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Treyarch Says Wii U Could Advance Call Of Duty Series

Treyarch director of communications John Rafacz has told Video Gamer that a Wii U version of Call of Duty could really help advance the immensely popular series. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is supposedly coming to Wii U, but neither publisher Activision, or developer Treyarch, have officially confirmed it.

“When you talk about any technology that can enhance the Call of Duty experience, that’s a technology that is worth considering. There’s that core Call of Duty experience and that is what fans expects, so anything that helps advance that is worth considering.”

116 thoughts on “Treyarch Says Wii U Could Advance Call Of Duty Series”

  1. this is good so its going to be on wii u all i need now is fifa 13 and cross game chat and ill never buy a other console anyway what should i get 3ds xl or ps vita

    1. 3DS. The Vita is sinking pretty heavily right now due to a lack of games. The 3DS has a year’s worth of games under its belt and both versions are cheaper than a Vita. (Bias Nintendo fan though so you may wanya second opinion lol).

      1. get an 3ds xl cuz i have the psv and my i say it sucks i payed $50 for a game that dont have online gameplay n all that you can play your ps3 games from it..its all lies you have to have an hack ps3 to do it n on top of that it lags time to time so i say 3ds xl bt if u a cod fan I’ll w8 until COD come out to see the gameplay if u like it and cod all you need then psv n 3ds xl have mw3

      2. to translate what DeadEmo said, the 3dsxl cost less than the vita, wita games are over priced, and playing ps3 games on it lags. oh and if you like call of duty, wait until you actually see gameplay on the wiiu before making a decision.

      3. That’s not the only reason the Vita is sinking. People just are not interested. Ya mobile gaming is cool, but the traditional tv consoles are what excited everyone, people like playing on large screens. The Vita just is not worth it. Another gen of consoles is coming out too within a year, so nobody wants to waste their money. Plus i played a Vita, they suck. It was not close to as fun as playing on my PS3. Even the Wii is more fun than the vita is, simply because its on a tv and you can party with friends.

    2. you need to use more words and less interpunctation for communication this should be the only way some cannot figure out when or when not you finish one sentence dont you think this is a good idea personally i love my 3ds vita looks great was really looking to it but i didnt buyit yet because there are no games that really convice me so far wanna check out the 3ds xl wondor if the 3d works on that sice as good as on the regular 3ds

        1. That is one of the weakest arguments to defend an obvious lack of grammatical knowledge I’ve ever seen.

    3. Never ask what system you should get on a site ruled by fanboys. Do not listen to the “Vita is doomed” or “has no games” rants.

      Both systems have their positives and negatives. I own both and enjoy both. In a perfect situation, I would say get both but I know that is not always possible. So here’s my suggestion: Look at each system for yourself carefully. Look at the list of games that each system has out, the games that will be coming out, the system features, etc. and decide for yourself whether or not it appeals to you.

            1. Either you’re

              1) Just using the regular, “their games suck” or “it doesn’t matter about quantity it’s quality,” fanboy argument that is used against every system.

              2) You haven’t played many PlayStation Games.


              3) You must have some very strange and selective tastes in gaming.

              I’m more inclined to believe 1 and 2.

              “All Playstation games [are] the most boring games” LOL

              1. na man come on you being a fanboy to say playstation games are boring playstation have so of the most enjoyable games and thats y i only play nintendo games or sony games because there great

                    1. In saying that he knows how to read, but is too stupid to know the context, I think the word would be literate.

                      1. Illiteracy not only deals with reading but reading comprehension.

                        By using the word “literate,” it denotes one is educated in reading and writing, thus being able to comprehend what is being read as well.

                        The context of his statement would not make sense as it is, with “literate.”

