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Wii U ‘Will Encounter Problems When Developers Move To PlayStation 4 And Next Xbox’

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku says that a number of developer have told him that while the Wii U will easily be able to handle ports from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the console will encounter difficulty when major third-party companies start producing games for the next Xbox and PlayStation. Totilo’s sources have told him that the next generation consoles will be about 6-8 times more powerful than the current Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

366 thoughts on “Wii U ‘Will Encounter Problems When Developers Move To PlayStation 4 And Next Xbox’”

    1. I agree, too. I’m fully sick of it. You want profit? Make a powerful console. People bought the PS3 at launch. People will buy the Wii U at launch even if it isn’t dirt cheap like you try to make it all the time. This is a long-time investment. You’re gonna have to live with the profits of this model for 5 years. “Yeah, let’s make it barely more powerful than the PS3 was 5 years ago.” seriously? Fuck you. And don’t even get me started on the games. Nintendo promises to cater to the core gamer like every damn month, and all we get is some stupidly simplified casual crap (namely, Nintendo land), which maybe, MAYBE, with a LOT of imagination, will satisfy HALF of the needs for a core gamer. New Super Mario bros U? Please tell me how difficult it is to re-use an engine with the same graphics, maybe add some more detail and HD resolution. You designed new levels. So what, probably with some simple level-editing program. This screams cheap effortless cash-in. The last title that came close to being what we wanted was Skyward Sword, which was in development for what, 4 years? We got what, simple puzzle, annoying characters, backtracking and 3 regions which we have to visit 3 seperate times?! The story was decent but seriously? The execution was poor. The closest we’ve gotten recently was SMG2, which was the last great gae they released as of now, IMO.
      I hate how Nintendo doesn’t even TRY to cater to the core gamer and just stays on the “everything has to be simple as fuck” so every dumbass can become a customer. Where are the even remotely difficult games? And no, artificial difficulty (Hero Mode) does not count. I’m tired of waiting for a miracle to make Nintendo remember who their true followers are, they’re too comfortable with the idiot fanbase they acquired while they allowed virtual baby games on their console. If they don’t suit up and do things right with the Wii U, they have ultimately and completely lost my attention. Tired of being treated like a simpleton by a company who cuts costs and effort on all ends.

      Here’s hoping Pikmin 2 won’t be mind-fuckingly easy.

      1. I agree with you on the Mario part, we don’t need another Mario game that’s almost just like the original New Super Mario Brothers. I’d much rather have a Mario game like Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine.

      2. As a diehard Nintendo fan I gotta say I agree with most of what you just said. (Although I think you’re giving Skyward Sword a LITTLE too little credit)

        Things look bleak now, but bear in mind the only time they promised to deliver to the hardcore was with the Wii U, and it’s not even out yet. Things look bleak now, but who knows, they may surprise us.

      3. “You want profit? Make a powerful console. People bought the PS3 at launch.”
        Haha. The PS3 is not exactly a good example of making profit.

        1. Shit nice speech I agree with it all! I’m hesitant on the fact the nintendo has to always be behind in terms of power. They may think it does not matter but One hundred percent of hardcore gamers rely of good quality graphics to sum up a good damn game! I’m still a little optimistic on how nintendo is getting the WIi U on the market! Really they need to focus on power also not just the experience because lately I have NOT seen much from them! I may just chuck my current WII. Its not like they are gonna make any new games for it. And now the 3DSXL! So there making a big ass console with improved battery life they have not listened to anything about the screen problems that could easily screw up the “experience” there getting a boner over. I gotta say nintendo, suck my dick if you’re console goes off the market.

          1. “Has to always be behind in terms of power.” Um…Gamecube was more powerful than PS2 and not much less powerful than Xbox, N64 was the most powerful in its generation, SNES was more capable than the Genesis, NES had “cutting edge technology” for its day. The ONLY time they were behind was with Wii, so that statement is false.

              1. Hmmm..sorry I was wrong I just realized that because I remembered the snes arrived slightly late and the gameboy was a good but weak console. The DS was weak compared to the psp.
                3DS is weak to vita but is a much better console. That is what I meant.

              2. Arguably, but that’s still wrong. Their power meant nothing when the consoles were gimped one way or the other.

                N64 stuck to clunky cartridges with limited data and the CD add-on never took off.
                GameCube didn’t learn from that, and used silly little discs which could only hold 1.5GB of data.

                You can see the problems that surfaced here.

        2. You’re implying hardware sales is a sole source of profit; and it isn’t. Both Sony and MS initially take losses on consoles and make back up with software and online services…amongst other things.

          1. “Initially”? They were selling at a loss for a while. Making profit with services that require people buying the console (which is sold at a loss) is contradictory.

          2. Nintendo have been totally dominant profit wise this generation. Sony and Microsoft’s gaming divisions are not even close to the amount Nintendo have made.

            For starters, Sony have wiped out every penny they made from the PS1 and PS2 eras thanks to the financial black hole that is the PS3.

            1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is also unbelievably similar to NSMB on DS, yet nobody complained there. What’s your point? Yeah, it’s VERY similar to the first, except it’s a better version of the first. I really don’t understand this logic at all, it’s like saying, “Yeah, I’ve never eaten an apple in my life until yesterday. I had two. One was slightly rotten/spoiled, the other tasted exactly the same, except without the rotten areas. I still prefer the first one because it was the first time I’d eaten an apple.”

              1. But NSMBW was still new-ish and came with new features. Other than HD that other consoles have been doing for half a decade and some off screen play, this adds nothing. Unless you count the peaceable blocks as a feature.

                1. Other than Multiplayer, exactly WHAT did NSMB Wii bring to the table? Keep in mind, not everybody plays NSMB Wii for its multiplayer, many wanted to play it the same way they on DS, so even if the multiplayer was “huge,” it didn’t apply to everyone.

                  Other than that, they added new levels and power ups, and a special world. Galaxy 2 does this, too…but also manages to add all kinds of little ideas like the blue/red platforms that switch when you do a spin attack, the Yellow/Green blocks that switch to the rhythm of the music, Yoshi and his unique abilities, the new power ups which are used in a very unique way for all the new levels. Yeah, it’s more Super Mario Galaxy, but how exactly is that a bad thing? It’s more of the same, except it’s the better version of the two…I don’t see how it being better makes it worse.

      4. Wait… did you just say people bought the PS3 at launch?… Rich people maybe bought it at launch but everyone just went to the Xbox 360 and bought that instead since it had better games and was cheaper

      5. Nintendo first of all is a business company and you clearly don’t know how works. If you want less Mario, don’t buy them. Speak with your dollars.

        Oh and in what way is this article right? I mean, do you guys really bellieve those anonymous sources?

        1. It’s not about how their business works. It’s about how they lie to their long-term fans and disappoint the at every opportunity they get.

              1. They listen to their fans, it’s just that they seem to ALWAYS take it the wrong way;

                “We Want Mario* At Launch!”
                (2D Mario announced)

                *As in a 3D game.

      6. I disagree with you on almost everything. I love that Nintendo doesn’t focus on power because I think that it is the force that drives them to be so creative. If they were to rely on power like you demand and be contempt with that, their games would become like the rest of the developer’s: Bland, and boring in my opinion. In all honesty if you prefer graphics to gameplay, just go watch a CG movie. One thing I give you is that I always wanted to see Nintendo franchises on HD graphics, but now that we will get them, people complain? Nintendo will be revealing more games as time goes, stop being so fucking anxious. Skyward Sword had the best dungeons/puzzles in any Zelda game, and its not me who says that, it is the general consensus of reviewers. Of course bitching is easy because it just requires you to type on your keyboard with more or less proper spelling, but making a game is hard. What do you know about New Super Mario Bros. U? Nothing, but you are already complaining as if you know the game back and forth. Your mind swings so easily my friend, I would recommend strengthening your character. Have a good day =)

        1. Agreed. I base this on personal opinion and the general backlash I’ve seen from both fans and press responding the E3. Also my main point wasn’t about the making their IP’s as graphically impressive as most games (Hence why I didn’t bash any of the graphics on their games). I based my point on the fact that no developer in their right mind wold stay on a console that is probably inferior to other alternatives (as we learned from Wii and Gamecube). So what, they get 3rd Party support until the more powerful counterparts arrive, then what? This seriously worries me.

      7. Rant makes some good points but falls down on the fact that it’s all tied into the premise that Nintendo struggled to make money whereas Sony and Microsoft prospered.

        That didn’t happen. It was Nintendo that prospered, and the other two lost a shit ton of money.

        1. You know, apart from both of them. Microsoft make more money out of the platform than Nintendo and while Sony may not have been as successful as the other two but was no failure. At least do a fact check. Sure, more homes have a Wii (or two) sitting in them but plenty have an Xbox or PS3 and it’s those with HD consoles that have more games. The majority of Wii owners have less than 10 games, many with less than 5.
          However, all this aside, it remains important for Wii U to have decent graphics. Sure, they are bound to keep the casual market with the touch screen but in my opinion, the hardcore market are yet to be won over. It hasn’t even been confirmed that it is better than the current batch of HD consoles (although I’ll bet anything it will be,) let alone by how much. No specs and no price makes for a confused market. And I can’t honestly thnk of a dev who has outright said: “Wii U is the best way to play this game.” Do they even know? Wii U has a serious identity crisis and Nintendo are running out of time to sort it out. Good console but bad conferences, bad conformation, mixed messages, confused customers, sometimes stupid rumours and just generally bad handling of it, ever since they showed it at E3 2011.

