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Wii U Has “Capability Issues” Due To Single Processor

VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi believes that Wii U has capability issues due to it having a single processor driving multiple devices. Takahashi thinks that streaming content from the console to two Wii U GamePads is going to present huge challenges, due to the hardware which “itself isn’t that powerful.”

“That’s a lot of work for a system which itself isn’t that powerful.”

“Nintendo only showed games with one game pad controller and the TV [at E3],” he said. “Most games out there, if you’re in a social setting, you want two controllers. Nintendo didn’t show any games that do that. They admitted in a Q&A that the games are going to run slower if you have two game pads and playing on a main display. That’s a fairly big issue for them.

“They made a good case that you can play with one controller and multiple Wii controllers, what they call asymmetric gaming where one person is looking at the small tablet screen and trying to deploy zombies while the people playing with the controllers were all on the main screen. You come up with very creative, different kinds of games where it’s one against four, or one person going online. They tried to justify and turn into an advantage this major weakness of the Wii U, but I think a lot of people saw this as a weakness.”

“They may have had a good one in ZombieU, but in the demos it didn’t necessarily play that well. Nintendo came up as a pretty big disappointment at E3.”

302 thoughts on “Wii U Has “Capability Issues” Due To Single Processor”

          1. To make something clear the Wii U CPU will be multicore. Multiple sources and press releases from Nintendo state that the CPU will be a custom ‘multi-core’ CPU from IBM. The article is instead trying to refer to the Wii U and its single graphics card processor. Having only one graphics card will obviously put a strain on a system trying to stream two or more screens simultaneously.

            1. But the (supposedly) used ATI chip IS multicore. If you use a 4xxx ati card in a PC you can play on 3 monitors simultaneously with one card. It isn’t as speedy (obviously) but it still works good.

        1. who the fuck told you that? rumors? because im pretty sure nintendo still havent said shit about whats inside the wiiu.

          1. @vito16

            That goes both ways. How the blue balls does this guy know what’s inside the Wii U? He knows about as much as we do. STOP. FUCKING. SPECULATING. BULLSHIT.

        2. OH I thought Wii U uses a triforce processor. man there goes my hopes and dreams of playing with triforce.

      1. I don’t see how this is a problem. Yes it would be cool if you and a friend could play, let’s say Borderlands, on splitscreen/2wiiU controllers, but that game lagged even on a ps3 playing splitscreen. If it’s that much of a problem, just use the pro controller. The FPS would shoot up +30-60 frames more, and it would still play better than a ps3. I would rather play my single player experience on the wii u remote, and splitscreen on the pro controller.

    1. That’s not what he meant by single processor…

      He meant that the Gamepad doesn’t have one of its own.

    2. It’s either a triple or quad core… Come on! I mean, even their websites says that it’s a “IBM PowerⓇ-based multi-core processor”.. MULTI-CORE. Also, I think the guy in the article is saying that the Wii U should have a dedicated processor for streaming to the controller ONLY.

        1. That article says nothing about the amount of cores, just that they are 45nm. It’s IBM saying we’re priveledged to do this again for Nintendo.

          1. Being 45nm almost indicates that it’s based on the POWER7 architecture, which is only made with 4+ cores. Of course, it’s custom and all, but my guess is also on quad.

            1. It.

              The 360 is on the same freaking 45nm process. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it’s pretty much the same damn CPU.

      1. “To make something clear the Wii U CPU will be multicore. Multiple sources and press releases from Nintendo state that the CPU will be a custom ‘multi-core’ CPU from IBM. The article is instead trying to refer to the Wii U and its single graphics card processor. Having only one graphics card will obviously put a strain on a system trying to stream two or more screens simultaneously.” what this guy said a few post above me.

  1. At least this guy is providing an relevant reason why the Wii U is supposedly weak. A device is limited to the power of its processor, after all.

    I still don’t think Nintendo reveal every single detail yet, though, so unlike this guy, I’m not going to draw any conclusions yet.

    1. idk but keep in mind Nintendo is the first to be in the next gen and there competitor are planing to copying, they had to be secret for all wii know.

      1. Its not a secret, its just people have been misinformed about next gen graphics. Graphics have always made these big leaps with every generation, so people are expecting a big leap again. No. Not gona happen. Its just too expensive to do it now. Because all the improvement that are present on a PC are stuff like small details, rendering at a faster speed and background graphics (look at Arma 2, you can see objects pretty damn far) particle physics, lighting and shadows and different colours of light effecting a room, and an odd obsession with water. But not neccessary, and its expensive.
        Consoles are supposed to be relatively cheap, which wont happen if consoles advance as much as they have previously. A 360 thats 6x more powerful as microsoft say, isnt that powerful.

        1. well i don’t care about the power of the wii u; all i care is that im going to a wii u in my home this holiday, drinking coco, and playing some nintendo games in hd :D

    2. Me too, though i’ve mostly saying it about what theyve been doing for their handhelds, though i lov my 3ds. :)

  2. I could care less. And I could also care less for the next gen of graphics. Games look good enough as they are. Not to mention that Nintendo IP’s don’t need much game rendering, because the worlds are usually small. So they can take greater advantage of the graphical capabilities in other areas where it matters.

