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Nintendo Says Wii U Will Have A Reasonable Price

Although Wii U will be released this year, Nintendo did not reveal the price of their upcoming console. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata acknowledges that the initial price-point of Nintendo 3DS “was considered relatively high by consumers,” and assured that Nintendo “won’t make the same mistake” with Wii U. Iwata promises that Wii U will have a reasonable price. What would be a reasonable price for Wii U?

143 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Wii U Will Have A Reasonable Price”

      1. I walk on her heels

        Also why is this news we have heard them say it gonna be reasonable just reveal the freaking price already

        1. They can’t do that until at least 2 or 3 months from now. Microsoft and Sony are looking closely at their moves, seen with smart glass and psvita/ps3 connectivity, to provide competition. If Nintendo gives the price too early, they would have ample time to come up with a countermeasure that would put their systems cheaper or competitively priced, and with better bundles to the masses, most likely taking some of the potential launch window buyers that would have initially gotten the U instead, not to mention bringing competition to the holidays. Nintendo has always dominated the holidays, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. But recently since the competition is looking very intently at all of their moves to either copy or to combat their initiative, they cannot afford to name a price, or idea in a time window that would give them the opportunity to provide a clone or competitive bundle in time for the holidays.

          1. Brilliant! $299.99 in Canada and US seems likely. Maybe $329 max. More importantly hopefully gamestop gives good trade-in offers for it. I’ve been stockpiling high value games in hopes that release is announced soon. Leave luck to heaven!

          2. I’m still confused on smartglass is it an app or what? Why would you wanna know everydetail about while your watch in the movie isn’t that what special features are for. I guess if your JP from Grandmas boy you would watch the bonus features.

            1. Its an app that will let you basically “control” some features of your xbox like netflix, and theres been minimal changes when it comes to video games.
              Microsoft dont seem to give a fuck about core gamers for next gen, all their plans see to completely favour casuals. Which is fine for me because i dont give a fuck about Microsoft, and WiiU has everything i need

    1. When Wii launched, it cost me more than 400$. It should be noted that I live in Norway, and the currency is different. But if the Wii cost me over 400$ six years ago, I’m afraid the Wii U will be at 500$ for us Norwegians.

    2. $400 is outrageous, $350 is still expensive, $300 is ok but I would not pick it up on day 1, and $250-269 is my sweet spot. Although I would rather pay less than $300 for it, they’re most likely going to sell it for $299.99.

      1. Outrageous? Only in America. Every where else sees most consoles released at well above that price point.
        Maybe you are from Norway as well, but I have a feeling your not and might have missed that point.
        Every other country isn’t as lucky as the US with their much lower price points for pretty much everything compared to the rest of the world.

        1. True. Im from the UK and £300 which is about $530 seems like the limit to me, but really, i couldnt care how much it is, im buying day 1 regardless

          1. You guys seem to be outdated on the foreign exchange, 299 dollars is actually 191 British pounds sterling. As of today.

            1. Just like the same amount is converted to a little over 239 euros, the USD seems to be back on top so I don’t expect the system to be as expensive as some of you think.

        2. People cannot calculate money anymore

          Do you realize there such a thing called tariff and taxes? In the states, we have sale tax added to the final sales tax. However, Europeans include the taxes in the price. Nitendo will not get more money saleing in Europe as opposed to the states

    3. If we go on the rumored twice the capability of the Xbox360 then its should be priced no more than $250.
      If the other rumor of 4 times the capability of the Xbox360 then a price point of $350 is reasonable.

      For the Wii U to compete with the Xbox720/PS4 its processing and graphical capabilities must be more in line with 4 times better the current gen.

        1. He is talking 3rd party support and multi platform releases. In that regard, the Wii wasn’t successful.

  1. I Want To Be The Guy

    The controller will be about $300 while the wii with hd added will be 100 so the wii u in total=$400

    1. i would think that $1 would be reasonable. i would definately pay $1….but seriously im pretty sure it’ll $350 and that a pretty damn good price considering that you get the holy grail of controllers and a pretty beefy console.

