you remember Nintendo letting someone else run (minus the recent ‘Other M’ to Tecmo), that you remember turning out to be a poor game? I mean really? I think this fear is unfounded.

      1. I don’t even think Other M was that bad to be honest, I played through the entire game and the only complaint was the dialogue and when I’m playing a VIDEO GAME, that’s a pretty minor complaint.

        1. Other M was pretty good, it just didnt compare to the Prime series.
          Plus, Samus was such a whiney bitch, “ohhh im so scared, ive killed Ridley about 8 times, help me Adam”.

  17. A lot of whining, complaining and general bitching going on about this news. Namco are one of the best developers on the planet and have a hell of a fighting game pedigree, personally I think this is great news and can’t wait to see the finished result. I’d imagine something along the lines of Soul Calibur crossed with Melee/Brawl? That’s a heck of a thought. Oh and all that stuff about Nintendo not being able to make it themeselves/reaching for help etc, utter BS. The complete opposite in fact, it shows a willingness to let other developers have a go at making and taking Nintendo franchises for a spin. Sega with F zero, Grezzo with Ocarina of Time, Retro with Metroid and Donkey Kong – all stunning results. So don’t worry people I’m sure it will turn out to be at the very least astonishing.

  18. 3rd party > Shitendo

    @david oh really than tell me davy why is sametendo begging on their knees for 3rd party support hmm oh yeah cuz casuals quickly got tired of their shitty games btw reachinv out =lazy but either way Namco >ninty by the cooments i read here >:)

    1. Sametendo?…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………I’m sorry, really? That’s your best insult……………………………………………………….go home. Honestly have nothing against NamcoBandai, I’m sure they’ll do fine.

  19. Forget possible guest characters, the fact that they’re teaming up with someone who actually KNOWS how to make fighting games is the big deal here. This is GREAT news.

    1. I cannot unsee see DBZ characters in Smash Bros 4. It must happen, id play a Vegeta for the rest of time

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  21. Some of you are overreacting to the point of it being pretty funny. While you all may have your doubts, I see this as a partial confirmation of some Tales characters. ( Lloyd or Kratos in Smash? How can that NOT be awesome?) Besides, Sakurai is still there at the helm. I highly doubt Nintendo will let one of their most popular franchise go down the wrong path.

  22. I think Nintendo will still be the big creative engine. There may be a new fight style, some characters from whatever Namco makes, and that’s it (I think Namco probably going to help more with the 3DS version while Nintendo focuses more on the Wii U version.) It probably has to do with manpower. These two games are going to be huge, so why not get some more men for the job?

  23. This says two things to me: First, that a well-respected developer of fighting games is going to help with Nintendo’s fighting game, and two, that with some different input should be able to refine some fighting mechanics, not to mention bring some fresh ideas into the fray…

    Because lets be honest, if you have the same people working on a game for four generations, things can get pretty stale…the games are amazing, but I think new perspectives, especially from Namco, seems like a good idea to really invigorate this series on the Wii U, not to mention strengthening their partnership with Namco, so that we ultimately hopefully benefit from it and see a few exclusive and or new IPs on the Wii U from Namco.

  24. I just hope they dont change the fighting style. Smash bros been the same from the three prequels and I hope they dont change it to something that wont feel like it

  25. “Currently, the prototype prepared by Namco Bandai Games and Namco Bandai Studios’ special team looks pretty good, and it’s working great.” Sakurai

    Im both worried and hopeful of this news. Worried because it looks as if this game may play a bit different than past smash bros. Sakurai has always said he wanted to take the series in a slightly new direction, and with this game running with a prototype that namco created, this game may be a bit different than what we’re used to.

    i think i would be a bit more excited if nintendo enlisted Cyberconnect rather than namco itself. I’ve always wanted to see nintendo characters duke it out in Naruto ninja storm type gameplay except built for 4 players. Hopefully due to Namco’s relationshipt with cyberconnect they can be enlisted for some help as well; at the very least with animations and flow of movements for the characters.

    On the other hand, im hopeful because namco knows how to make fighting games and would hopefully be able to bring some serious balance to the game. Also, namco’s network code for soul calibur 5 seems to have been in high praise, so this could also mean a solid online experience for the smash series. Its also good to have new people to bring forward new and unique ideas.

    plus it seems like all the developers listed by namco as ones working on this game are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the tallent they are bringing to the table. Not to mention Sakurai and project sora; this could potentially be an awesome game.

  26. this has the potential to be better than whatever sakurai and project sora could have accomplished just on their own….although by the end of it all..may be a very different game

    1. I dont think different, mayne just on a bigger scale.
      Can you imagine if they made it more than 4 players for example. We know the WiiU is capable of breaking the 4 player limit on one console

  27. The title is VERY misleading. Namco is helping in building the game. The main process of creating this game will be in Nintendo’s hands. I think what they said in the Nintendo Direct is that Namco will have more to do the the 3DS version and that they are making these two versions similar yet different. They never said Namco was in charge of making the games. It’s just a collaboration like any other.

