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Game Zone: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Has Advantages Over Super Smash Bros.

Earlier this year, Sony revealed their Super Smash Bros. clone – PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Ever since they were first leaked, the upcoming titles have been greatly praised by video game journalists. Game Zone recently made a list of five advantages that PlayStation Battle Royale has over Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Are Game Zone’s reasons, which are listed below, enough to prove that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be better than than Super Smash Bros.?

1. More Unpredictability In The Backgrounds
2. Online Play Is Sure To Be Much More Convenient
3. No Cheap Ring Outs
4. Cross-Play Will Really Open Up Competitive Play On Both PS3 And Vita
5. We Won’t See The Next Super Smash Bros. For Some Time

333 thoughts on “Game Zone: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Has Advantages Over Super Smash Bros.”

    1. yup. ring outs aren’t cheap… it’s a perfectly good system.

      background actions i cousn’t care less.
      smashbrod 3ds and wii u will be cross compatible probably.
      and will be here pretty soon.

      sony proves again they are being buttwhipes by trying to bluff off the competition.

      sony, theres copyrights on those names you know, you can’t use that
      in your advertisement. it’s against the law.

      playstation died with the 3.
      core franchise sucks balls and the controller is way overdue.

      my ps3 has been collecting dust eversince a week after i got it (4 years ago)

      and my wii is still running DAILY.

        1. the upcoming Smash Bros haven’t got any news, updates and details. Maybe they’re comparing it to an old Wii game. WTH !

      1. i lol when it said “smash bros will not come anytime soon”, ok ok let see how much this will sell compared to the next smash bros sales.

        1. so if PASBR is better than super smash bros cuz a new one will take while then super smash bros for the 64 must be way better than pasbr

      2. Lol its the opposite for me, Wii sits there collecting dust being shunned from the sunlight from me bored as hell with it and PS3 is played on a daily basis practicly all day. Even my 360 gets more play time then my wii and ive only had it for 5 months.

        anyways not gonna be getting this game nor any smash bros game because I hate those kind of games.

        I still love how everyone on this website is so but hurt about sony and worships nintendo like a god though lol.

  1. Can’t say it will be better until it is complete and playable on a consumer level. Hopefully it will be good though. There’s no reason both SSB and Battle Royale can’t co-exist and both be good.

    I think the SSB series has its positives and negatives. No doubt Battle Royale will as well.

    1. Exactly. Just because it’s a blatant ripoff doesn’t mean it will be a bad game. If anything I wish them the best of luck because if they can make a better game than smash bros I’ll be sure to try it.

      1. I don’t mind games copying each other, just want each game to have its own uniqueness, regardless of whether it is better than other games or not. If this game has something different from SSB and other fighting games then i won’t label it a copy. Now we still don’t know fully about this game so I call it a SSB-inspired game, not a direct ripoff, just yet.

      1. Everyone has their own preferences, true. If fighting games, beat ’em ups, and brawlers are not your forte or cup of tea, then it’s understandable if these games do not interest you.

        Still, I’ll reserve judgement after a final product.

    2. Although I don’t agree with how close it is to SSB, I can’t really say it’s good or bad at this point. I’d probably end up getting it if I had a PS3, though.

  2. Studying the master for some time and waiting will make you good. But the master will always prevail over the student!

    1. Remember, Nintendo was once the student too before it reached the master level. It’s not the first company to produce a brawler mash-up like Super Smash Bros.

      Just the most successful.

        1. Power Stone, my friend.
          Power Stone.
          It came out on the Sega Saturn, WAAAAYYYYY before Nintendo had released their first brawler.
          Of course, SSB still reigns supreme….

          1. POWER STONE IS ALMOST NOTHING LIKE SMASH what is wrong with you ppl, literally look at gameplay of power stone and look at gameplay of smash, why do u ppl insist smash is a copy of it?

      1. I’m pretty sure it’s Nintendo who started a brawler fighting game. Care to give me a game like the SSB series before the said game?

        1. Thank you for being civilized. First off – Crossover games have been around forever. In addition, technically the SSB series is included in the Beat ’em Up genre of games. These have been around from the ’80s. Of course since SSB was one of the first on a 3D platform it might seem like the first of its kind, but in reality, it’s not. It’s a fighting game, uses weapons, power-ups, etc. to take out enemies – be they other players or computer AI. There are a variety of beat ’em up games/brawlers out there.

          I don’t deny (as I stated from the start) that the SSB is the most successful because it’s good fun game and has many popular characters. It was the first brawler of its kind in that it made the genre its own. Four player mode, incorporated platforming elements, KOs were made by knocking an opponent out of the ring, it was faster paced, 3D, etc. It was the first to do certain things in the genre but it wasn’t the first in the genre.

          Otherwise – Here are a few examples:

          Final Fight
          Double Dragons
          Fighters Megamix
          Battle Crusher
          Power Stone (came out around the same time as SSB so it wasn’t “copying”)

          Yes, All-Stars Battle Royale is similar to SSB because it’s in the same genre, uses multiple characters from different games, yet there are great differences between the games as well.

          1. Even though i haven’t played the new game its not going to be better then smash bros because you can’t get better then prefect.

              1. Greg Miller says it Sucks…. well those aren’t his words but might as well have been… I mean really who is that guy anyway…

          2. I don’t see why I have to throw a pit just to make a point. Anyway…
            It’s true that it’s not the first mash-up of different characters nor the first fighting game that includes different characters from different games, but it is the first game of its own genre, which is not the same as those games you mentioned. Like you said, it’s the ” first brawler of its kind in that it made the genre its own,” which in turn makes it the first before other similar brawler fighting games came out. My point is, those games you mentioned have not the same play-style nor same game mechanics as that of the SSB series; thus, it is the first of its kind in its own genre it created.

