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Nintendo Is Establishing A Trusting Relationship With Third-Party Developers

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admits that, compared to other consoles, Wii does not have many quality third-party games. Iwata believes that, although there are some quality third-party games on Wii, “Nintendo uses the hardware’s functions better than that developed by third parties.”

Iwata is certain that this will change with Wii U because Nintendo is providing third-party developers with constant new information regarding their upcoming platforms so they can establish a “trusting relationship with third-party developers.” Iwata reassures that Nintendo is working hard to improve third-party support for Wii U.

“We don’t think Nintendo alone is able to develop every type of software to satisfy all consumers. Therefore, we have been working to improve the development environment to let as many creators design games that take advantage of the features of a certain hardware as possible. One is to establish a trusting relationship with third-party developers and provide them with information on a new platform so that they can start creating games simultaneously with those in Nintendo. As we have been able to build such a relationship with more third parties than before, it was less frequently said for the Nintendo 3DS that the Nintendo games available at the launch of the new platform were more sophisticated than those of third parties. We are working to further improve the situation for the Wii U.”

76 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Establishing A Trusting Relationship With Third-Party Developers”

    1. Wow. 1 game and a company that is “skeptical” about the WiiU, although no other company is. I dont want GTA on the WiiU anyway, its a shit game

        1. It is, its boring. I like playing it for about an hour when the novelty of tank amd jet cheats wear off but after that, whats the point.
          And i cant accept a game where it developers literally thought “let allow people to fuck a prostitute then kill her to get our money back”
          Got nothing against with violence but being immoral is another story.

          1. – You may think it’s boring, lots of others don’t.
            – There needs to be a point in games? Alot of games you probably love don’t have a ‘point’.
            – Even though I too think it’s a little extreme, still an opinion.

            Lookning at it objectively, it IS a very good game, get over it.

      1. Take-Two has some of the biggest franchises, GTA and Bioshock among them. Having them release GTA on Wii U will calm many down about Wii U not getting hardcore third-party support.

        Admittedly, Lords of Shadow 2 may not be a good game, but it could mean one more game for the Wii U’s first year.

        1. What makes you say Lords of Shadow 2 isn’t a good game? Have you played it? We haven’t even seen gameplay video yet, geez.

            1. Ok, that’s very understandable. But that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game. Lords of Shadow was a well designed game with great mechanics. I’m sorry you didn’t like it. The fact is, we just don’t know if LoS 2 will be bad or not, but you can’t just make a claim like that just because you didn’t like the prequel.

    1. Yeah, that looks like a great game! And it would work really well with the gamepad controls. I’m praying for GTA too.

  1. I’m sorry but there are plenty of good 3rd party Wii games.

    Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom,
    No More Heroes 1&2,
    Guilty Gear XX Aincent core,
    Truama Center games,
    Red Steel 2,
    Little Kings Story,
    Resident Evil 4,
    Resident Evil Chronicles,
    House of the Dead: Overkill,
    Bit Trip. Complete,
    The Sky Crawlers Inocent Aces,
    Monster Hunter Tri,
    Golden Eye,
    NBA Jam,
    Epic Mickey etc.

    1. You’re totally right. Conduit should be in there some place too. And Lost in Shadow, Rayman Legends, The World of Goo, Blastworks, Elebits, Silent Hill and I know there are others I’m forgetting even yet. Problem is, many people don’t seem to know about all the great games for Wii. Seriously, in terms of game quality, the Wii was unmatched this generation.

      1. Would love to see Conduit made on the WiiU, the only thing it lacked was graphics, is was pretty poor. Hopes up for Conduit 3

    2. There are some Wii games worth playing, a lot of people pass that up for sure, but the list of actual good quality 3rd party games on the Wii is tiny compared to its competitors. That’s why people say it has no games.
      Assassin’s Creed
      Tomb Raider
      Call of Duty
      Ghost Recon
      3D Dot Game Heroes
      Red Dead Redemption
      Silent Hill
      Dead Space
      Far Cry
      Resident Evil
      Max Payne
      Mass Effect
      The Elder Scrolls
      Grand Theft Auto

      Of course some of those are single games, and series with multiple games in each, but they’re all quality (to me anyway). The list compared to anything anybody could come up with for the Wii could easily be raped, not to mention all of the first party games like God of War, Gears of War, Halo, LittleBigPlanet, etc.

  2. Valve. Buddy. I think everyone loves Portal. So why don’t you use the Wii U gyro scope, and put Portal on the Wii U.

  3. I apologize But I’m a little skeptical I mean I’ll be getting the wiiu either way for nintendos games but I also remember 7 years ago when Nintendo was also saying that the wii was going to get loads of good 3rd party support…although it did have a lot of 3rd is was pretty much all shovel ware.

      1. What history lesson is there to be had? The wii didn’t have very good 3rd party support the GameCube didn’t get as much support as the ps2 and the n64 had very few 3rd party games compared to Psx…the snes and nes had amazing 3rd party support.

  4. All people who disgrace Nintendo because of their games and consoles shall re-think on their opinions. First of All, Nintendo games aren’t horrible at all, it’s fun and it’s great. Just because they don’t have the super hardcore graphics it doesn’t mean they aren’t great? Take for example Skyward Sword (Scored 10 at most of gaming critics sites). Metroid Prime 3, or Other M, great games not so great graphics.
    Second. Nintendo loves their costumers and they would love to have many more, specially those hardcore costumers, so they are trying and they will fix their mistake of only having casual games. Now they open a new world for hardcore games. Now Sony and Microsoft has nothing else to invent, in my opinion Nintendo has closed the innovation door. I think that what Microsoft and Sony can only do is get the graphics to be even greater. Which is very difficult due to the complexity of requirements. Specially those objects we have in home that runs our games… yes the TV. The TV can’t surpass 1080p, and as far as I am concerned, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3 already runs 1080p, so now they will have to find a way to expand this reality on graphics both to TV and console.

    Good Luck companies.

    That’s all I have to say.

  5. Good, and i can see the evidence of it even now. Hopefully we’ll see some content from Valve soon.

      1. It was rumoured, same with Origin. I dont see why they wouldnt, games are going digital these days, Nintendo could use Steam/Origin

    1. in normal conditions if sony pays to third party support because they want them to make them games is illigal (i think).Nintendo never did/do and wont do that!

  6. thenintendoreviewer

    This is good to hear. There were great third party games on the Wii like Goldeneye, The Resident Evil Chronicle games, Lego Star Wars and more. Though there were bad third party games too. That just happens. Anyway the more third party support the better.

  7. Nintendo president Iwata is doing a fantastic job. I’m sure their relationship with third party and indy publishers and developers (that means you too, Ken Levine) will grow even stronger foundations for both Wii U and 3DS titles both at stores and digital downloads.

  8. that’s what we’ve been wanting for years. make it happen big n cause I don’t want to have to buy two consoles to enjoy quality games.

  9. Talk is cheap. Very cheap. And Nintendo is doing a whole lot of it latey and that’s about all they’re doing. Most of it not having anything to do with what people want to know (price, release date, specific specs, etc).

    1. Sounds like you missed their post explaining why they didn’t bring much to E3.
      Instead of ragging on them now and risking a case of “foot in mouth syndrome” later, how about you just keep your judgement reserved for when the system has been out for at least a half-year to a full year, so that they’ve got the opportunity to prove you wrong?
      Skeptics these days, I swear.-_-;;

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  11. This will be a key factor in the life span of the Wii U. I don’t think the 3rd parties will be able to overlook this machine the same way they did the Wii. Who knows? Wii U may become the console that games are developed on then ported to the other 2. Leave luck to heaven.

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