        1. yeah i really like the party chat on vita and more so called hardcore games will be on the vita so i think the vita is the best opinion but i think i may wait for black ops on wii u its going to look great with the hd graphic i hope it plays great too

        2. vita and 3ds are both good . but in general ithink the 3ds is a much better handheld (not a fanboy) <– hate that word

      1. From a unbaised point of view, id say a 3DS, the good games are just in higher quantity. But look into what games both systems offer, but if you’re planning to get a WiiU then 3DS, because there will be alot of cross platform features, likewise if you have a ps3

        1. yeah i have a ps3 at the moment and play that but i also love nintendo i grow up with it and at the moment in playing gamecube and n64 for my nintendo fix but i think i may just play ps3 and then when wii u comes out get that will wii u have party chat

          1. Im gona guess so, or a similar thing. Nintendo seem very determined to make their online very social, with the whole miiverse, plus the pad has a build in microphone and webcam. Its quite ironic that online gaming at the moment, which connects people all around the world, isnt very socialable, and most of the time offensive and not approachable at all.

          2. But yeah, the WiiU is becoming my main console once its out, and i’ll keep my ps3 for exclusives and stuff like Dead Space. Unsure what’ll happen with the ps4, but id rater keep that as my secondary, games are just more fun on Nintendo.
            Never buying a Microsoft console though, theyre a fucking joke

    4. They are so out of touch with their main “core” fans, everyone knows as long as you can shoot and kill things and blow sh*t up, its a good COD game, its what the fans expect, not COD on a nintendo system or COD in the future, not ripping on nintendo cuz i love ’em, but based on what the average COD fan likes to see they just want explosions, swear words, and gritty graphics, which treyarch seem to be starying away from, little by little

      1. Average COD fans think the game is the best game ever though (give me a break).
        If they changed the franchise, maybe it wont urge people to buy a WiiU, see gaming from a different stand point other than, “got my M4, *bangbang* fucking faggot”

      2. Or.. they are tired with the brainless fanbois and kids.. lol.. and they are trying to pull in some good gamers with some good innovations

        nah im just saying.. lol

      1. Good that way when people do get it on the wii u you’ll be one less person crying out “fuck! , muthafucker! , that’s bullshit! I shot him first! , what the fuck! , fuckin’ hacker! , asshole! , lil’ bitch! , Pussy! , Etc…etc..” you know all the profanity that comes from you lil’ kids that play online. And change that gay ass looking’ Avatar!

    5. Do it then!!! I wish developers would stop saying, “we could make a game 100x better with WiiU”. Dont say it, just go do it. Personally the COD franchise is the most boring unoriginal franchise besides sports titles. I remember playing COD4, and thinking it was great, then it just went down hill cos they got fucking lazy.
      So just do it Treyarch, dont think about it, or be fucking lazy, go make a better game, help smash microsoft and sony so pieces in terms of sales, and maybe, just maybe, people will start to say, “Wow, COD is so good these days”

      1. THANK YOU! I totally feelthe same way I’m tired of seeing things about developers talking about things they can do with the Wii U, JUST DO SOMETHING ALREADY! They should already be almost done with a call of duty for the Wii U!

        1. So far Gearbox seem very keen on using the WiiU (although Randy Pitchford is a big Nintendo fan), they say the WiiU version of Aliens is the definitive version. Other companies like Platinum Games, and obviously Ubisoft are too. People cant really expect to see all these new experiences all at once for different developers because it takes time, and the WiiU is in pre-early stages, and we’ve seen this much, but developers do need to really consider it for all types of genres. Especially people like Hideo Kojima, the idea of him brain stroming with ideas for a WiiU Metal Gear or Zone of the Enders game makes the hair on my neck stand up

    6. Why don’t they create something new for Wii U, and just port this game to be played on the pro controller, since thats all people are gonna want anyway? Or, they could work on testing the designs on Wii U and use what they learn to create a much more better, awesomeistic ‘hardcoreish’ game on that sweet looking SmartAss…

      1. really? since when have either treyarch or infinityward actually made something 100% new since cod4 and world at war?