          3. zax is on bath salts

            hahahhahahaha ok lmao @ SIMPLY G—
            first off SSB is not like double dragons/ final fight…double dragons/final fight is the same style as TMNT2–

            Second— Marvel vs Capcom is a 2 player game– not 4……Nin I think is the only gaming company that utilizes 4 player games that are not sport related..

            You should look in the mirror and start an argument about your ugly face that your mom gave you

              1. He is right though, they arent the same. The only game i cam think of being close to SSB is that one that had anime characters like Goku and Naruto, think it was a Namco game

      2. It was hardly the student considering it was the forerunner of its own fighting game. No Nintendo games out there are remotely similar to mashups like MvC.

        So don’t be belittling the obvious reign.

        1. I didn’t belittle anything. I said it (Super Smash Bros. series) was the most successful in its genre. Obviously. It’s a great franchise. I just also know my gaming history and am not blinded by illusions common to fanboys.

          1. just please accept the fact that it’s a complete ripoff of SSB anyone can see that and everyone that’s going to play it will compare it to SSB

            1. zax is on bath salts

              Simply G is a dumb ass— double dragons/ final fight were the same game genre as TMNT2– totally different than SSB— Marvel vs Capcom– 2 players —NOT 4…

              what is your argument here?? maybe you should look in the mirror and start arguing about your ugly face that your mom gave you

            2. Of course people are going to compare them to each other. They’re alike.

              Just like people compare Uncharted and Tomb Raider. Call of Duty and Battlefield. Killzone and Halo. Gran Turismo and Forza. Mario Kart and SEGA & Sonic Racing. Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia. God of War and Dante’s Inferno. NBA 2k and NBA Live. People compare games that are similar. It’s nothing new.

              A complete ripoff? Then why do people keep complaining about how it doesn’t have the a lot of the same elements of SSB games?

              SMH – Gamers.

              1. yes a complete ripoff, who’re these people complaining you say??maybe they’re pointing out that even if it’s a ripoff it doesnt have what made SSB great..

            3. I don’t think you know what a “complete rip-off” is. Just watching gameplay for it, it’s easy to see that while it is similar, in the same way that many shooters are similar, they bare differences that make them unique. How special moves are charged is one thing, along with much larger scale effects. While the final judgement can’t be made until the game is out, saying it’s a complete rip is just stupid.

  3. And yet, half of those things will be frowned upon by the fighting community.

    While the other half are… what, complaining about game mechanics?

    And then, the release date?

    Wow. That’s a real quality list…

    1. Couldn’t agree more, a better list would state how it’s a “improvement compared to brawl” and have things like
      It’s in HD
      contains larger 3rd party roster (i think)
      Will appeal to people who haven’t played this sort of game before (ie bioshock/god of war fans)
      There we go, I havn’t played this game and have made more valid points!

  4. and when the new smash bro’s comes out it will really out sell smash bros oh wow hold on a sec i mean playstation all- stars smash bros rip off

  5. It’s a good game for owners of a Ps3 who want to play an afternoon with the friends and family, Smash Bros = laught and fun
    Playstation Battle Royale is going to be almost the same thing.
    So Ninten tards calm you tits.

      1. LOL…yeah just like Sony defense force coming into a Nintendo site to troll. The site is CALLED “MYNINTENDONEWS” so if fanboys want to glorify their love for a system they can. You don’t see Nintendo fans going to Xbox or sony sites to troll do you?

          1. 3. No Cheap Ring Outs is stupid because it makes ssb the best it makes it exiting till the end even if your down there is always a chance to catch up

            1. zax is on bath salts

              ok lmao @ SIMPLY G—
              first off SSB is not like double dragons/ final fight…double dragons/final fight is the same style as TMNT2–

              Second— Marvel vs Capcom is a 2 player game– not 4……Nin I think is the only gaming company that utilizes 4 player games that are not sport related..

              You should look in the mirror and start an argument about your ugly face that your mom gave you

        1. Fanboys are not welcome on any site. They stop any form of intelligent conversation with their blinded views. People who are not fanboys can discuss systems and games in a mature way, while fanboys will come and yell at people who touch their stuff. No one should be glorifying their system so much.

    1. I don’t see how PlayStation Battle Royale (God that’s such as long name) will be the same or almost the same thing as Super Smash Bros. Brawl or the next Super Smash Bros. There’s some pretty glaring differences between the two, in terms of concept and combat.

          1. Sony has plenty of characters from various video game companies that they have bought, they have enough characters for a game like this, maybe not as much as Nintendo, but still a lot.

          2. They do, but its quite sad when itll be very difficult for them to get Crash and Spyro, they might not even appear….

  6. “More Unpredictability In The Backgrounds”
    Wow, we sure must play it because it has more background animations! ¬¬
    But I’m sure it will be a good game. It’s SMB, after all.

    1. I think that statement was made because the environment (background/stages) interact with the levels as well. So the background can be unpredictable and change the outcome of the game.

  7. Nice try Sony, but your silly little copy can’t stand a chance against the overlord SSB series. Rather play the first SSB than this shit with broken gameplay. Only special atacks can kill? Whoose idea was this?

    1. Actually… The first SSB was pretty broken. If you played Pikachu and get someone up in the air (heck, even if they jumped) You had won…

        1. Competitively, Pikachu is weak. Even if you spam those Thunders, it still can be beaten with minimal effort.

            1. However, you’re forgetting that Ike is slow. He’s like Bowser, Ganondorf, etc., they’re powerful but slow, which balances them.

                1. Indeed he can, and your point is? If your point is that he’s fast just because he has a move that can perform quick; then, your point will be irrelevant because quick attacks are just one of the factors that makes a character fast. If that were the case, then all or most every character can be considered fast in your logic because they all, if not most can perform quick attacks.

