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Nintendo Plans To Share Download Data

Nintendo has announced that it will share the download numbers of New Super Mario Bros 2 when it hits the Nintendo 3DS eShop next month. The numbers will be made public so that the industry ‘can better understand’ the market. Will you be purchasing the retail copy of New Super Mario Bros 2, or the digital copy?

“We would like to show the public the number of New Super Mario Bros. 2 or Onitore that have been sold by download so that those in this industry can make the next move after finding out the consumer behaviour toward download version”

“When they know the size of the digital distribution market, they might be inclined to accept a certain inventory risk to try the download sales with special features.”

148 thoughts on “Nintendo Plans To Share Download Data”

      1. i will go retail also. The only way I would consider digital if the price is at least half off of the retail version, and on top of that I must be certain that I will like the game.

        1. i would download a different game, just for the sake of convenience but for mario i like to have the manuals (and that cool yellow case!)

    1. Non-Specific Action Figure

      Well definitely i’ll go with retail because 1: you can trade or sell it and keep it for your rest of your live and 2: you can destroy it if you want xD

      Together Wii U.

      1. Yeah, Nintendo confirmed you could get the download codes at retail stores like GameStop, but the price will be determined by the retail store rather than by what the price is in the eShop.

          1. Yes but the majority of us don’t keep those boxes. They get thrown out a month or two later. I’ll be going digital if I the game is a keeper, if i’m so so about it I’ll go retail so I can trade it in if need be. :D

            1. No one kept the NES boxes either… I keep the boxes… I’m a collector so Digital is not for me

        1. if you believe that then your the dumbest motherfucker on the planet try trading in a digital copy or selling a digital copy of a game you cant IN OTHER WORDS DIGITAL COPIES IS WORTHLESS PHYSICAL COPIES HAS MONEY VALUE STUPID!

        2. I love collecting the boxes….I dont think I have the heart to throw them away. I have kept every single game I have ever bought. I have never thrown a single one away or returned it to the store for someone else to buy as a “used game.” :)

  1. Retail.. I am against buying games over internet and am afraid that it will soon be the only way to get games :/ Physical for the win.

          1. You don’t own it… if you did you could sell it… Thats the right to sell or give something you bought to someone else..

              1. i give up i cant create because i am not such a computer guy,i will change my gravatar plus my nick name.they wont know what they hit them

          1. … Are you serious spouting that? or are you kidding??? Retail… you actually own it.. .dont need the internet… and can trade it or sell it on…

            1. DOn’t be an idiot… you still own the game after you bought it, whether it’s digital or not. jeez… you fucking idiot, you dont understand the concept of digital at all.

              1. CAN YOU SELL IT… CAN YOU LEND IT TO SOMEONE… CAN YOU HOLD IT IN YOUR HAND? NO.. You are a bit of a moron aren’t you?

              1. Digital is only superior if it similar to Apples system and you can transfer it between multiple devices like in itunes. Say my 3DS brealks, then my whole digital library is gone.

        1. i am sure that u are behind that u fucking idiot.illigal bastard and fool kid!But u didnt win the war!

            1. nice try faker, but I’ll still crush you to dust, so much you won’t even be a particle atom anymore.

            2. Wait a second, I still want to know if it’s wii u is merely a new controller for wii, I didn’t get an answer dammit!!

          1. Actually it seems like you’re the kid. You must have given out your email address, that was smart of you.


    Even if everybody prefers the retail, the eShop will do miracles!
    Here, on the middle of nowhere, we usally pay double (or even more) because of taxes. Now, with the eShop, some games may even be cheaper than in the US.
    NSMB2 by download will cost around 33 USD in Brazil :D

    1. Finally, someone who understands what this means for countries where a 3DS game retails for over $110! And they wonder why piracy is so rampant…

  3. I like the convience of the download version, but I like the way retail copies have an actual value so you can resell them. If the eShop version is cheaper, I’ll probably get it. If the retail preorder bonus coin comes to Ireland, I might get that one.

  4. i am changing my u people dont belive a thing from “a red plus green gravatar guy”.

            1. Indeed, because the best insults make the person you’re insulting laugh. You made my day by giving me a good chuckle.

  5. For me console downloads depend on how big in size the games are and with the 3DS’s 2gb space limit, it’s going to have to be under 250mb for me to download a game.

  6. If eShop is cheaper I’ll probably go with that option.

    Have Nintendo mentioned if buying downloadable versions of retail game swill add the appropriate number if Stars/Coins to your club Nintendo account? That would also factor into how i purchase it

    1. Since Club Nintendo accounts can be synced with 3DS systems, I’d imagine registering games would be even simpler. You might not even need a code; that’s how the eShop games have worked thus far.

      But no, Nintendo has said nothing on the matter.

  7. I may get the Retail version of New Super Mario Bros 2 when the price drops. I much prefer 3D Mario games to 2D.

  8. I had decided to download it, but then they showed me this beautiful case…

    Probably still going to download it. Mario Bros. games are the sorts of games that I play for 7 minutes. I don’t want to have to yank out Mario Kart or kid Icarus for that.

  9. I don’t care for digital downloads, especially for full-length titles like this. I’d rather have the cartridge to switch out at ease. Digital downloads are so restrictive if you don’t have a lot of space. Until they make these devices with next to unlimited space, I will stick to retail copies.

    1. As of now, there is no confirmed limit. Order Up!!, according to some sources, is slightly bigger than Super Mario 3D Land.

  10. I wanna buy digital cause am in jamaica. But the fucking eshop wont accept jamaican credit card!! Why is that? Whenever i buy a game i gotta go to and they accept my Jamaican credit card. I want Nintendo to start accept credit cards from other countries except the USA. (my 3ds is the USA version). I can’t buy no games off the eshop cause of this bullshit!!!!

      1. That’s soo not funny you rass-claat Batty boy!!! Go suck out your mama stinking dead dry out pussy!!!!!!!!

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  12. Would everybody shut up! They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Its pointless to argue. Either way its the same game!

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  14. I like the idea of downloading all my games, having all of them available right there without having to switch out carts. But buying physical just gives me more peace of mind, I can always get a little bit back if I don’t like it and I can easily switch to play on a new system if I need to.

  15. i like having the box and card. with a physical copy, i can let family/friends borrow it and i can sell it. with digital, i still pay full price and have to buy a memory card for it. i dont understand y people like digital

  16. Retail. I don’t want to take away a good chunk of space on my SD card. I average 1-2 digital games a month on my 3DS.

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