          1. Microsoft are only just about to approach break even for their entire Xbox project, dating back to the original Xbox launch.

            I’ve done my fact checking, and can provide some graphs if you don’t believe it.

            One shows cumulative income of each company, and the other shows it on a year by year basis and both are sourced from the end of year financial statements of each company.

            They are not completely up to date, but ultimately things wouldn’t look greatly different if they were up to date. The $500million Nintendo lost last year wouldn’t make much of a dent, and Sony lost another boat load of money last year.

            1. Oh, shut up. If you’re not gonna contribute anything worthwhile to this discussion go back to playing with your toys, kid.

              1. Fanboys really annoy me! For the record i am 21 and about 2 be 22. I think who ever wrote the article , is an anti graphic whore.

        2. Wrong. My point remains perfectly valid, because the reason they MADE as much profit as they did is because they ditched their original market in favor of a newer, for them cheaper and easier to satisfy audience.

    1. We will see? See What oh yeah
      Wii vs PS360 all over again in Sales of Hardware and Software.
      3DS vs Vita is DS vs PSP all over again.
      DS started slow not like 3DS though but yeah once Mario Kart DS came it sold hot cakes.

      1. I don’t even know how to take your comment……maybe I should of been specific and said we will how Wii u fares against all the claims of the next gen

        1. His name is nintendo crybaby, he’s obv trolling you fool. Obviously wiiU will be much weaker then the ps4 and nextbox.
          It’s just a matter of if cheap price and smashbros is more important then graphics and multiplatform games to you. Im going with wiiU at launch and ps4 late late in life after many price reductions.

          1. Yes I am a troll……to ppl who are dumb and talk none sense. I love Nintendo. I actually made this name to troll the fan boys that cry and complain so damn much




    2. I wouldn’t take the article too seriously for 2 reasons: Firstly, he doesn’t name a source, and we know that “anonymous developers” means absolute bullshit, and Second: Kotaku always seem to have it in for Nintendo.

        1. The guy who made the video is really unbaised too, does great videos. The cores arent even being used for the games, theyre being used to run kinect seperately as well as extras.
          So its “power”, sounds like it just comes from being able to handle the kinect 2.0, and smart glass together, but its doesnt make it good at all

          1. Smart glass is an app that runs on completely separate devices genius. At least get your facts right when it comes to insulting Microsoft. I mean, you could do so much better! You could say how bad the latest batch of games have been, how shit Kinect is, how the Xbox 360 is old hardware now…

            1. I know the its an app but theres a core for it to connect whatever said device is being used to connect it, be it a phone, the surface tablet or the “official” smartglass device

  1. You DO realize that “6-8 times more powerful” is NOT a huge leap in power? Funny how they keep saying that and making people believe it’s huge. It isn’t. Also, the 720 was rumored to be 4-6 times more powerful, so maybe he’s referring to the next PlayStation. Even so, that wouldn’t even be a huge leap in power over their predecessors, LET ALONE the Wii U!

    1. Did you notice he assumes at Wii U’s full potential will be on par with current gen, but its not i say minus 3-4 percent more powerful than Wii U so Wii U will be pretty close to next gen.

    2. Ok it’s probably not 6-8 times more powerful but if it was that is a huge leap…what the hell are you talking about? That means a game can have 6-8 times as much stuff going on, can be 6-8 times as big, and look 6-8 times as good if they wanted…

      1. No…it’s not. As Naner said, it’s not a linear scale! There are video cards from a few YEARS ago that are 4-6 times more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3, and they’re not even top of the line! The leap from the original Xbox to the 360 was WAAAAAYYYYYYY more than just “6-8 times more.” Educate yourself a bit more.

        1. Name these cards then. And the number of “years” ahead they were.

          It’s fun seeing -false- PC gamers talk out of air.


  2. hmm… 6-8 times more powerful than the current ones?
    Tell me, what will be the price of these monstrocities?
    €/$/£1000 ?

    Get out.
    I’m not paying over 500 of whatever for a console.
    And i doubt I’m the only one.
    Big companies will make games for those consoles, but the consoles will not sell well. i can promise you that.

    1. Nope, not even. Keep in mind, they say “6-8 times more powerful,” as if that’s a huge leap. It isn’t. The 50-something page document about the Xbox 720 that got leaked out saying that it would be “4-6 times more powerful” than the 360, remember that? Everybody got all crazy thinking that’s amazing, but, there are video cards (not even top of the line) from a few years ago that are 4-6 times more powerful than the 360! So, it’s possible for them to release consoles that are 6-8 times more powerful, but they’ll be AT LEAST $400-500 and even those won’t “WOW” everybody with their visuals because 6-8 times more powerful isn’t a huge leap…

      1. Not to mention if that document is legit (which i would say yes, i cant see anyone producing a fake 56 page document), the kinect 2 (whut), shitglass, and the hilariously stupid kinect glasses (which already gets rid of the possibility of players who wear glasses out), all of that will cost a pretty penny.

        1. Why do you have such hate? You’re clearly not a real gamer or you’d be excited for ALL gaming advancements.

          Instead your just some Nintendo fanboy who thinks anything not done by Nintendo is shit. It’s really rather pathetic and sad.

          1. Okay, firstly, go fuck yourself.
            Second, i own a ps3, and use i regularly, and i’ll be buying a ps4 when its released.
            How is SmartGlass going to change anything, when it doesnt have any damn buttons. The kinect? Is a joke. In a hardcore market it serves no purpose, unlike the wiiu. The glasses? I wear glasses, as im sure thousands of other people. We’re not going to wear 2 pair of glasses just so we can play an xbox.
            Its uses for hardcore gaming, which apparently is so very important is non existant. Its become the very thing that the Wii was ridiculed for. Its a joke.
            I admit the Wii did ALOT wrong, it visuals werent up to scratch, its online wasnt any good, its missed tons of 3rd party support. But its the 2nd highest selling home console ever…
            I love Nintendo, not because i love Zelda, or Mario, or Metroid, but because theyre always willing to improve, and do their damn best. Look at the improvement the WiiU is compared to the Wii. Its massive. They’re basically skipping a generation. Its take alot of hard work. But that something like this into consideration. The ps3 and 360 use either build in and licensed hard drives. The wiiu doesnt have one. Why? Because you can use any damn hard drive you want, or an SD. How considerate is that to gamers? I can buy a 1TB hard drive for probably £60. I can put music on there, pictures. People who already own hard drives like myself, with all my family photos on, can link that straight to my WiiU, no sweat.
            Nintendo arent concerned with beating anyone, or getting the most money out of the consumer. They just want to make people happy, be it alone, with a great game, or with friends and family, at home or online.
            THAT is why i love Nintendo more than others. Go waste your time somewhere else.

            1. Well said. The glasses will be great for hardcore gamers, but it leaves out a LOT of them. Nintendo made the biggest advancement they could while keeping it as cheap as they can. People should respect that.

              1. You said that he wasn’t a real gamer and others things and I say that you lost one of the best comments in this site.

              2. Hey, at least i read through your boyish attacks on me to see what you had to say, i was just returning the favour

    1. I agree… since there were other developers saying the XboxNext was only 20% more powerful than the WiiU. Anyone with a gaming website and so called insider information can make any claims they like.

      Till I see the official specs for the WiiU, XboxNext and PS4…. this is all pointless. I give no merit to no name developers saying the Wii U is not capable (worse when known AAA developers say otherwise). How about those clowns produce evidence like benchmark videos of the actual current dev kits. That shouldn’t be difficult to do since they have access to the hardware.

      1. Yeah especially ones working exclusively on non nintendo platforms.. all the games I’m writing are going on ps4 and xbox 720.. is there a conflict of interest? do I have any reason to want nintendo to fail..

    2. You’ll never see them until somebody tears it down to hell and back.

      However, you can find the dev kit’s specs on NeoGAF *those were actually confirmed* from pretty much everyone besides the quiet Nintendo themselves.

      1. We will see them eventually and I was also speaking of the specs of the future consoles from Sony and Microsoft as well.

        This conversation/debate is a bit ahead of itself.

    1. I just read the entire article and calling it major trolling. They said the Wii U is up to 4 times more powerful than the 360. The Xbox720/PS4 is said to be 6 to 8 times more powerful respectively. So how is 4X significantly less capable to a 6X (Xbox720)/8X(PS4). Common sense calls this more nonsense.

  3. Why would you even get the Durango or PS4? Honestly, if it’s that pricey, just buy a damn PC. I’d never buy a console over 600 bucks. They’ll be near 1,000

    1. Exactly my view. The amout of crap thats gona be shoved into the nextbox before the graphics cards are even considered will probabt drive the price upto $300, then the good old $50-100 bullshit MS stamp.

      Unsure of the PS4, because we dont know how theyre gona go about with controller schemes

      1. Microsoft will subsidize the price just like the 360 ($99) or take a loss on hardware–which trust me, they can do–and sell it for about $350-400.