      1. Yes, that is what I’m expecting.

        If it is any less than 300$, how is it going to be powerful enough? Even though power isn’t obviously everything, the better support and better games will make the extra 50$ worth it. :)

        1. i dont really care about the power of next gen consoles since i got a high end pc as a graduation present, i get the cutting edge of graphics anyway. all i need is a unique and fun gaming experience from consoles. and so far it seems like nintendo has it, microsoft might have it and then sony will copy.

    1. yes. Electronics are overpriced here in Australia anyway. I want the Wii U to be priced anywhere in between $300 to $400 AUD. I hope its $350 AUD though.

      1. My max is $350AU DEFINETLY. I’m going no higher than that. I have been saving my pocket money for almost a year now!

          1. eb still have 598 listed as the price. I know they’re guessing but that’s 200$ more than I could afford if there is no good bundled game I’ll need that 200 to purchase one. they are guessing games will be 110/120 which is super expensive too. skyward sword hasn’t been sold to me yet at 99 bucks… I doubt they can keep blaming import costs for much longer – increasing dollar and population means more bulk import while we can see the US prices and our dollar is basically equal. nintendo stop price gouging us !!! Australians love you, please love us back. if it’s govt tax we’ll sign a petition.

  2. Well they better sell it at $300 to win the war other wise they had to churn out new games after e3 rather than release the game 2 yrs after e3 like zelda and pikmin.

  3. well if XB720 launches at 299$ like the blueprints from Microsoft state it would, then I would say 250$. I dont see Wii U winning if its higher or just high as the competition.

    1. ALL nintendo would have to do is lower the price to $50 lower than the 720 price, unless it’s already lower than the 720 to begin with, and they will destroy the 720. it doesnt matter how power the 720 will be, just the mere fact that it’s cheaper and will have nintendo games on it will make it sell like hotcakes.

    2. Very true, but WiiU has an advantage in that it isnt chock a block with crap. Its got a built in kinect, i can honestly say if i was one of these “core” gamers, i wouldnt want to have to pay for kinect. The WiiU is adaptable for casual and core, which is why i thought their E3 was much much better than what people gave it

  4. Sweet Spot is $250, also there’s no Nintendo console that costs $250+ at launch (not that I remember). But maybe WiiU will be the first that costs $300 at launch.

    1. Hooray for historical knowledge!

      Also, if I remember correctly, Nintendo has a history of marking down console prices and making up for the loss with quality first-party games. Maybe that was only back in the days of the NES, but who’s to say they won’t do something similar here? Surely they want their new console to be reasonably priced, if they want Wii U’s in as many living rooms as possible. ;)

  5. If they price it high were screwd! How r little kids who dont know anything about games going to afford this. Sales>games yup who cares if u have shovelware gimmick low trash tec true gamers care bout sales

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  6. @amazagnt yeab it should be 250 since theyre using 6 year old tec like hd and such. The uPad whats going to make the price go up since its the expensive accessory added to the remodled wii

    1. I read somewhere that the game pad has $52 worth of parts in it to produce. Cheaper than the Kinect @ $56.

      1. The overall production costs were estimated at about $180-200, so theyll probably go for the $250-$300, although the estimates arent perfect

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    1. That doesn’t make any sense when the wii came out it was 250 dollars, and in mexico the price was around 5,500 and 6,000 and the exchange rate was a little lower than right now, Usually games and consoles cost twice in mexico another example 3DS, 250 dollars mexico 5900 pesos, almost double the price(initial price i don’t know how much it costs right now). So to be honest i expect the WiiU to be between 300 and 450, so un mexico at least 7500 pesos. Unless you live close the border where everything is cheaper.

  8. I hope they go with a 250€-300€ launch price.
    I probably won’t buy one if it costs more than 300€.
    They should look at how much the 250GB Xbox 360 (with Kinect) costs and launch the Wii U at the same price, or lower.

    1. The 360 is a 6 year old console, why should a (supposedly) next gen console launch at that price, unless it isn’t a full next gen console. And I bet you won’t get a 720/PS4 in that case, since those consoles will probably be around 450 or so.

