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UK Retailers Price Nintendo 3DS XL At Roughly £179.99

UK retail outlets are advertising the Nintendo 3DS XL for around £179.99. Play is selling the extra-large handheld for £179.99 and ShopTo are selling it £179.84. However, Zavvi is selling the console at the premium price of £209.95. It remains to be seen whether Amazon will decide to undercut stores. Nintendo UK said earlier that it’s up to retailers to set pricing for the device. The console goes on sale in Europe on July 28th.

71 thoughts on “UK Retailers Price Nintendo 3DS XL At Roughly £179.99”

        1. Because it’s not a redesign.
          It’s simply a bigger 3DS.
          Plus, you don’t even need a second circle pad.
          Almost all games don’t even use the CCP, so it’s completely useless. You don’t need analog to experience the Nintendo Magic.

        2. Because

          A. it doesn’t need it.
          B. This isn’t the redesigned model just a larger version of the 3DS.

  1. What the fuck, it’s $199 in the US which converts to about £128, and they’re not even bothering to convert it as usual.
    Fuck em, I’m not buying it if it’s such a fucking rip off.

        1. It’s different in every state. Where I live, sales tax is 7% of the total price. So for a 200 dollar system, the sales tax is around $14

          1. ur kidding this is nothing im from europe and im not gonna buy this. not proud to be an ambassador at all…

    1. the thing is… it is Nintendo of UK… they pay their people in pounds they pay their bills in pounds they buy stuff in pound…they earn in pounds…
      lets say they pay their people 10 pounds a hour and Nintendo of America pays their people 10 dollars a hour… wait isn’t that unfair? 10 dollars are around 6.3 pounds.. shouldn’t they get 6.3 pound a hour?
      one dollar is like 1 pound …you can buy a cheap water gun for a pound in the UK and in America you can buy it for one dollar…
      well at least that is how it is over here in Germany… every thing costs the same and Germans and American have the same expenses and they earn the same just the exchange rate isn’t the same… i do not it is a rip off

      1. Well the thing is, Nintendo will pay enployees different amounts if they are located in countries with different exchange rates. They wouldn’t pay their American employees $10 when UK employees are getting £10, because that would mean they would earn less than the British employees. So Nintendo would pay the American employees around $15, which is about 10 UK pounds, so employees from both nationalities would get paid the same amount of £10 ($15).
        This fairness is what is NOT happening with the 3DS XL. Some sellers are not bothering to convert $199 into pounds AT ALL. So that means the British people are paying more than other countries are for the 3DS XL. People in America are paying $199 , whilst people in Britain are paying the pound equivalent of $280 – $320. THAT is a rip off in my opinion.

      1. non specific action peteriuss

        its such a rip off dr peter, it will cost europeans a lot more than americans. they can shove an xl up their ass hole.

  2. Nintendo just fucking do the pricing yourselves because companies here are dickheads and they will charge a fortuin for the system

  3. Fuck this.
    Game station told me they would most likely add around £20 to their original console’s price, making it about £150. but it would be likely for the standard 3ds to go down in price on release of the XL which would mean a reduction in the XL’s price xD.

    But if uk retailers think I’m going to pay $80 more than the Americans. when the uk one comes without a charger and or cradle. They are FUCKING mistaken indeed!

    People of Great Britain. Don’t allow Retailers to rape you. We have to show them that they can not extort us. Please import from America, it will be cheaper and the Stores of Britain will learn to give us a fair price.

    Thank you, xD

    1. Where can I export online from America? Cause I am seriously considering this. It’s outrageous that we Brits are, once again, getting ripped off.

      1. I’m not 100% sure as of yet but, I will be focusing on ebay.
        I doubt you will save much money buy importing now that I think of it rationally. The only reason I’m going to import is because I would rather pay in to the American economy (That gives it’s people a fair price) Than the British one (That feels the need to bend over and abuse its people during the worst recession the west has ever faced)
        £150 would be the most I would pay for this in a uk store, and even then I expect a charger with it. (chargers are on $3.00 off ebay for Christ sake)

        1. Yeah, £150 is my absolute maximum too. I agree about the charger.
          It is ridiculous that they are providing the American 3DS XL (which costs less than in the UK) with the charger and dock, and not providing them in the UK version WHICH COSTS MORE.
          Who the hell do these people think we British are? We aren’t made of money, nor are we as stupid as they seem to think. Thanks for your advice, and sorry for ranting!