    1. Couldn’t* care less

      I hate how people fuck this phrase up consistently. Makes them look utterly stupid. Think about the phrase “I could care less” for a damn second: you just said you DO in fact care. Deerrrp.

      1. No, YOU just think its stupid. Graphics and power are the least inportant thing when it comes to a game, a real gamer would know that. Funnily enough, thats why Nintendo’s first party titles pretty much always get 90 and over on all reviews

        1. Hey. Moron. I was commenting on his use of the phrase “could care less” and how it should have said “couldn’t*** care less” because the first one implies that you do somewhat care, which is not what he was trying to say originally.

          Wow. You’re a fucking moron if I really had to explain that to you. Can you ACTUALLY even read and comprehend?

          1. Im sure it was a typo or misunderstanding, but you knew what he meant, i knew what he meant, so get of his back. So i read your comment as saying when people say, “i couldn’t care less about graphics”, that you think they’re stupid for thinking that.

          2. My point was that I did care, but to a small extent. That’s kind of what the prase literally means anyway. “I could care less than the gameplay”, see what I did there???

          1. This is from a youtuber who played Batman Arkhum city on Wii U. “well it’s a port of a ps3/360 game, so it looks the same. I’m sure on the final version of the game for the Wii U, it will be added more enhancements on the graphics and textures and stuff ’cause the demo apparently is in the alpha stage or lower because of the muddy graphics, especially on the cut scene, and some minor glitches like bat’s cape.” -PxDxI (sorry if i miss spelled his username)

        2. FALSE. A system with more power is able to produce larger and more detailed, refined games. Why do you think you couldn’t have games like Skyrim back in the Nes days (apart from other economic issues and such)? It’s because the consoles couldn’t handle so much detail and size.
          Graphics, on the other hand, occupy the same place as everything not including gameplay. It helps to amplify the experience.

          A game with good gameplay and great graphics will seem a lot better than a game with good gameplay and bad graphics. However, a game with bad gameplay and good graphics won’t feel at all better than a game with bad gameplay and bad graphics.

  3. Seeing as the WiiU has a multi-core processor (apparently a 4 core) as well as Power mini processors (from a Watson super computer) id say errrmmm no

          1. No. It wasn’t. Nintendo hasn’t said ANY specifics of the hardware, only general specs.

            And no images of the insides of the console have been shown. Those are the only 2 fully provable methods.

            1. Yes they have, they released specs nearly 2 weeks ago. The only thing they fidnt specify was which Radeon HD series it was using, and how many cores it has, but its still multicore, and has Power7.

              1. No. The specs did not say “Power 7” anywhereat all.

                Regardless, multi-core does not mean multi-processor

                All you kids are just proving how little you know by implying otherwise

                “Derp! It has mutil-cores! What’s he talking aboot

                1. Are you actually following the thread here? People are making the mistake of assuming that he meant a single core processor. We know it is a single, multi-core processor.

                  Yet you keep saying ‘no it isn’t’ when people point this out…

            2. “No. It wasn’t. Nintendo hasn’t said ANY specifics of the hardware, only general specs.”

              what this a sign of stupidity, u get mad what is weak console but at the same time u dont know what ur talking about or even know, so that even proves that u dont know shit.

    1. Also speculated, not officially confirmed by Nintendo or any inperical or visual evidence of the innards. Nice try.

      1. Why are you even on here? Seriously? Go find something better do, clearly this guy does know what hes on about, i mean, hes complaining cos he thinks the WiiU will drop in power because it running 3 screens. No fucking shit. Its 3 screens, 2 transmitted wireless, and one in HD, and even then, it drops to only 720p and 30fps, which is the standard on 369/ps3, and even then, no games have been confirmed to use 2 game pad, Iwata just said it can be done.
        If it does all that, i really dont think its gona have any short comings.

            1. awww ur defending ur boyfriend how cute…. and by cute i mean thats what sony drone ( u 2)do in the gay orgy closet at night, its disgusting.

              1. hey bro, can you stop dick riding nintendo. let him state his opinion without you calling him a sony drone. grow the fuck up.

              2. i am a nintendo fan ..but ur being a hypocrit coz ur saying hes a sony drone wen ur obviously a nintendrone ..

      2. It was confirmed because if you look at the Nintendo e3 website and go to the wii u tab under specs it does say IBM multiple core possessor

          1. If they werent the same, then why octo-core processors exists? (8 cores), when they can just put another processor in, as you say

          2. yes, and by multicore there is no reason to have a 2nd processor. DUH. Sony PS3 has a single processor with multicores too, its called the CELL processor. What is your point in saying anything here? If you dislike the WiiU so much and want to bash it, go do it on IGN or something.

            1. The cell processor has no freaking cores, it runs on Synergistic Processing Elements…. Developers were complaining about how hard it is too develop for the ps3.