  4. I just kinda wish Nintendo could be like they were in the earlier 2000’s. They presented everything in a better fashion. x[ I want the old Nintendo with new hardware. They way they do things lately caters to a younger audience, even though they claimed to cater to ALL players. They used to do what they claim back in the day. Now they just THINK they’re catering to hardcore gamers… they’re not. :\

    1. They can’t make console that make them losses, is that so hard to understand? They are a company JUST for gaming, meaning, they can’t take losses and fall back to another division. If they launch a console at a loss, then they’ll have to use the backup money for about 4 years.

    2. I’m sorry when has Nintendo catered to this fictitious group of gamers. From the NES until now, Nintendo has always catered to everyone. This catering to kids or mature is an immature mindset. Everyone(from the young to the elderly) are the people who play games.

    3. What are you talking about they do apeal to everybody and will continue to . Its not a bad thing . They have never catered to kids bug games likemario cater to everyone

  5. Because we all know that quality games are ports, right? Right?

    To be more serious, I’ve long since stopped taking Kotaku seriously. They’re as bad as IGN when it comes to actual news. Worse, they pretend to be unbiased while churning out material that’s anything but.

    I don’t expect MNN to be unbiased because, well… look at the name.

    1. I remembered when they were puttin down the 3ds. Now what?! I love how Nintendo draws the most criticism whether good or bad. “All eyes on N”!!

  6. 6 to 8 times more powerful still seems a little high considering that Sony says they plan on staying at about the same level. I can’t say for sure about Microsoft but originally rumors put it as only 20% better then Wii U. So I don’t know if that justifies 6-8 times more powerful. I’m just glad that this wasn’t about how her article confirmed the specs of the Wii U like the article on Nintendo Enthusiast, which was completely off-base.

      1. Yeah, it was actually a pretty popular rumor and still hasn’t been disproved today. I honestly doubt sony will go more then 3/4 times more powerful, I mean they’re just now making money on the systems they produced and cant afford another loss. Wii U is rumored to be at least 2x more powerful and the max rumors say about 4x/5x the power and 20% more then that isn’t that much. I mean thats the difference between PS3 and 360 about, so theres no doubt that Wii U will get the multiplat if these rumors are true on both ends. It’s possible Nintendo wins this just because they will be familiar with the console 1-2 years from now and based on what Sony and Microsoft say, thats when the next gen are coming for them.

        1. Yeah. Next gen is gona be a small leap in graphics, and hopefully a stalemate in power, which is thats the case, WiiU will dominate, and PS4 will come up second, because xbox just isnt going to be as much as a “hardcore” system as the 360, its gona more of a hub, to connect with other microsoft junk (more moeny to spend), people will hate and if theres any justice in the world, microsoft will leave the gaming market. Gaming was so much easier and better when it was just nintendo and sony, both affordable so didnt have to dedicate, both offer great games, no online fee, no faulty/fixed systems, no moronic cunt fanboys, just utter gaming bliss

          1. I agree that the Wii U will win if it is a stalemate in power, because Nintendo has connections to both casual bases and higher end gamers. They will get most if not all 3rd party and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some first party developers coming to Wii U and even some from Sony may branch out to Nintendo to make more money. Yet, I don’t agree with the hatred for Microsoft, I own a 360 and I have to say I enjoy it, I only got it recently but its definitely fun, I think that the advances that they are doing with kinect and the rumored glasses is necessary, while they might not appeal to everyone or work with everyone, it is just one step closer to completely immersive virtual reality. Also I feel it’s necessary to have some respect for Microsoft cause they are an American company, so any product they produce and sell improves the economy, so even though they produce a lot of different expensive accessories, each penny goes back to America and slightly improve the economy.

            1. Well according to specs, the 360 graphics card is a joke, its nowhere near as powerful as the WiiU’s.
              I think, there will be a stalemate, but ironically, the original Wii will ultimatly be a blessing in disguise. All these ps3/360 owners are expecting these massive graphically improvements. Im sorry, but its just not affordable to have big graphically changes. But with the WiiU, its got a massive upgrade, so games will consequently look more inpressive, on top of the fact it has its controller, and its going to be affordable. By the time the gen after next steps in, PC graphics are going to more likely achieved on consoles, but itll be an even stale, not to mention that its possible if enough money is lost and nintendo really does that well, Sony will have a lots of trouble staying in the market, and fans simply wont want an slightly improved xbox with kinect

              1. You -think- there will be a stalemate, but trust me there won’t be. It’s Nintendo apologists wanting it to be that way because they know it’s pretty much the final nail in the coffin if the Wii U is yet again, an underpowered turd.

                Sony’s recent statement once again mentions that they won’t release a PS4 if it can’t show a SIGNIFICANT leap over this generation, and MS has Epic lobbying them for power just like they did and successfully accomplished for the 360 getting extra RAM.

                Wii U’s spec right now is 2x a 360, it uses a similar triple core processor, and the GPU is seemingly in the 4xxx line after all (with a tessellation unit, but that doesn’t mean it can actually do that). Also, the RAM is about 2GB (1.5GB) for the user.

                This isn’t really a notable leap at all. Maybe it Nintendo’s world of junk products, I guess.

  7. The PS4 and the Nextbox are still years away and too be quite honest if the specs of the Wii U are to be true (2gb of RAM) i dont see the next consoles being that more powerful then the Wii U. When you look at the 360 and the PS3, the PS3 has two sets of 256 k RAM one for system and one for video and the 360 has 512 of RAM. If thats how much RAM they can afford to put into their consoles now how do you think they are gonna fare down the road?

    1. That was pretty much the norm back then for PCs and the had an entire other OS to run simultaneously. And there has been nothing confirmed about Wii U specs yet, that was just something a dev said that has been thrown out of context. And guess what, a few smart phones have more RAM than that.

      1. Except it’s not anywhere near $3000. Unless you’re one of those people who go and buy Alienware. Then you pretty much deserve to pay $3000

  8. The WiiU was gona be weaker, but cheaper. Besides, the graphics on the other next gen consoles wont be that much of an improvement, unless the consoles gona cost $700, before they actually put anything else into it. Also, the WiiU will have been out at least a year and a half by the time the other consoles show up, so it would have improved.

  9. 6-8 times hahaha. get real. microsony aren’t stupid enough to beef up their next console if they don’t want to sell them at a loss or not sell them at all. I’m thinking 3-4 times as powerful. and I highly doubt wiiu will struggle when the other next gen consoles come out. it’s clear that it’s nothing like the wii.

    1. Both can take hardware losses, and Microsoft already has new pricing plans for the current 360 that can net you one for $99 (you’ll end up paying more as your contract goes on for…ironically $360)

      Now imagine a pricing plan for a console, then nobody will have any “hurr durr” price excuses.

        1. Pay that much for a 360 is a joke, especially with the hard drive its packaged with. people would have more sense to just buy the whole thing at once.

  10. hmmmm, anonymous develop attacks or open developer praise? thats a toughy!!! oh wait no it’s not, its commen sense. even IF next box and ps4 were 8 times more powerful then watch microsoft and sony sell a maximum of 50 million each and only if they sell at a loss. in which case both will get poorer whilst nintendo gets richer, AGAIN!!!

    1. So what you’re saying is that a console with better graphics… Will sell less… And not make money out of people actually buying games or anything…. Great logic there.

  11. I’m going to buy the Wii U over the next xbox or PS knowing that it will be the weaker system in terms of specs because I believe Nintendo has the best Video game franchises… If the Wii U is more powerful than any of the next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft in some way, that will just be a bonus for me. Looking forward to a new Metroid game the most though :)

    1. Metroid is HD, 1080p, 60fps *drool*
      Cant wait, i wouldnt mind another Prime but would prefer a new, possibly TPS Metroid.
      In the meantime, search for the awesome concept art for a wiiu metroid, looks incredible

        1. Nah, i dont want remakes of any game, id rather have new story and new situation, new weapons, setting, controllers, its easier to make a much more innovative that uses the WiiU starting from scratch. Id rather them continue on after Fusion. Its chronologically the last Metroid game, so Samus would be a complete badass, none of that whiney shit from Other M, just running around kicking space pirate ass.

          A 2D remake for 3DS might be more likely, although i shun remakes altogether

          1. What’s wrong with remakes? It sounds a lot better than the metroid spin offs like Hunters on DS or that (lol) pinball game. Oh and I will just pretend Other M didnt happen…

            1. Remakes are just unoriginal. I mean yeah, if they can get companies to make remakes without holding back original titles then go for it, but id rather have original titles.
              I wasnt bothered with Samus talking, it was more than her voice actor was terrible and the writing was god awful. She supposed to be a badass. Obviously she’d be nervous if Ridley showed up, he killed her parents and tried to kill her when she was a child bu cmon, she wont freeze up and basically cry

  12. Better said: Nextbox and Ps4 will encounter problems:
    1) Wii U is FIRST: 1 year or more ahead.
    2) The price of the Wii U will be FINE
    3) If they release a huge console then, the prices will rise or they will sell it at loss.

    The Wii U will be the BEST console.