  4. The thing is a rip off if you live in Europe anyway since it doesn’t fucking included the charger.

    I expect this from scam from Apples not you Nintendo.

    1. 150 million people has a NDS, another 17 million has a 3DS, who is that don’t have a charger? Complaining about this? Really?

  5. Stop crying, on Brazil we pay US$ 400 for the regular 3ds, and people here are usually poor than people from UK.

  6. non specific action peteriuss

    im pissed at ninty, first i cant understand what a wii u is. now they lie about 3ds xl then rip us off. fuckin hell i have 2 garbage small 3ds now.

  7. to be honest if you don’t care about having a bigger screen just stick with the standard 3DS. it will not be long till the retailers start dropping the price of the 3DS XL anyway as they try to get people to shop with them. and I paid £200 for my small one so £179 is a bargin compered to that, but in the end it is about what you won’t to buy and having fun playing the games.

    1. It might be a bargain for you. But I have waited this long for this console to come out in a shape and size I want. I’ve been patient and think I should get at least a fair/equal price to America and Japan. It’s just completely unnecessary to single out the Uk During a massive recession.

      It’s not even like the technology is new. Its just repackaged, and nintendo have already confessed to using lesser quality parts/components to what they did when you first bought yours.

      1. what you are seeing is the £30 tax on top. the US they always price without Tax as it changes from state to state. if you take off the tax is comes to about £150 the retailer is adding on the extra not Nintendo they are not price fixing it in the EU as they know it will sell well. if I was you I would just wait until January sales if you won’t money knocked off

        1. Look, without any tax added the price is $200 USD. Thats £128.30 GBP. So as long as they make £128.30 on each unit before tax, they will make a reasonable profit.
          When you add VAT (Value added tax) witch currently stands @ %20, the amount added is only £25.66. That brings the total price to £153.96 and they still make a profit.

          Im sorry but if they can cover their profits and tax for £153.96. Ware the FUCK, dose this extra £50 come from? (Greedy Fuckers)

          1. retailers are greedy people, it is the consumer to blame in the end. the UK retail industry has been allowed to do this since the 80s. i am more upset about been overcharged for stuff like food than electronics. the consumer is to blame to with the idea if it cheap it must be bad quality. if you think it is not worth getting don’t buy it end of. the trouble is people go back to these shops that over charge. to stop it don’t buy it and complain about the price fixing. there seem to be a consensus on the price between retailers. that under the law is price fixing its illegal

      1. it would have cost me £20 in petrol to go to a Morrisons
        I just know I liked it and got it 1 hour before midnight and had some fun waiting until the till could put it through and then bought every 3ds game they had. it is only a saving if you don’t have to travel there, it was still cheaper paying the £200

  8. don’t buy this console europe, until it’s priced in line with the u.s. hopefully greedy retailers will lower the price. it’s the same price as the vita, which a lot of people are calling a rip off.

    1. No it isn’t. Everything is always significantly cheaper in the US compared to Europe, it won’t be lowered to the US price.

      1. It is a rip off.
        I spoke with the manager at my local game station, and he seems to think £150 would be pushing the reasonable price limit. Which is higher than Japan and Usa, But a price I would be willing to pay.

        Other retailers were asked what they were going to sell them for. They responded, we will be selling them for £250+. After they were confronted with the RRP for usa and japan they quickly changed their price down to £200+. They have blatantly attempted to screw us over, the greedy Fucks! Uk stores had the chance to do the right thing and they took the piss!

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    1. not proud to be an ambassador as well. gonna w8 for everythink nintendo releases from now on. you never know what could drop

  10. i suggest we europeans dont buy it till they understand how huge a rip-off it is compared to american price

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