      1. I played it, and I tell you that its characters are pretty broken. You can just use Sweet Tooth and just spam mine-bombs above your enemies while dodging up on the air. Another one was me playing as the lumbering Big Daddy, I spent most of my time being juggled around in the air by Kratos and Drake. When Kratos was focusing his attention on me, my Big Daddy could hardly touch him without being sent flying. Another problem I noticed is that you have no idea who is using a level one Super. Reviewing the footage we took of the game, I was able to see that players with Level 1 Super stored have a mild white glow, but when we were actually playing the game it may as well have not been there at all. This also posses a problem because if one is using a Level 2 Super, that person may get knocked out because it’s hard to see the Level 1 Super another one is using, which brings me to the other problem. Even if you’re using a higher level Super, a Level 1 Super can still knock you out. This makes all your effort of using your Super go to waste if you get hit by your opponent’s Super. My last complaint was that it was slower than SSBB; however, it was less floaty which was kinda cool. I also like the items in the game as the items had some interesting effects. There was one blue glowing orb item that changed the Hades level background to that of Patapon, adding an arrow-dodging mechanic to the Hades-monster-avoiding mechanic already in play as well.

        TL;DR: It has faults and not as competitive as the SSB series, but it’s still fun to play with friends.

        1. Still time to get rid of those faluts im hoping it will be a good game so that sakurai has something to aim for when creating super smash bros 4 (when the 1st second and third SSB were made there were no high profile games with similari game mechanics) to so the creatorsso there was no competition to make it better than the others so the better this game game the batter SSB also forgive my spelling the text box broke and I cannot see what i am typing

        1. You can determine whether or not you are interested in the game. However, you can not correctly judge whether or not one is better than the other just from early footage of an incomplete game.

          There’s a difference. And there’s no problem with not being interested. A lot of people aren’t. That’s cool.

          1. like I said I made that determination for myself. I’ll play battle royale eventually. although I know I won’t like it as much as brawl.

  8. >implying these are gameplay advantages -____-
    1 yeah backgrounds are nice but so what? you care about how the characters feel and move not the background.
    2 thats a no brainer and it is more a platform advantage rathern than a game one
    3 what?
    4 thats subjective, it doesnt mean that a a free for all 4 vs 4 will be different
    5 again subjective, we didnt see this game for what? 10 years?

  9. Tbh, it’s a rather poor list of reasons. Especially when the only comparison they can make is to a 2008 Wii game.

  10. Any reason they have as to why one unreleased game is better than another unreleased and UNDEVELOPED game is absolutely moot. It’s invalid pure and simple.

  11. Really gamezone
    1. More Unpredictability In The Backgrounds. Yeah because that makes the game more fun right?!
    2. Online Play Is Sure To Be Much More Convenient. The only one that make sense.
    3. No Cheap Ring Outs.From the game play iv’e seen you can’t knock people off the stage in this game period, of course not!!!
    4. Cross-Play Will Really Open Up Competitive Play On Both PS3 And Vita. That would make sense if we had the same thing with the wii and ds so this is irreverent.
    5. We Won’t See The Next Super Smash Bros. For Some Time I….. don’t even hav.. .., no comment!

    1. What really gets me is when Sony bots complain that Dante’s Inferno, Darksiders, the new Castlevania are being labeled as GoW clones. As if Sony started that genre or even play style. They obviously forgot about DmC, Onimusha, etc. PSA is a bigger rip-off of SSB and you don’t see the press being all on it about being a clone. I will be so glad
      when Sony finally bows out of videogames when the PS4 fails miserbly.
      If the Wii U doesn’t do it…I hope the 720 does.

      1. You realize by not having competition, a company doesn’t just die, the industry does too. Competition breeds innovation. Wishing for a direct competitor to fall flat is irrational (in addition to being selfish as there are a lot of others who enjoy their products, services, and many who are employed by the company as well).

        Also: Yes, the media talks about PlayStation All-Stars being a “clone” although it’s not.

          1. any sane person knows it’s a CLONE, I’m not a fanboy I’ll have you know since I own all 3 consoles and have both the vita and the yeah

      2. Darksiders is more of a Zelda clone in the sorts, which is great, its an awesome game. Castlevania LoS is different enough from GoW, but it has a MUCH better story, i loved it.
        Im not bothered about “clone” games, as long as theyre different enough, with PSAS is, its a completely different battle system. Doesnt mean ill prefer it to SSB, not a chance, but itll still be fun, clone or not.

  12. Seeing as they play completely differently, no shit!
    PSAL isnt about racking up a damage meter and knocking them off, you build up a special attack meter by damaging then get kills by using the super. “Cheap knock off deaths” gimme a break, if you’re too shit to play the game without killing yourself thats your fault.

    Im not pay PLAS is bad, or better, theyre different enough from each other to no really be the same game. From what ive seen, PLAS doesnt even have items. And unpredictable maps? Is this guy high? In the Spear Piller map on Brawl, it turns UPSIDE DOWN. On the F-Zero and Madio Kart stage, vechiles ram into you, on the Pokemon Stadium stage, the area changes shape, on Halberd, theres a giant laser shooting at you, on shadow moses, there Metal Gear Rex or Ray. The maps are full of unpredictability.
    Seriously, who gives these people jobs? I’ve read “articles” from so many stupid reporters int unreal. Ugh.

    1. you forgot that some stages are breakable and i see nothing about a stage builder so it wont have an advantage over ssb. plus on brawl there is tons to do like the homerun, boss battles, try and collect every cd, try your luck in finding Mew, break the targets, etc. how will PSASBR be advantageous over brawl?

      1. Yeah, i remember that!
        This guys talking balls.
        The online, yes, it will be better than Brawl, but itll be the same in the next Smash Bros, too many people complained about Brawl.
        Cosplay with Vita, good point, but Smash Bros is doing that or may be doing that, and they announced it first.
        PSAS just looks like Smash Bros on Stamina mode, with only the Smash Balls on.

    2. Actually the stages are a little predictable in Brawl but for one reason: the game has been out since 2008 so everyone knows the stages and how they work. Give PLAS a year and the backgrounds and stage effects will be old news.

      I’m not defending PLAS just stating a fact.

