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Nintendo’s ‘Influence Was Big’ In The Last Story

Takuya Matsumoto, the producer behind the well-received The Last Story, has revealed that Nintendo provided a huge amount of input when it came to designing the action RPG. Matsumoto says that Nintendo took the bulk of unnecessary parts found throughout the game and generally refined them.

“There were a whole lot of requests from Mario Club. In a way, what we created was fine, but it was still rough around the edges. But I think by going through Nintendo, it really took out the unnecessary parts and refined it as a game. Refinement is one of the most important aspects. The Nintendo influence was big, in a good way; at the same time it gave me confidence that if I really pushed my boundaries harder, then I can get to this level on my own.”

45 thoughts on “Nintendo’s ‘Influence Was Big’ In The Last Story”

          1. Meh. It was good in the first seasons, but after the shock factor wore off it went downhill.
            Not Simpsons downhill, but, mediocre

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    1. Very true, RPG’s are becoming non existant these days out of Japan other than Final Fantasy (zzzzz)
      Check out Ni No Kuni though, its a ps3 title, but its also made by Studios Ghibli who made Spirited Asay and Ponyo, looks awesome

      1. And that game Ironically bombed Hard in Japan(mostly for being in the wrong console, the fans of the DS version felt dissapointed), in fact any not RPG that is not Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and a Degree, the Mario Branded one, Bomb pretty hard now

          1. both version bombed, Originally Level-5 promise and make Ad’s that both game will Interacted, but with the Home Version being in PS3 THAT BECOME IMPOSSIBLE ,and worse, the ‘portable’ version demand the use of a ‘magic book’ for the puzzle, killing the portability

            Is true that the game manage to sell 500K, but much of those were in the bargaing Bin at 15$ for title, making easy to give it as a ‘cheap gift’

            1. Okay, but who gives a fuck?
              I was talkig about JRPG’s being released out of Japan, with the guy above, not how well i did in Japan, i dont care how well it did, i just giving him an example of one thats being released

    2. @JD: Yes. I think Nintendo has the biggest audience for JRPGs. I really love a good JRPG. Just finished replaying FFX and Chrono Trigger. Now I’m replaying the original Final Fantasy for NES.

        1. Definitely. I hate how so many people only think stuff like cod is hardcore. Those people are really missing out. My old roommate even could only pick out civilization or one of the sim city games (I forget which) as a non shooter hardcore title. Oh, and he said Madden was hardcore. But serioisly, can you really consider series with new entries every year hardcore? And how the Hell can you say playing these aren’t. This is the real deal. Much respect

          1. ^ This
            If its a party/family games its casual.
            Everything else is core, or multiplayer. Nobody with a brain can tell me Rayman Legends isnt core, that games hard as shit, but its still a multiplayer too

        1. I would love to, but I can only afford to support 1 gaming machine a generation. So I’m hoping to buy a Wii U.

      1. I LOVE FINAL FANTASY… only for the NES though… i don’t like Final Fantasy+3d
        My list:
        1st Final Fantasy V
        2nd Final Fantasy VI
        3rd Final Fantasy IV

        1. I agree with this list. Nothing like the classic Final Fantasy games. Chrono Trigger is still the best rpg of all time imo.

  1. So That explain why the Antagonist looks equal to Ganondorf(simple ganondorf take the role when Ghiraim remplace him in Skyward Sword) and the very ‘Nintendo of Japan’ Humor and Yay(with Syrenne)

    In general as The Last Story is a co-owned IP, maybe if both Nintendo or Mistwalker have interest, we going to see other Spiritual Sucessor of that one in Wii U or 3DS.

    1. Pretty sure that game came out well over a year ago in Japan. On the bright side, that means they’re probably a good bit in on their next project. An awesome RPG for the Wii U maybe? Sequel or spirit sequel, I’ll take either. Game looks great

  2. So Last Story is a new Nintendo IP on the Wii that will be localized in America? In any case it looks like a great game that I will buy as soon as possible.

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