          3. Are you a moron? He said “IBM multiple core processor”, he didn’t said multiple processor…. multiple core=/=multiple processor. Can you please stop this BS?

  4. What nintendo has promised is NO LAG… And for me that’s fine. So if I play with two gamepads and its running 720p at 30 fps… That just as good as what this gen does if not better. So you play with one game pad and you can easily have 1080p 60 fps

    1. Note that it isn’t this generation, it’s the next. If 30fps is the best they can do, they really need to sort themselves out. Sure, I can understand why it would run at that FPS but if it will, just don’t allow a second controller. Very few people will buy them and unless they release dev kits for that function soon, not many games will support it, why confuse consumers?

      1. 30fps with 3 screens running, and 60fps and 1080p with 2 screens. Id say thats acceptable for next gen

        1. Sure, it makes sense but I’d honestly avoid making it seem weak (some people are idiots and don’t quite realise how this works) by making it two screen only. Or if Gamepads were sold separately, have them so they included a processor to save the workload on the console. It would be more expensive but are Nintendo honest expecting to sell a lot of second controllers?

  5. Like I’ve been saying to all the annoying fan boys, Nintendo is dead, WiiU is an underpowered piece of crap, Nintendo can’t do graphics, can’t do online, can’t do storage, can’t do processing power, ALL of these things are not only exactly where the gaming industry is going but where its been for 5 years, its like competing in a fishing tournament without a boat, pole, bait, or hooks, they have not one thing going for them, they should’ve quit with N64 and gone back to making playing cards

    1. I may not be Nintendo’s biggest fan at the moment but you, Mr Shrivel Cock, are the lowest form of human being. The will do graphics, will do power, will do storage. And shall I tell you what they’ve always done that other companies haven’t? Made good games. That’s all I ask for.

    2. I think you should see the economic situation of Nintendo and after the situation of Sony. This is goin to show you who is doomed

          1. Yet, being that Sony is a multinational conglomerate, that doesn’t necessarily reflect on the gaming division – Sony Computer Entertainment.

            On the other hand, Nintendo is almost solely gaming.

            Further, stocks do not always reflect what’s happening in the company itself, rather, the overall market trends, global and national economies, etc.

            There are a lot of determining factors when it comes to stocks.

            1. Exactly, the majority of Sony’s loses came from its other stuff like their TV’s and camcorder. But it does still effect its gaming market

            2. Right. Except it’s been revealed in the last couple of days that the Sony Computer Entertainment division (i.e. Sony Playstation) lost over a billion dollars last year.

              This is after months of SCE saying they were profitable. Which they were, in FY2010. But that’s their only profitable year since the PS3 launched.

              Here’s the source.

        1. Have a look at both of their stock charts for the last 2 years, similar drop. Nintendo recorded its first fiscal year drop since their first profit year. Sony has lost even more of its fortune

    3. I play games to have fun,and Nintendo does a great job amusing me ,and Sony does it right too.(not sure about Microsoft.)

    Wii U is already capable to handle 2 gamepads at the same time in 720p at 30fps and that’s enough for me to play my Marios!

    1. I can’t decide if you’re trolling or completely ignorant that a huge amount of gamers would sooner shoot themselves than put up with something that stopped in about 2007.

      1. I didn’t know a Zelda game can make this dude so sensitive. Haha. Though I find the video amusing. Thanks for taking the time.

  7. nintendo’s site says the wii u has a multi core processor…i’m not sure what that means, but this guy may be wrong about the processor.

        1. It’ll most likely be that 1 core will be used for the game pad, and when 2 are used it’ll “borrow” the power from another core, hence why it goes down to 720p and 30fps.

          1. Not even close in many respects but both allow for multi-tasking. From this perspective, the difference is hardly relevant. Please don’t insult my intelligence, I do IT for a living.

            1. ^ This
              There’s one thing knowing something and correcting people, but it’s another thing being a pretentious prick about it.

            2. Join the other billion orso “IT” folks and try to feel accomplished about one of the most common career choices for the physically and perhaps mentally inept.

          2. Instead of saying ppl dead wrong, why don’t you explain what is the different between multi processor and a multi core processor in terms of performance? I am by no means insulting you, but you have been saying multicore processor and multi processor is not the same all over, and yeah I agree, but haven’t state what difference does that make?

  8. The Wii U has a multi-core CPU (lets say 3 cores) aka it has 3 processors in a small package using only 1 socket (most likely a in ball grid array).

  9. Does he mean a single CORE processor, or the fact that it only has one processor?

    Either way, who cares… Seriously. Devs say its easy to work with and handles ports easily. So keep on hating guys. C’mon. Keep the hate coming. ;)

  10. Sounds like an issue for the nerds to care about. Quality comes from a multitude of aspects, not just graphics, and not just power. All these kinds of complaints are non issues and I consider them a distractionfrom what reallt matter, which if having fun playing your favorite video game.

    1. >issue for the nerds to care about
      >avatar happens to be a Pokemon, a series majorly associated with nerds, aspies, and socially awkward gamers.