      1. Its not the only game thats ripped off Smash Bros, and it certainly wasnt the first so its kinda got the right to now.

  13. I knew this was coming and those are the dumbest irrelevant reasons for advantages.” No cheap ringouts” really…they’re basically saying ringouts are cheap since there aren’t any in Sony smash clone. Nobody wants hazardous backgrounds either. And the wait for our smash bros is a disadvantage? Yeaa right, our next installment is gonna make Sony smash clone look like a KH nobody

  14. 1. More Unpredictability In The Backgrounds – shame backgrounds mean fuck all to gameplay so point one is nonsense.

    2. Online Play Is Sure To Be Much More Convenient – I should hope so, after all it’s, what, five years on since Smash Brawl? If the online isn’t more convenient then it would be a joke.

    3. No Cheap Ring Outs – cant recall a single time I’ve had a “cheap” ring out in any Smash game. So they’re just looking for things now.

    4. Cross-Play Will Really Open Up Competitive Play On Both PS3 And Vita – Smash 4 won’t be on a PlayStation so, once again, this ‘advantage’ has nothing to do with the games.

    5. We Won’t See The Next Super Smash Bros. For Some Time – this one shows the people writing it ran out of ideas well before this point. So by that logic as tennis is on at the moment it has an advantage over football which isn’t on until tomorrow night (come on Italy!)? Of course not.

    Overall that list they compiled is utter bum gravy. Amazing that someone gets paid to wire that drivel.

      1. The funny thing is that their number 4 point is null and void because Smash 4 will be coming out on the Wii U and 3DS.

        plus “for some time” as they say is relative. Maybe if they were going through the normal smash process of assembling a team and then working it would take a while, but they aren’t. They made the team with Namco Bandai to get the game out to fans faster.

        1. Masahiro assembled his team – the Namco Bandai staff. They haven’t simply chose them to get it made faster, it’s who he personally wanted to make the game different and fresh.

  15. “Cross-Play Will Really Open Up Competitive Play On Both PS3 And Vita” but the next smash bros is supposed to have cross play with the wii u and 3DS. also, more unpredictability could be bad, because smash bros is kinda unpredictable enough.

  16. Hmm…
    The only valid points are 2 and 5. More unpredictability from backgrounds?! Some of the actual STAGES in Brawl are unpredictable. From Frigate Orpheon’s 360 flip to the Pokemon stage’s (Forget its name at the moment) ability to flip the controls confusing players.

    We know the Wii U and 3DS versions will work together, and Sony probably got the idea for the versions to work together from Nintendo.

    Although some of these points are stupid, I’m still looking forward to buying this game for my PS3. Yes, it is a copy of SSB, but that means it’ll probably be fun like SSB… IF Sony gets the gameplay right.

    1. How was 5 a valid point? Thats like me saying, the Zelda after the next one wont be as good because it comes out after. I agree on the online part though, Brawl was pretty poor, but that doesnt mean the next Smash will be terrible from online, i think Nintendo learnt their lesson

            1. but look at the ps2 and wii library compare to nes, plus wii u not even out so it makes no scene here.

            2. I meant the system, back then its was awesome, but now, its just classic, not exactly comparable to systems now

        1. Because G is drinking Sony’s Kool-aide, he is obviously a Sony drone that’s here to pester Nintendo fans. He should go to my…wait they closed that down. ;P

          1. I myself am a huge nintendo fan, and I agree with G. Seriously give it a rest, You are giving the rest of us a bad name …. I mean why is it so bad they created there own version? Wouldnt that mean they thought smash bros was successful? I myself am ecstatic that they made there own version of it. The more the merrier and it means smash bros now has competition meaning they have to find ways to improve and best PSAS. Saying PSAS is a copy of SSBB is like saying Sony is a copy of Nintendo.

            A) No one cares
            B) Reducing competition is terrible, Competition is why the games industry has evolved so rapidly and for the better

  17. “1. More Unpredictability In The Backgrounds”
    People like being cheaply screwed over in fighting games? I swear Ice Climber stages are the least popular in SSB games.

    “2. Online Play Is Sure To Be Much More Convenient”
    This may be true… For SSBB. Wait until SSBU.

    “3. No Cheap Ring Outs”
    AllStars is much cheaper. You can get killed upon near enough spawning with their system. Anyway, the ‘cheap’ Ring outs are fully to the fault of the player, not random luck.

    “4. Cross-Play Will Really Open Up Competitive Play On Both PS3 And Vita”
    This… Is an advantage?

    “5. We Won’t See The Next Super Smash Bros. For Some Time”
    And the PS3 will be obsolete within a year when they announce the PS4. We won’t see an AllStars for that for a while either.

  18. Also, ive watched videos of the game, because i was generally interested, i dont care if it a clone of Smash Bros, still looked good, but it looks alot more boring that Smash Bros.

  19. What i don’t like about All-Stars is that…

    1. The gameplay looks slow and boring

    2. Most Sony characters won’t fit well in the game, such as Nathan Drake, all he attacks are guns and normal melees, one of his move set is that he kicks a random explosive barrel that appears out of no where… he doesn’t even do that in the game. The developer will have to create moves for most Sony characters.

    3. The way you gain point is absolute garbage. You have to constantly attack your opponents till your power meter it reached at level 2 or 3 then you can do a final smash type move, you’re basically doing no damage what’s so ever to your opponent unless you use your all star move (that’s what i’m calling). Shoot a rocket launcher at a opponent 0% damage, throw a nuke at someone 0% damage, unless its a all star move. Imagine in SSBB where you can only knock out a player buy only using a final smash… not fun isn’t it.

    I haven’t played the game yet, so i won’t completely say it’s a bad game.