        1. I can honestly say I really wasn’t thinking Treyarch, I was thinking Activision in general…like on the order of Lost Kingdoms, something specifically designed for Wii U

        2. cod4 and waw werent 100 % new either . cod 1 2 and 3 are really similar. the only thing really different as you cod haters say is the fact that there was killstreaks ad perks but thats about it

    7. Nintendo shouldnt sell COD.if they are truly a game company.cod series is 1 of the worst games whitch they can kill a kid/teenager.I wont buy that game unless i will be 18 (2 years remain)

      1. It isn’t a bad game, but it’s not exceptional either since they haven’t really really added new gameplay lately.

        1. i dont care this game is way far too dangerous and for me and for the other kids/teenagers.So be carfull what ur playing (generally)

          1. I understand your concern but gaming is a market of all ages, and most people have a decent outlook on morals, i love gaming of all ages and ratings, and from a business stand point WiiU needs games like Call of Duty be successful, the more successful they are, the more games they can make. See where im going with this?

              1. From what i gathered from that, im guessing you mean how underage kids play COD, which i agree is wrong. From a personal stand point, i did get into 18 rated games around 15-16, but in the end its something that boils down to the parents responsibilty. If i had a kid, i wouldnt let him play a mature game till the age i did, but id take his mental age into account, and his moral values.

                What the hell am i talking about all this for hahaha

    8. Fuck sake, just confirm Black Ops 2 for Wii U and get it over with because its starting to get annoying because they keep teasing at a possible release for the console when we all know its going to be on the console sooner or later so please shut the heck up Activision and just launch COD: Black Cops 2 on Wii U to keep the COD fans happy

        1. Well it is actually a real life weapon and it uses the iPad to control it so I don’t see why it can’t be on the Wii U as well as the other consoles

          1. I know, same with drones and missles. Imagine, have a stick cam, you place it or fire it onto a wall, and from the second screen you can see whats going on from the cameras view. Thats just one idea that came off the top of my head.

            I need to work for a video game company….

    9. I couldn’t give two fucks about CoD, but it’s great that it’s on Wii U as it will introduce a lot of hardcore gamers to the Wii U.

      1. So why are you on this site? and oh yes they are babies with such titles as Red Steel 2, No More Heroes (before it got a crappy port to the PS3), MadWorld, COD series and not to mention the brand new games coming to the Wii U like Assassin’s Creed III, Ghost Recon: Online, Aliens Colonial Marines, ZombiU, Darksiders 2, Battlefield, Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City ARMOURED EDITION and many more violent videos games, oh but your right, all those games are for babies.

        You are a man, you like to play man games like My Little Pony and Barbie goes Horse riding. Everyone knows your logic makes sense


                1. It was hardly a discussion, some guy mentioned it, i defended,and the guy above laughed (which ironic when he has Shadow the Hedgehog for a avatar and in his name, from one of the most laughablehated games ever)

                  1. ‘from one of the most laughable and hated games ever’

                    It’s somehow hugely ironic that you say that on a Call Of Duty post. Seriously, though. That was definitely a discussion. Or argument, whichever way you think about it. It ends up being the same thing anyway.

        1. Trust me, a lot more adult males watch My Little Pony than the amount of viewers from within their target demographic.

      1. Thats pretty good, especially if titles like Pikmin 3 and Animal Crossing get classed as casual :p

      2. And from a business point of view, and gaming point of view, it might put off shitty developers from making terrible shovelware seeing as they’ll get less profit

    10. What is the Wii u? Is it a new controller for Wii but with a screen? How does it upscale games to hd? Will it finally make cod any good?

    11. I want the CoD series on Wii U. It will most likely happen because they’ve supported CoD on the Wii. I want to see what the Upad can bring to the series. Might get some “hardcore” gamers to buy a Wii U as well. Leave luck to heaven.

    12. Gyro aiming and drone controlling on second screen would actually make it the definite version. Even if the next gen twins prove to be massively more powerful consoles, the Wii U version wouldn’t look massively worse this time. And I preferred to play previous CODs even on Wii.

      1. Nah, he’s talking about fan boys a bit too enthusiasticly to be described with a word “reason”. Labeling a site full of people fan boys, and thusly trying to shuddup the discussion is not reasonable at all.

        I agree with him though on one matter; always test the system your self, and never form your opinion because you read something in internet.

        I especially suggest tothoroughly try the really small movement range of Vitas analogue sticks and also see what kind of impact the 3D screen in 3DS has on you. Those are some very important examples, that you cannot see in internet.

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