    1. “Currently, the prototype prepared by Namco Bandai Games and Namco Bandai Studios’ special team looks pretty good, and it’s working great.” Sakurai

      namco i lending more than just a helping hand as this quote from Sakurai himself suggests….the game will be using whatever gameplay prototype engine namco has prepared

      but sakurai is still in charge

  28. I think people are forgetting who’s the boss on the project: SAKU-freaking-RAI! Just because he had the title announced before actually doing something doesn’t mean that he needs to do it in a rush. Remember when Kid Icarus was called Project Sora? And it was supposed to be a Wii game? Welp delays happen with lots of frequency. And I think Smash Bros. will be the same: if you take a look at Uprising final work, you’ll see that Sakurai and his team did TONS of efforts to make everything look right and all. Like someone said before, he is a perfecionist. So, to me, Smash Bros is only gonna heppen at the beginning of 2014. MAYBE with Namco-Bandai assistance, they might get it at July of 2013, but I still have my doubts.
    As for Bandai to join the team, I don’t think it’s a bad idea afterall. Aside from the random tripping and no Wave-dash, I didn’t see too much difference between Brawl and Melee. If they just use the same formula to create the same game one more time, people will definetly criticize about the “lack of originality”. And Kenya Kobayashi, if I’m not mistaken, is one of the Tales of series’ creators. His ideas are interesting and pretty awesome. So I think it’s good to expect new features, as long as they don’t change to much of Smash Bros’ essence.

    1. yeah..i agree with this….it good to have people put forth new ideas to keep the series from getting stale….i think its important to understand that just because this game will be something different than what we’re used to, that so long as it keeps the essence of the smash bros series it will be a great game.

      like mario 64 for example…still a mario game at heart…still had that mario charm…but different than any mario game before it

  29. To be honest, Nintendo could use Namco to get third party character, the only Nintendo characters i can think of them adding that will actually be any good from Nintendo are:
    Groose (oh please oh pleeeease)
    A redesigned Zelda from SS (maybe Impa will be the Shiek replacement)
    Tom Nook
    Proffesor Layton (its a long strech)
    Bowser Jr

    Other than that youd have stupid ones like Waluigi and Daisy (seriously, who the fuck cares about Daisy)

    1. That’s all? I can think of tons of Nintendo characters to add:
      Fawful (Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga)
      Wart (Super Mario Bros. 2)
      Kamek (Yoshi’s Island)
      King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
      Captain Syrup (Wario Land)
      Lyn (Fire Emblem)
      Micaiah (Fire Emblem)
      Isaac (Golden Sun)
      Little Mac (Punch-Out!!)
      Saki (Sin & Punishment)
      Shulk (Xenoblade)
      Alex Roivas (Eternal Darness)
      Balloon Fighter (Balloon Fight)
      Not to mention an endless number of Pokemon

      1. King K Rool was one i forgot, same with Isaac, but most of them are really secondary characters, who’d be better appearing as assist trophies.

    2. Man no love for Heracles? (I swear I’m the only one that owns that game) Heracles would be an awesome character to include in Smash Bros.

  30. Everyones wrong! With more people to help on the game the GREATER it will be!? Dont you see, if it was just Nintendo it is limited to the minds of Nintendo employees, but with more people involved the more AMAZING the ideas, plus the game will come along faster and hopefully we will get to buy it sooner….it is a good thing to involved Bandai Namco not to mention the higher probability of 3rd part characters?! I can see it now!…PAC-MAN in a battle against Mario lol!

  31. Andrew on June 22, 2012 at 9:09 pm said:

    Everyones wrong! With more people to help on the game the GREATER it will be!? Dont you see, if it was just Nintendo it is limited to the minds of Nintendo employees, but with more people involved the more AMAZING the ideas, plus the game will come along faster and hopefully we will get to buy it sooner….it is a good thing to involved Bandai Namco not to mention the higher probability of 3rd part characters?! I can see it now!…PAC-MAN in a battle against Mario lol!

  32. This might be a good thing because now we can expect a ton more content for the next Smash. I don’t think alot of you realize how big this project is. I mean you have one for 3DS and another for Wii U. Each system has it’s unique capabilities and I know Sakurai is going to want to try and take advantage of as many as he can. Namco is already working on a Wii U fighting game and has made one for 3DS. They are pretty good at making fighting games. I hope that Sakurai focuses more on the story mode of the game as well as new features/characters while Namco focuses on the online play and extra stuff. I’d like to see some Namco characters in this game like Klonoa, Lloyd, etc….

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