    1. Im dont think itll be a bad game, it just looks boring at the moment. I dont particularly mind the kill system, you can be tactical about it, save it up, or use quick one, but the lack of items and stuff just isnt that good.
      Also, one of the biggest selling point of Smash Bros for me is the music. I cant really imagine any songs, let alone remember any, that ill be like “oh yeah awesome”

  20. Have your fun in the sun sony with your ripoff once the new smash comes out your gonna see nothing but shade and does not mean shit what any of the media say we gamers decide whats good and what isnt.

  21. This is Wii vs ps3 no dout That the Wii u version Will Be 100 times stronger als SSBB and have great online serves

  22. #3 was really annoying to me in brawl. I’m at 50% damage, friend is at 350. Explosion hits both of us. I fly out of ring and he goes 2 feet.

    :/ I’m snake, he’s kid Icarus.

    Like what is this about?

    1. That wouldn’t happen so it was either (A) a complete freak the like of which won’t happen ever again or (B) you’re talking out your arse to try and prove a point.

  23. “I’m too ashamed of my own worth, so I’m going to copy someone else’s to get ahead.”

    Yep, that’s Sony Computer Entertainment for you. And don’t use the “every game copies each other all the time” argument to vindicate Sony. It’s one thing if your game happens to be the same as another, but it’s a whole different story if your game was created WITH THE INTENT to copy another game. That’s the key difference here: INTENT. And Sony hasn’t exactly denied that intent either, so all this crap about Sony not copying Nintendo at least in regards to this game is completely bullcrap.

    1. Don’t worry… I’m sure that Pit will whup Kratos’ ass as well as the rest of the Nintendo (and hopefully Namco-Bandai) characters in the next SMASH title for both Wii U and 3DS (original and XL).

  24. though sony did get the concept of franchise mashup fighting from nintendo there are many things i see that haven’t been simple copy an paste replicas from any of the smash games as long as the game has ratchet an clank, old school spyro, an crash bandicoot. im open minded enough to give it a shot before dragging its name through the mud. both nintendo an sony have memorable characters an lineage to boot so where nintendo has a while before their next title in the smash series drops, might as well see what sony has to offer. the only other thing that could be said is when if even will xbox join the fray of this sub genre of fighting games

    1. See that’s my major problem with this game: the characters just aren’t memorable enough. The ones you mentioned are dreadful and the others revealed are almost as bad. Don’t get me wrong I like some of the games – the Uncharted series is incredible – but the characters are so forgettable outside of their games. And I really don’t like the idea of lots of 3rd party characters (this also applies for Smash).

      1. i actually like 3rd party characters in smash bros, granted snake is slow and sorta difficult to use and sonic is a little to fast and again sorta hard to use (not as hard as snake) and beside i think its kinda boring to have nothing but nintendo characters. think of it this way, streak is good but with no flavor its boring.

        1. I thought Snake was one of the best characters, and im used to using Falco (much better than Fox).
          I hooe they put Simon Belmont in the next game, hes perfect for Smash Bros

        1. you see where im coming from with the oldschool versions of some of playstations memorable icons :). nowadays i don’t know why the developers thought they needed complete overhauls that have made the characters pretty much ruined imo.

  25. and now we use your favorite phrase against you:
    “Congratulations, you are a little bit better than a 5 year old product!”

  26. 1. Not if you play the game for a long time, the backgrounds would just get stale… Plus, aren’t background deaths one of the things people HATE about Brawl?
    2. Of course online play is going to be more convenient, that’s a given. Brawl is one of my favourite games of all time, but the online is crap. But who cares? The real fun is about shouting at your friends in the same room when you get caught out by Toon Link’s down air.
    3. Learn how to play Brawl please. When you die, it is because the opponent was smarter than you, you had high damage, or you were just being an idiot.
    4. How? the PS3 is more confortable to hold than the Vita, a TV screen has more detail than a Vita because of sceen size and resolution. If this game is going to be played competitively (which i doubt it isn’t), everyone will just use the PS3.
    5. How is that an advantage? Brawl and Melee are still being played by fans of Smash, and are still fantastic games to this day. I’m sure they can wait a few more years for the next one.

    Even though I do sound harsh on All Stars here, I do not hate the game. I just hate Game Zone for making this crappy article filled with bollocks and obvious statements. I am sure All Stars is going to be a good game, but simply not as good as any Smash game. Also, the mechanics for All Stars just don’t seem as fun as Smash’s…

  27. I’m legitimately excited for Battle Royale, but I don’t see it being as fun as Brawl. The gameplay seems a bit odd to me. It’s also going to be hard to match Brawl’s 35 characters.

    1. Yeah, Nintendo’s library is pretty vast but so far news is that Battle Royale will have over 20 first and third party characters. Likely more to come out after the game’s initial release with DLC. We’ll see.

  28. 1. I’m sure after you play 5 matches on a map it’s as predictable as any other Smash Bros. map.
    2. Oh, so you are saying online will be better than the online on a 4 year old game, that is on a seriously inferior system? Nice achievement.
    3. Seriously? What are cheap ring outs? If you have a high enough damage percetage you are out, how is it cheap in any way? I’m rather seeing that this game will have cheap kills, because of the lifebars for the characters.
    4. Again, Brawl didn’t even have cross play. And I’m sure the next Smash Bros. will have better cross play than the PS3/Vita. Those knobs on the Vita just suck ass, so does the D-Pad, and I own a freaking Vita.
    5. I’m out. I’m fucking out. Does the guy that wrote that original article even know what a advantage is?

  29. Ikr to this article, but we just have to wait and see. As a Nintendo fan, I would purchase a PS3 to play this game. I am totally a huge fan of Smash Bros., but I totally suck at it anyway. To me, I’ll take TMNT Smash-Up any day of te week.

    1. Same, I myself am a huge Nintendo fan, but this game (Plus a few others) will probably make me move into sony as well as sticking with nintendo (dont worry I still am more a fan of Smash Bros). I’m just happy Sony have put there IP’s up against each other … now all we need is Nintendo v Sony Smash Bros game! :D

  30. Where’s all the Sony fans that love to look for reasons to ridicule Smash Bros. and Nintendo? See, your favorite manufacture cloned another idea. But it’s okay as crapbox don’t duplicate.

