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Gorgeous Infographic Showing The Evolution Of Mario Tennis

To celebrate the start of Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world, Nintendo has released a special Mario Tennis Open infographic which showcases the great history of Mario Tennis titles released since the first game in 1995.

Nintendo has delivered action-packed tennis fun since Mario’s Tennis first appeared on the Virtual Boy handheld in 1995. Each new game across the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Colour, GameCube and Game Boy Advance brings more excitement and features, increasing the number of playable characters, mini-games, multiplayer modes and colourful graphics.

This Infographic comes courtesy of Nintendo UK. Mario Tennis Open is available on the Nintendo 3DS.

29 thoughts on “Gorgeous Infographic Showing The Evolution Of Mario Tennis”

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    1. Yep! It rapidly became the game I’ve played the most for my 3DS. The online feature is good and the Mii customization is awesome. Lots of unlockables and excellent replay value! You won’t regret it!

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  3. Wait, Nintendo are actually acknowledging the Virtual Boy is a thing?! Granted it has to be mentioned in the history of Mario Tennis, but STILL!

  4. I remember playing Mario Tennis on GBC and I used to play with Nina.. she was the best.. I Want that game back :/

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  8. 3DS a handheld psone graphic machine with some 3D effects. 2013 and this is evolution gaming.

    Wii U, where are you? We need you, not this 3DS stuff, boring!

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