      I find something astonishingly ironic about this.

        1. I don’t see how that’s “captain obvious”, sounds like you’re just asshurt I pointed out your stupidity almost effortlessly.

          1. Nah i think he’s pointing out your stupidity in making a point out of nothing. You know, like you always do

  11. i call BS on this article, because i think Nintendo has revealed full specs, before people should be starting drawing a conclusion.

  12. *sigh* you people can be really dumb at times. i have a single processor in my pc, and its a six core. you could also have a SINGLE processor that is a quad core. the reason why he pointed out the fact that it has one processor just purely means that he’s saying that there isnt on in the gamepad itself so it puts a slight hindrance on the performance on the overall system

      1. if having your babies means more metroids for samus to kill, thus having a new metroid game, i’m in.

    1. Why is it that you’re the only one – as of right now along with Icy Dead Peoples, Aeolus (When they’re both not trying to attack the obsessed fanboys here), and Wizzer10 – with some common sense and actual knowledge pertaining to this subject?

  13. People really need to stop worrying about what the Wii-U can and can’t do. We know it can produce games of the highest quality of today’s console gaming, it will have online multiplayer, online shops and plenty of unique features typical of Nintendo. We’ll see a wealth of Nintendo IP’s old and new in many forms and if we’re lucky, we’ll see some Gamecube game HD re-releases. I personally don’t understand how “gamers” can stick with just one console. I’m 30 years old and have old pretty much every console under the sun because they all offer unique software for that system. Nintendo aren’t perfect at everything and neither are everyone else. If GTA 5/6/7 doesnt get released on a Nintendo system, then buy the other system that it does come on if u want to play it. There is always one reason why people buy a Nintendo system…their exclusive IP’s. Until the day that all companies unite under one console, you as a gamer need to go to multiple areas to satisfy your gaming needs. Sony has God of War and Killzone, Microsoft has Halo and Gears of War and Nintendo has Mario and Zelda. The Wii-U will be a capable system for all franchises and will have a few tricks up it’s sleeve to keep it unique. We’ve seen what Pikmin 3 will look like, wait until we see Pikmin 4. Plenty of things to look forward to without worrying about the Wii-U having every single game to be made coming to it. If you are like me and love games of all genres, then the Wii-U will sit nicely next to your PS4 and Xbox 720 just like my Wii sat next to my PS3 and 360.
    A console is nothing without the software to support it, no matter how powerful the machine is.

        1. You could say the same thing about the Wii, which couldnt handle the Unreal Engine 3, yet Mario Kart Wii alone sold as many if not more than the entire Halo series in total. It’s not what the console can do, but what software it has.
          Are you worried that no one will develop any games for the
          console because it can’t run the most up to date engines?

          1. Except, the software only sells to casuals, so how much Casual Kart Wii sold is almost entirely irrelevant to CORE gamers.

            Wii Fit sold 43 million units and the top ten best selling Wii games are almost entirely casual games that sell to such a market.

        2. The dev kit’s GPU is almost identical to the HD4850’s technical page.

          So…I’d imagine that pretty much confirms R700 series, which most definitely doesn’t support DX11.

          1. Oh my god! He’s fighting someone over the Internet. He must know everything about the topic that is being discussed.
            You fucking moron. Lol.

          2. Instead of spending time on Nintendo sites talking about specs and shit like that, real PC gamers like me enjoy Crysis 2, Diablo 3 and Mass Effect 3.

            1. Real PC gamers enjoy A shitty game (Crysis 2), A buggy game with shitter graphics (Diablo III), and an even shittier game with shitty endings? (Mass Effect 3)

              Real PC gamer? [laughter]

              You’re a Nintendo fanboy who has no clue what he’s talking about.

              1. Holy fuck! Nintendo fanboy? Says the Xbot who keeps responding with the same shit. Crysis 2? Shitty? 86 on metacritic. Diablo 3? Shitty? 88 on metacritic. ME3? Shitty? 93 on metacritic. Go back to your Casual of Duty: Money Wasted 3. You are just a XBot that doesn’t know shit about gaming. Just keep using rumors to fight back. Go back to your Sesame Street on Kinect, you little butthurt fag. ROFL

                1. I don’t own an Xbox.

                  over assumption fail; typical Nintendrone logic.

                  And ME3 is shitty, there’s a reason the fans were bitching at Bioware/EA for a new ending. That was such a fuck awful ending to an otherwise decent series.

                  And Diablo III has horrible graphics, I play games that take advantage of my hardware’s potential. Diablo III has no place on my PC until I feel inclined to get it.

              2. Also, you are the first person that I found that doesn’t like Crysis 2. You just proved you didn’t even played the game.

                1. Crysis 2 sucks, any real PC gamer knows this. You however, don’t play PCs and it’s bleeding obvious if you’re using it to play those games, LMAO.

          3. Oh, wow, I see you broke into Nintendo’s HQ, and stole the papers that say which hardware the Wii U is using. Because that would be the only explanation to why you would argue about the Wii U’s hardware, which has not been announced.