    1. The Xbox 360 was released a year before Wii. And yet it’s profits are much bigger. Strange that. And selling at a loss sounds strangely familiar… The difference between the 3 company’s is that the ones not beginning with N make the majority of their cash from software and accessories and all of those other things that Nintendo really try to do. The number of consoles sold means almost nothing these days. Unless you’re talking about the PS Vita. Sales mean a lot there. As in, it’s shit.

  13. i think he may be missing the time factor.
    or maybe am wrong. all nintendo consoles have 5-6 years of life cycle. the article says the wii u will encounter problems within 2-3 years after the ps4/720 releases. the wii u release date is late 2012 and lets say ps4/720 summer 2014. when ps4/720 are around their 2 year (which the article says is when the wii u will stay behind) nintendo will show or tease a new console.

    1. Consoles improve over time as well. Even id the graphics are weaker, most developers wouldve got over the learning curve and start pushing the system to its limits, so it’ll pretty much be on par with next gen

  14. Who cares….don’t most people who want a wii u want it because of Mario and Zelda? Those games alone are worth it, it doesn’t matter other third party games

          1. Well it is a Nintendo only magazine. Thats like saying KFC is bais because it doesnt mention Mcdonalds

  15. My reaction:

    No honestly, I don’t get how people can think that you can improve the graphics even further than what we have now when they say shit like this. And even if you can, doesn’t mean that they should because they’re basically making games a lot harder and more expensive to manufacture that way. How about we focus less on being more powerful and more on just creating new and unique experiences? I don’t care how powerful your graphics are on your next gen consoles Sony and Microsoft, if you’re going to spend the first half of the next generation rendering mostly gray and brown textures in games like you did this one, then I’m not going to give two shits.

    1. Graphics can’t ”always improve”, we are getting closer and closer to photo realism, after that you can’t improve graphics. I’ll bet that Nintendo will rise as the king of gaming by that time, since who doesn’t want HD Nintendo exclusives. The only things that could improve, would be the worlds of the games, the A.I. complexity, and so on.

  16. Hate to say but 6-8x isn’t even that much, the 360 and PS3 where like 20x more powerful than the PS2 and Xbox, they’re is tech in the PS3 also that’s like 42x more powerful than the PS2 so 6-8x is not going to be the leap people wished out of the PS4 and 720.

    1. If you tried to make a game using 5% of the PS3s graphics, you’d probably end up with an N64. The graphical leap between the last two generations wasn’t huge, it just seemed like it due to the addition of HD.

      1. Well according to Crytek the WiiU does what the 360 does using minimal power. Matched up with your comment, WiiU looks more powerful than we first thought

          1. Its not a hair dryer, it doesnt have 3 spec settings. If you saw ps3 games using only 10% of its power, theyd look like shit. And the wiiu is pushing out 360 graphics without even trying

    2. ^ This.
      I always state next gen will be disappointing, but the thing with Nintendo is they know that, so theyre not about to go flaunting graphics, because a massive improvement for consoles just isnt affordable

  17. Wow. Nintendo’s graphics dwarfed by a console that is released just 2 years later (my guess.) C’mon guys, if that happens, Wii U will his rock bottom. The casual market don’t know what it is and the hardcore market wont won’t a console with rubbish graphics. Mind you, this could be bollocks, I imagine that while Nintendo will still lose out on the graphics front, they have a head start and the gap in specs will be minimal.

  18. Reggie Fils-Aime: Once AGAIN your talking POWER. Nintendo it not all about Power it about game experiences what you get from the game.

    1. One of the things im most excited about is playing old Gamecube games on the controller screen. A portable gamecube, how awesome.
      Graphics dont matter to me, but i do want Nintendo to have on par visuals, just so it doesnt miss out on third party titles like with the Wii

    2. The only problem is power is RELATED to gaming experience. It matters. He only downplays it because Nintendo hasn’t had a really “powerful” console (in comparison to everything else, consoles or otherwise) since GameCube.

      1. No it isnt. Id rather play an SNES title than most PS3, 360 and PC.
        Graphics is the least important aspect when it comes to video games. Firstly, and most importantly, it needs good gameplay, which Nintendo certainly deliver, and in conjunction, the game needs as few glitches.
        Then, it needs either a great story, or a great soundtrack. Mario Galaxy, not exactly oscar worthy story, soundtrack? Incredible. But if a game can have both, even better. Then, lastly, over everything else, you consider graphics.

        1. I didn’t say graphics, did I? I said POWER.

          Power means more than graphics. It means physics, geometry, ability to run engines that can create more intricate worlds (not just visually, either).

          You say none of those things matter? Then you’re being intentionally stupid. Because if they didn’t matter, you’d never have bought another console after NES or SNES.
          But if the

          1. I bought consoles after the NES and SNES because thats were the games were being made? My point was, the true quality of the game isnt won by number of pixels, you can bet graphics will be incredible 10 years from. Theres always gona be shoveware though. Graphics or power mean nothing.

              1. So, tell this to God of War 3, that game has really good graphics and has no physics. Another example? Uncharted, at first you said: WOW, this is awsome… and then you discover that that script of physics is always the same thing, what’s sad :(

            1. And my point being that games will always be made mostly for the more powerful consoles. Or at least, the most capable. That will likely not be the Wii U, just like the Wii was not. Thank you for reaching the point I was making on your own. Sort of.

              1. If that’s the case, how is it that most games in the 6th generation were made for the PS2? That console was CLEARLY not the most powerful in its generation, out of the three that lasted, it was the weakest. Gamecube and Xbox were both more powerful, yet those systems didn’t get the same support the PS2 then. So your proof isn’t very solid…

                  1. Right, but then that raises another question, how exactly do you know that it will be the same in the 8th generation? If they end up being 6-8 times more powerful, THAT is a minimal difference to even the current consoles, let alone the Wii U. There are video cards from a few years ago that are 4-6 times more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3, and they’re not even top of the line. So, even if they are more powerful, unless they want to be SUPER expensive, the difference is likely to be, as you described, extremely minimal.

      2. I wish more people would realize this. You’d think they would after how many times its been brought up, or after reading the actual article.

  19. Are all the gaming news websites out to destroy Nintendo nowadays? GameSpot is basically just reporting bad Nintendo news, IGN is posting about 3 rants/rumours about Nintendo a day. And well, Kotaku…
    I’ll stick to MNN for Nintendo news.

    1. Same. I used to go to Gametrailers for news, but they literally only show the stuff that could potentially make Nintendo look bad, its disgusting. Game websites should be unbaised, its why if i had the resources id make my own, probably call it

      1. Game websites unbiased? Like how “myNINTENDOnews” is unbiased, as are the people who view it? Give me a break…

        1. The fact i go hear for Nintendo news proves how baised they are. Seriously, ive seen a ton of news from here, and about only 3 of those were posted on GT, and they were misleading and just asking for fanboy arguements.

            1. This SITE isnt baised, its just made for Nintendo news. Its doesnt say, every console news, then show all nintendo, unlike GT. Blame fans if you think the site is bias, but the site itself is just doing what its only purpose was to do. Take this article right here. Its doesnt say, “wiiU might have trouble when other next gen show up. Pfft, yeah right, LOL, fuck Sony”
              Its gives the full unbaised truth, its fans who create bais opinion

              1. By “this site” I clearly meant its user base. Was I not clear on that point?

                In any case, I have never seen more blatant “everything tha isn’t Nintendo sucks!” fanboyism in one place as on this website. It’s past the point of humour and well into the realm of the pathetic.

                1. Sickr’s troll bait articles involving the 3DS and Vita sales is a clear form of bias as it is.

                  He feels the need to mention it in every weekly sales figures. Wonder if he actually got his yet.

                  1. His job is to deliver news about Nintendo to this website. Japanese sales are Nintendo news, and the Vita being (un)successful is involved with Nintendo. Deal with it, though, the Vita is failing so Sickr is mentioning it due to previous reasons.

        2. Somone can view this site and not be biased . I for one am not biased i love almost all gaming companys

  20. Even if the PS4/X720 are even CLOSE to being that powerful, and both companies are willing to take losses (which last time we checked they weren’t), If Nintendo keeps making a new console every 5/6 years, Nintendo would AGAIN release a new console ahead of the competition, which could match/exceed those consoles’ capabilities. I even have my doubts now that Sony and Microsoft are even THINKING of new consoles at this time.


    1. Your mother must be proud, her child just sitting at the computer, going to sites the child hates, trying to make other people angry, but failing in the end, because the child doesn’t understand how human psyche works.

    2. No next gen system will run Unreal 4. Its sad that ive literally just had to make this point to another idiot. The U4 demo was running on probably the best PC setup they could make. I urge anyone with technical insight to comment how much that would cost, including all the hardware, fans, drives, HDD, and the actually casing. Answer? A shitload of money.