      1. Seeing as 720/ps4 will have mininmal improvements graphically, not likely, and Sony wont have a chance i hell surviving next gen if they do what they did with the ps3, they only started making money on the ps3 a year ago i think

      2. It is known that the Wii U will probably be equivalent to this generation, in terms of graphics power.
        Wii U’s graphics will probably get a lot better whenever developers start pushing its limits, but by that time the next Xbox/PS will already be out and the Wii U won’t be able to compete.
        I think the price should be as low as possible because it’s going to be hard to convince people to buy a 300-400€ console that’s only as powerful as the 360 or PS3 they already have.
        When the new consoles come out, they’ll probably cost 450€, but a LOT of people will buy them because they’ll be a significant step up in terms of performance. For a lot of gamers, the horsepower alone will be enough to justify the high price.

      1. Damn….thats really cheap…i mean, its not 100% accurate because we dont know whats EXACTLY in the machine (its got micropoccessors used in the Watson supercomputer), but the $250 price is sounding more realistic than i thought

        1. The Wii and 3DS both launched at 250.
          If nintendo is putting a decent amount of graphical grunt into the Wii U, why in the world would you expect anything less than 300$?

    1. Exactly. People expect a reeeally cheap price, but realisticly, its gona cost somewhere in the middle of peoples boundries, not too expensive, but not really cheap

  9. I doubt its cheaper than xbox 360 ppl could just buy that since graphics are on par. Besides garphics dont make the game right guys :) but srsly its cheaper and iwata say wii u cant compete with xbox live

    1. The graphics are on par for the moment, but after a year or 2, they’ll be better. And Iwata says that they aren’t competing with anyone about anything, so that doesn’t say much.

  10. $300-$350 is what I’m hoping for. From the way they’ve been talking about it recently, I think Nintendo is going for $300. Leave luck to heaven.

  11. i think it should be between 150-250 australian dollars because it would have to be affordable for familys

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    1. wishful thinking. games need to be cheaper more than console in Australia. you can get a 140buck 3ds but games are still 60 to 80 bucks? ridiculously overpriced.

  12. If you think the children throw the console and shelf life of about 2nd year, then $ 250 ..
    I hope a subjective evaluation of at least $ 500, that Nintendo is a powerful and high quality!!

  13. If its $400/£230, im fine with that, i dont expect any less. I mean the original Wii was…cheap as hell, so for a next gen system with that controller, better online, and third party, id probably even be happy paying £300

  14. The 3DS price was unreasonable because it wasn’t that powerful, so I rather have a 400$ Wii U that is as powerful as it can get.

  15. How many goddamn times are we going to repeat this? OK, it’s a reasonable price, we get it, could we just shut up until the price gets revealed in September or whenever in a Nintendo Direct?

    1. You know what Icy… I believe you’re right. It’s pointless to have the same monotonous question like “How much the Wii U cost”. We’ll know the answer whenever they see their schedule fit.

    2. I think this kind of thing is being repeated because a lot of people have been treating rumours as facts, such as the one I read today saying that the PS4 has been announced to cost $400 and is cheaper than the Wii U’s price of $500.

      When a lot of people see rumours, they believe them to be the truth or at least possess some truth, meaning that a lot of news sites repeat facts, hoping that people will pay attention to them.

    1. Oh crap…thats it?!? And here I thought it would press my pants, toast me a bagel, and shine my shoes…oh well…at least it will still wipe your SmartAss…

      1. I doesnt even need HD, its on a smaller screen, its not having to scale up to a 40 inch TV, so will look smooth as hell on the pad

  16. I’d say $300 is reasonable … ninty is not stupid with how the world economy is 2day it needs to be around dat price … if they launch this higher than $300 they it better have incentives like a pack in game n a free downloadable game or something bc knowing sony n microsoft they r gonna lower their prices on those systems which I’m sure they’re aware of … let the games begin ^_^

  17. I’m gonna say $289.99.
    A bit more expensive than the Wii was but not beyond 300.
    With that kind of price-point, people would want to pick up an extra game while they were at it.

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  19. $299.99 US Dollar (or less)
    Anything more and they’ll see a 3DS-like situation. Nintendo keeps blaming lack of content(partly true) for low 3ds sales but it sold tons during/after the price drop even without big name games like Mario.

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  21. If I were Nintendo, I’d launch Wii U at $299. I feel its worth more than that, but the money saved will make consumers say,”That’s great- I can get two games with the system”. Or pick up an extra game pad.
    The games will take some time to blow us away visually too. If it costs more, I think an uninformed consumer might think,”Why am I paying $400 for something my system at home is doing?”

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