            1. If you were on NeoGAF and had an ounce of intelligence, the specs *for the dev kit, anyway* are already all over the place. And confirmed by the same people who made confirmations about the changes done to the Wii U Gamepad. And so far, I’m not impressed.

              Not even going to bother replying to the other asshat Nintendroids. :P

        3. It won’t, but that isn’t necessarly a big thing. The difference between DirectX10.1 and DirectX11 is not even worth talking about. The only place where DirectX11 would be obviously above DirectX10.1, would be hair. And porting from DX11 to DX10.1 is not that big of a deal.
          But, whatever, it won’t use DirectX at all, because that’s Microsoft’s Intellectual Property. You can use it for comparison, it’ll use OpenGL.

      1. It’ll be unlikely for any next gen console to run Unreal 4. They’ll just dumbdown the engine or just use Unreal 3, its does a good job anywah

      2. Epic hasn’t confirmed this, but they even said themselves they don’t expect the next gen consoles to be capable of running it, probably only PCs

    1. I’ll always have a Nintendo console, i just cant miss out on its exclusives. If it has third party support like the ps4 and 720 will then thats even better. Id only buy a ps4, because of the developers that games for it like Insomniac, Naughty Dog and Kojima.

  14. i dont understand why nintendo doesnt just add a very cheap extra processor specifically desgned for streaming the game content to the controller or atleast one designed to stream to a second controller

    1. They dont need to, one of its cores on its processor will do that, its why the display goes down to 720p and 30fps when 2 gamepad are introduced.

  15. Keep in mind, Dean Takahashi is discussing his hands-on impressions from E3, which means he isn’t discussing the finalized hardware yet. Most of the games seemed to be still running off of older dev kits because I didn’t see any wires connecting to the console in the demo booths, and others who actually attended E3 confirmed this. It seems odd that Nintendo would show off the console so early, but Microsoft did something similar way back in E3 2005, where all the Xbox 360 demos ran off of PowerMac G5’s, and none of them looked like a step above the 6th generation. Yep, none of them were running on actual hardware, and the Xbox 360 would be released months later.

  16. Oh well, not everybody’s going to fall in love with Wii U. I think he’s failing to recognize that gaming in a “social setting” is something people do less often than they used to. Most people socially game online, where eveyone participating can have a GamePad if they choose. Local multiplayer games won’t need two GamePads very often. I can’t think of many game concepts that would suffer from having only one GamePad for local multiplayer. Maybe hidding plays on sports games or certain puzzle games? But again, most people play sports games online these days.

  17. He said the Wii U controlers(when using two) make the game slower. THATS NOT TRUE!!! Nintendo said recently that when using two controlers instead of 1080 graphics they get 720. Thats just a smaller output on the graphical quality not making the game itself run slower!?

    1. They did say using 2 wiiu game pad only runs at 30fps, instead on 60fps. Like thats a big deal, 360/ps3 runs at 30fps

  18. At first I assumed that the Wii U will have multiple processors, like most other people here:
    “IBM PowerⓇ-based multi-core processor”
    But after the hearing now that multi-core doesn’t mean multiple processors, there’s now a likely chance that the Wii U will have one processor, after all the description says “processor” not “processors”.
    I’ll admit I’m a bit alarmed at this…I would rather hope that it has multiple processors when it comes out, maybe it will, hopefully. But if it doesn’t that probably wont matter much as long as the single multi-core processor is next-gen powerful.
    I know ninty says that they don’t focus on tech specs, but they wouldn’t be silly enough to release another underpowered console like the Wii was compared to the rivals…. hopefully :P

    1. *facepalm* There’s literaly no chance that the Wii U will sport a single processor. He meant it as in, the GamePad(s) don’t have their own processors.

        1. I am right. There is no way Nintendo are going to put a single core processor in their next gen machine, some pretty shitty phones have single core processors.

    2. the existence of a multi-core processor is to handle multitasking anyways… why split them into multiple processors? i don’t get what are you worrying about.. unless I misunderstood something…

      and if you are saying that “the multicore processor in the console is for gaming processing only, the gamepad should have another processor, single/multiple, core for it”, think about the cost… another thing is, I think it’ll be more efficient if they add more core to the processor, rather than add another processor.. cost and energy wise…

      Im just saying..

  19. NARD RAGE ALART !!!! who the fk really cares. they are just gaming devices people. there no different devices from a normal tv or a stove or a microwave. darn failboy wars the only thing that keeps gaming websites up and running. just drop ur b***s kids and stop fighting over everything.

      1. No, i think it’s more so that not everyone is a computer freak. If this were about the PS4 or 720, you’d still probably be having the same issue…..

        1. You don’t have to be a” computer freak” to know any of this.

          They’re just Nintendo gamers, pretending to know what they’re talking about when it boils down to specs.

          1. It doesn’t ”boil down to specs”, it boils down to games. The PlayStation 2 was the weakest of the 3 consoles, and yet, it was the most successful. The GameCube, however, was almost as strong as the original XBox, though, it sold less units than the PS2 or XBox.
            So far, the Wii U’s future looks good. Even with the next gen approaching.