      If next gen consoles want to make money, they need to be under $600.
      Now lets take Microsoft, firstly, lets start of using a $50-80 label, because thats what they do. Now, according to the 56 page document, theres a kinect 2, wireless communicator, kinect glasses (what the fuck), a standard controller, blu-ray player, a smartglass pad (maybe, not likely), as well as the tech to make all other MS devices connect to it, because apparently gamers want that (we dont). Now, if rumours are true, the mextbox will have to be connected to the interent 24/7, so lets add a basic internet monthly cost to that, as well as the inevitable Live costs, and it also only works on HD tvs, so you need on those too. Now, WORK OUT HOW MUCH THAT FUCKING COSTS.
      Seriously, i havent even added any internal hardware into that fucking list!! The nextbox is gona be a joke, just a miss fucking expensive mess. I dont want to wave my arma around like a twat, so i should have to pay for it, whoops tough shit, it’s build it. I dont want to connect it to other devices or i dont have any, whoops, tough shit again, its built in.
      That “console” is barely a console.
      Now lets looks a WiiU,
      Game pad, wireless link, probably a wiimotion plus, and some form of tech to connect 3DS.
      THATS IT! No bullshit, no unnessessary crap i dont need, because its a GAMES CONSOLES, TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES ON.
      Next gen will be a whole role reversal, Nintendo will have to pure games consoles, microsoft will have…whatever the fuck you class that as, and Sony side with Nintendo, or fit in the middle. Fuck, rant over.

  22. Yeah pretty much already knew this.

    Because Nintendo thinks lightning will strike twice and people will again not care about graphics at all.

    Problem is: if graphics truly don’t matter, why wouldn’t casual gamers just stick with their original Wii consoles, and their smart phones and tablets?

    That’s what they’ll do, rather than shell out approximately $300 for Wii U.

    And the core gamers? They’ll wait the extra year and get a console that is several times more powerful than the Wii U, especially if those consoles will also have dual-screen potential. Because while those other consoles may cost more, they know more AAA third party games will make it on to them, and the hardware wont be dated so quickly by other consoles like the Wii U will be just 1 year after it’s release.

    I used to love Nintendo, and I realize people on this site are extremely biased and loyal to them, but I’m a realist, not a fanboy. And I feel another situation like last gen is going to happen again, this time without the record hardware sales that the original Wii had. And even if Wii U sells as well as Wii did, it’s still going to suffer the same software/player fate: 75% casuals, 25% Nintendo loyalists. Which means 75% games that non-casual gamers couldn’t care less about.

    1. Wow, so much for you earlier “excited forvall 3 consoles” comment. You’ve obviously never had a Nintendi console, and you’ve never played a Nintendo game before. Quit your yapping and realize that this is bullshit, 6x-8x more powerful is hardly a leap, it is a anonymous developer (Whilst devs like GearBox praise the Wii U), and he also stated that the Wii U would be a 360 at BEST, fucking CryTek said the Wii U’s MINIMUM is 360. Get out of here troll.

          1. I think the evidence was fucking Crytek saying, “the WiiU’s minimum is a 360”. Minimum!! It wont use minimum. Seriously, youre vision is warped.

      1. Obviously never owned a Nintendo console?

        Kid, I’ve owned every Nintendo home console day-1. All of them. I was beating Mario when you were still wiggling in your daddy’s bollock. It’s hilarious you think you know that much about me by 1 comment.

        I’m still laughing, literally. You are so ass hurt by my saying ANYTHING about Nintendo possibly failing the core gamer market (again, as they themselves even admittedly they’ve done), that you personally attack me and presume to know my gaming habits, which I am positive far exceed your own.

        I’ve owned 15 consoles in my life and still own 12. I dare you, DARE you to go head to head with my gaming history. I have visual evidence of my library and have certificates of numerous professional gaming contests.

        Try me.

        1. So, your point is that you like the Nintendo hardware (for being a day-1 consummer) or you like the Nintendo software? Let me guess… you have between 32-37 years, have strong feelings for the core franchises of Nintendo, but revolt yourself after Nintendo released Wii (shame to balance control in the air or because the graphics wasn’t at the same level of PS360) and starts to bash Nintendo and their fans, am I right?

    2. People will stick to their smart phones and tablets?
      Ermmmm, no they wont. Because the quality of those games is shit. But theyre not trying to compete with the games industry. Its hilarious seeing articles like, will iphones make gaming obselete. Fuck no, what a stupid idea. Games on phones are there to pass time, not to build a community on. The WiiU isnt a fucking tablet and it isnt trying to be, so stop saying it is on every damn post!
      Its essentially doing what the DS did to handheld gaming, empolying a second screen, for an increased gaming experience. Its like people dont listen to Reggie Fils-Aime when he says stuff like this. Nintendo just understand that people want a little more from their consoles, but not at an extra cost. Thats why the Wii had iPlayers and weather stuff, and web browser. It didnt cost anything, it was mandatory, but its an option. But in the ever immortal words of Reggie, “im about kicking ass, taking names, and we’re about making games”.
      Please remove yourself from this site.

      1. Are you a casual gamer? No? Then you don’t know how they think.

        “Those games are shit” is YOUR view. However, games like Angry Birds are monumentally popular and people love them and many people chose to play them over ALL consoles.

        Nintendo having a touchscreen in their controller isn’t going to magically make them put their phones and tablets down and stop playing those games. Especially when those games are portable, intuitive, and EXTREMELY cheap. And they also don’t have to buy a $300 console to play them, in addition to $40-$60 for each game.

        Trust me. Phones and tablets aren’t going anywhere. You can rage out like an immature little fanboy all you want, and “zomg tell me I’m a faggot bitch dick asshole” or whatever you want: it doesn’t change facts. The fact being: tablets and phones are still going to dominate casual games. Period.

        1. What a complete moron you are. You proved my point exactly, mobile games are cheap, you have to sell 50 copies for every 1 console game to make as much money. People wont go, “Zelda? Fuck that, im gona play Angry Birds cos Steve Jobs was a god”. No.

    3. a lot of thats wrong, and its not nintendo loyalists that can say something against what your saying.

      so lets break this down:
      “Nintendo thinks lightning will strike twice”
      -they probably do, but this is more likely to make the

      “People will again not care about graphics at all.”
      -this will expand with something else you say, for now know that it really depends on the game if graphics are good or not, also know that there are more points made about a gaming experience than graphics

      “if graphics truly don’t matter…”
      -we all want new graphics, you made a good point there, but you used it to bring on your later very biased sentence
      -the next line i could not figure out, it was broken up a bit

      “They’ll wait the extra year and get a console that is several times more powerful than the Wii U”
      -take my latter post and learn up on the wisdom why the wiiu is perhaps 20-30% less powerful instead of several
      remember to read the whole thing. its got a lot more info than what you gave (none or only the info assumed in this article)

      “those consoles will also have dual-screen potential”
      -in a very vague sence, it has dual-screen potential, why it wont be the experience you get from the wiiu: it wont be mainstream or included, it also does not have buttons, you forget the gamepad is a second screen and a controller, smartglass will be just as bad being the second gaming screen as a tablet.
      to further look into this, smartglass may get its uses better because it will be able to be easily ported at least the screen portion of simple inventories/etc. onto itself.

      “they know more AAA third party games will make it on to them”
      -noone knows this, this was assumed, most likely invisibly because icy assumed the wiiu will be very outdated, since i already debunked (or watered down) this part, AAA titles will make it on as long as developers are not biased or payed to go microsoft/sony exclusive

      “the hardware wont be dated so quickly by other consoles like the Wii U will be just 1 year after it’s release.”
      -if you want to hardball this, then yes, it will be dated rather at the launch of the other 2 consoles, but i will also assume he meant
      “heavily dated” instead of “dated” and that is where this assumption can go to a grinding halt

      “people on this site are extremely biased and loyal to them”
      -extremely biased people tend to talk the most, you could say this about anything, and it also goes backwards where you and others are extremely biased (or just misinformed) back

      “I feel another situation like last gen is going to happen again”
      -a general statement, i would be repeating myself to say something about it

      it’s still going to suffer the same software/player fate: 75% casuals, 25% Nintendo loyalists.
      -this was so assumed, generalized, and backed by a past occurance
      that i cant fight this quote directly, all you need to say against it is in what i previously said, but i do have to say casual gaming is not bad
      just not good when its the only thing a system can do

      “Which means 75% games that non-casual gamers couldn’t care less about.”
      -percentage means nothing when theres still the same amount of good games, this is assumed from what you previously said, and what most likely what wont happen

      as a last thought, please say you assume instead of actually know, you dont know anything as far as a normal person would know, and i would’nt either, thanks, we can argue, but do keep facts

        1. How mature, i can already tell everyone going to like you. Quick lesson, quit while its early days

          1. All these Trolls and so called hardcore gamers, now and days are really immature (they have a very low maturity level)!

    4. You seem to be forgetting the fact that not only is Nintendo pulling in AAA Third Party support that the Wii never had, but that the casual audience is more important than the core in the overall scheme of things.
      Yeah, I know what you’re thinking; “How can the fucking CASUALS be more important than the Core?! You’re STUPID!”
      Well, I’ve got a couple of good points for that.[courtesy of The Escapist’s Jim Sterling, host of the show Jimquisition]

      #1 Casual gamers are far more open to new ideas than you. Just look at how much resistance Kinect was met with by the typical Xbox 360 gamer. Core gamers tore it apart.
      The “casual” gamer does not think this way. They see it as a fresh way to mess about and have a laugh. They’re not worrying about the game’s limitations when it comes to movement control, and they don’t care that the games lack any reasonable amount of depth. Like with the Wii (which many “hardcore” gamers mercilessly mocked before its launch), the mainstream consumer simply saw something that looked interesting, and invested in it.