  31. Here’s 5 disadvantages Battle Royale has:
    1) Crapper characters
    2) Crapper music
    3) Less history to take from
    4) Less originality
    5) VERY reliant on 3rd party support to bolster the roster.

    And for anyone that disagrees, deal with it!!

    1. I agree to be honest. Doesnt mean theyre all much worse, but still at a disadvantage compared to nintendo, especially the music

    2. I agree with you on all counts. PS All Stars Battle Royale FAILS in comparison to the originality starting with Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo 64 all the way to SSB Brawl on Wii. We’ll look forward to a new SSB title for the U and 3DS in the next couple of years (at least).

  32. A Noob fighter that claims to be better than the martial artist that created the fighting style known as Smash, thinks hes better than the martial artist that created it, and been fighting, for ten years! as well as perfecting his smash style even to this day.

    No one else knows this style as well as the creator of the smash style, for he created it!
    The only way for the noob fighter is to copy his style…
    The problem hes never fought, and hes never tried the smash style.
    How can someone come in and say they are better when they must copy his style? and they haven’t even begun to crawl. begin baby steps before running.
    He claims to have an advantage because the creator of the smash style is off training for a while the soul, and takken style.

    1. to learn, one must learn from the master, and the student, shall surpass the master, except… you are not a student, but a thief.

  33. 1. I like that the backgrounds can kill you because you need to be wary of both your enemy and your surroundings.
    Smash has the advantage here because it has a purpose.
    Getting just bitchslapped in a trapped map is boring.

    2. Yeh probs, really great comparing a Wii with a PS3 and Vita…

    3. Uhmmm only idiots blame on that.

    4. Wii U + 3DS will probs be better

    5. The most stupid reason I’ve ever read.

    6. I’m surprised Sony hasn’t even copied Pkmn yet…

    7. A Metroid and Zelda copy are probably in the works lol…

    1. A Metroid and Zelda copy in the works… ha ha ha… probably right about that.
      It’s already happening on Xbox. Look at that new visor in the next Halo game. Reminds me of another game…

      1. Thats because 343 who are making the game are ex Retro employees. Thats probably why it actually looks pretty good, and the enemies actually have tactics

  34. Brawl is old, online is old, not meant to be competitive, no news on a sequel, I can wait.

    Get out of my sight…

    1. That one makes no sense since the other SSB games have Stamina Mode, where a sort-of life-bar is an option.

  35. 2, 4 & 5 have nothing to do with the merits of a game… I think these “journalists” are idiots.. the online is console based and nintendo are upgrading it for wii u so they can’t say for sure it will be better. the cross play is indeed just a pre empt against the 3ds connectivity. namco bandai are on the case so I might say we have about 18 months from wii u release til new smash bros. how many people really want the cheap background interference?

  36. 1. Who the hell looks at backgrounds?
    2. I’ll give it that one
    3. Umm, there’s item banning you know
    4. No, it won’t…
    5. They’re scared

  37. Never seen so many comments on this blog before. Had a good laugh reading them, especially comments that take a stab at unbalanced characters in both games!

  38. Ummm, you spelt it wrong its Sony Smash Brothers. Lol jking but seriously Super Smash Bros. Brawl had background interaction, so lets copy that and increase it slightly. The internet is correct so I’ll submit to that. So its just Tekken with items replaced by random video game characters? Lag between vita and ps3 is massive and you need to spend another 250-300 on a handheld to play that way. And okay? Look I hope it does successfully but so far its kinda disappointing to see that Sony has to put Nintendo down in order to try and sell this. It will be a good thing for SSB to have some nice competition. But can we show originality and not Sony Smash Brothers.

  39. I’m honestly expecting the game to end up better than any Smash game (so far, Smash 4 could go either way), but a couple of the reasons these guys listed suck.

    1. More Unpredictability In The Backgrounds
    That isn’t a good thing. Games of skill are fun, if I wanted luck-based gameplay I’d go waste money on the lottery or something (also, if Nintendo are reading this, GET RID OF TRIPPING GODDAMNIT)

    3. No Cheap Ring Outs
    Ring outs aren’t cheap, they add an element of positioning-based strategy to the fight.

    4. Cross-Play Will Really Open Up Competitive Play On Both PS3 And Vita
    Admittedly, this one, I’m biased about. I’m very skeptical about how many fighting game fans will play this on the vita

  40. I lol’d at 5, it sound like someone is scared.

    “No Cheap Ring Outs”…….Fuck you All-Stars Battle Royale….just fuck you….

  41. Disposable Duchbag

    When Sony Grabs a Original concept and Improves upon it….its Stealing. When Sametendo LAMEntainment grabs an original concept and tweaks it…its INNOVATION. Lol yup jelousy is showing bug time.Advantage?oh thats its not Gay with cheap wins like mk-_-

    1. It’s not stealing, Nintendo does not own the concept. Improving upon a technology is a good thing, remember?

    2. “When Sony Grabs a Original concept and Improves upon it….its Stealing. ”

      Despite the fact that they haven’t.

      “When Sametendo LAMEntainment”

      Where the fuck did the “LAMEntainment” come from? Are you implying that the full Nintendo name is “Nintendo Entertainment”? Dumb ass doesn’t even know what he’s making fun of.

    3. ‘Original’ means something that hasn’t been made before. Your stupidity makes your comment worthless.

  42. ^yup There mad they got to play a game on A Garbage junk system that has pathtic social gaming. FREANDCODES ARE AWSUM xD lol hahaha SUCH TRASH lol you get what you pay for

  43. Well after the broken garbage disgrace that was smash bros brawl im glad ninty finnaly ask help from Namco hopefully gamers will finnaly take the next game more srsly and maybe they could show ninty how to make a real game thats challenging

    1. You dont think Smash Bros is challenging?
      What do you do, just go around playing Diablo 3 on Inferno, Max Payne 3 on Hardcore and dip your balls in lava? Dont be silly

    2. Play Subspace on Intense and unlock all of the achievments. Come back and say Brawl isn’t challenging.

  44. What good is it that the backgrounds interact are unpredictable if it is confirmed that the only way to get “points” is by using the specials?