            1. Every fanboy brings up the PlayStation 2, but the gap between the PS2 and the competitors was next to nothing inherently special.

              PS2 had the superior format, library, backwards compatibility, third party support, everything. Stop being so predictable.

              The Wii U is a major fail with literally nothing going for it an no actual hype besides Nintendo fanboys. Go on any real gaming site besides these fanboy ones, you will see that nobody actually gives much of a rat’s ass about the Wii U.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the Gamecube of this gen, cheap console that only a retard would buy just to get watered down multiplats and nothing else but the same first party games that barely evolve per game.

              1. your a retard , there is no way the wii u will fail ..look how successful the wii was and the wii U will still have its sucsess thanks to the casuals and hardcore ..and next gen wont be a very big leap in graphics and even if the wii u is upto par with ps3 it wont effect anything becoz u will barely notice any difference from this gen to next gen …next gen will be about inovation …ps will have the move will have kinect …nintendo will have the gamepad

      2. XBox/PlayStation gamers think that 4x more powerful than the 360, is exceptionally powerful. It has nothing to do with what you game on, or what games you like.

        1. Its barely anything, any person with real tech knowledge knows that or can find it out from people who do like Rich from reviewtechusa

          1. that dude meh hes ok but he does not like weak consoles at all, if the wii u is weak he will not buy or so, kind of ignorant if u ask mii. other than that hes ok… thats all.

      3. You can just fuck right the hell off, Aeolus.
        Not knowing about computers has NOTHING to do with being a Nintendo gamer. You’re just a biased prick.

        Some people just aren’t technically inclined, or do not have any actual desire to learn more about it, since their own fields of expertise or career path do not stray into territory where learning it is necessary.
        Nobody knows a huge amount about everything.
        It’s time you stopped looking down on people who don’t know as much about some things as you think you do.
        Especially for such an inane and childish reason as them liking Nintendo games.[That’s right, Aeolus. A Nintendo fan just called your reasoning childish. Call it irony or hypocrisy if you like, but it doesn’t change the fact that yours WAS a childish viewpoint.]

      1. [caps lock]





          1. Chances are I’m going out, socializing and accomplishing far more meaningful things in life than you will ever dream to be doing in your pitiful life over the internet, playin ur pokermonz and losing your sleep at night when somebody calls you out -over the internet-.

            How is your endless virginity treating you? It must suck being confined to your keyboard.

            1. I find it very unlikely you go anywhere seeing as you’re always on here bitching about fanboys, saying the vita is the best thing ever.
              Maybe you go out to your KKK white supremacists meeting, but unlikely anything else

            2. how can someone who spends so much time on a nintendo website talking down to people or insulting nintendo try to brag about having a life? i mean it’s pathetic enough for a person to try to brag about their personal life to strangers on the internet but with you it’s just ridiculous

              1. What’s funny is I very seldom reply on the majority of these articles, while you conveniently show up once I do, so this probably applies to yourself rather than me.

                Yeah, nice going there, LOL.

                1. You only replyto the ones ongraphics, everythingelse you have nothingto say. Also, whatsup, why didnt you replymyto comment about your KKK meetings?

            3. You mad bro? All of us “Nintendo Fanboys” are ripping your Mom’s vagina open. Trololol. You mad?

            4. I can picture you now. The skinny bastard with the plaid pork pie hat and vest, looking like he has something important to say, just dying to try to outsmart others. Piss off

            5. So why do you spend a lot of time in this site ,I mean it’s a free country but I bet you have a family waiting for you in the living room or in a restaurant wanting to be with you.

          2. PS: Only tiny little kids actually use “dweeb” anymore, actually any usage of that word in 2012 would accurately sum up what I just called you.

            1. Alright, you’re a faggot. I’ll live up to your CoD terminology dipshit. Btw, i highly doubt your life consists of anything but trolling, eating, and sleeping :)

            2. Oh look who it is again. Lol, use all the synonyms in the world to make yourself seem somewhat educated, and feel free to belittle all the users of this website to make yourself feel good. You’re only reflecting the type of person you are in real life – and you know what that seems like to me? A total loser – lacking in the social skills to make your opinion heard without following with crude insults. I wonder if you actually communicate to people in real life the way you do online; I cant imagine anyone who will take that kind of crap from scum like you.

              1. I belittle everyone in real life when it comes to stupidity and they can take it fairly well since they know there’s nothing they can really do about it otherwise.

                It pays to be able to back up what comes out of your mouth. ;)

                1. SMH. Lol I really do pity you. You think you’re the pinnacle of creation don’t you? Heh, well that’s you, I’m not gonna waste my time arguing with you. You’ve only been showing your own ignorance and stupidity.