      #2 Another major difference between the hardcore gamer and the casual gamer is piracy. I don’t wish to rake over old leaves, but it’s worth pointing out that piracy has led to a dearth of traditional portable titles. Nearly every “hardcore” gamer I’ve ever met with a Nintendo DS has bought an R4 Card to download any game they wish. Is it hardly surprising that games like Imagine Babyz and Brain Age become the biggest sellers on Nintendo’s system? While I am sure there are exceptions, most of your soccer moms aren’t involved with piracy. It is the “core” gamer who is more tech-savvy and willing to illegally download games – just tell a gaming community that piracy is wrong and you’ll be bombarded with abuse and threats from those trying to justify their actions.

      #3 The advent of social gaming.
      Here is where our accusatory claims that casual gamers are “dumb” really fall apart, because – quite frankly – a Farmville player is enjoying him or herself in a far smarter way than you.

      It’s incredibly easy to look down on Farmville as some sort of mindless, evil little time-sink, and in many ways it is exactly that. It was designed solely for people to waste hours of their life, and to be thoroughly addictive. Here’s the thing though – a Farmville player exerts far more authority over the way they play than the average Xbox 360 or PS3 user.

      Unlike a $60 game, Farmville and its kin are free experiences. It costs you absolutely nothing to get started, and there’s a surprising amount of content to be enjoyed at the entry level. There are items that cost real-world money, and they can certainly help or enhance the experience, but they are not crucial to your enjoyment. If you want to take your fun to the next level, you can spend an insignificant amount of dollars to receive new items or bump up your in-game currency.

      Contrast that to the way we play games. $60 entry fee, which we’re more than happy to pay if we feel a game has enough developer prestige, and if we want to enhance the experience, we have to pay money on top of that. Whether it’s Guerrilla releasing downloadable map packs on Killzone 3’s launch day or Namco Bandai expecting you to pay for level-ups in the latest Tales game, developers can and will get away with charging us extra money on top of the $60 we already dropped.

      And finally, to end it, #4:
      Hardcore gamers – and do bear in mind that I include myself in that bracket – like to stamp their feet and scream that publishers have “abandoned” them, but when I look at the distrust of new things, I cannot say I blame them all that much. I don’t doubt that most core gamers, the ones who don’t spend all their time bitching about reviews on forums, genuinely adore the hobby and want to support gaming, but we are not the worth the amount of attention we demand.

      Our hatred of the casual consumer, which is picking up the slack that core gamers leave behind, should stop. They do things for the industry that you do not, and they can be counted on in areas where you cannot. By all means, look after your money, pirate games, and stay away from Farmville in favor of richer experiences. Just don’t think you’re better than the demographics currently being catered to because you are, in fact, no more special than a soccer mom.

        1. I can. Icy is an idiot, casual gamers are in larger numbers and more beneficial to companies in a number of different ways.
          But to add to my own, while core gamers may feel forgotten it seems to be different wit wiiu, lost more core titles, but still casual, because the WiiU is much capable at delivering both, without sacrifice, like the nextbox’s plans

        2. Pretty much what TheDragon234 said; Casuals shouldn’t be looked down upon. They do much more for the gaming industry, especially for Nintendo, than the Core crowd does, and on top of catering to that demographic STILL, they are ALSO strengthening their ties to third-parties so that they can get those AAA titles that they’ve been excluded from for so long.
          In short, Nintendo isn’t set up to fail this gen. If anything, given time over the coming year or two, they will likely put a cork in the mouth of every hater for miles just by their actions alone.

          1. I think thats what people forget. Nintendo simple wont make the same mistakes as the Wii, and next gen reeeaally isnt going to dazzle, in fact itll disappoint. But the WiiU is a massive improvement, and will be one of its main advantages

  23. this has been obvious from the start
    it wont be as powerful (but only 20-30%) than the other 2 due to gamepad costs and sales coushin

    how will this effect the show of 3rd party games- it should’nt
    but there still may be a bigger amount of cough “hardcore” titles on the other 2 because they might band up into nextbox/ps4 exclusives, if they do, its probably not due to development/power changes, but because they were paid to go exlusive

    its obvious theres going to be 4x increase, 6x would of been normal but is kinda pushy, and 8x is just outstandingly wrong for the next generation
    the wiiu has a significant graphics boost straight out of the starting gate, look up the image comparison of batman:arkham city (did i spell that right) if you dont believe me

    also note that all games shown had to use the gamepad, that thing uses at least 20% of the wiiu’s resources, so if you cut that, you now get around a 2.5 times increase from the xbox360
    and it is highly likely you may find game without the gamepad use

    if you assume the new xbox is at a 4x increase (which is highly likely), then you now get a pitiful increase of power that only came from loss of innovation, and trust me, kinect is not innovating.

    -the wiiu will be less powerful than the next 2 consoles due to its gamepad development cost
    -the power change is probably only around 20%, so there is no major loss of devolopment
    -game consoles are meant to be for games, not pure graphics, so a gamepad is more beneficial than a slight power boost

    the wiiu, because of these assumptions made, will be able to compete with the other 2 graphics consoles, but will beat them in the other way that it will create better gaming experiences meant for a household console, other than a computer (really)

    (i also left out exclusives, i absolutely hate exclusives being a multiplatform gamer, and if any console wins pointlessly because of exclusives, i will eat my toe… or something)

    1. Very good arguement, i totally agree.
      Crytek said the gamepad does effect the visual power but they also said if they didnt use it, they could get their engine running on 1080p and 60fps. Thats insane.

      As for exclusives, obviously, Nintendo makes their own, with sony they brought in “second party developers” like Naughty Dog, and gave them a chance so id say they own the right to exclusives, but yes, buying an exclusive like MS did with Splinter Cell is just such a dickish thing to do, and it clearly shows the potential of a console when developers dont want to make an exclusive out of their own interest.

      But yeah, i guessed a similar situation with last gen in terms of graphics. On par, though some arguably better than others for different reasons, which if thats they case Nintendo will dominate, because they built a console using the pad rather than as an add on. Gaming needs that extra kick, and Nintendo are delivering one thats accessable to both casual and core, rather than just casual like kinect.

    1. Man,If you clearly can’t take a troll than just ignore his/her comments.

      Banning are for wimps!!!!!!!!

      1. its because of really annoying and immature trolls. such as your self come on here and bully people around.

  24. Bullshit !!! Were What teenagers ???
    Dont call me dumb !!!
    6x or What 10x ???
    Sony is in the red on their Money !!! They cant !!!
    Microsoft is about to do more games on the 360 for 2 or more years !!!
    Dont call me fool again with bullshit !!!

  25. I don’t care if it’s more powerful than wii u. like this gen, I waited 4 yrs before I bought my xbox 360 and PS3 … why? because I was’nt spending $600 for a system alone, F nooo !!! how quickly ppl forgot dat everyone was raggin on sony especially for the price of it’s system when it first came out. now I have those systems with 250 gig hard drives. better than the paltry 60 gigs each console had for 2x the price … Even if 3rd parties don’t support the wii u in the long run I will still support it bc ninty got the franchises I grew up n love most. I like my 360 n ps3 but most of their ip’s I really don’t give a damn about … I bought my wii 1st bc it was cheap n it launched with zelda … If the wii u is around the $299 price range I prob will get day 1 too . yeah I’d get the next ps or xbox but not in the near future. not if the price is high so dats y I don’t care… u guys can rage about power all u want. I’ll give ninty my money till I’m ready to upgrade but for now ninty is givin me want I want right now.. an HD nintendo system finally !!!

  26. if this is true then thats a let down…….besides all i care is if the next gen cod n bf will b ported to wiiu,,, if not am not buying wii u

  27. Did developers abandon the 360 once PS3 came out?
    Do devs abandon handhelds because they’re underpowered?
    It seems now more than ever we’re getting these awful glimpses of the seedy underbelly of the video game industry. Shady companies, pay-offs(ALLEGEDLY), anonymous sources saying this and that. Tell you what: you show me your time machine, I’ll believe you KNOW what developers will do.

  28. Nintendo will have problems? If Wii U was launched one year and a half before, with a processing capacity better than the current consoles, guess who is going to have problems Sony and Microsoft. Everything is a matter of installed base and not on who is the most powerful. See the DS / 3DS and this generation of consoles.Wake up men !

  29. PS4 and 720 make claims to scare nintendo but the thing is nintendo doesn’t care coz they make all the money

    1. The issue is the risk of ending up too far behind everyone else in terms of power and overall games library. They very cleverly got by this gen by being the affordable option, coupled with a few A-list first party titles and milking the everloving fuck out of the Mario franchise (I’m no Nintendo hater, I dig their games, but you know this is true. They’re not the only ones who milk their franchises, to be fair)

      They can’t really follow the same strategy 2 gens in a row. They can’t be the “affordable” ones because the PS3 and 360 will be cheaper, and will have a larger, better games library for atleast the first 2 years (this is a general trend with every gen with every console that releases first) If a lot of the 3rd party titles are gonna be ports, then devs are gonna have to try hard to persuade people to pay extra and buy the WiiU version – and lets face it, not every Dev will be successful in this. Nintendo aren’t out but they’ve got an uphill struggle to face.