  45. Simple G…don’t waist your time. “Nintendo does no wrong”…ie taking trophies. Nope not copying. Or better yet, the pro controller. I mean it looks like a 360 controller…but what do the hardcore gamers know. Hate to break it to you fan boys…having a Wii and bashing everything else doesn’t make you hardcore. Kinda makes you a joke as you miss all the amazing games cause your so far up nintendo ***.

    1. “Or better yet, the pro controller. I mean it looks like a 360 controller…”

      Or we could make the logical comparison to the Wii’s Classic Controller, or the fucking Gamecube, but then again, I doubt you were born no earlier than yesterday.

      ““Nintendo does no wrong”…ie taking trophies.”

      What fucking trophies? What, Smash Bros trophies? Hey, moron, that started with the GAMECUBE GAME, MELEE.


    @Ningeek well thats because ssb use cartoon graphics to not overheat their ps2 gpu. Actually thats why they stick to cartoon style and hide specs cuz its easier to fool ppl with sametendo cartoons

    1. Its not the full line up…is a bit lack luster at the moment, i do like the big daddy, and Sly, his games are awesome

  47. LOLOLOL what a joke. There will be only 2 types of people to buy All Stars, the ones who need something to ease out the wait until SSB Wii and 3DS, and the ones so far up Sony’s behind they are blind to the truth. Anyone out there who won’t admit this is a blatant copy of Smash Bros. is stupid at best.


    @snoober gotgame lol now thats a joke! I could also post links of miyamoto with a psp or how he attended microsofts premeire of kinect as proof that he copy ideas. Ninty only alive cuz of nostalgia smh lying,backstabbing & weak garbage should not b praise

    1. “I could also post links of miyamoto with a psp or how he attended microsofts premeire of kinect as proof that he copy ideas.”

      Then show some, tard.


    @toongayrow hmm I would assume after sucking a big lying company dick youd have easy access. Whstever enjoy playing regurgitated same shit over and over and over and over like new old same shit wheres the super mario bros 2? Or part 86 ? -_-

  50. Lol Sony allstars is trash i rather wait for smash 4 than play that shovelware. it looks and plays like tmnt smash up


    @ivan wtf lol so ice climbers,peach,clones, and kirby are cool? Listen Im not going to disrespect my Elders but come on the only good characters were Snake,Rob,toon link,mr gamewatch & sonic and ppl hated those cast


    @sFakebro what realistics? Last time it reused old stages & had bad glitches. Plus it had shovelware characters like mario. It will sell because according to science idiots are outproducing smart people -_-


    @trollGrandpa lmfao yet tmnt smash up outsold kirbys epic yarn,metriod m, and ssb. -_-

  54. Im so getting this game! I cant sait to actually play a real competitive game with some adult gamers for once. Screw the haters -_-

    1. If you want a real competitive fighter, play Street Fighter. If you want fun, play Brawl. If you want a copy of fun, play All Stars.

  55. Cheap Ring Out —— This guys must be and idiot. Spiking and Meteor Smash have are one the be best skillfull tecnique and claimed skill of SBB. Is not cheap, is outplay your foe or simply owned pretty hard.

  56. Nintendo's Origional...Playstation's...just not...

    I was fine with the Super Smash rip off, but only when everyone accepted it as just that…a blatent rip off that could never be better then the origional. However, now for some reason they think it has advantages over Super Smash Bros. Brawl!? NOW THAT CROSSES A LINE! Play Station All-Stars Battle Royale could never be better than even Super Smash the origional let alone Brawl. It is one thing to copy a game and admit it is a copy, but to say its better! No that wont do… Play Station sucks they have like 5 mascots…the game sucks and isnt even a good copy of Brawl. Xbox and Play Station always rag on Nintendo’s innovative ideas yet they always steal them(?) -.- Nintendo is the only origional gaming company. Thats why I respect them the most.

    1. tell them like it is, its like saying the avengers can defeat either Hirudegarn, Legendary S.S.J Broly, or Omega Shenron. and Justin Bieber created ‘Let it be’ and the Beatles stole the song.(-_-;)

      1. Vegeta is best character. Also, seeing as Namco make the Dragonball fighting games, would you wana see Goku and Vegeta in Smash Bros 4? :p

  57. @sametendoriginal i think when ninty lied & backstab their fans and stole lestick,odyssey light gun,and so on was crossing the line. Lets be real nintendo r cosards scared of competition thats wh when vita was priced = they ran 2 reduce their price lol

  58. Is this really Nintendo news? I forget sometimes. Cos clearly, this is not related to Nintendo.

    I think we get it, this is a supposed rip-off. But tell me, is every side-scrolling platformer a rip-off of Mario? Is every kart racing game a rip-off of Mario Kart? No. Nintendo invented the idea, but that doesn’t mean everyone who makes a game in a genre is ripping off Nintendo. Nintendo may have pretty much invented this particular genre, but that doesn’t mean everyone who’s been doing this is ripping it off.

  59. They ran & reduced their price lol bunch of cowards they know equel price their 3ds cant compete.ppl dont care about games they care about CHEAP products. If they cared about gaming they would stop play rehased,regurgitated.cliche,dlc.repetitive franchise

  60. Im jelouse of playstation Godlike power and compared to pc. I attack them because i wish we haf their good stuff

  61. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s any good and how it’s recieved by the Playstation audience. Leave luck to heaven.