                2. Except the only thingthat comes out of your mouth is bull shit. All you rambleabout is how much better you are than people soley because they use a different consolethan you forentertainment purposes… Shut the fuck upand get out. You musthave so much “friends” in real lifethat beat the shit out of you…

                3. The only thingthat comes out of your mouth is shit. It’sall you do. Talk shit because you feel you are a better overal human soley based onthe face that you have a different gamingpreference. Get the fuck out of here you low lifetrash.

          1. “ragging”

            I can tell you really need to revise the English language. Don’t say typo, because you did it twice.

  20. His worries are unreasonable. If the Wii U would have these issues, Nintendo wouldn’t have bothered spending more cash to beef the system up a bit, to make it run 2 GamePads. It just shows that the system is capable of more than just current gen games, it has to, after all, show 2 or 3 screens at once. That taxes on the hardware pretty hefty. And if some lazy developers, cough Treyarch cough, would to use the Pro controller instead, the system might just match the next XBox/PlayStation.

  21. This guy is a pretty big disapointment considering you can tell he doesnt like nintendo in the first place lol . Tge wii u will do fine anyway

  22. 3 cores 2 way SMT… 6 simultaneous threads of code to be processed at once… that’s nothing to scoff at… however.. he’s right about a couple things… but wrong in other aspects… sure using 2 gamepads at once will cut performance but it won’t make them run “slower” … suppose all you show on the tv is a 720p scoreboard? .. That gives AMPLE resources to process 2 480p streams of video… think about that one… the games at E3 had 4 player splitscreen AND a Wii U gamepad to worry about… that’s like 5 whole 480p renders… I think if developers keep the total pixels rendered at or around 1920×1080 … it will all be just fine… no matter how many controllers or screens are running at the same time

  23. I remember reading that the slow-down from two pads puts the frames at around 30FPS.
    Isn’t that the native on the 360 and PS3?
    If so, then even at that slower pace, the Wii U still won’t lose enough capability to matter, so in that case, this guy is just a skeptic. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was a PAID skeptic, too.
    Lord knows Sony and Micro have done worse in the past. I wouldn’t put it past them to pay someone to write a derogatory article about a competitor.

    1. Yeah but I think the bigger problem isn’t how powerful the Wii U is compared to 360 and PS, cuz we know its gonna be more powerful. I think the bigger threat is the next Xbox and PS4…
      I wouldn’t be surprised also if Sony comes out with their own tablet controller :SS
      Only time will tell I guess !!

  24. but we already know that it’s more powerful than current gen consoles, so saying that is bashing 360 and PS3 even harder

  25. Wiiu has a SINGLE quad core processor. And a single multi-core GPU the cores on the gpu work a little differently so it has hundreds..

  26. This guy is an uninformed idiot. The Wii U has a multi-core processors. And you can’t take the minor things seen at E3 as a the limit of what the Wii U can do. The damn thing isn’t even out yet. I bet he’s never even played it. There are people on this board who’ve never touched a Wii U that have more common sense than this clown. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. You’re the only idiot here. It’s been stated multiple times through the comments.


      It’s like saying “Oh, I bought my multiple processors intel core i7 for my PC!”

      Holy shit you’re stupid. Then again, I forgot who I’m replying to.

      Seriously, Nintendo fanboys, just stop replying if you guys don’t know shit about PCs, it’s actually embarrassing to read this and realize some of you are serious.

        1. if you was trying to get your point across, all you had to say that it is a single processor with multiple cores. you are welcome. trying to make other people feel dumb will never make you superior.

      1. @Superfakrbros: My mistake. Even still, I don’t think it’s a weakness like this guy is saying. We haven’t seen any games that use 2 Upads yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  27. People seem to know a lot about specs that haven’t been officaly annouced yet. I read most of the news and gossip, and his comments aren’t all that rare, there’s various opinions, but if fans think the WiiU is going to be a powerhouse then wake up, because no one has said that. This Guy is clearly unimpressed with Nintendo though, and he’s not that much in the know than us. We shall have to wait and see. At the end of the day sales dictate everything, and if sales are good the WiiU won’t be the console with problems, compatability issues or otherwise.

  28. Wow. Nintendo fails once again. And to think that they finally woke up from the state which is the Wii itself.

    1. Ugh, sad freaking troll is sad.

      Are you going to elaborate on your shit? I doubt you COULD, you would need a POINT.

  29. Pingback: Dean Takahashi cree que Wii U entraña problemas al funcionar con dos mandos


    A multi-core processor is an integrated circuit (IC) to which TWO OR MORE PROCESSORS have been attached for enhanced performance, reduced power consumption, and more efficient simultaneous processing of multiple tasks (see parallel processing).

    This is for Icy Dead People and Aeolus.

    [a]list: With Nintendo, where do you think they came up short in the way they showed the Wii U?