      Of course, we don’t even know what the next Sony and Microsoft consoles will even be like

  30. To be honest I fully expect the WiiU to be less powerful than the next generation MS & Sony consoles. However, I’m not really fussed. I buy a Nintendo console to play the first party franchises that I can’t play elsewhere. I’ll buy one of the others to play any stuff that doesn’t port to the WiiU, but which on i wind up getting will depend on what theyre offering. All those free games on the PSN is pretty tempting

  31. I’m just going to buy the next PlayStation. Nintendo should’ve made wii u more stronger. I think that having that tablet controller takes alot of money on the machine. If they made just a normal traditional controller I think they would have enough money to make the system more powerful. With better graphics and capabilities. I would rather have a very powerful console than a tablet controller. But having a powerful wii u and that big control would cost alot of money.

    1. The next PlayStation will likely not be much more powerful….even if it were “8 times more powerful than PS3,” that’s really nothing now, let alone, by the time it comes out.

      Besides which, that statement is really silly because, remember PS2? Of the three consoles (Not including Dreamcast because that left the competition early), PS2 was the weakest in its generation. Gamecube was the second most powerful, and Microsoft’s Xbox was the most powerful. Despite Gamecube having a “traditional controller,” and “more power,” PS2 STILL beat it. Why is that? And how was it that the PS2 managed to sell WAAAAAAYYY more than the Xbox?

      So, power really has nothing to do with making a great console, otherwise the Xbox would’ve been number 1 in its generation, followed by Gamecube and then PS2 would be the least successful. AND in the generation before that, N64 would’ve been number one, followed by PS1 and then Sega Saturn…and we all know that wasn’t the case. Big hole in your argument, sir.

      1. I dont know why gamers want more powerful system or more better graphics, I’m more than satisfy with WiiU running Uncharted like graphics..I’M ALL FOR GAMEPLAY BABY!!!!

        1. Same here, Zelda could run on Wii stamdard def for all i care, its just an added bonus. I mean look at the tech demo, it even shut up screaming fans in awe.

    2. Wow you can’t read the name of the website myNintendonews, Nintendo has officially announced the specs for Wii U.

        1. just calling out this hater, that’s all. its true Nintendo has yet to reveal official specs for Wii U yet.

  32. Isn’t this like the 6th time people are saying Nintendo’s doomed? (GC, DS, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, N64) I mean seriously, all I hear is that the next consoles are going to have “avatar graphics” and what not-NO. NO. JUST NO. I swear everyone hates Nintendo these days… know they’re still the most popular company, right? I wonder why….. *sarcasticly*

    Here’s my problem with all 3 companies:
    Sony: STOP FOCUSING ON GRAPHICS. IT DOES NOT MAKE A GAME, IT MAKES A FUCKING MOVIE. Oh, and stop copying Nintendo. Just please stop. Great hardware and IPS (too many and kinda too similar and dark) btw
    Microsoft: You need more IPS. Your a good example of a console with great graphics with everything you could want included in it, but start focusing more on games again, k? Oh, and the smartglass cannot compare to the Wii U. Just saying
    Nintendo: You’re innovative, you’re beloved, YOU’VE BEEN AROUND FOR AROUND 30 FUCKING YEARS!!!!! But…..I WANT MY CLASSICS BACK!!! So many beloved franchises NEED to make a return!!! Oh, and include a few more hardcore games, just a little more (AND NO, a FPS does not count although it would be nice to have a few)

    So yeah……my point is stop bitching about Nintendo already!!! The other companies has just as much problems as they do!! Also, these are fucking launch titles. THEY’RE LAUNCH TITLES. I swear people are getting stupider each generation……

    Also: The wii U is not an upgrade to the Wii, the GBA was not an upgrade to the GB, the 3DS was not an upgrade to the DS, the SNES is not an upgrade to the NES, so if you say so and you’re apparently a news reporter, you’re failing your goddamn job. ‘Nuff said

    1. Good words. Nintendo look like theyre bringin back core gamers, and as for classic franchises, a certain animal themed team are making a return thanks to Retro Studios :p

        1. Depends what year from Rare’s history haha. Definitely Banjo and Kazooie 1 Rare, although Retro have been around since GC

  33. @nami ninty innovated lol yeah new supermario is sure new experiance. Nintendo stop stealing oddyessy light gun,atari 3d game and motion lestick,sega cd and online,ps gyroscope,l2,l3,xbox clickable control and 360 controller,ipax and pc disk card

  34. Smartglass cannot compare to upad yeah because the smart glass last 10 hrs more,has no framerate issues,has true hd and ps3 graphics and they have a 3rd party button accesory that works marvlous-kotaku yep nityfags ur insecurty is showing

    1. A. Tablet’s are not controllers.
      B. Not everyone has a tablet
      C. It’s sold seperately
      D. It’s much more expensive
      E. If tablets did have ps3 graphics, the xbox would be non-existant if I could play Gears of War on the go
      F. Nityfags? Nice one

  35. I find it hard to believe that the next gen consoles will be 6 to 8 times more powerful than current gen consoles. Lets take Uncharted for example, it looks amazing. Now multiply that look 6-8 times and you get something that will look photorealistic. The new Unreal Engine looks really good and yet i honestly think that a console 3 times more powerful than 360 would have sufficient enough power to run the engine and that engine is meant for nex gen consoles. Then there is the pricing, to run battlfield 3 on ultra settings you need a high end grapics card that range from $400 – $600 (my gtx 480 was able to run it and it cost about $400). BF3 looks stunning on ultra settings and if the graphics for the nex gen consoles is really 6-8 times more powerful then the prices for said consoles would be really high. I say if a console is at least 2 times more powerful than current gen then its good enough for me. These are just my opinions…

    1. You find it hard to believe because you don’t really know what you’re saying…6-8 times more powerful is really nothing. You’re saying “Yeah well, look at Uncharted, multiply that by 6-8, I can’t imagine something that would look 6-8 times better.” But…it’s not about how “Better” it looks. The power of a console doesn’t just make graphics prettier, it does other things like process bigger worlds, better artificial intelligence, physics, sound, etc. There are graphics cards that are already 4-6 times more powerful than the PS3/360 that have existed for years now, and keep in mind, these graphics cards aren’t even top of the line. They’ve fooled you into thinking that “6-8 times more powerful” is a lot…IT ISN’T.

      1. Apparently, the 720 has a Radeon HD 6670 GPU, which in the PC community….is just laughable. First of all, it costs about $70, its way outdated, and even funnier, its not even used for gaming, its used for boosting a simple PC to support HDMI, and last but not least, its WEAKER than the WiiU’s rumoured card, which is a custom designed 2010 model card.

        Intereting fact, the original Wii used a graphics card from 1998….
        Just think what Nintendo could do with a model barely 2 years old

      2. 6-8 times is powerfull! nintendo should plus more power to the wiiu but they didnt!Nintendi isnt the same since the wii came out.

        1. Sony hasn’t been the same since the PS3 came out either so shut your trap. Besides, graphics mean nothing if you’re trying to make a game

    2. Agreed with Uncharted. Especially in 3, where the water is filled the ship, my mind blew. As long as developers know whT theyre doing with the system, and Nintendo certainly do, they’ll be fine

    3. Id say it could only run a modified U4 engine, like a dumded down version. Unreal were kinda pushing for consoles to have more capabilities but, its just not affordable for what unreal are asking, they want graphics cards worth, $400 dollars in a console. Not gona happen

  36. yeah, and unknown sources had claimed that the WiiU was going to be twice as strong as the 360, but look at how that turned out.

  37. Xbox has justin beiber,justin timberlake and usher….SHITENDO Has played out tiresome cliche gameplay sprinkled with minimal efforts and a cup of gimmicks honestly was so innovating about mario kart party 56?


    Whats so innovating about mario games anyway…mario 2 will be the same…last boss u fight bowser than when you think u kill him he comes back and turns huge OMGZ INNOVATION . All their ips are rinse & repeat smh babys

      1. Yeah Cod you shoot people, cod2 you shoot people, cod3 you shoot people, cod4 you shoot people, battlefield you shoot people. So how about the next cod they make you shoot aliens. People buy cod games to shoot people, people buy mario games to kick bowsers ass.


    @jodh yeah thats why crytec engine drop shitendo like a bad habit lol you know a consoles gunna be great when it has old ports from other consoles=next gen? & the main focus was ubisoft smh u ppl dont care about gaming cheap gimmicks.

    1. Except Crytek didnt drop Nintendo. Seriously, i actually want to punch your face, multiple times, at least 100 times, because at least then youd talk similar to how you spell.

  40. Of course it’ll have problems getting moved- the “PS4” and “X-Box 720” don’t have Game Pads!

    1. According to Virgil games, who made Darksiders 2, the WiiU pretty much handles the game pad display on its own, seems very easy, 2 people alone managed to port it and have it fully running version in 5 weeks.

  41. This article doesn’t seem legit. Anyway, I don’t think the Wii U will have anything to worry about in the future. Don’t really care about all this power stuff anyway. Leave luck to heaven.