  62. @sickr its okay bro were here for you. Dont be mad nintendo at least trys to be ahead of technology. We know thats all you can afford and it must be shameful at your age playing baby games but be hopeful maybe one day ninty will stop being scared fairFIHT

  63. @doonzaloog doubtful? They cant compete with a huge installed base of morons,nostalgia fags,and retards who play the same new games over and over andover and over smh some ips dont know when they overstayed their welcum thnx to zombiefans :)

  64. Its not about graphics it about gameplay ;)

    Atari/odyssey actually invented the sidescrolling genra,adventure platforming,tacticwars,simulators,robot gane buddy and an actaul 3d game… If anybodys the biggest ripoff its shitendo smh unoriginal & rob jeez i wonder why they stole that idea from

  65. Its not about graphics it about gameplay ;)


    Lmfao really ya didnt seem to mind when NINTENDO ‘barrowed’ Sony Fx chip inside the Snes >:)

    1. “Its not about graphics it about gameplay”
      I’ve actually never heard ANYONE put graphics OVER gameplay (unless you’re one of those idiots who think more power = nothing except better graphics) yet you guys keep saying people say that. Where are you getting this from?

      (not trying to troll, I’m genuinely curious about why people keep saying this)

    2. SNES was before Sony enetred the video games market, so there was nothing wrong with Nintendo working with Sony.

  66. For reason 5: The people that buy Smash Bros probably don’t have a PS3 or Vita so it doesn’t matter that it won’t be out for a while.

  67. @pinneapplepuncher Really? Im buying a Ps3 just because of this game along with some of my feainds. It will be cheaper than wii u. Btw wii u hardcore huh? Does it come with steam like sony? No?! Bye bye ;)

    1. Steam is only compatible with TWO games on the PS3. That is not an advantage at all really.

      By the way, Pikmin 3, ZombiU, AC3, Mass Effect 3, Batman AC, Ninja Gaiden 3, Injustice, Darksiders 2. Enough hard core for you?

  68. @bowserkoopa really? So whenever i prove ninty are lying.cowards,scumbags ,theives,afraid of a fair fight all of a sudden your little brain,cuz u buy same game over and over and over, cant handle it so you get mindfucked. Lol well guess im doing my job

    1. thatruth)will(proveimright)1997

      have you ever recived a pay check for it… you must be one of those trollers paid off by sony to talk shit on nintendo… the god father of gaming nintendo must suck because unlike the competition… they actually made a profit with the wii and out sold both of them while doing it. no matter what you say … nintendo along with there ip’s will always be here
      i dont hear xbox fans getting chomp at for anticipateing the same damn halo game every year… or ps3 fans with there same damn gow… no body is mad at your dumbass statements because all you do is glorify sony…
      i like sony , and microsoft but they prove that even with a inferior system, and classic ip’s… THEY STILL REIGN SUPREME

  69. @TheDragon nevermind I actually read the headline & wow thats a really duchy move on Sony. I take back all my defenses smh one thing to copy but to be a low class douchbag my Sony your turning into Garbage. You guys r right to bash them.

  70. @anonymous Im not defending sony anymore I read the title & sony are major douchbags for that. Fanboys are allowed to bash and be classless lol but a company is suppose to classy & all smh even do i dislike ninty they would never be total douchbags

  71. Sony is really desperate to get people to play on the PS3. They have been copying other companies’ ideas and try to “perfect” them. Super Smash Bros. is the original and will always be the best because it has more characters that you have known for a long time (Mario, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, Donkey Kong, etc) and not some characters that were created 3-4 years ago. Nintendo did just start making the new SSB. and I feel like that one will be the best out of all SSB. and it will hopefully end this Sony fake SSB. copy series (knowing Sony, they will make a sequel).

      1. Top 3 selling PS3 Games–

        1. Gran Turismo 5 – 7.43 million
        2. Gran Turismo 5: Prologue – 5.34 million
        3. God of War III – 5.1 million in North America

        Top 3 selling Wii Games–

        1. Wii Sports – 79.6 million
        2. Mario Kart Wii – 32.44 million
        3. Wii Sports Resort – 30.14 million

        More people play games on Wii… especially from first party publishers.

        Wii: 95.9 million units
        Xbox 360: 67.1 million
        PS3: 65 million

        You’ve failed once again, Amir.

        1. Buddy, sales don’t mean people are playing them.

          Logical FAIL.

          Also, those top selling titles suck ass. Have fun convincing me they’re the most played game in the world, ohwait, that happens to be CoD.

          1. Sorry… but your comment is a fucking FAIL. You’re ignoring facts according to Video Game Chartz. Call of Duty may be a seller, but it’s a fucking monotonous series. Your logic is a fucking FAIL… just like Sony losing over $6 billion.

            1. You’re an idiot lol, I wonder if you actually read what you say at times.

              Sales =/= Playtime. And Wii games obviously aren’t getting that over real console games.

    1. I’m wondering how desperate Sony can still possibly get. It’s just embarrassing how they copy everything successful Nintendo creates. So whats next? How about a tablet controller for the next Playstation, genius idea from THEM and only if Nintendo sells it well of course…

  72. To anyone thinking that this game could be “as good as smash” or “better” just think..

    This is Sony we are talking about, not Nintendo who are generally far better developers.

    1. Yes, Sony who has granted some of the best IPs this generation in comparison to Nintendo. Nice to know the bias is bleeding strong here.

      Infamous series.
      God of War.
      Sly series.
      Uncharted series.
      I can go on and on, but I’ve already proven and invalidated the junk you just typed. Nintendo are better developers? Don’t make me spit out my skim milk in hard laughter.

        1. >Implying they weren’t some of the best new IPs.
          >Proven with the amount of AAA titles and exclusives compared to Nintendo.
          >Implying it’ll suck when the game hasn’t even came out yet for that to be known.

      1. Please just stop coming back to this site. PLEASE. We get it, you like Sony, you don’t like Nintendo, nobody likes you. What do you want now?! You’re like hoping for something to bitch about all day, like it’s the only thing you ever do. Just leave, please.