    Dean Takahashi: They have a major issue with the capability of the Wii U console where it has a single processor but it has to drive multiple displays. A single graphics chip inside the console has to drive the big screen, the main game screen, but it also has to provide the imagery for the tablet controller, the game pad. And yet the system itself isn’t that powerful. Nintendo only showed games with one game pad controller and the TV. Most games out there, if you’re in a social setting, you want two controllers. Nintendo didn’t show any games that do that. They admitted in a Q&A that the games are going to run slower if you have two game pads and playing on a main display. That’s a fairly big issue for them. They made a good case that you can play with one controller and multiple Wii controllers, what they call asymmetric gaming where one person is looking at the small tablet screen and trying to deploy zombies while the people playing with the controllers were all on the main screen. You come up with very creative, different kinds of games where it’s one against four, or one person going online. They tried to justify and turn into an advantage this major weakness of the Wii U, but I think a lot of people saw this as a weakness. The games themselves were creative. They tried to do something like Wii Sports with NintendoLand, which has mini-games in it that explore the capabilities of the tablet and the touch screen. But there wasn’t an obvious blockbuster within those games. They may have had a good one in ZombieU, but in the demos it didn’t necessarily play that well. Nintendo came up as a pretty big disappointment at E3.

    Yeah he was talking about the single graphics chip which is the way video games have always gone. Sorry for the long post.

    1. Your post is still nothing but trying to clutch at straws. The CPU is singular. Nobody was talking about the amount of cores, so stop trying to force definitions to “prove this guy wrong” when he’s clearly implying the console and the controller’s relationship.

      Fanboys these days…

      1. you still missed the part about the video card….

        “A single graphics chip inside the console has to drive the big screen, the main game screen, but it also has to provide the imagery for the tablet controller, the game pad.”

      2. To say i’m a fanboy is funny. I buy what i like. I don’t have to defend it cause my happiness is all that count.

  31. But if they put a processor in the GamePad, the price would probably shoot up, if you broke the GamePad, it’d be mandatory that you’d have to drop dollars on a new one that’d be the price of a handheld console just to use your Wii U again, and the performance in Single player games wouldn’t be that much different. If the average player will only use one GP like 70% of the time, and the only time you want 2 is if someone came up with some great game that REQUIRED two(which let’s be honest, how necessary is having 2? You can use Wiimotes, or Pro Controllers for multiplayer games. I assume with 2 GP’s you’re barely looking at the TV at that point, and once you do that- it’s practically a handheld game.) and not everyone would want to buy that game, or they may not be able to afford a 2nd Pad to use in that game. So why make EVERYONE including Casual Gamers, AND Hardcore Gamers who game alone/online most of the time, pay way more just to have multi-processor functionality, when only a select group are desiring flawless 2 GamePad gameplay? It’s not like you can’t use 2 at all. If you couldn’t- that’d be a problem. But YOU CAN. It just drops down to 30fps. Which is what most console gamers play anyway. Especially if you’re getting 720-1080p at 30fps for a game playing from one console to 3 screens? That’s pretty sweet. I don’t need it running 60fps 1080p on 3 screens. And I doubt devs are going to make a game that does need that.

    1. He was talking about the graphics card. He feels they should have two instead of one because of the display between gamepad and tv. Which VenturaBeats deals with investors not gamers, his word don’t mean much to me.

      1. Even if he meant graphics chip or graphical processing unit my comment still applies. The system really doesn’t need another. That wouldn’t be profitable or a system seller. It does just fine like it is. If anything was made more powerful it should be cpu for things like physics, etc. Not making it run 1080p at 60fps on two GamePads. 30fps on the GamePads is fine when playback is happening on three separate screens.

  32. Why don’t people get it? He’s talking about how the Wii-U will have problems running multiple Wii-U GamePads due to the touch-screen controllers lacking processors. Pretty much every system has only one processor.

  33. Pingback: Wii U Discussion/Speculation Thread - Page 207 - Nintendo 3DS Forums

  34. You fools you make that sh!t with a single processoR,seriously????!!,even a PC would do so much phucking better,u have a few months 2 test it,make it Bloody awesome;so that when Metroid or zelda or F-zero or starfox or an awesome Mario [like mario 64 or galaxy comes out],it should handle them perfectly well,don’t be idiots and get the dev teams workin’ on that hardware ASAP!!!,,,prove it that u re the best even if its for these so called ‘Hardcore gamers[that can’t beat me @ Umvc or SFxT]

    1. Pretty much every console ever released has one processor and, again, he’s not talking about the system will have issues because it has one processor, seeing as it has a Power 7 CPU, but it’ll have issues because the Wii-U GamePad doesn’t have a processor since, with the use of 2 Wii-U GamePads, the frame rate will drop from 60 FPS to 30 FPS.

  35. Why you don’t get it?! The article talks about the WiiU not having 2 SEPARATE processors, like one quad core for gaming and console performance and one single or dual ONLY for the tablet controller.
    BTW that would be way too expensive for a console that is meant to be affordable for everyone. Also there probably won’t be that much games that support 2 controllers. And for those few they won’t do this anyway.

  36. I see ‘Takahashi believes’ and ‘Takahashi thinks’. That tells me Takahashi knows nothing. In case the trolls haven’t noticed, saying,’Hate Nintendo with us’ won’t make anyone who’s planning on buying Wii U change their minds.

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