    @dragon um according to kotaku their not developing for wii u. Enjoy ur sales of a shitty garbage shovelware winner while i play some real games. Go now play your rinse,repeat,copy and paste sametrndo ips like new new super mario retto 2 d tannoki gold

  43. Shovelware games for grandpa #1

    ^this honestly ive seen better innovation form independant software developers like cavestory.meatboy even ppl using sametendo ips make better gameplay innovations than sametendo like who wants to be the guy.


    +1 agree im mean cavestory at the time put all of sametendo games to fucking shame. It had freash.innovating gameplay and it shows to Sametendo that gimmicks Nor GRAPHICS make the game smh forshame ninty ya gimmick graphic sellout whores.cavedstory FTW

      1. LoL That aint a troll. That’s an Idiot who takes gaming way too seriously, Most likely because, that’s the only way timid little tickturds like him, can vent their aggressions without getting the hell beat out of em.

        1. A very good way to define a troll. Trolls in general irritate me, i usually don’t bother unless its an extremely negative comment about mainly Nintendo, or a franchise i like on Xbox 360 (mainly on youtube).

  45. i warned u.wiiU isnt powerfull enough and u ignored me.Now nintendo i hope u enjoy ur BIG mistake for creating a weak console and say that this is a nex gen console.wiiu is 1,5 times more powerfull anf that meens nothing

    1. Oh, i just can’t WAIT for sony’s next console……..


    @dr.peteriuss nah it will more than likely sell almost as well as the wii did since they already have an installed fanba$e. However they said it wouldnt be cheap & nintyd key to victory r its price point rather than games..cant wait for ssb wii u :)

  47. To be honest I really don’t see the next gen consoles looking that much different from the Wii U. I still think where going to see some graphical changes but not by much, but I’m just glad Nintendo finally made a HD console.

    I could care less about the next gen consoles

  48. everyone seems to forget that ps3 or xbox 720 can be not that much powerful to the current.. they seem to assume “oh its sony and microsoft, it must be powerhouses”.. come on.. sony just finally made profit with the ps3 2 years back.. microsoft trying to push the xbox 720 to be the center of the living room with Surface and all that… there is a lot possibilities..

    sony may not be able to push ps4 that far ahead with the hardware, unless they want another 4 year loss, or they have something up their sleeves, maybe they want to push “it only does everything” punch line even further… I dunno, maybe incorporate projector in the ps4? lol

    microsoft may decrease hardware prowess of the xbox in gaming, to make way for Surface, and maintain reasonable price.. who knows? there is a lot speculation, there is a lot that we don’t know… stop assuming something we dont even know, especially regarding durango and orbis…

    1. If the 720 has the Radeon HD 6670, then its gona be weaker than the WiiU. And those have come from very reliable sources, for quite a while, and they were baught inassive bulk too

        1. Well seeing as developers said it does, and theyve been bought in very large bulk, seems very probable. Just wait and see.

  49. “Nintendo first of all is a business company and you clearly don’t know how works. If you want less Mario, don’t buy them.”
    “Oh and in what way is this article right? I mean, do you guys really bellieve those anonymous sources?”
    Can’t really trust these kind of sources unless they come from the developers themselves. If you ask me, there’s a lot of people out there that want to see nintendo do bad for whatever there reasons are and I think behind the scenes are people fueled by that “hate” that spread these rumours that claim to know that the Wii U wont be powerful enough for next gen.
    I believe the Wii U will be sufficient for next gen. Look at the Wii this gen and how it survived. Nintendo have likely learned from this; the machine will be powerful and we have a cool new controller to boot. What matters are the kind of games that will be released on the console.

  50. Mmm I don’t know what do you think but I like the graphical capabilities of the Wii-U and if you consider that the games that were shown are only lauch titles, then I can imagine much more beautiful games in the future and with the Nintendo fun. It will be great.

  51. Yo, ps4 will be all graphic, no gameplay! There first game will be an HD tree sitting on a hill running on the unreal 4 engine. Allll graphics! No gamplay! Watch the tree! Watch it, look at it, its so real, watch it ,watch it, watch it ,watch it! Wait, Is that an apple on the tree?? In HD?????????? Lets watch that shit! Oh. And lets use the psvita game tablet’s cross play to touch the apple. And we will do this it best buy on the display model because nobody wants to spend 600-1000 $ on a console thats SO(what evr sony quotted) much more powerful than the Wii U(an already very powerful and beautiful system with untapped gamplay , now with third party support and all original franchises and a new ip coming next year). In short, no worries haha.

  52. EVERYBODY SHUT UP! Now thats out of the way, there is no knowing what will happen and to be honest, I am happy with 1080p. Nintendo will obviously make some sort of profit with Wii U and it might be quite a bit more powerful than the 360. The only reason I want the Wii U to have a bit more power is because two gamepad controllers run at 30fps.

      1. I hope so, although im curious if the 3DS could be compatible along side the pads, similar to the GBA with GC. Four Swords sequel anyone?

  53. if the PS4 or new xbox is more powerfull by a landslide they should just release a expansion to the wii u to improve the graphics and power

  54. Seeing the direction the industry is heading, I think the Wii U should stay as far away from the Xbox and PS4 as possible.

  55. Those sources are probably made up. Give us actual names, not more “Anonymous” shit. It’s dumb that people actually believe this crap. From this post, it seems to be implied that since the Wii U handles 360 and PS3 ports and since the Next gen will be 6 to 8 times more powerful (which is probably BS unless Sony wants to bankrupt themselves and if Microsoft wants to make an expensive flop) people seems to be thinking that the Wii U is going to be dwarfed by these “NEXT-GEN BEASTS”. This claim is bogus, and even if it is legit, the Wii U is going to be able to play games in Native 720p and 1080p, and in high detail comparable to current gaming PCs at 60fps (Assassins Creed 3). And apparently the CryEngine3 runs beautifully, according to Crytek themselves, on the Wii U, and that engine is very similar to Unreal Engine 4. So if the Wii U is dwarfed in power, us consumers still aren’t going to see much of a difference. And if anybody expects AVATAR or PIXAR quality of detail and resolution in the next-gen, then you will be sorely dissapointed.

    1. Avatar graphics arent even possible on PC. Just dumbass famboys who have no idea about the gaming market and tech costs

    2. Lack of verifiable sources is why this article is labelled as a rumour though, calm down…

      Also, more power = more than just better graphics. You do know that, right? While I also think the 6 – 8 times the power thing is bs (that’s a LOT of power), Sony and Microsoft’s console will probably be pretty powerful consoles. It won’t be above anything that is currently possible on a good gaming PC, as always. Keep that in mind if graphics are bothering you that much.

  56. In my opinion none of this shit even matters, it comes down to a point that isn’t graphics or power behind machines. What it really comes down to is gameplay and storyline, I will be honest no matter how pretty it looks if the gameplay and story is crap then the game will suck. Sadly most companies haven’t figured this out because everyone is making the same exact games over and over with nothing new. I will be the first to admit no matter how much I love most of Nintendo’s and Sony’s franchises or a lot of the third party games, Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy, COD, and a lot of others were all great the first few run downs when they actually advanced and made new things. Nowadays its the same engines with different skins and a slight tweak to speed or multiplayer maps. It gets boring if the story sucks and most of them annoyingly do. There are no real challenges in games anymore because everything is the same recycled bullshit. Another game that proves that graphics aren’t everything is in fact Final Fantasy 13. I am not trolling it because I hate the series but there are many flaws that made the game terrible and most of these flaws are in a lot of games. It was too linear basically just click the damn attack button and run across bridges most of the game or follow the map until the end. The gameplay was so stale and the story didn’t reach out or seem to matter, the characters didn’t progress as people it felt fake completely fake. Plus how can they even call it Final Fantasy if they changed the victory theme or took away almost every single element that made the game good. I don’t care what console you are a fan of I just believe that companies need to start focusing on actually making the game a great gameplay and story experience plus add a little more actual challenge to the game, and I don’t mean make people just deal more damage like in hard mode I mean make the game actually challenging, creatively and emotionally. There are not many good experiences in games that have come out nowadays.


  57. How choppy do you think games on ps4 and xboxnext will be? I’m more concerned, power wise, that the game runs very smooth and has short load times. I’d rather have a good game that loads fast and runs smooth, than a game that looks graphically better but is choppy and takes a long time to load. Mass effect 3 for example, on the ps3 the load times traveling from one section of you ship to another are outrageous! I would have rather had the graphics reduced to improve the load times.

  58. What people don’t seem to get is that the 360/PS3 are Direct X 9 capable, Wii U is Direct X 10.1 and the 720/PS4 will be Direct X 11. There is a big jump from Direct X 9 to 10.1, but Direct X 11 just offers refinement and efficiency over Direct X 10.1. While there is a difference, you will have to look pretty hard to notice. We are not looking at a Wii to 360/PS4 difference here. So people shouldn’t get too bothered about graphics here, you will get a very nice version of Crysis 3 running on Wii U without a problem, so why sweat it. They are only porting Direct X 9 games with minimal optimizations at the moment, so that why games look barely any different to 360/PS3, but in a year or so, you will see some beautiful things coming from Wii U.